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Vice-Presidential Debate 2008

Vice-Presidential Debate 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin and rival Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. faced off during their first vice-presidential debate on Thursday night at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Vice presidential candidates sparred about a lot of the important issues–taxes and the economy, energy and oil, same-sex marriage, Iraq and Afghanistan.

To watch the full debate online, visit The video is about 1.5 hours long. Be sure to check it out–the interactive video and transcript is really nifty!

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140 Responses to “Vice-Presidential Debate 2008”

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  1. 1
    erin Says:

    Sarah Palin was awsome. I love how she reminded Joe Biden that he once said he would like to be John McCain’s running mate. I don’t think he liked being reminded of that.

  2. 2
    sue Says:

    Biden told so many lies it was hard to keep track. He just wants to tax us all into a depression. I am being taxed enough!

  3. 3
    Anthony Says:

    Please keep in mind that the only reason Sarah did “Well” was because she went through like a week of debate boot camp.

    I mean this is the same woman who said the worse thing Cheney has done as VP was the duck hunting accident.

  4. 4
    Nora Says:

    Watching Sarah Palin was like watching a phone sex commercial or an infomercial at 3am. Poor Biden had to subject himself to an impulsive child who insist on reading off the que card like a spelling bee contest!

    Biden is a wise and grounded politician who has a world of experience more than most governors around. He speaks the same language as Obama.

  5. 5
    dawn Says:

    Palin was amazing! She spoke from her heart to the American people and we were able to understand what she was saying! McCain.Palin.08 is the future that this country needs!!

    Biden was ridiculous, jumping back and forth trying to counter her comments with numbered examples. He looked like a old sleaze, constantly grinning at the moderator every time Palin called him out.

  6. 6
    Tammy Says:

    Wow you people must really enjoy the shape our economy is in right now, I mean lord forbid if McCain wins and dies while he is in office .. Would you people really be comfortable with Pallin as PRESIDENT? This is sicken that our country is full of loose minded people like that .. I must admit that during the debate she did a lot better then I thought she would do but overall the FACT is she is not ready to have that much power and if I hear soccer mom one more time I’m going to puke! This is not a joke this is our country we’re talking about!

  7. 7
    Lester Says:

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  8. 8
    non Says:

    Amazing how the USA thinks that dreams are reality.
    Palin is just a doll people. Look and see reality.
    She and McCain only see their own advantage and $$$.
    Wake up.

  9. 9
    pollyanna Says:

    The debate drove it home with even more clarity that we need a thoughtful intelligent team in the Whitehouse and not a bunch of war monger cheerleaders. Every time Phalin spoke I could see her face on Yosemite Sam with a pistol in each hand; pow-pow. As someone with many family members participating in the war and seeing their mental and spiritual decline; fighting is killing us spiritually and financially. We are finally at a place were showboating and shucking and jiving are unwelcome side dishes. Thank God there are leaders in place to take us to honorable ground. Obama-Biden-thank you for your honorable stance.

  10. 10
    Nora Says:

    Sarah cheerfully admitted she won’t answer the question the moderator interpret, instead she went off on tangent and repeatedly talked about the oil drilling over and over. Her political reality is such that she can interpret the Constitution as she wishes, regardless of whether that interpretation has any merit….

    So it seems Sarah Palin is the next Paris Hilton of politics. Hey Sarah, I can see the moon from here. wink, wink.

    Obama 08′

  11. 11
    Dana Says:

    Sarah Palin’s gee golly gosh attitude is such a turn off. This woman is so stupid and out of her element it’s not even funny. How can you be impressed with someone who you know had to be trained like a seal in order to debate the most basic of principles concerning our government?

  12. 12
    Nora Says:

    Btw, Sarah is not advancing our feminist front, instead she is regressing and insulting everything we have been working so hard for.

  13. 13
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    joe gave palin a nice soft spanking.

  14. 14
    Vanessa Hudgens FAN!!!! Says:

    non # 8
    I totally agree with u.
    Obama for president 08′

  15. 15
    Bubbaness Says:

    Dana – AMEN. She shouldn’t get points for not being as bad as people expected. She still avoided serious questions about the mortgage crisis and the economy, misinterpreted questions about Iran and Pakistan and thought she could keep going back to energy to score points.

    She’s at best an average news anchor- NOT VP material.

  16. 16
    palin won Says:

    # 3 if you didnt already know this Obama went 3 days in lockdown prepping for the debate. everybody does.

  17. 17
    jennifer Says:

    Sarah Palin was great last night. I’d take her to be president right now over Obama (she has more executive experience). I have no fear if something would happen to McCain and she would become President.

  18. 18
    mj Says:

    Joe Biden clearly won this debate. He was able to stay on track and give clear, concise answers. Palin made it clear that she would answer questions only on her terms and to hell with the moderator and the country who wanted to hear her answers to the questions asked.

  19. 19
    giselle Says:

    She sucked big times but she does anyway
    Obama 08

  20. 20
    Caring Says:

    Sarah sucked big time!! I can’t imagine that some of the people posting here saw the same debate I saw. She was so careful and afraid to change the topics, she even admitted to not answering some of the questions, becasue she knew nothing! She had to stick to the talking points her campaign told her to or she would have fallen flat on her face. She is a disgrace to American women! Thank God most Americans saw through her!!!! BIDEN WON hands down!!

  21. 21
    aLLY Says:

    All Sarah Palin had to do was talk in complete sentences to come off looking okay- that’s not something to be proud of. Biden rocked!

  22. 22
    hostas Says:

    McCain and Palin – all the way! Good job Sarah!

  23. 23
    Harvey Says:

    Republicans are sore losers they have run this Country for the last 8 years George Bush is one of YOU hes not a Democrat or Independent ! Why should we listen to you now on McCain Palin? Republicans told us George W. bush would be great for this Country .

  24. 24
    John Says:

    Hey guys, im writing this from inside my highschool library. I watched the Debate last night, and i would like to say that this countrey is heading for the worst. McCain Palin want to keep us in this war. Obama Biden wants us out. It’s a simple fact as many Americans can humbly agree on, that This war has hurt us economicly, spiritualy, and mental on a number of levels. We need to get out of Iraq, we shoulden’t have been their in the first place. This is my stong belif, bu to each his/her own. Now, Palin was talking about if we leave Iraq all our efforts will be in vein; “wave the white flag of surrender…”. If we don’t leave we will be far worse spending more money their than e are on schools here at home. Personaly I am suprised i have internet connection here. Npw anyway back to the issue. If we pull out of Iraq, we arn’t surendering. We are handing the people back their country. The brave men and women fighting over their now i’m sure of it don’t want to be their. if they had the choice granted. But it’s not surrendering to get people out of their. Why are American’s dieing? Why are we their? Why are we spending so much money, and continueing to do so. they hae an 80bill surplus. Look if we don’t leave iraq more americans will die and more money will be spent on a lost cause. to leave now would be far better than to stand their and die.

  25. 25
    Reality Says:

    The Pres and VP don’t make decisions all by themselves. They have political advisors.
    Aligning yourself with one party can make you blind to the fact that all politicians are liars and will say anything to get elected.
    They are nothing but cry babies and are only good at blaming the other party.
    Both parties can put monkeys up as candidates and both parties will somehome accept their own parties candidates and question the other. Regardless of their actions or what comes out of their mouths.

    If I had to choose the lesser of 2 evils – I would have to go with the McCain/Palin ticket. I used to like Obama but listening to his supporters is such a turn-off. Now they are crying about how inexperinece Palin is. I guess these people just want to overlook Obama’s inexperience—sh*t – he’s running for President!

    Palin and Obama are very similar: They both have great presence and they are both inexperienced in politics.

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