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Suri Cruise Skips To It

Suri Cruise Skips To It

Suri Cruise skips her way down the block after leaving her New York City apartment on Saturday afternoon with father Tom Cruise.

The father-daughter duo later went to dinner at seafood restaurant Le Bernadin with his two other children — Connor Antony, 13, and Isabella Jane, 15 –from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

Noticeably missing was Tom‘s wife, Katie Holmes, who was busy performing in the Broadway play, All My Sons.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise skipping to it…

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suri cruise skipping 01
suri cruise skipping 02
suri cruise skipping 03
suri cruise skipping 04
suri cruise skipping 05
suri cruise skipping 06
suri cruise skipping 07
suri cruise skipping 08
suri cruise skipping 09
suri cruise skipping 10
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suri cruise skipping 13

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  • gina

    She looks absolutely adorable in red.

  • CAn’t act ministon

    this girl always dressed up. i have never seen her wear casual clothes like other kids.

  • Luna

    LOL @ Suri’s pig tails. Super cute

  • phelps is the new hot


  • lisa

    Again, they all have coats, but the baby does not. She isn’t even wearing socks. She may have an aversion to them, but who is the parent here? If that is how Scienos raise their kids Xenu help them!

  • layla

    aw suri is so cute. quick question guys, does nicole kidman EVER see her adopted kids anymore? thanks

  • xyz

    she’s cutie!

  • xyz

    she’s cutie!

  • Rescue59

    Precious baby. Idiot parents.

  • Nick

    They need to let her dress like a normal child and behave like a normal child. Most children her age are off the bottle, out of diapers, and own a pair of sneakers with scuff marks on them. You know … from playing.

  • kit

    She’s supposed to be in LA to see her kids, but suddenly her kids appear in NY?????

  • boogie

    cutie patootie in pigtails.

    Wow…I could not believe how big his other two kids are!!!

  • Kat

    How cute! Love those pigtails on Suri and nice to see Connor and Bella. Tom is getting slim. And the red dress is adorable.

  • jesse

    I do not see the resemblance to Tom at all. She doesn’t have any of the distinct features he shares with his mom, but that’s a good thing.

  • Amanda

    such a cute little lady ;D

  • just sayin’

    Isabella looks like a matronly nanny here.

  • Tim Gunn

    Another formal silk dupioni (thin summer shiny silk linen) summer party dress in cold weather without tights?

    Nt sweater either, how odd.

  • socute


  • Diana

    she’s gonna be a fashion icon when she grows up. she’s adorable!

  • b chick

    she is always dressed up
    she looks like a little cutie princess


  • ellie

    absolutely adorable Tom your really a great dad and a great actor, nice being with you 3 children….

  • Jill

    Tim Gunn @ 10/04/2008 at 11:48 pm
    Another formal silk dupioni (thin summer shiny silk linen) summer party dress in cold weather without tights?

    I’m beginning to think they would take her out in a howling snowstorm without a coat on just to show off her clothes. I live in NYC and it was definitely sweater weather today.

  • boogie

    her wearing a dress without tights or stockings is not odd.

    Look behind her- there is a guy with short sleeves and shorts on.

    It’s not that cold there……yet. (I have a granddaughter that is not comfortable in long sleeves or pants. She wears nothing but dresses all year long.).

    When it is cold enought- she will put on a jacket or coat over her short sleeved dress!

  • Jill

    Wow, Connor is as tall as Tom is already. That boy is going to be drop-dead gorgeous when he grows up. Ladies, look out!


    It Figures, Nicole is in Los Angelos for a week and Tom FINALLY pushes Bella and Connor onto his private jet.

    What an azzhole!

    Love how Bella is wearing 3 shirts and a wool coat, TC is wearing a turleneck and a wool coat and Suri is dressed for July.

    What really irks is not leaving the children to spend time with Nicole, he is a very selfish man.

  • lore

    aw she is so adorable =D


    The saddest part

    The child was happy and skipping with her father, then saw the paps, stopped and had to be scooped up and his her face.


    So, we can say, cute dress?


  • NancI Black

    Suri … Looks great !! So cute in Red…… Tom s older Children! Conner Is sooo Handsome .

  • cjean

    This is the sweetest picture I’ve seen of her. She’s tidy, hair taken care of, clean and smiling, skipping; it’s nice to see her like that. The sweater or coat thing, I don’t get it when they dress so warmly, how they can figure she’s fine without carrying a sweater for her, but, she seems happy today. That’s great.

  • zanessa lover forever


  • lips,tits and smack that ass.

    The only reason why connor and Isabella is in NY is because the Joliepitts are there with their kids.

  • Lisa

    her not wearing socks with her shoes is not good. I swear her parents have no sense. Its like Suri is boss. She doesnt want to put on a sweater so she gets her way? Spoiled kid I can tell.

  • giselle

    that little girl is ALWAYS wearing a dress. I live in New York too, and it definitely wasn’t summer. It was cold out and windy!

  • stegte sild

    hun er bare den sødeste lille pige virkelig kønt barn

  • cjean

    Oh, and don’t jump to conclusions about the paps scaring her into her daddy’s arms. I’d say, maybe she’s cold and got scooped up for warmth. Notice how she’s got her arms hunched into the warmth, not around her daddy’s neck as she would have a few weeks ago or around her toys. I’d say she got cold.

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap

    very cute. she doesn’t look cold. she looks comfortable with her dress.

  • dido

    jesse are you blind or sth please check your eyes honey cause suri is a cruise clon

  • .

    cutest and most fashionable celeb toddler no doubt

  • Kelly

    I love her dress!!

  • Jill

    cjean @ 10/05/2008 at 12:04 am
    Oh, and don’t jump to conclusions about the paps scaring her into her daddy’s arms. I’d say, maybe she’s cold and got scooped up for warmth.

    If her daddy had put a jacket on that child before he took her outside, she wouldn’t have been cold.

    I don’t know which of the two of them has the worse parenting skills, him or Katie.

  • cjean

    Jill, that’s an area that we agree on. However, that’s not Suri’s fault and I think she looks adorable here. But I do believe she got cold and had to be cuddled for warmth.

  • Yvette

    I have a daughter the same age as suri, and it so happens i saw the cruise family out and about today from a far…

    and i can tell u my daughter was wearing pants and a jumper…

    it was cold and windy!

  • Mr. Cat

    What a cute and happy little girl!

    As I keep saying, Cruise is a good and attentive father and doesn’t give special treatment to his biological child.

  • Angela

    For anyone who doesnt know this Scientology believes that children from birth are adults in a child’s body. They make all their own decisions. When to stop using diapers, when to quit the bottle(by the way I am going to bet she still takes a bottle they just hide it now in public) and how to dress.

    Of course they buy the dresses for the girl… I am sure it is her only choice. But, to allow this child to not wear a coat or sweater when your entire family is dressed warmly is just ridiculous. It is so sad. My heart goes out to this child.

    I also feel for Bella and Connor who live with Tom’s sister now. They no longer have a mother or father to live with any longer. I hope they escape the Scientology strong hold. I know it will be hard though and I am sure they go through massive amounts of Sciento programming.

    Why doesnt Tom invest some money for Bella? Someone to help her shop or learn to do her hair and makeup?

    I know I know there are kids much worse off.. but, still to have a father that is one of the wealthiest men in Hollywood, yet to have such a poor life to live as scientologists..

  • I’m a Catholic

    Scientology raised children are like mini adults who make their own choices. Apparently Suri wants to live in fancy dresses, wear no socks and forget about coats. You can drink barley water all day and stay up til midnight every night, but your only friends are your parents.


    It’s cold in NYC Tom and world around suri is bundled up, so why isn’t she?? I give up.

    Anyways, I was like “who’s the hot bodyguard with tom”, then i realized it was his son, Connor; boy, has he gotten handsome; he actually looks like a brown tom cruise; i think he’s gonna be taller too.

  • ellie

    it looks like her eyes are getting darker

  • greta

    love them all

  • usa

    Such a happy
    beautiful family

  • frances

    yayyyy..Suri will be a great dancer like her mommy.