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Lauren Conrad: I Didn't Hook Up With Justin Bobby

Lauren Conrad: I Didn't Hook Up With Justin Bobby

Lauren Conrad is shooting down reports that she betrayed her friend/former roommate Audrina Patridge by hooking up with Audrina‘s on/off boyfriend Justin “Bobby” Brescia.

“These accusations are so crazy it’s difficult for me to take them seriously,” The Hills star tells In Touch. “While my usual taste in guys isn’t always perfect, I do prefer they shower regularly.”

Ya hear that, Justin? Shower!

On her own blog, Audrina wouldn’t confirm or deny the rumors. She wrote, “I woke up this morning and it seems like just about every gossip magazine or blog has a story about Lauren hooking up with Justin. I’m not sure what to believe. Though Justin and I have not been exclusive for quite some time, these rumors are very confusing and hurtful. I can’t comment on whether they are true or false.”

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  • pottotie

    I don’t think Lauren would do that…

  • Katelyn

    i think that lauren would never betray a friend like that!! she has a good head on her shoulders.

  • kyle

    well she doesnt ACTUALLY deny it.

    you would think she would flat out say no, its not true.

    but she doesnt.

  • ellathebella

    Well. I don’t think lauren would do it.

    But don’t you think Audrina would say “I am supporting Lauren and know this is 100% not true.” ?????? Maybe she knows lauren did it, but doesn’t wanna start anything up over the internet over it.

  • io9

    i say no. i believe lauren

  • eden

    say hello to the season 5 story line.

    planted by lauren/audrina’s agent

  • Anon.

    Of course Lauren would do that. She’s a slut…..she comes across as this innocent and sweet person.


    I know A LOT of people who know her personally……and they all say that the Lauren you see on tv is FAKE.

  • hhmm

    Hello people that’s how she hooked up with Stephen Coletti AND Brody…they all dated Kristin Cavelierri first…LC is the queen of sloppy seconds.

  • Janie

    She may have cool clothes, but she’s the furthest thing from what you see on t.v.! They all are!

  • Lol

    This is the funniest story I’ve read today. Her response is on point, JB needs to shower pronto.

  • tia

    wtf jared she didnt evena ctually deny it

  • Cutiepie

    #8, of course the LC you see on the show is fake, the show itself is fake. Here’s a newsflash, its a scripted “reality” show. Btw, Laurens character would never go out with Justin bobbys character.

  • katie

    this is probz true. member when kristin cavallari was dating stephen colleti……lauren was hooking up with him while they were together! so this doesnt really surprise me. i dont think shes as innocent and sweet as she seems on tv

  • hey

    Tia, are you in fourth grade? You must be because you can’t comprehend.

  • krissy
  • laura

    I would have believed it if it wasn’t Justin Bobby.

  • vanessa

    Justin Bobby is hott, but a real jerk.

  • vanessa

    Justin Bobby is hott, but a real jerk.

  • Helena

    If this is the only type of press talentless Lauren can get…

  • laura

    Audrina started it, now she should get ready to rumble.

  • laura
  • Suzie

    I honestly think that this is another attempt by Heidi and Spencer to destroy Lauren and get some attention, and now for some reason Justin Bobby is working with them. If you look at what they told Perez a couple days ago about something happening to Audrina that they couldn’t talk about, it makes sense.

    If you watch the show, there’s no way Lauren would go for Justin…she’s made it clear that she doesn’t like him much.

  • Edna

    That is SOOOOOOO something Lauren would do, Jesus, this woman cannot form any relationships of her own, she must always go after her friends’ x’s, she is beyond pathetic and I really hope that all of this will come back and slap her in that unfortunate-looking face of hers!!!!!!

  • Alyn

    Lauren has never hooked up with one of her good friends exs. Whoever says that is an idiot.

  • faith

    Laurens reaction on her blog is so sad. She again manages to play the victim. you really need to read it. its on myspace. She needs to understand Audrina. Because when she in the past heard accusations like this one about one off her friends she also didn’t take it well. And all audrina is saying is like: i really dont know what the truth is. Lauren needs to grow up and dont think everything is about her. Or at least act like that. She would have the same reaction, to accusations like this or maybe even worse.

  • kristina

    I believe that Lauren really hooked up with Justin, she is truly one shady girl.

    I dislike Lauren, and I am honestly getting tired of people who defend Lauren no matter what. How many times haven’t we seen Lauren act like a true bitc.* and still people come with these stupid excuses for her, but if anyone else on that show would act remotely like her, you would cry your lungs out.

    People, get it, Lauren is far from being an angel, and now, slowly but surely we are seeing what kind of fake person Lauren is. I guess she just couldnt keep up the fake persona anymore, and her facade is cracking

  • Edna

    Alyn: NO? What about Brody who dated Whitney before, what about Jasoon, and Stephen??????? perhaps all the girls weren’t exactly friends but they were amongst the people she frequents which is the same thing.

  • darn_shame

    I feel that too many ppl have an opinion on something that does not pertain to them. If she did hook up with him it would be devasting to Audrina. If she didnt then it would be devastating that Audrina could not trust her friend. That is what is wrong with ppl now always judging. The only people who know whats going on is Lauren and Justin and maybe Audrina. Stop judging them and let them be.

    I hope that they work it out and I hope that it is not true so that they can get on being friends.

  • eddie jones

    lol, this guy looks like a real winner.

  • DW

    There is no way in the world Lauren would hook up with Justin…..Audrina, get real! You know it’s not true.

  • mary a

    i can’t believe this shit has any traction. really. i don’t get it. why is it that justin bobby has gotten more publicity in the last couple of days than like suri/shiloh etc…this is an abomination. kill this story please.

  • down with the disney sluts

    I went to schoolwith Lauren and I know this is a lie
    #1 she hooked up with stephen because he and stephen dated in the 10th grade before him and Kristin hooked up.
    #2 She’s had so manyriends betray her and she said herself that she would never do that to a friend.
    #3 Lauren has said hundreds of times that Justin isdsgusting and isnt her type cause he has no manner and has hygiene issues…he only bathes 3 times a week (thats a fact)

  • ellie

    i would be upset if she did she doesn’t seem like the type but what does that type seem like nowdays you can’t put nothing past no one and if that is the case woman up and admit it

  • Me

    Okay, comparing the whole Stephen thing to the supposed JB “thing” is just ridiculous! Lauren has been friends with Stephen for MANY years and she liked him even before he started dating Kristin (not to mention Stephen is a clean-looking guy!). JB came into the picture and made himself out to look like a total a**! He’d be hot if he cleaned himself up even more than he has since he first came on the show (atleast he doesn’t burp all the time anymore!). JB doesn’t even compare to Lauren, so I really don’t think she would waste her time with a guy like him, especially when he’s Audrina’s ex!

  • tc

    ROFL like LC would EVER go near that piece of cheap shite – this is all contrived by Spud and Hideous out of retribution for LC taking in Holly.

    Hideous and Audrina deserve anything and everything they get from the losers they decided to drop their skanked out panties for. One look at them and any normal girl would run to the opposite side of the room. They obviously have no taste, and now, obviously no brains to even consider the fodder as true.

    LC : run free of all these losers hun! your MUCH too good for it all.

  • Heather

    I dont think that lauren would ever do that to a friend exspecially JUSTIN BOBBY!! Not her taste at all and she seems like SUCH a geniuwine person. Audriena NEEDS to get a fuckin gripp on herself and DUMP justin. He disappears at weeks at a time, doesnt call her, and doesnt treat her like they’ve been dating as long as they have. SHE needs a REALITY check…..NOTS not a real boyfriend!! He is useing you for the lime light sweety!! I cant believe that Audriena would even believe this rumor for ONE SECOND!! She is not the good friend in this situation!! Why dont you keep tabs on your man and maybe you would know what the hell he is doing and what bitch this week hes kissing in the club!! DUHHHH bitch!!

    FOR SURE…………TEAM L.C.<3

  • Caitlyn

    oh please. EDNA!
    Lauren sure she cant keep her own relationship going, but that doesnt mean shes going to go and hook – up with Adrianna’s Ex!
    after they just became goodfriends again.
    get real!

  • Judd

    I have to agree with Kyle, however, Lauren is not the type to go for “sloppy seconds” or a guy like Justin. Obviously someone went out and made this shit up. Whether it be Spencer (a logical scapegoat), Justin, or even Audrina, it’s not true. Even though what we see and hear of Lauren is on TV and in the media, watching her “life,” if you will, can tell us enough about the kind of person she is based on her taste and overall attitude towards things.

    Justin is a loser, but he’s Audrina’s loser. Lauren can respect that, regardless of Audrina’s doubt.

    You can say that I’m pathetic for defending Lauren “Fake-Real” Conrad, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t care.

  • Judd

    Oh, and about that Holly retaliation thing, TC….you couldn’t be more right.

  • Cassann

    I do NOT believe for one secound Lauren would do that to one of her friends, one of her GOOOD friends on top of that.
    And yeah maybe it is scripted, and there so many possibilities why this rumor may have hitt. But ive got Laurens back on this one, i DO NOT believe for one secound she would EVER do thatt.
    And who cares how Lauren may be, its her life and shes free to live it how everyone of us are. Some of you people are completely hypocritical, as if you people havent been with people before. So before you please start bashing her why dont you people look in the mirror and get yourself a life before you sit there cutting someone up when none of yous really know the truth.
    Its unbelivable everyone is free to live their lifes the way they please, its pureee gossip.

  • Tracy

    i think lauren did hook up with justin bobby, shes a bitch. always has been. Shes the queen. everything she does is okay but nothing her friends do is okay. shes a stupid girl if she thinks that audrina will one second beleive anything lauren has to say. her and justin bobby are both in denial and lauren is mad because she got caught out.