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Suri Cruise Means Business

Suri Cruise Means Business

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes hold hands with 2-year-old daughter Suri as they leave their downtown New York City apartment on Thursday afternoon.

Katie‘s Broadway play, All My Sons, is currently in previews and opens on October 16th. Its first full week of performances grossed a whopping $684,002.

Pal Victoria Beckham plans on seeing Katie in action. “We can’t wait to come support Katie,” she told Extra!Tom says she’s amazing, the reviews have been amazing. We’re so proud of her.”

Equus starring Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is also doing very well–the play pulled in $597,346 in ticket sales last week.

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    Another formal silk dupioni party dress during the daytime.

    Suri’s dress would be perfect if the child were attending a wedding or very formal party.

    Has Katie never heard of cotton?

    Of parental concern, the dress isn’t warm enough for the season.

  • dancer

    No wonder Katie was smiling in the last thread. Tommy is in town.

  • andamentothat

    still a very pretty dress.. Maybe they are going some place special.. I wish I could get away in dressing my kids in cutie clothes.. they just want shorts and a t..

  • ~T~r~i~p~

    no wonder they always try ot hold her under a blanket. she looka like a little monster.

  • youwillmissme

    Suri is so cute. They all look normal and happy. God bless them!

  • NancI Black

    I would make her wear a jacket. She is a cutie pie!! She maybe dosnt like jeans or pants . Little kids can sometimes be demanding in what they will wear. Maybe, Suri loves Dresses . Maybe she picks out what she wants on .

  • pr person

    Once again… look at how warmly the parents are dressed… and Suri doesn’t even have on a sweater. Granted they go from inside the building to inside a car… but if THEY are dressed for fall.. why isn’t Suri?

    Suri is adorable… her parents are freaks!

  • jain

    what reiews Victoria? It’s previews the reviews don’t kick untill the 16th. And support a fellow Brit if you want to see a class act!

  • surifan

    why while the parents are dressed so warm the poor kid is wearing next to nothing? also, she never wears the same thing twice. they really treat her like a dress up doll, don’t they? are they serious?

  • bERNA

    Sui is suck a beautiful little girl. She is so grown.

  • Janie

    There is no denying it. Suri is on the prettiest girls I have ever seen! The bow in her hair is adorable!

  • bambamswife

    I love this family. Suri is the most beautiful child. I love how she is always dressed so pretty. If I would have had a daughter, I would have dressed her in dresses. I have 2 granddaughters and I hate the way my daughter-in-law dresses the girls. The clothes are hidious for children today. Tom is still good looking. WTG Katie.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ;now look at these pictures.. and compare them to that tards. LOL

    `suri’s clean and well dressed. the tards all dirty and unkept. LOL

    ..suri doesnt have crossed-eyes with a big ‘DUH’ look on her face.

  • Halli

    Umm, its pretty windy and chilly here in New York.

    Why is it these two idiots find it okay to just dress Suri in dresses all the time? Seriously, I’ve never seen her with mittens, hats, jackets, pants, etc. Only thing keeping her somewhat warm is a blanky. Fucking child neglect.

  • Stridje

    Beautiful child, beautiful clothes, beautful life? Hmmmm….
    Does Suri ever socialize/play outdoors (in public) with other children her own age? If so, why don’t we ever see pics of this. It’s NORMAL!!!!

    btw, cute dress, but compared to her parents Suri’s overdressed. she does have her favorite shoes on, though…

  • defap

    Cute little dress, Suri. It looks like Suri is getting used to thin clothes. Good for her.
    Tom looks so young and cool. Tom always dresses very well. Katie looks beautiful in anything. She has a model figure. A great family.


    So Victoria are you coming to real show later this month or just the
    previews… Wait until the real shows profits come in before announcing how well she is doing by herself..!! Since we never hear
    about the other cast members just her.. 6480,000.00 is not great..
    She should be pulling in way more than that..

  • pingy_ponga

    i dont think i ever saw a picture of sur wearing trousers.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Her bangs need to be trimmed ASAP! Maybe she’s going to a party, because that is definitely a party dress. This little grl is always being dressed like she’s going to a party.

  • kate

    A. Does this child EVER wear playclothes? For Gods sake her mother wears jeans every day, can’t she give the kid some pants to play in?

    B. Does this child EVER smile?

    Do you think B might have something to do with A?

  • allyal

    i agree Maria! they always dress Suri up in a long elegant dress. They dress her like she is an adult. She should be dressed like a baby.

  • xx

    Suri is adorable but they should cover her. I don’t understand why they keep cover themselves in cold weather and not their little girl.

  • my2cents

    Suri is Tom’s mini-me

  • anon

    d more i see her pics d more convinced i am she aint 2yrs old gees she looks way older dan grier(brooks daughter) who was supposedly born on same day as her

  • Jbo

    I swear EVERY day she’s starting to look more and more like her daddy….. Chris Klein :)

  • m

    I’m sure all those dresses are given to the Cruises because the designers/companies know it’s good marketing. I would also imagine that they keep a few for her to wear more than once and the others they donate. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, as they say across the pond. She’s a toddler for goodness sakes, and obviously likes dresses. She’s adorable.

  • NancI Black

    I think she looks more and More like Tom Cruize . I dont beleive that rumor the he cant have Children.

  • Shalane

    What a pair of morons!! That child is dressed for summer when it’s chilly outside! They don’t even have the common sense to put a sweater on the poor little baby. Tom is in a turtleneck and jacket. Katie is in a heavy sweater and the idiots have the baby trotting around in short sleeves, no tights and no sweater. I swear, these two are the parents from HELL. UGH!

    Oh and for all you moron fanatics who say its not that cold….I live in NY. It’s chilly, windy and definitely fall sweater weather. Somebody should call child services on those two idiots. They have the kid up to her tiny little behind in a cult, don’t have the common sense to dress her properly and couldn’t even take the bottle away from her at the age doctors suggest. They’re disgusting as parents. I pity that poor, beautiful little girl!

  • camille

    I don’t usually make statements on this, but they shoud really trimm her bangs… the girl has hair on her face everytime we see her!
    Plus the whole conjuntivitsi risk with kids is huge…

  • Oh

    If they put her in a sweater we wouldn’t have as good a view of her designer dress, and really, isn’t that more important? (And, yes, I’m being sarcastic; these two are utter idiots)

  • sucky

    Suri doesn`t look cute for me. She is pale, dressed to kill and always peaked. Poor kid!

  • regina

    Why is everybody wearing jackets and the poor little girl a summer dress !? She is such a sad child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just my opinion….

    As so many before me have said, I’m astounded by the poor judgement Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise consistently show as parents. It’s a cool, autumn day in New York, Mother and Dad are in sweaters and turtlenecks and the baby is dressed as if it’s July! Very, very ODD!

    Suri seems to be out at all hours of the day and night, ruling out a normal schedule for a two year old, she’s constantly dressed inappropriately, they’re raising her within the doctrines of what amounts to a cult, they couldn’t seem to wean her from the bottle despite what every doctor recommends, and they drag her from one place to another as if she’s a doll rather than a child. There’s no consistency in this child’s life. Any parent can tell you that what they’re doing is obviously incorrect and dangerous for Suri.

    Holmes and Cruise seem to be poor parents who are far more interested in themselves (and gaining PR coverage) rather than their little girl.

  • Just my opinion….

    PS…..I also find it abhorant that they constantly expose her to the press and dozens of paparazzi. They wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the flashes, but poor Suri is left to endure the flashes without the benefit of shades. Suri is also OBVIOUSLY disturbed by the paparazzi, but that doesn’t seem to bother her parents. They just continue to parade her in front of them despite her obvious discomfort.

    Again, they care more about getting the press coverage they desire than protecting their child. That’s obvious.

    I wouldn’t waste a nickel of my money to see such poor parents in a theater or on film.

  • Kasey


    They can’t put a sweater on the kid? What a coupla jerks!

    They are so buy getting pictures taken of themselves to show how popular they are, but they can’t raise their kid right!

    I can’t stand Katie or Tom. I used to like them both but they turned out to be a pair of freaks. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wolfer

    It`s summer in NY? What bad parents they are.

  • Marieme

    I love little Suri, however she has such sad and boring clothes. I wish they’d rock her out a little or put some splash in her colors. Let her have some fun.



    It’s cold enough that Cruise is wearing a jacket and Holmes is in a heavy sweater but they’re too stupid to put a jacket and tights on their baby!!


  • annie

    TIM GUNN @ 10/02/2008 at 3:40 pm

    you forget this little girl is almost 3 years old. i dont know much experience you have but i have two nieces who are the same age. twins to be exact. one of them will only wear pants and a shirt, she will not wear a dress. the other twin will only wear dresses cause they are pretty; and only if the are party dresses. go figure!! it’s called learning to express oneself.

  • cult tickets for sale

    Suri will be three, THREE, in December, we all know what a liar kh is about her daughter’s date of birth, so cut the crap.
    Here they are pimping out their ticket broker daughter again.

    Suri’s mom looks thunderthighed and greasy. tc looks nasty.

  • Princess suri

    With that dress, I’m surprised she’s not wearing a tiara. Poor little child. She looks dirty and unkempt. Her parents are whacks.

  • Debra

    Tom looks good, Katie & Suri are beautiful also.

  • http://abi abigail carter

    yo she is so cute

  • http://abi abigail carter

    she is so like a moster

  • wanj

    I’m sorry, but did they sell their other 2 kids? It’s all about the biological child with these two… Imagine how tough it is to be the “adopted” kids in this family? Heartbreaking to watch IMHO!

  • Mr. Wolf

    Maybe people will shut up about the whole walking thing now?

  • NancI Black

    What good was it for Tom to have a baby and Raise a baby that was Chris klines ? I beleive this is Toms baby. If it was for PR , It doesnt do any good. Tom has not had a hit movie in a while.Why stay with Katie if he didnt like her. None of it would make any sence. Suri is a angel no matter what . Tom is her Daddy . Everyday.

  • Ha!

    ‘cult tickets for sale’ – Huh? Katie was still very much pregnant when they were in Australia AFTER December 2005. It’s amazing how people will jumpn on the conspiracy theory bandwagon.

  • Seth

    o, my. this little girl is growing up just gorgeous. and she is going to be tall, dark haired beauty.

  • Ha!

    ‘cult tickets for sale’ – Huh? Katie was still very much pregnant when they were in Australia AFTER December 2005. It’s amazing how people will jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon.