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Katie Holmes: All The Usual

Katie Holmes: All The Usual

Katie Holmes arrives at her usual time at the theater to perform in All My Sons in New York City on Thursday evening.

Earlier in the day, Tom Cruise and Katie were able to spend some down time with 2-year-old daughter Suri as they walked around New York City.

Katie‘s guest appearance on Eli Stone will air on October 21st, in an episode entitled “Grace.” In the episode, Katie appears in a skintight unitard for her guest spot.

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  • Sami

    love her bag… ;)

  • Nick

    She is FAR too young to have those kind of bags under her eyes. The Broadway schedule is grueling and I hope she’s taking care of herself. She looks … haggard. :(

  • bird

    yes it’s katie walkin dowvn the. Street.

  • arlene


  • Lester

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    Through online dating and social networks



  • parker

    It’s a bird! it’s a plane! No, it’s what’s her name!!!

  • Lester

    Expose the truth about people who prey on others
    Through online dating and social networks




  • non

    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Girls have picked them every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?
    Joan Baez.
    KH, eat, before it is too late.

  • kit

    She looks haggard because she doesn’t eat in order to be thin.

    The “Broadway is grueling” stuff is B.S. because most jobs are. She’s not scrubbing toilets at the local Motel 8.

    She’s driven to work. People hold her baggage and umbrellas. She’s driven home. She has a nanny to care for her child whenever she wants. She has a housekeeper and bodyguards.

    Cry me a river.

  • Evie

    She looks like baked crap and it’s not because of her “grueling schedule”. She always looks that way unless she’s made up professionally to hide the bags under her eyes, the sallow skin, a blank look and the sick look of someone who is very unhappy and depressed.

    I can’t pity a woman who gets up on stage for a couple of hours when most working women manage a house, children, a full time job, clean, cook and everything that goes with it. As the previous poster said: This girl has housekeepers, nannies, bodyguards, drivers, and a million others catering to her needs. If Broadway is making her tired, she ought to try being a real working wife and mother.

  • cult tickets for sale

    oh wow, kh walks from car to door, oh wow.
    later kh takes poor Suri out for more pimping to sell tickets, may hook-up later with that gay tc if he’s still in town, oh wow.

    kh you suck. take that cross off and stop disrespecting religion,
    Jes.s Chr..t is not pimping for you so take off that cross, you immoral phony.

  • toew

    she looks soooooo tired

  • Neek

    I think she looks really tired but cute.

  • dancer

    Another day, another walk from door-to-door in a horrible outfit. What the hell is wrong with this woman? Grays wash her out. She doesn’t have the charisma of Angelina or body of Aniston to pull of the black look constantly. And that sweater looks like something I saw at a resale shop the other day. Worn, out of shape, UGLY–which is probably why the former owner gave it away! Katie were you in Chicago and did you buy it? And the sweater under it just doesn’t go. Pants are black denim and shoes or boots are okay. But she could really POP if she would just dress right for her body type and personality! She is probably tired from Tommy boy and Suri being in town, so I won’t criticize the poor make up or hair.

  • zoe

    her outfit is actually okay. i would totally ditch the grey haggard sweater though. her hair is crap. thats not nothing new. i really really want her grow it out.

  • Mr. Wolf

    Doinga stage show IS grueling, #9! Don’t be so insensitive and ignorant.

    And why the anger? Do you see her crying out loud ‘Woe is me!’?

    So you can’t pity (as if there’s some kind of limit) someone who is tired just because you have it worse (as if Holmes denied otherwise), #10? You’re one cruel harpy.

  • kit

    I don’t usually read Mr. Wolf’s rants because they’re so long, but bit the bullet today since he kept it short and “sweet.”

    Mr. Wolf, the reason we’re commenting about her exhaustion is because she isn’t eating, which is very obvious (don’t even bother telling me you know she does because it’s more than clear that she doesn’t). She’t not a thin girl by nature and she’s sending a TERRIBLE message to the young girls that read this blog.

    Luckily, Jared is one of the few blogs showing her scrawny body anymore.

  • JODI

    She doesn’t have the class and elegancy of Nicole Kidman either! No matter how hard she tries! That pic of her with those tights on made her look like Catwoman!

  • sacha

    Don’t hate the Cruise family because they’re talented, beautiful, and rich. And nice. They would never say or write the above comments about anybody. Comparing Katie Holmes with Angelina Jolie! Please! Angelina is a bit of a tramp and the tattoos are ugly and will grow uglier with time. She’s not pretty though she is interesting looking and sexy looking. She has long spindly legs and arms though. Jennifer Aniston not pretty but sexy looking body…kind of mean…tough.

  • kit

    Sounded like you were going to make a good case for Tommy and his girl, but then you start trashing others. Why the hell should I or anyone else listen to you? At least I don’t call Katie tramp.

    Sacha, meet Mr. Wolf. You two belong together.

  • emjay

    tired but still pretty……get some rest Katie

  • lurker


  • dana

    Thanks JJ because I thought her eppy will be shown Oct.14 but its the 21st.

  • poker

    So happy for her back to her Indie roots like TV and even conquering Broadway successfully. Cant wait for her movies and I hope she does not ignore blockbuster ones too. She is a beauty and packs lots of talents.

  • thanks JARED


  • jennifer

    Katie Holmes is about as interesting as a jar of toe jam.

  • dancer

    sacha @ 10/03/2008 at 12:03 pm

    I wasn’t comparing Katie’s personality or body to the two women. Just her ability to wear black as well as Jolie or Aniston does.
    You are right there is not comparison. Angelina has grown up and is doing charity work with refugees and children. She has opened her heart to adopt children. She makes good movies and is a great actress. And she has Brad Pitt who is taller than she is. Not to mention Brad isn’t forcing her to join a cult religion that is cruel and totally money-driven and shouldn’t be classified as a religion. Aniston is free to go her own way and live her own life. Katie seems unhappy and trapped.
    But like I said, I was just comparing the ability to wear black. Nicole Kidman wears black wonderfully for the most part. She knows how to make it pop and choose a black (yes there are variations of hue, tone etc) that pops her porcelain, botoxed complexion. Katie has no clue.

  • delia

    Among the few who is still beautiful with no
    speck of makeup!

  • usa

    Enjoy watching Katie on Broadway,Jared.

    Wish I could join you too.

  • observer

    I like Nicole too but I dont like her beauty and style.Its too ice queen for me and cold. Sorry she is pretty but I dont dig the white lady look.
    Katie is so All American,midwestern grounded girl next door,her beauty is sweet and fresh. As Diane Sawyer said she has that beauty that you cant look for a long time and not get tired off.
    Katie has timeless beauty too. She can look young for a long long time.
    Katie has a serene look unlike Nicole that is too striking and strong but wears out quickly.

  • acer

    I heart Katie all the way. Looking forward for more and more of Suri and Tom.

  • 911

    love her purse

  • wendy

    A friend of mine from NY said the protestors were not big but about 20 people only and they were not getting any respect but looked upon as cowards not much to do in life and hiding in masks. They annoyed the public more and only gave victory and empathy for Cruise and Holmes.

    They also said Cruise walked in front of this Anonymous group before the show started. It didnt bother him or Katie one bit. They were completely crushed by the success and people that supported them.

  • Evie

    So you can’t pity (as if there’s some kind of limit) someone who is tired just because you have it worse (as if Holmes denied otherwise), #10? You’re one cruel harpy.


    And who, may I ask, do you think YOU are? You’re an ignorant little snot who spends his life calling people he doesn’t know names on Just Jared, you freak. Who the hell do you think you are telling others what they should or shouldn’t think and then calling them names for having a different opinion.

    Have you ever held down a full time job, raised a kid, taken care of a house and done it without help? NO! So STFU!! You’re a mysogynist and an obnoxious A$$ so you can just drop dead, you clown!

    Katie Holmes has drivers, bodyguards, maids, dressers, cooks, nannies and the rest doing her bidding. She goes on stage for a couple of hours a day, prances around and then goes home and does nothing. That’s no “grueling” at all. It’s a walk in the park. I’m not a “harpy”, I’m a realist. There are real, hardworking mothers out there so get a grip.

    UGH. What a JERK!

  • Lydia

    They also said Cruise walked in front of this Anonymous group before the show started. It didnt bother him or Katie one bit. They were completely crushed by the success and people that supported them.


    So because Anonymous is standing up against a religion that has caused the deaths of thousands, steals money, harms children and attacks anyone they disagree with, it means they have nothing better to do? That’s seriously screwed up logic.

    The fact is Anonymous is standing up against something they believe is harmful. It’s no different than protesting the war. They have a social conscience and care about the dangerous side of Scientology. What do YOU believe in? What do you care about? Obviously nothing more than staring at a couple of cultie’s on a website all day!

    Get a grip. Because you like TC and KH does not excuse their “church” for the damage it does. It does not make it right that they charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for “services” (and no darling….it’s not a donation). It’s a CHARGE. If you don’t pay, they won’t work with you. They work people in slave labor camps. Is that OK with you? Is it OK that they want to kill all Psychiatrists? Does that sound like a religion to you? If it does, why don’t you join Scientology.

    Anonymous has the right to protest. They also have the right of free speech. They have every right to be there calling attention to a dangerous cult that destroys lives. Before you open your mouth and spout ignorant BS, learn something about the “religion” you support and the horrible things they have done.

  • pink

    very pretty

  • Mr. Wolf

    I can’t believe you’d say she isn’t eating without anything to back it but your suspicions, #17.

    No one could ever force another to join a religion, #27.

    You’re right, #33. That is what happened.

    I could ask you the same questions, #34.

    How the hell am I a misogynist?

    It’s a very ignorant thing to say that Holmes prances around for a few hours and that doing live theater isn’t grueling. Holmes may have it easier than the average woman but that’s no excuse to cut down her workload as child’s play.

  • Sharon

    OK – that’s it. I’m now officially scrolling past all entries about the Olsen twins, Miley Cyrus and anything to do with Katie Holmes going to the theater. Enough is enough.

  • ssa

    God bless her and Tom!

  • harriet

    Indeed she is one amazing actress and beautiful but she’s a good role model. What’s great about her she does not crumble even when trolls and tabloids abused her with lies.

  • pr person

    Her workload?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Long rehearsals may have been a “workload”, but only working 2 hours a night… HARDLY a “workload” and in the real world… that is childs play. Nothing ignorant about saying it…. it is the truth.

    Wolfie boy you are agreeing with Wendy, when everything that was stated is flawed? The public is very well informed regarding Anonymous and would not view them as “cowards” or “hiding in masks” (fair game.. look it up). This group also was there to protest the evils of Scientology, they could probably give a crap about the “success” or the support Holmes or Crazy had. So to state that they were “crushed”….mmmmmm…. not very believable.

  • Her last Broadway play

    Copying this review from the Broadway website:

    “*Sigh* Katie Holmes…….Unfortunately, she’s TERRIBLE. And I don’t mean Julia-Roberts-in-Three-Days-of-Rain-esque mediocre that just gets labeled as “bad” due to high expectations. I mean truly god-awful. She’s clearly been told she needs to “ACT!” her little heart out, and as a result, she’s prone to non-stop shouting and over-emoting/over-projecting. While Wiest, Lithgow and Wilson have a way of projecting in a way that allows their delivery to seem in tune with their characters, Holmes never quite sounds like a human being. “

  • Her last Broadway play

    As you can see from the two reviews posted here today, Katie Holmes is pathetic and better enjoy this…her first and last Broadway play.

    It’s pretty pathetic that she’s been in the “entertainment” business about 13 years now and she still can’t get it right. She has nothing to do all day everyday but rehearse and she’s still pathetic. She needs to quit making a fool of herself.

    Katie hun…you’ve got chaeffer’s, handlers, nanny’s, maids….basically you don’t have to do a damn thing except hold your own in a 2 hour per night play. You can’t even handle that. I guess Tom needs to hire someone to act for her. Next thing you know, these two fakes will try to sneak someone in to act for her and claim it’s Katie.

  • Mr. Wolf

    I won’t deny that her life isn’t very comfortable but it’s ignorant and just plain wrong to cut down her effort as easy, #41. Rehearsing for and performing for live theater is very strenuous and there’s no debate about it.

    Anonymous is a self-righteous moron.

    She’s got plenty of positive reviews, #42.

  • mai

    You probably only see people with make up on, right?

    I think she looks great and just natural…

  • rock

    Lovely as Usual

  • LC

    She is not very pretty anymore but at least she looks clean today.

  • sooz

    Still pretty on her tired days….

  • Marsha

    Very drab looking. She was pretty back in her Dawson’s Creek days but not so much now.


    HEY DANCER…..Agree with you on the clothes…The sweater is terrible, and looks like she borrowed it from the housekeeping’s ” items left behind bin”…….I left you and “” THE BLACK WOLF MUMMY CREATURE RESIDING IN A LAGOON “”", a last message on the” Katie Bell Bottoms site”…….and wrote on another to you thinking I had clicked onto this one….I think it was the Suri site ( bears ), or the one where Katie had on her white/silky tank top…..It is very sad when people comment on the fact that Katie “” looks clean at least “”……In the past her hair had looked greasy and dirty….Plus I read a review on her that came out on another site earlier, and it was awful….I guess critcs ARE a dime a dozen, because I read she was fairly good also…..Wish I could see the play to judge myself, but that will never happen unless JARED SENDS ME TO KATIES PLAY, PLEASE!!!!!!! See you guys later!…bedtime for me!