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Chad Michael Murray: Make A Wish!

Chad Michael Murray: Make A Wish!

One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray plants a big kiss on fiancee Kenzie Dalton after she walked the runway on Thursday night in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Kenzie, 20, modeled at a fashion show to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which enriches the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work.

The clothes were provided from a local store called Foxy Lady. Kenzie worked the runway in four different looks for Nicole Miller, Juicy Couture, Jamie Shaw Swimwear and
Betsey Johnson.

For more information on this cause, visit the Make-A-Wish Foundation at

10+ pictures inside of Chad Michael Murray making a wish…

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chad michael murray make a wish 01
chad michael murray make a wish 02
chad michael murray make a wish 03
chad michael murray make a wish 04
chad michael murray make a wish 05
chad michael murray make a wish 06
chad michael murray make a wish 07
chad michael murray make a wish 08
chad michael murray make a wish 09
chad michael murray make a wish 10
chad michael murray make a wish 11
chad michael murray make a wish 12

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  • C

    She’s beautiful.

  • zach quinto’s wife

    awwh, i wish he and sophia bush were together ):
    i dont like her alot, even though the hair is kinda cool.

  • camila

    he is hott!
    I love pic number 3 ^^

  • babe

    first he cheats on beautiful Sophia then gets this aneriox B****, and what the hell have they not beeen engaged for like EVER, get married already. IDIOTS

    love u sophia and ONE TREE HILL

  • aska

    he’s such a semi almost not really celebrity. he’s on a mediocre show and he’s known for his very long engagements. big whoop. they look like they belong together ‘coz they look like they wanna hold on to whatever time they have left in their self-created spotlights.

  • sarah

    HE IS GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a douch!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Hmm… how does she know to look directly into the camera? =S

  • Vissy

    Sopahia shoulden’t even be named in the posts regarding Kenzie…She has a class, a beauty and a spark that the next (?) Mrs. Murray will always envy… Someone who cheated on SOPHIA BUSH deserves just that…a wanna be starlet without any succes or beauty….

  • Miss CulleN

    thanxs god Sophia Bush is over with this loser! this new chick and Chad really deserve each other ¬¬
    Don´t like him at all

  • pretty heli

    He look O.K but he change a lot he was more pretty in Cinderella
    Story and i didnt know he have fiancee she look r-e-a-l-l-y skinny and
    for what she is famous???

  • Laurel

    So Kenzie’s a model? Is she a professional model, or catalogue model? I haven’t heard of her name before. She is really pretty though.

  • anonymous

    Who the fuck cares about Hophia? Kenzie looks gorge.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    She’s not that pretty
    I soo loved him & Sophia Bush together and I think Kenzie is too young for him. He’s about to reach 30 soon and she’s only in her early 20s! He and Sophia made such a cute couple!

  • Anna

    what a great cause and shes pretty. And why mention Sophia…this has nothing to do with her…oh wait, that’s right…all she’ll ever be known for is her marriage to Chad. lol

  • trish.

    She’ll break up with him cause he’s already getting to 30.
    and she’s just gonna wanna do 20 yr old stuff.

  • Amanda

    kenzie is so pretty.

    And you stupid Sophia tweens should butt out of this entry. It has nothing to do with her, if you weren’t goddamn threathened, you wouldn’t come in here to babble on about the perfect bush!

    go to your forums and talk about james cheating on her. she knows how to pick them, alright.

  • anonymous

    she looks as cute as a button and hello people, six-seven years of an age difference is NOT THAT big of a deal. Leave sofia out of this. CMM finally found someone that makes him happy so leave them alone.

  • aannie

    you sophee lovers should go back to FF and discuss how james has already cheated on her like Amanda said. She sure found another gem! So CUTE!

  • aannie

    you sophee lovers should go back to FF and discuss how james has already cheated on her like Amanda said. She sure found another gem! So CUTE!

  • endrea

    This is a very gorgeous couple, Kenzie is a bit on the skinny side so it wouldn’t hurt to gain a few pounds.

  • cj

    it’s so funny how everyone only mentions how chad cheated on sophia because that’s what’s reported in tabloids. anyone who lives in wilmington, anyone who’s seen them onset or around town, anyone who knows them – knows the truth. first of all, after they broke up… chad and sophia were still messing around. second of all, it was a mutual thing. sure sophia was hurt that he messed with paris hilton, but they split up because THEY CHEATED ON EACH OTHER.

    don’t get me wrong, sophia is awesome and i can’t stand kenzie… but sophia’s not some innocent flower either. chad isn’t scum. they both failed their marriage… it just wasn’t meant to be. hopefully they’ll find their someones.

    second of all, just because chad doesn’t hang around la and go to every single event he possibly can so he can swoop up free stuff doesn’t mean he doesn’t do the same thing sophia does. sophia goes to fashion events…. chad doesn’t. if he did you’d see him just as much as sophia. many people say it’s because sophia does movies… sophia did about 6 movies since she’s been on one tree hill… before and after oth, chad did about the same if not more.

    in fact, sophia didn’t even get into the hollywood spotlight until she was married to chad. everyone treats her as if she’s the star of one tree hill, which is funny because when the show started all the photos were chad, james and hilarie. sophia wasn’t even in the first episode and she’s the 6th person on the opening credits. hilarie was the lead female, sophia was the supporting role. personally it pisses me off that hilarie, joy and james don’t get as much attention as chad and sophia since they were a bigger part of the show before sophia’s character was. then again because they DO stay out of the spotlight, they’d probably be treated as some “has been” on a “mediocre show”. unlike sophia who’s achieved such stardom. (sarcasm).

    like i said, despite how this sounds… i really do like sophia. but do i like the attention as though she’s the star of one tree hill and the mega film actress? no. i don’t even think she’s the best actress on the show.

    bottom line…. just leave chad alone. it’s either “GOSH STOP POSTING ABOUT THIS CELEBRITY, ALL THEY DO IS SHOP AND GO TO PARTIES TO STAY IN THE LIME LIGHT!” oooooooor it’s “this is a has been – don’t post about them.” chad stays in north carolina (or south carolina) and only sometimes goes to hollywood events. he stays out of the media and just goes to work and does his job. he doesn’t abuse status so, people just need to get over themselves.

  • dialectic

    20 yrs old and getting married?? how very sad…….

  • cj

    why? she’s not pregnant and she’s been engaged to him since she was 18 and they don’t plan on getting married for another 2 years. until she’s done with college.

  • shea

    Kenzie looks like a young Christie Brinkley

  • stfu

    She is 20? Look at the close up photo. She has lines under her eyes already!

  • kors

    its good to see him supporting a good cause and his fiancee. they have so many make-a-wish kids come on their show all the time, it just shows how much he is supportive of the foundation. good hearts.

  • kors

    p.s. the models were voleenters helping out with make a wish

  • Melissa

    I definitely agree with you, kors. chad seems to be really down to earth, he doesn’t really attend those big hollywood events, but he seems to be involved with a lot in NC.

    I think it is lovely to see both kenzie and chad supporting this, because like you said, a lot of make-a-wish visit them on set.

    and they look so damn good together. chad is aging so well! hot!

  • rach

    I agree with everything you said CJ. well done!

    i like sophia but she is not as innocent as she makes herself out to be. if these people knew HALF the drama that goes on between the cast then they would be shocked.

  • has been

    seriously why post about Chad Michael Murray and his child fiance, he can’t act, only got famous because of all the crazy fangirls thinking he is hot. I mean, wow Chad is an amazing actor, he can do that brood squint look perfectly (he does it in everything he has ever done) seriously all you little fan girls obsessing over c list actors like Chad and Sophia are ridiculous, Jared can you please post about real celebrities not Cheating scumbags who are from a stupid show like one tree hill

  • KaTY

    wow Kenzie sure loves looking at the camera, seriously its sad how she thinks she is a celeb or something. Love Chad but seriously you from Sophia to this 12 year old looking chick. He can do so much better.

  • montse

    puta cochina

  • Mully

    He is a disgusting sleaze. A “D” list celebrity!

  • paula

    who is this girl???????????

  • Diana

    Actually, Chad did cheat on Sophia. Sophia said so herself. Hardcore fans are in denial.

  • endien

    Sophia cheated on Chad too. She just lied about it to the media.

  • paula

    Who the **** cares about his child fiance???
    I love you Chad

  • and

    HA, if Chad is “D” list what does that make Sopha….Z list?

  • anne

    its sad how she thinks she is a celebrity,poor girl

  • kristen

    gotta love photo # 6. Way to make an idiot about your self.

  • penelope

    she is famous??NOOOOO

  • Cassie

    Not big fan of sophia or chad, but i got to give chad props for ruining sophias pretty perfect image. because she cheated as well. lol. her fans are going to come in and bite my ass, you wait.

    her hard-core fan rosie may try and hack into my computer. ahhh

  • Cassie

    *for not ruining…

  • marcella

    she needs to eat..

  • Megan

    I love Chad but i dont like Kenzie

  • andy

    she needs to eat
    so ugly

  • hilarie

    hot guy with ugly woman

  • Liora

    She’s anorexic !!
    She should learn that anorexia is a disease not a fashion statement , furthermore Chad said one time he loves curvy women !!

    She’s pathetic in those pics , she thinks she’s famous when she’s nothing AT ALL !!She should work instead of showing her anorexic body to everyone even if it’s for charity . She takes everything she gets to be seen , that’s a shame .

  • Neve

    Jared can you please post about real celebrities ?

  • patty

    for what she is famous??