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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Honored At Trinity College

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Honored At Trinity College

The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers receives a royal welcome as he is given the Honorary Patronage award from the Trinity College Philosophical Society during a special ceremony on Sunday in Dublin, Ireland.

Society president Barry Devlin said, “We look for people who we feel represent the spirit and values embodied by former pioneering Irish people like Oscar Wilde. We are delighted to present this award to such a list of diverse and talented individuals such as Jonathan Rhys Myers.”

Tidbit: Republican presidential candidate John McCain was given this honor when he came to Trinity in 2006 to answer questions from students.

15+ pictures inside of Jonathan Rhys Meyers being honored at Trinity College…

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# 1

My Gawd!
I don’t remember him being this gorgeous!!!

# 2

What is with those psycho eyes?

# 3
nancy and paul @ 10/05/2008 at 11:17 pm

Amazing Actor.
Love him.

# 4

مافي اي احدد عربي هنا بالمررا ؟؟؟
ازا في الله يخليكم ردو عليا
بييييس :)

# 5
Irishdreams @ 10/05/2008 at 11:24 pm

God I love this man he is adorable and love the does he bring sexy back…lol

# 8


# 9

*sighs* look at my boo lookin all delicious with his award! my god he has come a long way…and i STILL can’t get enough of him!

flickahfab @ 10/06/2008 at 1:33 am

OMG! Getting up off the floor, I just fell to my knees in stunned worship. He’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Hot hot hot! Where is his little troll doll of a girlfriend? Missing ring? Maybe there is a God! Jonathan you are so f-ing hot and talented. Love, love, love this new look! Am I wrong for wanting that beautiful hair in both hands while gently kissing those divine full lips? Gazing into the depths of those intense faded denim eyes? I’d die. Happy. Whoever made the suit should send him a Thank You note and beg him to wear everything they make. My God but he looks delish!

someone has cokey eyes :/ i used to think he was super cute.. years ago.

I was hoping he got rid of that crazy eye look. I guess either he might still be on drugs, or that’s just his eyes!!!

Love him! Great actor!

OMG, he looks off his face. haha creepy

UGH, thats one ugly mug! He looks demonic or something. Someone call the exorcist, because he is possessed with some kind of evil demonic presence.

Why in all the pictures he looks like if he had just seen a ghost??
Just wondering…..

What happened ????. He used to be really HOT :(

What a great looking guy. I love him. And a great actor

Is it me or is the guy wearing the strange black attire flashing JRM a quick peek, I know I would wink wink?

It looks like he still hasn’t kicked the habit, or is using again, or whatever.

Anyway, it does look creepy.

On a more serious note, why does a large majority of messengers here think that J is abusing his body? I believe that hard evidence is needed rather than mere speculation, and even if he is, that is his business and his alone surely? J has not recently been spotted drinking excessively or caught buying drugs from a local dealer, whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? What J does behind closed doors is up to him. J looks great whatever he does and what defies all logic is that with age he is getting all the sexier. J manages to look good after getting up in the morning from a heavy night after partying until stupid o’clock or after a long days work on set, many of us struggle to do this, even those of us who have time on our hands… I think people are far too critical these days in general with regards to the famous. They are humans after all and half the beauty of being human is in our imperfections. I admit that J looks surprised and maybe he genuinely is to be getting this award. I consider Js scars to be sexy and they are often air brushed out of photos, I wish that his team of advisors wouldn’t detract this charm from his face for the sake of public image. Sure if being famous means you have to relinquish certain privileges then so be it but for people to expect the famous to be immaculate all day every day on top of exploiting their private lives is just an overzealous demand. Surely we have all had photos taken of ourselves when we are not exactly our best? I know I have and would pay dearly to look as good as most celebs, orange peel skin or spots galore, you cannot deny that beauty is largely contributable to good facial structure (see “The human face” presented by John Cleese and Liz Hurley) but more importantly (cliché alert)beauty is more than skin deep. Could it not be possible that J was a little overwhelmed with this award and the weight of its connotations? I mean to be honoured with the same importance and regarded to be of the same calibre as Oscar Wilde would be overwhelming to those of us who are modest and have read any Oscars works?

British Latin American @ 10/06/2008 at 12:35 pm

Thank you Rachel for saying all that. Jonathan is wonderful to look at regardless, and is hugely talented to boot. All these people who love to criticise celebrities appearances should literally look in the mirror first!

British Latin American @ 10/06/2008 at 12:37 pm

He probably was really flattered and overwhelmed at receiving the award. You can see it in his face. I will admit that he does look better clean-shaven.

He looks exhausted… hope it is exhaustion and not sadness!

Filming and interviewing and flying from country to country to country… hope they have a good make-up artist in Paris.

Alas, he is STILL handsome as ever!!!

Does anyone else see a little bit of James Haven Voight when they look at these pix?

He look’s bloody beautiful!

WICKED WENCH @ 10/06/2008 at 2:30 pm

Jaundice – I do. It’s the crazy eyes and bone structure. Well, Oscar Wilde is gay, and so is JRM, so it seems they picked a good rep.

WICKED WENCH @ 10/06/2008 at 2:32 pm

He is beautiful in a serial-killer kind of way.

flickahfab @ 10/06/2008 at 6:13 pm

JRM is gay? There really IS a God!

Sadly, I’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary. He can be swishy and camp, and I have hoped desperately, lit candles, sacrificed entire bottles of extra virgin olive oil to him. But alas, when studying that scene in Tangled (to the point of excess) and hearing that those onscreen sparks (which were sadly undeniable) carried into a real life romance with the actress involved, it became tragically clear to me that the man does do hetero.

Also disheartening were the observers comments during the sex scene with Toni in my beloved Velvet Goldmine. That was wood, people. Right there on screen. Pause the DVD and cry. Wood for that gurl. Plus the crushing rumor that they finished what they’d started after work. My heart has been in pieces since. I try very hard not to be bitter.

If there is a God, he’s secretly bisexual. JRM, I mean. Not God. God’s sexual preference is not in question. If JRM is not bisexual, but would like to try, I would selflessly volunteer for the experiment.

Flickahfab – Loved your breakdown/analysis.

So hot! Why does he do those eyes though? Is it a joke?
I loved visiting Trinity College. <3 Ireland is awesome :)

#23 You are more strange than these pictures.

Strange is more interesting though…..

My pictures are stranger than my words can express…

an enigma – Rachel – you talk as if you know j. he has wonderful talent

an enigma – Rachel – you talk as if you know j. he has wonderful talent

Alas Tassie I wish I were an enigma, unfortunately and sadly no I do not know Jonny. If I did know Jonny I don’t think I would message about him at all because I wouldn’t need to discuss anything about his character with anyone else except him. I’d like to think that Jonny and I could be friends if we met each other and therefore writing about him on a message board like this would be like breaking a code of friendship. Seeing as we do not know each other though I think I can get away with speculating a little about his character in a positive light as always based on what little info I have. .

Although on reflection Tassie, maybe it is you who knows J???

A beautiful man with a great talent!!!I adore his style……he’s perfect!!!I l love his eyes and his lip..very very sexy!!!He’s divine! :-)
kisses kisses (Vincy-Cagliari-Sardinia-Italy)

dundeegirl @ 10/19/2008 at 2:23 am

The Trinity photos are superb! Years ago JRM was cute and sweet looking …NOW.. that he is older and matured…he is just plain raw handsome, I like the older him. He needs NO improving on his looks…and his eyes and lips are what make him so attractive to look at in still photographs. I just hope he does take care of his health because I want to see him around making movies for a long long time, he is an excellent actor!

Jonathan is really talented and handsome! GodBless him ! I pray that he would be healthy and happy always! I ‘m looking forward to watch him on future films! i can say for myself that i can never find any actor or actress that can really touch my heart. he is really spirited and intense!

Thank you for this post. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something speciel. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many corners.kind regards

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