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Justin Gaston + Miley Cyrus = LOVE

Justin Gaston + Miley Cyrus = LOVE

Miley Cyrus showcases her new tan for photographers as she leaves Sunlounge Tanning Salon in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

This past Saturday, the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star had a one-night performance at the 4,000-seat MGM Grand venue at Foxwoods casino in Mashantucket, CT.

A new picture from that event has surfaced of Miley sporting some interesting scribbling on her left wrist:

“JG + MC = <3"

One could only interpret that as: "Justin Gaston + Miley Cyrus = Love”. Below is one of her performances!

Miley Cyrus – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

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miley cyrus tanning salon 01
miley cyrus tanning salon 02
miley cyrus tanning salon 03
miley cyrus tanning salon 04
miley cyrus tanning salon 05
miley cyrus tanning salon 06
miley cyrus tanning salon 07

Photos: INFdaily
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  • tia

    omfg this girl is so awful looking i almost feel bad for her!

  • james

    wow. shes…ummm…shes…interesting looking….

    but that tan has to go!

  • katie

    she is quite possibly the most unnatractive teenager in hollywood. but the annoying thing is…she thinks shes so freakin hot! i hate her obnoxious personality. people need to stop kissing this girls ass.

  • vanesa

    awww miley. you’re such a rolemodel for young kids. why are you dating a 20 year old? :(

  • Ellen

    will she ever learn?

  • ella

    the sad thing is all her fans are gunna be like ‘shes soooo gorjuzz!!!!’

    ummmm fyi

    she makes me want to barf just looking at her. i dont understand how someone who looks this much like a rodent got the underwear model dude.

    he is so using her to pimp out his own career

  • hahahahahahaha

    i laughed when i first saw these pics! because come on…this girl is so unnatractive its ridiuclous!

    i used ot think rumor willis was the ugliest person in hollywood.. but i have just been proven wrong. and why does she always look dirty and trashy?!?! even when shes fully clothed she looks groose!

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    OMG. She is dating (obviously) a 20-year-old underwear model, who has a weird haircut and her Mum’s lets her go to a tanning salon? What’s wrong with her f*cking parents?

  • chloe


  • charlotte

    overrated famewhore is headed down the same path as lindsay lohan.

    but atleast lindsay has talent.

  • jo

    Wow, she was awesome.
    Honestly, she is WAY improved.

    And jeez people she is a teenager, still growing into her looks. Lay off.

  • angel hair

    omg, what happened to her? she’s so oily and looks like my 50 year old aunt.

  • kate

    These are just not so flattering pictures of her. Never had those before? I guess you are all perfect. Nice.

    Spray tan can be done at ANY age. Who cares? Let her be. She has a flippin party to attend.

  • mean…but true

    shes 15. she goes to tanning salons(and gets WAY overtaned btw), she dates 20 year old guys, poses topless on magazine covers, makes mean youtube video’s about girls who have more talent than she does, is madly inlove with herself and fame….

    seriously, where the hell are her parents?!?!?!?

    thats right! they are too busy pimping themselves out whenever they can to care about their daughter.

    the whole cyrus family is fame loving trash.

  • Tom’s grip

    Just think what a mess this girl is gonna be with an inflated head like that when the fame bubble bursts.

  • mo

    shes so disguting.

  • jojo

    In all honesty, these are just not flattering. She is def a pretty girl, these don’t do her justice.


  • lucas

    whats wrong with her face?*shudder*

  • Jack

    I thought statutory rape was a felony?

  • tania

    hahah these arent ‘unflattering photos’..

    this is how she ALWAYS looks! shes not a pretty girl. get over it. not everyone can look like lauren conrad or vanessa hudgens.

  • NAT

    Miley is doing JUST FINE. There are 12,14,15 year olds involved in pretty bad stuff that Miley stays away from. Compared to most teenagers in America, she is just fine.

    Tanning when you have a party isnt that big of a deal so let’s not make it into one.

    So what if she is dating a 20 year old? He has a purity ring tattooed on his finger. If he has the same values, why not? A 16 year old could be just as bad as a 20 year old, just depends on the person.

  • what happened to her????

    wow wow wow wow wow. i dont understand how she left the house looking like that! the girl looks like a hot tranny mess.

  • NAT

    I thought statutory rape was a felony?

    That isnt a problem considering they are both practicing no safe before marriage.
    And yes, I am 100% sure of this.

  • Morgan

    So what if she is dating a 20 year old? He has a purity ring tattooed on his finger. If he has the same values, why not? A 16 year old could be just as bad as a 20 year old, just depends on the person.

    ahahahhaahhahaa lmfaooo! purity rings on hollywood mean jackshit unless your kevin jonas and cant get any anywayz.

  • elodie

    That isnt a problem considering they are both practicing no safe before marriage.
    And yes, I am 100% sure of this.

    and how can you be so sure? are you spending the night with them???? umm no. diehard miley fans think their precious little virginal disney slut could never put a foot wrong.

    give her 9 months. then we’ll see where she is.

  • i hate elisabeth hasselbeck

    she always looks very trashy. does she have any class? any style?

  • TS

    Miley’s a cutie but she looks like Bucky Beaver here.

  • deanna

    i love you miley.. :D

  • swe3t23

    you should see her emotional performance of Driveway that night….it was chillin’

  • pottotie

    She looks gross!

  • i hate elisabeth hasselbeck

    she makes me feel pysically ill

  • zanessa fan

    UGLY much

  • angel

    Agree, these are bad pics but let’s give the girl a break. She’s only 15.

  • gudiya09

    wtf? she’s 15 and she’s getting a spray tan?? thats gross! i’m fifteen and i would never ever do that. its so… fake. she looks like she’s 50 and lets face it people, she is not pretty. photoshop and make up make her look ok, but she is not pretty.
    i just don’t get where her parents are you know? fake tans, erogonous pictures, 20 year old boyfriends who are just gonna use her to boost up their careers.

  • hate vanessa hudgens

    wow. i hate to be so mean but..

    shes insanely FUG! you would never seen any other disney teen, past or presant looking this disgusting. selena and demi look like runway models in comparison to this!!!!


  • Brandon

    I think its sick. im a 20 year old guy. thats just wrong! Plus shes not hott at all. I mean if your gonna go after a 15 year old atleast get a hott one. All he wants is fame and sex. An overall thats just wrong. I wonder what his friends think..hahaha.

  • jennie

    OMG she looks like a TRANNY…

    her face look FAT…

  • Marta

    Gosh… I am the only one which think she is ugly and anoying?!?!?

  • Ashley.Obsesses

    I agree, These aren”t her best photos, and her skins looking pretty bad.
    BUT she’s only 15 {soon to be 16} and shes still going through Puberty.
    So lay off a bit eh?
    I’ll bet half of the people writing all the hate comments √§re covered with pimples.
    At least she don’t have that.

  • nitaa

    She looks cute :)

  • Vanessa

    wow this girl only looks good with makeup, unlike Selena who is naturally pretty.

  • jessica

    We all have those days people… really stop making fun of her… It’s so fucking immature. We can pull out your ugly pictures easily too. AND? It’s not cool to just zoom in on her imperfections and write nasty things about her.

    Although Miley really doesn’t look to well with that tan. She should just stay super white like Ann Hath. it looks better i think! Although most people in L.A actually like tan skin… :/

  • ashley

    Miley is so stupid and she dating an stupid boy …

    Miley is ugly and her noice is so bad like boys’s noise…

  • Lucy

    Well I think she looks amazing!!! Miley u rock!!! x

  • nylita may

    you look so ugly and you not ready for a 20 years old boyfriend

  • Kitty

    15? 20? she is trying to grow up way to fast. i can’t believe aher parents are just sitting back and not doing anything. My ass wouldn’t been killed if i was 15 dating a 20 year old. Plus shes made so many scenes my aunt doesn’t want my little cousin to watch her anymore she thinks shes a bad influence..she keeps asking questions that are inappropriate an saying she got it from miley…
    An good god what has she done to herself. Remind me not to go to the tanning bed she went too. yikes.

  • =)

    i can see why she would want to go out with him, but why would he wanna go out with her??

    and lay off miley guys, if this was selena none of you would have a problem with it, tanning salons are a normal place for teenagers.

    grow some balls and shut up =)

  • Rayt

    I am so sad for Disney. So sad. This is what happens when you hire teenagers for your shows in the 21st century.. they fuck everything up.

  • :]

    the guy is probaly paying her parents that why haha

    shes gross in every way, periode.

  • qwerty

    EW… so now she has entered the world of fake tans in Hollywood… I swear she is turning into a mess. Her hair is red, and incredibly unflattering, and that top at the concert, WHAT WAS WITH THAT TOP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??! Hmm… yeah all 15 year old girls are wearing that when they parade around on the stage… she sounded incredibly screechy the ENTIRE TIME!!! I swear, when HM ends, she’s gonna have nothing, and her music is obviously not gonna take her far.