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Bar Refaeli is Hilfiger Happy

Bar Refaeli is Hilfiger Happy

Bar Refaeli attends a party on Thursday hosted by InStyle for designer Tommy Hilfiger‘s Bravo TV special, Ironic Iconic America.

The event, catered by Bond Street, was held at the Thompson Hotel Rooftop in Beverly Hills.

Tommy Hilfiger presents Ironic Iconic America, a one-hour special for Bravo, debuts on Friday October 3 @ 8pm ET/PT. The singularly unique show features a pop culture road trip across the U.S., highlighting American beauty, fashion, love and sex, design and food. The Bravo TV special is co-hosted by poet, multi-media artist and “observationalist” Rives (HBO’s Def Poetry Jam) and Refaeli.

10+ pictures inside of Hilfiger happy Bar Refaeli

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Photos: Michael Bucker/David Livingston/Getty
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  • Jackie

    Lovely eyes

  • Jackie

    Woo First!!!

  • iiNe-

    i Liike heer eyes XD

  • Helena

    She really does have great eyes and a nice glow about her.

  • George

    How old is she ?? she looks like she is 30+ !!

    And what is she doing as for a career?? Exept for using Leonardo ofcourse ..

  • Who am I?

    She is so huge compared to the other girls! And that dress does not flatter her one bit….

  • Who am I?

    yes, George, her main career is being Leo’s girlfriend…

  • anti-bar

    Bar might look somewhat attractive on the outside but she’s a very ugly person inside. She’s a spoiled, stuck-up, mean person. Just ask anyone from Israel and they’ll tell you what a horrible person Bar really is.

    I was right about Bar only getting this job because she’s sleeping with Leo. Tommy Hilfiger basically admitted it. Bar and the show has been getting medicore reviews. That’s no surprise! Bar comes across as a total idiot in the interviews she’s been doing. The one Bar did with WWD shows what a total bimbo she really is.

    I really hope that Leo will dump Bar for the last time. C’mon Leo your off and on again shenanigans are getting old. I read in a few entertainment magazines that Leo is undecided whether to get back in a serious relationship with Bar. The answer should be NO! Get out Leo before this sneaky biotch traps you!

  • Ms.Beautiful

    I am waaay more beautiful then her, why am I not a model? Oh yeah I know, because Im not using a sweet guy and Im not a H*e.

  • laura

    Leo has been contradicting himself lately in all the interviews he’s been giving about whether or not he’s ready for marraige. But one thing is clear – he has no plans to marry Bar anytime soon. I would imagine that’s why they cooled things off, he knows she’s not the one.

  • who am i?

    I think Bar is just filling an empty space right now, until he finds something better….he seems to have a hard time making a clean break from his relationships!

  • Nicole

    Beautiful young lady! Tommy Hilffiger sure chose the right person to host this type of show. She is probably the only supermodel who can speak clearly and who looks healthy!!

    Laura, FYI, Leo doesn’t contradict himself. He clearly said he want to get married in AUTHENTIC and ACCURATE interviews. The other gossips you read, are things he never said. You have to be careful and use your brain when you read “news”.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared act as if this chick isn’t a hanger.

  • ihb

    Nicole, how can you decide which are the interviews and quotes that Leo said and what he didn`t. How do you know what`s authentic and what`s not? He is promoting a PSA and a new movie, he talks to several magazines in these days. He had an interview with Parade ( several weeks ago ) and I think his views on marriage and family were taken out of proportion. In more recent interviews he emphasized that he cannot predict the future and he cannot tell when these things are going to happen.
    I don`t think Associated Press is gossip.
    You are right, Bar speaks clearly. Too bad she sounds rather stupid when she talks.

  • lolz

    Lol if the haters wouldn’t comment, then there would be no comments here. Its stupid to give her attention.

  • anti-bar

    ihb; You are right that Leo’scomments on marriage were taken out of context. The media always does that especially with celebrities.

    The Parade interview was done in early August when Leo was definately separated from Bar. Leo only said that he wanted to get married and have children one day. It had nothing to do with Bar!

    The interview Leo just did with the Fox channel proves that. Leo says that he wants to marry before 40, he’s only 33, but he doesn’t know to who yet. Good news! Maybe there is some hope for Leo! He might make a clean break from Bar anyday now.

  • anti-bar
  • Moly

    #8: “Bar might look somewhat attractive on the outside but she’s a very ugly person inside. She’s a spoiled, stuck-up, mean person. Just ask anyone from Israel and they’ll tell you what a horrible person Bar really is”
    Ask anyone in Israel about Bar?!?! What do you think we all live in a tent and taking a ride on our camel together every morning!? I’m from Israel and I know about Bar’s personality as much as you know about Angelina Jolie’s sex life. She a *celebrity*- No one knows her but her friend and family. All we know is what the press telling us. Jeez.

  • barster

    latest news:

    home country dissing hedgehog-legged super(bad)model, mainly known for banging a Hollywood A-lister, tries to have a career on her own. Her achievments besides being with afore mentioned actor? Being a lingerie model for third rate catalogues. By now she has even learned to articulate herself clearly but unfortunately what she has to say is hardly worth listening to because it is shallow sh*t. Just like the hyped TV show.

    Jared, why to you keep posting about her? In fact why do all of us keepin posting? Not worth the time.

  • vanessa

    she`s so pretty…

  • french

    If Leo is still with her, I think that it is just by waiting for the big love (he has maybe that of it magazine says that he often changes girlfriend and it is for that that he stays with her) but I think that he broke with her (I find its strange which somebody saw Leo and bar the day before Ironic Iconic America’s Beginning and which there is nobody pics to prove it)

  • Dieter

    when it comes to the pooper noone can even compete with German girls !!!

  • jill

    bar refaeli is soooo preaty that its breath taking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lucky leo !
    they should get married asap their children are going to look like angels for sure !

  • margot

    never in my life have i seen such beauty ! god !!!she is the most most most beautiful person on this planet ! gosh!

  • david

    hilfiger should use this beauty lady for his campaign. its unreal to be as beautiful as bar refaeli.

  • jsy

    I`m getting sick and tired of this girl. I can`t wait for Leo to dump her for good. Then there won`t be absolutely nothing interesting about her and hopefully we won`t have to bear these unnecessary posts…
    The too much tanning started to show already.

  • Raichill

    She’s a very pretty girl with lovely eyes and skin.

  • arfara

    jeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……i am first

  • lilly

    I still don`t get her appeal at all. totally forgettable and I never saw anything unique about her.

  • Dieter

    I wanna like her pooper !!!

  • Tiffany

    Ugly and old…boring

  • stfu

    She is pretty, but sorta boring. Her eyebrows make her face.

  • anti-bar

    Moly; I have several Israeli friends who tell me all the time how Bar is percieved in Israel. Many of the stories about Bar come from Israeli reporters who’ve had experiences with Bar’s press hungry mother. In fact Bar’s mother is being sued because she’s been going on forums and attacking critics of Bar by spreading gossip about them. Under disguise of course. Is your name really Zipi?

    Please don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that I don’t know anything about Israel. I probably know more about it’s history than you do. I will be going to Israel soon and I’ll let you know what’s happening because you obviously haven’t been to Israel in years.

  • sal

    she is fame just because of leonardo dicaprio . she has big boobs but she is not smart and she is pretty ugly girl. she used leonardo dicaprio.
    look now she is so happy.

  • revolutionary girl

    She looks really bad in these pics:

    Raising the Bar on a Good Foto!
    October 4, 2008
    Bar Rafaeli learned some bad habits from her ex-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, hiding her face from a photographer in Beverly Hills, California. Bar Rafaeli just finished shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue and walked down the street to get more shopping therapy at Barney’s New York Clothing Boutique. It is definitely the end of the world when a supermodel takes cover from a photographer. Bar Rafaeli walked fully loaded with shopping bags and a purse.

  • anti-bar

    r.g.; Those pictures of Bar are terrible! She looks pissed! I do hope that Leo is Bar’s ex-boyfriend like it says on that site but I lost hope that he’ll do the right thing. Leo needs to get a new girlfriend.

  • lilly

    She couldn`t look any more horrible and miserable on those pictures ( #35 ). These are the ones showing her `true beauty`.

  • sara

    That’s silly..I have read that Bar doesn’t even believe in marriage. She wouldn’t marry Leo even if he proposed…although, i think she really does love him. I think they make a cute couple.

  • Italian Esmeralda

    Sara, probably Bar would marry Leo if asked. She may not believe in true marriage, but she surely believe in convenience marriage, as she was married to an older man to avoid military service.

  • laura

    I read where Bar said she doesn’t believe in marraige too, and I think that is a crock. I also read several times lately that she wants a man who is a family man, that usually includes marraige. I would bet that if Leo asked Bar to marry him, she would have the invitations out before he even had the words out of his mouth.

  • Italian Esmeralda

    Of course, he’s rich and famous


    This women is so ugly, she is quite fat for being a top model.

  • Italian Esmeralda

    Oh come on! She may be not smart or nice but she’s not fat at all. The fact that fashion designers (and among them many are notoriously gay, don’t forget it) choose skinny, anorexic girls and tell the world that they are beautiful, doesn’t make them actually beautiful!

    A woman must have curves. Without them we would look like 14 years old boys and that’s a fact.

  • laura

    Does anyone know if Bar was at the BOL premiere with Leo? I know she wasn’t on the red carpet but she could have been there. I heard somewhere that she was.

  • Kat

    ‘I heard somewhere that she was.’

    Where did you hear that?

  • laura

    From someone on Leo’s imbd message board who was there.