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Hilary Duff Officially Reaches Out

Hilary Duff Officially Reaches Out

Hilary Duff has released her latest dance-pop song “Reach Out” on her official YouTube channel.

It’s one of the new songs off of Hli‘s 2008 compilation album, Best of Hilary Duff. It samples Depeche Mode‘s “Personal Jesus”.

The Philip Andelman-directed music video will be released later this month.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Hilary Duff’s new song — HOT or NOT?

Hilary Duff – “Reach Out”
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  • http://n/a Jasmine

    She messed it up!

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    She messed it up!

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    She messedup a classic!

  • Cami

    i don’t like it at all

  • Isabella


  • Jenny

    omg that picture of her makes me wanna be gay. She is so fucking HOTHOTHOTHO

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to post so many times lol. I don’t hate her, I think she’s a sweet girl, but it’s just not my thing.

  • Shoops

    I hope Depeche Mode are either suing her *ss off or charged whatever moron thought this would be a good idea A LOT of money to use it. Ugh ick and what a crap song. Dave and Martin – WHAT THE HECK????

  • Maggie

    I love Depeche mode , Hilary version is suck

  • youtube video

    saool beautiful

  • Star

    Dumb!! Why must all these pop singers “sample” other songs from groups that were inventive and original?? Here’s a suggestion- Be creative and come up with something original!!

  • lisa

    GO Girl!

    i like it hilary is so good singer!

  • Shoops

    Did I mention that it sucks, is a travesty of the original and hopefully does not chart? I live in the UK, so I probably won’t hear it, thank goodness. She cannot sing anyway. Everyone who does not know the original should find it, listen to it and then realize why DM rock! (for all you youngsters, it is DEPECHE MODE. Look them up and learn how good the 80s and 90s were!) : )

  • lisa

    to star:

    they creative belive me
    and if she wont to sing it she will!

  • lalalove

    I agree, Jasmine!

  • lila

    hilary is the best
    and if you not like it so you dont know what is a good music!

  • Hieu

    Perfect !!!

  • gina

    She basically takes their song and changes a bit of it? Don’t like it at all. Personal Jesus is a classic.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    She’s an ah-mazin’ singer ♥
    Hilary Duff Rox! Can’t wait for the album!

  • anna

    ew… she was such an awesome girl now she turned into a slut like the rest of them. she is going more and more down hill… down hil.. hahaha sorry I couldn’t resist. get it? down hil? hilary is sometimes called hil? anyways! she is so not the super star like she used to be. even if you still like her you have had to noticed her fame shot down. because of dumb songs like these.

  • sammm

    everyone needs to seriously calm the f**k down! if you don’t like hilary, or this song after listening to it, then just comment it as “not hot” and leave! no one cares whether you hate HER or anything. they asked for your opinion on the song! not on hilary herself! you don’t have to go on an all out rage!

    anyways, i love this song! it’s so fun and a really good “dance-pop song”. hilary isn’t going for a grammy here, it’s just a fun song! and really enjoyable once you get over your bias-ness [if that's even a word lols]
    her voice sounds great too! great as in not overly produced and stuff.

    anyways, i love how she made a darker song [personal jesus] and turned it around w/ this version.

    the video is gonna be out soon. and it’s gonna feature a rap part w/ ‘the prophet’, a relatively new rapper.

    can’t wait for the album november 11.


  • jane

    people saying that her career dies down?! it’s called being on break! seriously! she already has four movies coming out! [stay cool, greta, safety glass, and foodfight!]
    sorry hilary isn’t a desperate famewhore slut like miley taking her shirt, and vanessa hudgens taking off her clothes! yeah, it’s hard to believe that there’s actually a REALLY pretty girl out in hollywood who isn’t a slut right?

    we love you hil!


    totally w/ you,


  • Manon

    I love !

  • maria

    hilary daff singing personal jesus?let me laugh….no let me cry!leave it to the pros hunny, u cant pull that off…..

  • Lucas

    LOVE it!

  • 1st

    Oh I’ve been waiting for so long…

    Her voice is so sexy.

    It’s not the best, but ok after all.

    P.E: And oh come on, her career is NOT going down “hil”.

  • Kalilah

    Eh. I don’t like it at all D:
    I like Hil, but she hasn’t given me a decent song in a while.

  • Angelina and Jen Fan

    I like it.

  • MichelleK

    Hilary Duff cannot sing, and cannot dance. She has become a pop star in the same way that Paris Hilton became a celebrity…looks and MARKETING!

    Duff sucks ass…really she does. She could not sing on key live if it would save her life. She’s all studio production and 0 talent.

  • Alex

    It’s great! Can’t wait for the video!

  • depeche

    God, Depeche Mode is one of the worlds best band, who could she dare to use their song????
    Depeche Mode forever

  • http://www.myspACE.COM/SAIGEMUSICOFFICIAL Saige

    and hilary duff!!!

  • Josh

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about!? This song is amazing and she sounds so hot, I can’t wait for the video and the cd!


  • camie

    Jane, this thread has nothing to do with Vanessa, and I like Hilary and Vanessa. It’s just i am a bigger fan of Vanessa, and those pics were meant to be private. how do you know that Hilary didn’t take pics of herself and send it to her boyfriend.

  • Savannah

    This is basically the same song as Jamelia – Beware of the Dog…

  • steve

    i prefer the Chico version. hil you rock my world

  • kimberly

    i love hilary duff but this song really sounds like crap

  • 12345kkk

    fuck you all.
    hilary rocks and you know it.
    shes stayed the same since she started lizzie mcGuire;
    miley cyrus is the one that sucks ass

  • tia

    the song is terrible. her voice is really weak.


    im still a HUGE fan!

  • Brandon

    you guys can keep hating because this song is amazing and it’s going to be a huge hit in one day on you tube it has over 25 thousand views in just one day making it number one on you tube most viewed for today and yesterday!

  • Jo

    Ah-maaaazing I love it go Hilary !!

  • michael

    This song is so hot. I love it…
    “Im a diamond and you’re so on the money”

  • salar


  • mostwanted123

    HOT. I am so excited for Hilary’s future projects!
    This song is very catchy..I expect it will be a big player on the charts!

  • amanda

    chicos la cancion es un cover osea la musica no la letra la letra es original de hilary el cover osea la musica es de Personal Jesús. hilary escribe su propias canciones y hilary todo lo hace bien si fuera tam mala no fuera a lanzar un nuevo cd y este es el 5 album ustedes me diran criticones

  • Andreia

    I love her brunette!

  • http://justjared shamilah


  • Anthony

    this song is super hot cannot wait to see the video haters can keep hating

    Team Duff

  • Mike

    tis song is amazing Hilary is awesome haters can keep hating!

  • Ffernando.

    I really love the song
    and love her!

    I think her carrer isn’t going down.
    it’s just that since ‘Dignity’ album, Hollywood Records
    hasn’t promote her enough.
    Their attention is on Miley and JB.

    The nice part of this
    is that Hilary’s already left HR. (:

    Hello from Mexico(: