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Rachel Bilson: Kiss From An Edie Rose

Rachel Bilson: Kiss From An Edie Rose

Rachel Bilson launches her “Edie Rose” collection for DKNY jeans at Macy’s Herald Square on Saturday in New York City.

In the November issue of UK’s InStyle, the 27-year-old actress revealed she’s ready to have a baby and hopes to make the leap “in the next couple of years”.

Rachel shared, “I don’t need to get married right now. I am more ready for a baby than marriage. Not really tomorrow, but definitely in the next couple of years which is the pretty near future. You have to have the guy, you know?”

When asked if she had found the future father of her children, Rachel responded, “I am happy where I am.”

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Credit: B. Ach; Photos: Neilson Barnard/Getty, INFdaily
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  • rachel

    hayden christiensen!

  • heidi

    i love her

  • michelle

    Love her! Her and Hayden are so cute! And she would be a great mom!

  • carrie

    She is a talentless, midget copycat wannabe fake designer who*e. It’s funny how she still goes around promoting a relationship that she very well knows doesn’t go beyond than just friendship to promote this cheap looking line that is a complete copycat of sh*t that she already has in her closet.

  • sanity

    what a phoney

  • naty

    I love Rachel, she has great style but this line is kind of crappy,I was expecting more.

  • ZACH

    first? love the new edie rose collection

  • Alicia

    i love rachel bilson<3 she is an amazing actress and a beautiful woman and i wish her the best of luck

  • K

    Notice how she always crosses her legs when she stands; it is because her unflattering thighs look better this way.

    Also, I think Hayden and Rachel are definitely married and are planning to have a baby after the shooting of current films. The comedians are right when they make fun of his stupidity; look at whom he is with. Rachel and Hayden are both all about making a buck any way possible with no regard to reputation or integrity.

    She is very ordinary looking, just cute and her line does not offer anything new, it is all every one already has in their closets. Her acting sucks too as well as the manipulative games she plays with the media to get attention. Ring, no ring, marriage, no marriage. This is the only way she can maintain some sort of attention on her, otherwise, who would even care. Really, no looks, no talent, no brains. By the way, Hayden is a whole foot taller than her.

  • guest

    Yea INVERTRO notice she no longer says she needs a man or father just that she wants to be a mom…sounds to me that is a pipe dream in any sorts..HC is long out of the picture of her life…Maybe she got reconnected with BRODY’s bunch since he is bff with that josh who married her BFF Jill…IF anything I say Bilson is tyring to laso Brody again..

  • Irishdreams

    K – your too funny not only are they NOT married, not living together and never were, they are so not even with each other anymore so the laugh is really on bilson for trying to believe fans are stupid people and will trust every word she says. OH but, I guess there are a few of them out there that trust in everything they read in the papers.

    MOTHEHOOD now that is a major laugh she uses her half sister as a media press tool hate to see what she would do with a kid.

  • sanity

    what happens when the kid goes to 1st grade and is taller than her?

    yeah this is all hype,look at all the attention/comments she gets now compard to b4 hayden.

  • sanity

    the reason her thighs look big, she wears too tight jeans. they are supposed to be a bit looser and flow a bit away from the body. being in fashion, she should know this….

    watch “what NOT to wear” hilarious show!! i would love to see what they say about her…hahaha

  • giselle

    selena gomez kinda looks like her.

  • Gasol_fan16

    OH BROTHER!!!! :roll: Does anyone see an obvious PDR stunt again? Where is the husband and so to be father??!!! :shock:

    Hayden is no place in sight. So get over it! If they were that close and serious in their relationship about starting a family. I think Hayden would be seen at least with her. Some of you are too much. :roll:

    Rachel is now pulling strings at the media. She know’s Hayden denied the ring and said, “That ain’t my ring man! I hope she’s gone!” What father to be or hubby would say that? Who would want a man like that? Come on now!

    RaTchel is clearly pulling at strings now and saying, she does not want to get married right away but, wants to start punching out kids???!! She knew she did not get anywhere by the fake out engagement ring she already has worn a while back ago. This is another pathetic tactic she is using to help her launch out her line. I’m sure she was not do that well with her launch in Miami so, this another tactic plan of hers. Her idea of children is to put them in the media spotlight such as, with her little sister Hattie. She clearly used Hattie.

    Rachel to me is getting worse and even more devious looking. And, more desperate everyday. She truly is dispicable!

  • anna

    I saw her today at macys.both hayden’s mom and grandma rose were there.

  • guest

    what no is cheap

  • Pictures???

    That is my question too! No pictures of Alie and Granny Rose. To me. No pictures. No proof!! Some one is talking smack and all that crap! Another PDR trick!

  • elle

    Nice to see a plagiarist rewarded for all her hard work.

  • abby

    Her PR flacks bring up the talk of her wanting a baby because there is nothing else to talk about. They need to direct media attention to her and they’ve used up the fashion gimmick, the boyfriend gimmick, the designing her friend’s wedding clothes gimmick, so now it’s the baby gimmick they’re bringing up

  • LOL

    If she’s not ready for marriage to an ADULT then she’s absolutely not ready for a baby since they need a hell of a lot more attention than an adult does. Marriage itself is a hard thing, true but a baby?? This is all talk, complete BS and makes her sound to be a complete and total silly little girl who doesn’t have a clue. And, yes PR is written all over it. It screams PR.

  • geo

    You know the clothes suck when they look terrible even on the person who was supposed to have designed them.

  • Quain

    I can’t wait til’ I see a baby bump on her!

    What will you same no life people say after her baby bump arrives:
    “It’s not his baby”
    ” She had a sperm doner”
    “She’s just fat” and blah blah

    denying is stupid. She is Hayden’s woman! get over your selves!
    You all will NEVER have him! grow up kiddies!

  • Wake up

    The only way RB is getting pregnant is through artificial insemination. Hayden is nowhere in sight and if he can’t stand to be near his woman in public I hate to think what kind of father he would be. I can’t believe DKNY is still rolling out this line given how much she stole from other people. But its an ugly line all the same, she doesn’t even have the tast level to steal well. If Hayden gets with her he’s a complete f***ing moron and definitely too dumb to be allowed to breed with such a braindead thieving midget.

  • sonoio

    Doubts that she is still togeter with Hayden. Where is he all the time?

  • r-b-l

    Omg, she looks so cute here!!! Love Rachel!! I want to buy some of her clothes :) Rachel&Hayden yay!!!!

  • Marley

    Love her style

  • Helena

    Love the boots.

  • sandy

    she looks cute here..i love her!

  • Fall

    Adam, come back. She’s ready.

  • Rah

    Rachel looks gorgeous here
    Love her hair, and love what she’s wearing especially the scarf and the blazer (which is from her collection and is definitely something I will be buying)

    Good for her for not thinking she has to get married before she can have a baby.

  • shadowy

    BUSTED STUPIDITY all over again…

  • anna

    I was at the event yesterday and interestingly enough both Hayden’s mother and grandma were there

  • aberfitch

    @ #14

    Selena’s only on her teens and got a long way to go to hone herself to do and look much better than Ratchel.
    And a big plus is that she got a “long legs” too – it just goes to say that she will never be a “pathetic midget”!

  • crapshack

    @ 25 : Doubts that she is still togeter with Hayden. Where is he all the time?

    OBVIOUSLY, HC is sleeping everything about it or “doesn’t” care anything at all (great move)!
    Whether she celebrated her b-day, attending, (dubiously) won at the Teen Choice Awards then celebrating it afterwards, serving as a bridesmaid wedding, doing all her mundane yet “all documented” reality-TV chores and etc. (3x) – that anything & everything she does for the last 4 months or so or since the last Jumper promo in early June are soo “alone-by-herself” or better put “NO-HC-IN-FLESH-AT-ALL”.
    The clock-is-already-ticking on its way to “siren” mode right before everyone would “discern” that anything that comes from out “her” mouth as of late, are all just FANTASY!

  • stacy

    Guys, just because Hayden doesn’t follow her around everywhere doesn’t mean they are not a couple. As unbearable as she is, the fact that he’s not showing up a lot doesn’t mean they aren’t together. Right now he’s working, so him not being at this event means nothing. She very obviously tips off the paps when she’s going to be somewhere, so maybe he just makes an effort to remain unseen. Wait until he actually has something to promote again and see if he doesn’t start spending some more public time with her. But I know, there are many of you here who will never be convinced. To each her own. Probably the only way to say for certain that they’re not a couple is to see one or the other of them getting cozy with someone else, so since that hasn’t happened I wouldn’t bank on the fact that this relationship was just a media-driven occurrance.

  • blairite

    @ #19 – Nice to see a plagiarist rewarded for all her hard work.

    And a LOVE-SICK-PSYCHO at that!!!

  • real world

    Suppose to be about her clothing line not what she said in a magazine.We all know that she loves the media. And will anybody or anything to get.So what the big fuss about is about.She final told the true about how her relationship is.When she say she likes whrere she at right now. That means that she is not dating hayden or being serious with anyone.She is telling us she not interesting in only interesting what she can get out him at the time.She knows all this will blow over soon ( IT has already.)She should have done the promotion long time ago its too late.So this inteview have to come out of nowhere.I think it was said awhile back in magazine.So this is old news to me.We really don”tknow how she feel about things today. DO We?Not that we don’t see them together anymore.LIke been trying to say all alone she was not dating him nor him her..He’s not her type and i don’t no one is

  • aberfitch

    @# 36

    If ever, you can classify that as a “relationship for covenience”; that when someone better & right comes along, one would absolutely drop off the other and would jump on to the next target. Just so “scripted”!
    And from the utter looks of its, it’ll be Hayden will do the “ditching” as he’s showing evident signals already.
    So Ratchel, do pray for so damn hard to save or even to lengthen more the sole source of all your media hype – lol!

  • leslie

    Does Hayden’s mom and grandma know Rachel copied the designs from somebody else? What does Rachel’s mom think? Somebody should have asked them.

  • get real

    Better outfit than before looks cute.Time to upgrade on her relationship cause she have use this one up.Final let some know She just got dump by hayden.Hope her clothing line fair better than made up lovelife.

  • comrade

    If you look closely at (previous & latest) her pics, there’s already “sadness in her eyes”… Just inevitable thing to happen to someone who’s still clinging on their “whimsical thoughts”.

  • olga
  • lexie

    @ #18 Some one is talking smack and all that crap! Another PDR trick!

    Hun, just to let you know everyone here on these gossip sites are talking a lot of smack. No one here has a clue. It’s just opinion.

    And about Rachel’s clothing line

    Rachel wasn’t designing for the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. She designed a line of clothes geared to juniors to be sold in a department store. She’s never implied anything else.

    And about copying

    If you get to see her UK In Style magazine article the Sretsis dress is pictured and credited to Sretsis with Rachel saying why she likes it.

    How do you think high fashion designers get more attention and influence trends and make it into the mainstream? Someone admires a $900 design and comes up with an affordable version and offers it in department stores.

  • K

    There are a few defenders on this thread, but I have to say that bilson is a failure as an actress, person and so called designer, just a failure.

  • s

    To Lexie. You’re a very strong defender Rachel and I doubt you’re going to believe this but someone who knows the sisters who designed Sretsis had this to say. I’m not going to mention the source :

    “The designer has replied and said that they have been informed about this long ago and that it seems there is nothing they can do about it. They appreciate your concern and are thankful that through the comments sections in these sites, there is some justice somehow.”

  • lexie

    Not really a strong defender of Rachel as much as I just don’t like these gossip sites and all the viciousness not just for Rachel but other celebs too.

    If what you say is true the chips will fall where they may but then again why should anything posted on blogs and gossip sites be believed including your supposed designers reply.

    Why would it have any credibility whatsoever among a group of gossips.

  • blondee

    i think Hayden and Rachel are probably a couple, but I don’t understand why don’t want to be seen together, although Hayden is very private and Rachel is not. She’s seen with his family members more than him.

    Only someone really stupid would want a baby before marrige when they already have a boyfriend.

    She is cute and can’t help that she is short, but as an actress she is terrible, and her voice is annoying.


    Clearly RB gave up trying to get Hayden to marry her and now just wants him to get her pregnant. If Hayden won’t marry her he sure won’t impregnate her, he’d have to support it for the next 18 years. He can afford to, but would he want to? I doubt it. The guy can’t stand to be with her in public! Do you see him pushing a baby carriage when he won’t acknowledge the mother is even his gf???

    Another pathetic attempt to get attention. RB clearly stole her design from other designers and i’m sorry but stealing a design and making department store knockoffs is still considered plaguerism unless RB licensed the design. I seriously doubt that she did since she’s never saying she borrowed from anyone.

    She should never wear tight jeans. They show her saddlebags on her thighs and her butt is really big. She isn’t fat but her body is not good.

  • toni

    Rachel looks more put together at this showing than last week. She has an air about her that screams “little girl” and needs someone to protect her. Nothing about her says grown woman. Maybe she doesn’t realize that she is 27 not 17. She even talks like she is in high school. “Maybe or maybe not.”

    As far as Hayden’s mother and grandmother being there what better way to emphasize her “relationship” than to have them there. Was Kaylen there? These days that seems to be her only connection to his family. All this talk about babies and marriage is beyond stupid. If they were so happy it would show on there faces. His looks miserable everytime you see him and hers says please take my picture but I’m trying to look like I don’t want you to. Maybe they are a couple, were a couple, or just friends it sure has been fun to speculate. Until they are photographed together again we’ll just have to wonder.