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Lauren Conrad to Audrina Patridge: It Wasn't Me!

Lauren Conrad to Audrina Patridge: It Wasn't Me!

Lauren Conrad has taken to her blog to clear up the latest rumors about hooking up with ex-roommate Audrina Patridge‘s on/off boyfriend Justin “Bobby” Brescia!

“Here we go again… I woke up this morning in a unfortunately familiar situation. Once again someone has mysteriously called Perez Hilton and had him post another insane and completely false rumor about me. Hmmmmmm… I wonder who it could be? I’m baffled… What kind of person would enjoy watching blogs and the press tear me apart? I really wish I could figure out who would do this. Who is someone that I do not get along with, that possibly has too much time on his hands (between pathetically staged paparazzi shots), that has a relationship with Perez…? No one comes to mind. If anyone can figure it out can you please let me know because I am truly stumped.

The rumor I’m referring to is that I “hooked up” with Audrina‘s non-boyfriend Justin.(eww.) This accusation is insulting on so many levels. I’m being accused of being a bad friend, a slut and a liar all at once. It would actually be funny to me if people weren’t taking it seriously. Do they think I was swept away by his wonderful manners and his commitment to my friend? I love it when guys burp in my face. So hot! Seriously?? I have never even been in the same place as Justin when Audrina wasn’t around. I have been there for Audrina for years of ups and downs with this guy. Now she is accusing me of hooking up with him?? It’s the most awkward position to put me in because I can’t defend myself without putting both her and Justin down.

Bottom line, I did not and would never hook up with Justin.

The worse thing is knowing that a friend, that I’ve known for years and even shared a home with, thinks that I’m capable of that kind of betrayal. I would NEVER hurt a friend like that!

Audrina - We promised we wouldn’t let people get into our ears and make us fight. You KNOW I didn’t do this and I have never given you a reason not to trust me. What you are doing is hurtful and I don’t want to fight with you. Whoever is telling you these things does not have your best interest at heart. I have always been there for you and now I’m being attacked for something I didn’t do. We are supposed to be there for each other when other people do this to us and today you are the one doing it to me. Today you are the reason people are saying mean things about me. You asked me if I did this and I told you I didn’t.”

For those of you who didn’t pick up the obvious clues, Lauren was referring to her ex-BFF Heidi Montag‘s boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

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  • Katie


  • Katie


  • Sharon

    I know for a fact that Spencer Pratt pays Perezhilton to post bad stories about Lauren. If you notice Perez never has anything nice to say about Lauren. He constantly puts her down and uses nasty names when posting about her.

  • gdhdr

    bahah this is G A YYYYYY drama.
    just get over it.
    justin isnt worth fighting about and i know for a fact lauren would never hook up with him…shes never even liked him being with audrina…hes just disgusting.
    come on audrina and lauren GROW THE H E L L up.

  • uh

    I’m so SICK of Lauren Conrad. The last episode of the HILLS was the end of it for me. Lauren was going between Brody (who btw called her beef curtains along with Jason and Steeephen) and She-Pratt Stephanie to clear up some fight about Stephanie going out with Doug. Lauren wasn’t even making any sense. First she was made at Brody, then Stephanie, then back to Brody, then Doug, back to Stephanie, it seriously made no sense at all! LC YOUR 15 MINUTES HAS RUN OVER. Get a frickin LIFE already!!!

  • Liz

    Ok first of all, Perez does not need to get payed to post things, believe that Spencer does not have enough money to pay Perez to do soething like that, if not ask all those that advertise on Perez, how much does a tiny spot on his website cost? a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway, this just shows how pathetic Lauren is, because if anything, Audrina never said anything, she clearly says that she doen;t know if this is truth.

  • http://justjared kayla

    i totally hate speidi thry pay the pazs to take theirs pics and then share money with tem

  • uh

    dah, the ads on perez cost a lot because it’s based on number of hits to his site. therefore, post a story like this, equals millions of hits, equals more advertising dollar, equals costs spencer NOTHING!

  • impartial

    all of you are ignorant. we don’t know lauren or audrina how could you possibly know the truth or base it upon some fabricated reality show?

  • manny

    who the fuck cares about this snobby asss piece of trash bitchh?
    i fuckking hate her!
    why is she even famous?

  • kristina

    Lauren is such a fake girl, i really dislike her, and her fake persona. Audrina is better off without Lauren. Team Audrina, i support you :)

  • naty

    oh please Lauren get a life, she just loves DRAMA, I think that this is PR for her reality show.

  • Jessica

    Team Lauren. This was totally a Spencer-fabricated story. I bet anything this is the horrible personal thing he was referring to Audrina dealing with the other. This story is totally fake, and Audrina sucks for believing a word of it. Lauren would never do that.

  • Katelyn

    It is so sad that people have nothing but bad things to say about Lauren. Lauren seems like a nice person. It sounds like Spencer has to stoop so low again to rip friends apart. First Heidi, now Audrina?? I find it very immature of him. He needs to get a life as well as Perez Hilton.


    LC Should really get over herself.
    And Justin Bobby is that bad now.

  • vince

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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`lc’s a loser and a smut. coool.

  • S

    Lauren does not love drama, haha. The Hills is only based on all the drama in their lives, there isn’t anybody that wants to see them laying out by the pool or just eating lunch och doing some “normal” stuffs. :P And all of you that are saying that they are going to grow up, haha, this is the real world. Or mabye all of you are living the some kind of dreamworld where everything is perfect and there is no fight or drama. Mabye that’s how it is.. hmmm..

    And wtf, why should Lauren hooked up with somebody that she thinks is not that fresh!?

  • mary

    i’m so sad that i’m posting about this because yes i do watch the hills, yes i have no life, yes these girls ala reality chicks & guys should not be considered legit celebs but in saying that okay EVERYONE KNOWS JUSTIN BOBBY P IS GROSS. everyone did except for audrina. granted jb has cleaned up a bit but i’m sure that both laurens are still making sly remarks about justin bobby and the fact that he doesn’t SHOWER. yes lauren and auderina like bad boys etc… but really i don’t think that jb and lauren would hook up. he knows she doesn’t think all that of him and she’s even more high maintenance than audrina, and basic fact is that lauren is nice to people who are nice to her. and justin is a nice guy…but not a “hook up” kind of guy. really. get with it people and get over this shit. if audrina believes the shit perez “supposedly” broke then lets just say that it’s untrue and that she really needs to trust her friends. and lauren is her friend.

    god. i’ve never felt so much of a loser as typing this shit about girls i don’t know personally. fuck people. heidi is being manipulated by the all knowing idiot spenser pratt, but i’m sure she’s bought into the whole make money, make a name for myself at any cost mantra…that’s why she is who she is, and spencer is cruising it up in life…never having worked a legitimate hard job in his life. so god bless them all. i think lauren, lo, whitney, and audrina are pretty much level headed girls, and that they need to keep their feet on the ground.

  • Sarah

    Perez does get PAID to post things. DUH!!!!!!! How do you think they make there money.

    What is really sad, is that Heidi and Spencer is still riding Lauren’s coat tails. They are pathetic, I wished Lauren would sue.

  • source

    LAUREN CONRAD IS A SELFISH JEALOUS BITCH….you only see her on tv for 40 minutes or less…the rest of the time she is an irritating self centered bitch!!!
    Lauren is jealous of Audrina…everyone knows that!!!!!!!!!
    She plays the nice girl on tv but everyone knows the ones that play the good ones, innocent girls in real life are the worst!!!!

  • source

    bitch means B-I-T-C-H

  • Serena


    Okay, I like LC, but she seems to have trouble keeping friends. First Lauren, then Lo, now Audrina. She needs friendship counseling or something. Obviously she’s the problem if she keeps loosing them all. And I refuse to give her my pity.

  • source

    and she also is a S-L-U-T……ask her how many guys she slept with in Vegas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Serena

    Woops, I mean, first HEIDI, then Lo, now Audrina.

  • Serena

    source post 25

    Haha, they’re ALL s l u t s, I bet none of them are v i r g i n s at all.

  • just saying

    why is that lauren loses all her friends?
    Maybe the problem is in her and she is the bad one…..its not normal….I don’t trust her

  • maru

    Maybe somesay Spencer will read this, I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU you cannot be more mean! If i could, i will kill you and your fake girlfriend! :) bye

    I love you lauren

  • source

    Serena @ 10/03/2008 at 8:14 pm

    rue…but she is the only one playing the saint in the show…..the only one that wants to appear as the innocent sweet one….she should show the real lauren….the one we know….she would get more ratings a the real s-l-u-t she is….

  • mary

    I’m sure this was a fabricated rumor started by the producers to generate buzz about the show. I wish the show would focus more on Lauren’s career and her fashion line, which I think is really cute. There’s a website ( that is giving away tickets to her fashion show…i think it’s through mark cosmetics or something. You get put up in a hotel and you get free clothes. sounds fun. This is the type of stuff the show should talk about. It would be way more interesting.


    mary @ 10/03/2008 at 8:21 pm

    lick your a-s-s-h-o-l-e
    you are obviously mentally retarded

  • mary

    oh yeah and lets not forget. lauren is very high on friendships, and her girlfirends. she would not drop a grilfriend for a boy aka doug anyone, or even justin her first love after stephen?

    girl code

    1) you don’t go after a girlfriends ex

    2) even if your girlfriends ex is hot, and is after you, you don’t give in because you simply do not get involved with your girlfriend’s ex

    it’s simple, and self respecting girls understand that

    3) a boy can’t come between you and your bff’s friendship

    except for evil boys like spencer who basically say that your bff is a sloon and has a sex tape with an exboyfriend and then leaks it to the public so that her momager and friends can find out even before she herself knew. so basically people need to shut the f up. i am not sucking on anyones penoir or going down on the vag or any money. lauren is a straight up person. get the f over it.

  • gyna

    I love this show, but I’m starting to wear of all the drama that keeps happening. Spencer yes is a jerk but just acts like one, I don’t know if he really is one. The way he acted with Heidi’s mom in the last episode was ridiculous. If any boyfriend of mine ever spoke to my mother like that, he would be out the door and I wouldn’t be defending him. Heidi is clueless or trying to be too sweet and nice to act like she doesn’t know he is a jerk. Making her leave her job, making her sister feel bad for wanting to stay with them, the list goes on. I’ve had a boyfriend like that and while I was too blind to see at the time, I saw the light and see now. Lauren seems like she wouldn’t do that to a friend and I feel the same way that you have to watch everything you do when you’re on a show that’s nationally televised. I wish JB would put out a statement that this wasn’t true or I may start to doubt. The thing is, he’s so weird and eccentric that he may just not say anything at all to the press as he never does. I’m Team LC until the end, but I wish they would all put these stupid guys aside and go back to having their friendship and starting over again with new guys! Just my opinion.

  • trish.

    First of all.

    if you look at lauren’s type they are all showered looking.
    Justin bobby doesnt look like he showers at all, and doesnt know how to dress for crap.
    i mean, who wears boots at the beach? only a retard.

    I like Lauren. She doesnt have to be a jealous bitch because unlike spencer and heidi..she’s actually doing something with her life. like going to fidm and has her own clothing line.

    For audrina, if she believes the rumors..then she’s an idiot.
    Justin bobby doesnt care for lauren. why would he hook up with her?

    Spencer would do some shady shit like that and heidi’s plastic looking self wouldnt stop him because she doesnt have a mind of her own. she does whatever is in and whatever people are doing.

  • Jeezlouise

    Ummm, Its all fake….. Seriously, fakeddy, fake, fake. And the “boyfriend” is a gross pig that spits on the floor at nightclub like a bum. They are just trying to get publicity. And Heidi looks like a horeseface with lip injections.

  • notbusy

    Perez Hilton makes up those lies about celebrities himself. He claims he has sources. Bull sheet! He makes up that stuff himself to get attention for his website. He is a vile parasite. He sits back and makes money off of his lies.

  • mary a

    mary @ 10/03/2008 at 8:21 pm I’m sure this was a fabricated rumor started by the producers to generate buzz about the show. I wish the show would focus more on Lauren’s career and her fashion line, which I think is really cute. There’s a website ( that is giving away tickets to her fashion show…i think it’s through mark cosmetics or something. You get put up in a hotel and you get free clothes. sounds fun. This is the type of stuff the show should talk about. It would be way more interesting

    to the other mary chick who posted that comment. i’m not her so i’ll change my name to be mary a.

    also to all the other retarded comments i’ve seen about this show and these girls…i usually try to stay off the websites and keep my comments to myself or among my group of friends/ for jesse and dan and the after show peeps to bring up but really this has got to be the last straw.

    first of all i’m probably the only virgin still watching this show, minus the underage kids (not teens) who stay up late to watch all these mtv shows. poor us. we’re going to be 40 year old plus nuns and virgins.

    lauren conrad is who she is no bull about it. if you’ve ever seen the princes of malibu you would get great insight into who spencer pratt is…and if you actually watched it, like i did, when it first came out…and you never had a life…you realized who the jenner boys were, the jenner mom linda, the jenner father who’s with the kardashians, david foster (love), and spencer pratt…if you read all these websites you would also know a little about steph pratt and her friends even before the hills and laguna beach broke.

    i think it’s official fact that spencer pratt is unlike many other people male or female. i don’t like to say evil…but there’s really no hope for this man boy. he’s hopeless. heidi montag is a wannabe. lauren conrad is no celebrity. lauren bosworth is as real as they come even if she lives in a hunky dory self absorbed world, whitney port is probably the most human person on reality tv…minus the junkies on real world, brody’s a party all bros guy, frankie’s the hanger on, doug is the no body scholarship athelete guy/bro you know who doesn’t have anything intelligent to say, etc…did i forget to mention that spencer is probably one of the most uninteresting, unbalanced people out there etc.

    i’ll shut up now.

  • mary a

    and i forgot to mention about those who were saying that lauren conrad is a slut. i don’t think this is the case…if you’ve slept with maybe 2/3 boys that now makes you a slut? is that for real? i’m a girl but really is that what girls are coming up with now…like if you’re in a comitted relationship and you sleep with your bf you’re a slut. are you friggen kidding me. like seriously i doubt she’s slept with everyone she’s been in a relationship with.

    another thing about the lauren complex. nice people get taken adventage of…and that’s the case with lc. cause i’m like the poor version of this girl. i’m straight up. i tell the truth. i have an equal amount of girl and boy friends…and trust me no aka bitch/man dog (i hate that guys don’t have a stigma name attached to them) comes between my friends, family, and myself. the funny thing about this whole shit is that lc is/should be too smart for this crap. it hurts, but it’s life. it’s full of hard knocks, and even when those who don’t deserve get ahead, karma is an ultimate bitch…i may or may not believe in a higher power but i most definately believe in karma, and it truly is a bitch. haters need to get buried.



    lauren conrad you are an U.G.L.Y—– W.R.I.N.K.L.E.D—- S.L.U.T.T.Y —-B.I.T.C.H

  • lola

    lauren girl just get a breast lift and be happy…don’t mess with your girl’s man!

  • i love beyonce

    i`m sure spencer did it, he is so pathetic, it is unblievable. i understand that audrina didn`t know who to believe, but i think she should know better than this. i am almost sure that lauren is telling the truth

  • Halli

    Ok, she didn’t hook up. But did she have to be so mean about it. She totally bashed the guy, I’ve never heard him say one bad thing about her but she is very ready and willing to be the b-itch here. She’s showing her true colours.

  • N

    I am so sick of this crap, and people thinking they know LC as their best friend, and know exactly what spencer does…None of you know anything, and nor do I!!

    If the hills portrays anything, Justin wouldn’t touch LC with a ten foot pole, secondly get over the Spencer stuff, lasly LC is the biggest bratt, drama queen i have ever seen.

    I believe her when she says she didn’t do it, because they hated eachother. And for her to say that he is disgusting, he is more mature than her and Lo put together.

  • ouch

    guys think a little bit. Lauren just want to clear the things up. Let’s wonder if gets in the press that you’re dating your BFF ex-actual-boyfriend an this is totally untrue, what you’re gonna do? Got in the press that this is a stupid lie :) and, obviously, you r gonna talk with your friend about this, why se believes in th press and not believe in you. Is that easy, they have a life just like ours, but what they do gets in the press, and what we do it’s only gossip to the people that are close to us :)

  • okay

    News flash! I know for a FACT that perez does not charge to post stuff on his site!!

  • okay

    Lauren is very immature. You can tell by her blog. Dissing JB as proof you didn’t sleep with him. I’ll take a line from Lauren herself. Last episode of the HILLS. “For not being guilty of something, she sure did have to explain herself a lot.”

  • AMAL

    NOT GMAIL??????????
    OK :) :)

  • jess

    nobody cares.

  • gdhdr

    bahah you guys actuallly BELIEVE THISSSS?
    wow. its pretty obvious its a g a y a s s rumor started by some idiot.