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Natalie Portman's Giambattista Grin

Natalie Portman's Giambattista Grin

Natalie Portman rubs shoulders with designer Giambattista Valli (pictured below) at his ready-to-wear Spring 2009 show held at the Espace Eiffel during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday in France.

The 27-year-old actress, who recently ended her relationship with folk singer Devendra Banhart, is very close to selling her $6.55 million apartment at 165 Charles St. Included building amenities in the convertible three-bedroom, three-bath, fifth-floor apartment are 24-hour concierge, a fitness center, an infinity-edge lap pool and a screening room.

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Credit: Juan Soliz, Eric Ryan/Getty; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • a

    OMG! What a stunning beauty.

  • reality

    She is so classy and gorgeous and has such a unique sense of style, a true movie star.

  • renee

    meanie on the inside and stuck up…..her head looks bigger than her body.

  • les

    She has an impeccable taste, she knows exactly what to wear, where to wear it and how to wear it. True perfection in every way. Not only she managed to pursue her acting with selecting the right parts but she is directing and designing and contributes her time to imported causes.

    Never mind she is educated and smart beyond her years, she is very talented. One Lucky creature.

  • Amanda


  • maurine


    Natalie is perfect size and is ideally proportionate, watch her in Closer, she is gorgeous and you are jealous.

    Natalie is between 5.3 and 5.4, which is average in the US and she is probably a size 2. You wish you had her measurements, I do.

  • Julien

    She’s cute…I want her to have my kids one day…we’re talking about it!!!

  • James Mason Fan

    Yeah, she looks prettay prettay prettay good (Hi Curb Your Enthusiasm fans)

  • gina

    She looks great here in basic black. Sometimes she picks the weirdest things to wear.

  • sofia

    She usually chooses really great clothes for her frame, but the shoulders and sleeves of this one don’t suit her. Maybe if she were taller or bigger-framed. But she still looks beautiful. There’s no hiding a beautiful face and class.

  • emily

    It certainly does not look like she is all broken up about her break up. I guess she came to her senses. He is in love with you, but are you in love with him? That is the question.

  • senses

    She must have dated that Devendra freak because he is so talented, but he is just too crazy for a normal girl like Natalie, next thing you know he will cut off his ear.

  • October 2008

    I wonder if anyone knows what next project is in the works for her, is she negotiating any films, I am sure it is going to be something big, I can’t wait for Brothers to come out.

  • Love

    Love her style, she looks like a queen of young Hollywood.

    I just love Natalie.

  • James Mason Fan

    LOL@ #12

  • Stacy

    @renee, so maybe she is stuck-up, who knows, but she is lovely and at least she spends time doing worthwhile things like humanitarian work rather than shopping and partying, like so many other starlets her age. I’ll take her over Jessica Biel or Rachel Bilson any day of the week.

  • Irishdreams

    Not sure what projects she has coming up that she is planning on doing #13 but, Brothers is been pushed back to next year as Jake can’t do the PR for the movie as he is currently working and is obligated to that. But, I was so looking forward to seeing Brothers just hope it won’t be very late next year when it comes out.

  • Irishdreams

    I agree with you Stacy there especially on the BILSON part that woman is a nightmare from hell. But agreed many celebrities get flamed sprayed byt the paparazzie all the time and they are not always asking for it. Then you do have many that have to pap tip just for the media hype to keep their name in showbusiness..That to me is sad Natalie is human and like all of us she possibly has her good days and bad days and not everyone can put on a smile and be sweet 24/7

  • real world

    Glad to see her happy.Why is selling her apatrment? Have too much room for her.Maybe find a smaller place.Just live in her other place in new york .Pretty girl always give her love when she’s on this site.

  • real world

    I like what you said stacy but not the stuck-up part .But eveything else is right.Know you didn’t mean the way it sound about her being stuck-up. But think rachel bilson is.Doesn’t do nothing to help anyone but herself.

  • justice

    this is insulting to anyone to be compared to bilson, please, do not even mention her on this thread
    bilson is a nobody, not an actress,not a designer
    she manipulated the media to be in the news, who cares about her

    just because hayden was in films with both natalie and bilson? it is absurd to even compare the two, natalie is a lady, bilson is whore

  • a

    I agree with 21.

    Bilson steals her so called designs, she can not act, never played anyone but a girlfriend, the same part all the time and always gets bad reviews.

    The only reason she is known is for sleeping with her costars who dump her after a while. She is a subservient perpetual girlfriend.

    Natalie is the most respected, talented, educated, beautiful and normal size I might add young actress in the business who every young actor aspires to be like. She is just great.

  • rachel

    Natalie has the most beautiful face, a classic beauty with perfect features.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Nice to see Natalie is smiling once again and she alway’s dresses with impeccable taste and class. Her dress even looks so French.

    I’m glad she is not with Devandraloserfuckface no more! She is too talented, intelligent and way to elagant for Bin Lauden Jr. Glad to see she is talking to other guy’s and seems happy again.

    Bon Jour Natalie!

  • argenta

    I hope she doesn’t get back together with him, I hope that with the sale of her condo and break up, she will have a fresh start with someone normal.

  • Stacy

    OK, I didn’t mean to turn this into another bitchfest about Rachel Bilson, I was just using her as an example and I could think of several others just like her who want to BE Natalie (have her career) but have no depth or discernable talent themselves, such as pretty much anyone named Jessica, anyone who has appeared on The OC or Gossip Girl, anyone with the words “model-turned-actress” behind their names, and anyone who has ever appeared on the cover of Maxim or FHM. Take your pick.

  • see

    This why I like this girl so much. I”m sure she’s hurting from the breakup but she doesn’t need to be exhibitionist about it.

  • argenta


    Point well taken, sorry to overreact, it is just that bilson to me is one of the bottom of the barrel as far as acting, looks and integrity, she is just bad beyond compare. At least some girls have the looks, bilson does not even have that, cute face and nothing else.

    I don’t agree that she is hurting from the break up, not with this guy. Natalie is a very smart and pragmatic person, she new there could be no future with him, so it ended, GOOD, I am sure she is happier now.

  • sam

    Almost every young actor in every interview mentions Natalie as a role model for one reason or another.
    Who does Dunst look up to as a role model of healthy Hollywood living?

    “There are plenty of people who have made it. I think Natalie Portman is quite smart and has made the transition.”

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Stacy,
    I have to agree with you too. I was thinking the same thing. I rather see threads on Natalie who does worthy causes and is doing something constructive then, some media hungry startlet’s alway’s seen shopping and doing mundane task’s like, Miss. Bilson for example. :roll: Actually, Natalie is a fashion icon and Miss. Bilson is so not.

  • sharon

    she is a good role model very ground and a classic beauty and actress.

  • pink

    undercover slutty girl

  • what

    what the hell does that mean?

  • lilly


    I couldn’t agree more, Natalie is so smart with her film choices, she is so talented, she is transformed in every role. Most importantly she does not need to exploit media venues to be notices or to get parts. Unlike other airheads in this business she tries to avoid to be seen and always stresses on substance not her relationships. When asked, she always says that she does not talk about her private life. Other girls try to get attention by dating or by talking about dating, it’s tasteless and appeals only to 13 year old airheads who don’t go to the movies to see anything good.

  • Chaka

    Wow I can’t believe people talk about her like she’s some sort of God. She’s just an actress, people! And a mediocre one at that. I think if she weren’t SOOO beautiful (and she is) people wouldn’t care all that much about her. People talk about her “taste” and “class” etc- come on guys, it’s easy to know “what to wear” when you have a personal stylist and a makeup artist, and you are at a Giambattista Valli show so the designer is loaning you a dress! Jeez, some people are very naive. She has a whole team of people around her pulling strings for her all the time, like everyone else in the industry.

  • taste


    She has a stylist and a make up artist, SO DOES EVERY ONE ELSE, yet Natalie looks classy and like a real style icon, not some cheap 13 year old wearing the same crap with Chanel bags. Are you blind!

    Natalie wears classy and glamorous things. As to her acting, mediocre actors do not get academy award nominations and get awards over Meryl Streep and Kate Blanchet. Who is it that you like more?

  • jamila

    dang, over $6.5 million condo?? This girl is LOADED!

  • tom c

    She looks like a midget.

  • rose


    I have to say natalie may be a style icon but only in the red carpet cus in her normal life her fashion sense is hideous!…..but wow ppl really hate rachel bilson I guess you guys really want to be her because you must want something she has in order for u guys to talk shit about her!!!!!

  • mary

    how can someone be so simultaneously beautiful and boring?

  • Gasol_fan16

    Awwww Stinking Rose!
    Go ahead and make Nat more popular by bitching about her why don’t ya?! Fine! I will post on Natalie who look’s great anytime of the day and even casual wear! She does not look like some toking freeloading hippy ever in public. She is THE fashion icon retard! Why post on Nat if you don’t like her?!

    Bravo to taste! You got better taste. The reason we mention Rachel is because she is about the same height as Natalie and looks hideous most of the time casually dressed and does not even and can never even measure up to Natalie’s acting talent or brains might have you. Not near the same ballpark of caliber in talent as Natalie. It is Natalie that should we should have more threads like this to post on. Rachel is a mere insect to me and there is nothing to be jealous of. Natalie is pure class all the way. Rachel needs, Stacy and Clinton on “What not to wear” helping her dumb$ss teaching how to dress.

    Natalie does a lot for the cause. Talented and actively involved with FINCA and her vegan shoe line she donates all to charity. Let’s see if Rachel will donate all her DNKY line to charity.:roll: :lol: I think not! There is a difference my dear between a slug and a butterfly. Natalie is the beautiful butterfly! Catch my drift?!

  • sharon

    you know natalie isnt a god but she uses the good sense that god gave her and who would want to be anything like rachel bilson you see fake written all over her .boring is the last thing i would think about natalie because it boring when you see someone shopping or just staring into space like they are lost ,copying their design line pretending to be engaged and know wanting children but not married ,likes seeing their face splattered all over magazines and web site posts i could go on and on now do you get the point because i can go all over it again if you dont.

  • Gasol_fan16


    Natalie is no God but, she shows a fan example of how to dress. How to act and…..Best of all! How to act like a true lady in public instead, of showing off used jewelry and copying design’s!

    Glad people see the actual good quality in Natalie! :D

  • rachel

    I can’t believe anyone would even bring up Natalie Portman and bilson in the same thread. Bilson is what Hollywood should be ashamed of, when Natalie is the pride.

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    Natalie is fantabulously bee-ooo-tiful. I’m LUV’NG her eye makeup in these pix. What’s so awesome about her is that she has ACTUAL talent & a BRAIN!

    Also, also, we’re not inundated w/random, useless pix of her shopping, or gassing up her car the way we are w/OTHER talentless celebs like……Bilson.

    Funny…..I didn’t see Bilson pictured at any of the Paris fashion shows…..hmmmm….I guess she’s not the fashionista she’ll have the world believe she is…..

  • zoe

    she looks great. her red carpet/ event choices are always amazing. but i must say tht her daily life style is quite a jump from this. i personally dont like the dress here because of the sleeves. the picture is taken at a bad angle. anyhow, she always looks well put together, elegant and classy.

  • nadia

    i adore this woman

  • alison

    wow, she has a LOT of makeup on here. i mean a helluva lot!

  • rachel

    natalie is gorgeous, the dress, the make up, just perfect.

  • K

    I like the picture of Natalie with Giambattista Valli, although, he seems to be the same height as she is.