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Orlando Bloom is a Belt Boy

Orlando Bloom is a Belt Boy

Orlando Bloom removes his belt before going through security at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 31-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor made a few funny facial expressions as he caught a departing flight out of L.A. No sign of Victoria’s Secret angel girlfriend Miranda Kerr!

Orly is set for an on-screen reunion with his POTC costar Keira Knightley. The pair will appear in The Fever Returns, a new film based on cult disco movie Saturday Night Fever.

10+ pictures inside of belt boy Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom belt 01
orlando bloom belt 02
orlando bloom belt 03
orlando bloom belt 04
orlando bloom belt 05
orlando bloom belt 06
orlando bloom belt 07
orlando bloom belt 08
orlando bloom belt 09
orlando bloom belt 10

Credit: Matei/Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • zhaoyang


  • Bre

    LOL @ the expressions. What a doll <3

  • :)

    So damn cute!
    Gorgeous and goofy. A great combination.
    I bet that if the security person was female that they would have asked him to remove more than his belt. In the interest of security, of course.
    Plus: Yay! The curls are making a comeback.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • cal

    OMG cute! Did anyone else notice that he was heading AWAY from the sign pointing to first class and TOWARDS main cabin? He’s so down to earth! Love him!

  • Linda

    LOL @ the security guy’s face, looks like he’s thinking “take it off, take it all off “!
    Orlando looks so sweet and cute but I’m sick to death of those jeans he’s always wearing !

  • huh

    I have no doubt he is flying first class, some how he doesn’t strike me as that down to earth. But the skin he bared looks fabby and untoned. IMO he looks far better with his clothes on. At least until he gets around to hitting the gym. After he showed his bare saggy butt, I decieded the imagination is far better than the real thing.

  • lol

    I kind of figure they had no idea who he was, and it pissed him off that so great a celebrity should be asked to pass security like all the regular folk, that would explain the dumfounded stupid look on his face.

  • david

    No one fly coach if they didn’t need to. That’s not being down-to-earth, that’s being able to afford better things.

    If I was the security guard, he would have taken his pants off.

  • down to earth my a**

    he’s not down to earth at all – that view of him has been sold to us for years as part of his PR spin, makes him seem cuter and more marketable. All celebrities are products being sold to us just like the latest phone or computer….. the man is cute but can’t act his way out of a paper bag hence the effort that goes in to getting his name out there, if he was any good, they wouldn’t need to go to so much trouble….

  • Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom looks amazing, I love him so much.

  • acting

    I think Orlando is a fine actor and will only improve with age.
    I think he looks great, I’m happy to see the hair getting longer.

  • Helena

    For the last time, The Fever Returns is just a rumour!

  • fever

    @12 Who said anything about “The Fever Returns”, did I miss something?

  • fever

    Fever mentioned in the main story, shows you I just looked at the pics. lol Sorry @ 12…

  • Mia

    He’s a boxer kinda boy!!

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    he looks great love him maybe he i off to sarajevo again didn’t he say he would come back?

  • zanessa lover forever

    aw ! yeii he reunites with keira..i wish they were a couple. after watching them as willabeth=) in POTC


    I would have patted him down to make sure he wasn’t concealing any weapons . (-:

  • James Mason Fan

    ‘Belt boy’? You wish!



  • FroFro

    I’d say he looks happier not being someones handbag. Im liking the curls back as well. Man his hair grows fast!

  • there

    I remember when posts about him used to get well over several hundred comments. Looks like not that many care anymore. I check in here occasionally to see what the funny blue people say, but his star not only fallen, it has imploded as well. Pretty soon we will see him on Do you want to date a washed up has been? He is still pretty though, I wish he exercise or something the body is starting to look like he has spent too much time drinking, smoking, and laying around with his dingo of a girlfriend.

  • hmmm

    It sure doesn’t look like he changes his clothes that often. And he looks pretty unput together. For all the hags at OL maybe instead of getting wet at the thought of boxer peekage, they should start a pool on how often he actually changes the boxers. I am thinking one pair may last a week, of course he might turn them inside out after a few days so they will be “fresher”

  • Steffie

    Only an idiot would fly coach when you can afford first class. I’m sure that his escort is simply walking him to the shortest line. Everyone goes through security. He knows that. If he is upset at anyone, it’s the paps, not the security people.
    I think that he looks great! I’m glad that his wonderful curls are making a comeback.

    @22 Since a lot of the more hateful posters formed their own forum where no one disagrees with them, this board has been quieter. The only time it really gets going, anymore is when he and Miranda are pictured together. Then the hate flows back over here, and the numbers increase. As it is, most threads about Orlando still receive more posts than many others on this site. But the numbers explode whenever there is an opportunity to say something hateful. But you know all about that, don’t you? That’s why you came back over here, right?

  • @Steffie

    It’s ok steffie. It’s a love/hate relationship with the Bloom. Lots of people have lots of different views on the Bloom and can express them on a gossip blog. No big deal really. If you don’t like the love/hate on the Bloom there is a simple solution to that and you know all about that, don’t you? Why let what other people say about the Bloom bother you? It’s not worth the price of admission.

    Just read what others say, agree or disagree and move on. Some people have good points, things to think about, some are just out of their minds (IMO) but it is just that, their opinion.

    Hateful posters? What you are saying is hateful. Others can’t post what you consider to be hateful things about the Bloom but it is ok for you to call those posters hateful? Not very nice steffie. How come you can say what you want but others can’t? You give them a label which you yourself fall under. You are a hateful poster so all is good.

    Are you the same steffie from OLove and I love Jake? Just curious.

    Have a great day.

  • @24

    “As it is, most threads about Orlando still receive more posts than many others on this site.”

    His posts pale in comparison to the Jolie-Pitts. Yesterday the Brangeloonies darn near crashed JJ’s server just to comment on Saint Angelina . That’s star quality!

  • @24

    Only an idiot would fly coach when you can afford first class.

    Totally agree, I never ever travel coach.

    Sorry, actually I don’t know what in the hell you are talking about, I do know, however, that when a person labels a whole group of people they know nothing about, besides of course, that their opinion maybe different from one’s own, it indicates to me that the label hater maybe not be mutually exclusive. Just like you cannot judge all women by just a few, you cannot judge others with different ideas from your own as all the same. It is a fairly simple concept, but then that may be why you don’t understand it.

  • Steffie

    Interesting try at spin. You claim that I am hateful because I pointed out hateful commentary? “Blue people”, “Dingo”, “hags”, etc. If I called a member of the KKK a bigot, would that make me a bigot, too? See, your argument doesn’t hold water. I was simply speaking the truth. I was just pointing out the fact that whenever there is an opportunity to spew vitriol at whatever woman Orlando spends time with, the posts increase dramatically. People love to fling dirt. Are you denying this phenomenon? And are you denying that the other forum I was mentioning is NOT based upon hateful commentary?
    People can say whatever they wish. Some will agree, others won’t. But as you said, this is an open gossip blog. If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it.

  • @24

    I was simply speaking the truth

    Ah, but my dear there are all kinds of truth. And how boring it would be if we all thought the same things. You might want to check out the first amendment, it makes sure we can all speak whatever truth we believe in. Gossiping about some has been actor, and his social climbing girlfriend will hardly strain it. So, I will suggest you might do the same as your reccommendation to me. If you don’t like what I say, don’t read and respond to it. Obviously you seem to think what I am posting is important otherwise why would you take the time and effort to reply. As for me, I love crossing swords with words with those less verbally sophisticated than myself. Keeps the wits sharp you know.

  • honey
  • @29

    “If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it.”

    The same can be said to you abut that other forum you were mentioning.

  • @30

    The first was one fun, he actually had a career then, the second, oh it was just sad. Reduced to a underwear’s model hand luggage. Oh, how the mighty haven fallen.

  • ?

    The same can be said to you abut that other forum you were mentioning.

    I have no idea what other forum you are talking about, but then you must have more time to follow this than I do. I have a cold and so am screwing around reading stuff, usually I actually have a life. Hope you get one soon. I think I will go back to my books, the characters are so much more intelligent to play with

  • Gael


    Hi Steffie! Just curious. Why would anyone be mad and say hateful things about Orlando hanging out with his sister. Just asking.

  • Steffie

    “As for me, I love crossing swords with words with those less verbally sophisticated than myself.”

    Ahh, I see. Hateful, vain AND condescending. What a charming combination.

    It’s too bad that reading comprehension isn’t one of your many skills. If it were, you will see that at no time did I say that opinions opposing my own should not be expressed. I just pointed out the absolute fact that certain posters will only post when they have something hateful to say. They also seem to post over and over, thereby increasing the number of posts, tenfold. I notice that you didn’t try to deny this fact. You must then agree with my conclusion. Hate brings numbers. That’s why you are here. And that’s why you are not worth any more of my time.

    I know that you are just trying to be funny. But just so you know, when “fans” first saw Sam out walking with Kate, they made some rather nasty comments because she isn’t built like a model. Of course, these are probably some of the same people who now claim that Miranda is an unhealthy example of the female form because she IS built like a model. No woman is safe from criticism if she is even remotely associated with Orlando. Mother, sister, girlfriend, friend…all are targeted.

  • @Steffie

    I’m not spinning anything. I responded to your words.

    You said: Since a lot of the more hateful posters formed their own forum…….

    Then you respond: Interesting try at spin. You claim that I am hateful because I pointed out hateful commentary?

    You didn’t point out hateful commentary steffie, you called them hateful posters. Why are they hateful? Because they have a different view and opinion. So what? Because they speak their minds and you don’t like what they say you called them hateful posters.

    I don’t agree or disagree with a lot of the “commentary” that I have read on various Bloom boards. Some push the envelope in both directions but it’s what they feel/believe/speculate about. Some posters really like to debate some posters just want to drool over pictures. Different boards for different tastes. There are lots of choices which makes it interesting.

    And #29, I agree, how boring it would be indeed.

  • Gael

    What happened to my link?

  • Yep

    I agree with Steffie. Whenever the ‘haters’ come on board, the post count quadruples. They love to spout hate. They resent being called haters, yet they take great joy in hurling insults. Like the examples Steffie pointed out, they don’t just state their opinion, they have to throw out words like “dingo” and “hag”. They would get more respect if they said something like ‘I don’t think that Miranda is a good person’, than ‘the dingo is a wh*re’. See the difference? You can state an opinion without being a “hateful poster”. They chose their words, and they are being labeled for them now. And rightly so, IMO.
    This has nothing to do with differing opinions. Only the manner in which those opinions are expressed.

  • jujubee


    I don’t think Miranda is a good person!

  • @38

    I don’t resent shittee. I can’t stand the girl and I say it. If you don’t like the way I say it then don’t read it.Call me a hater I don’t give a phuck. I think you are lumping everyone into the same group. Some people have different reasons for not liking her. I think she is trash. That is my opinion and I have no problem saying it. She has given many people a whole lot of reasons not to like her.
    Not everyone said the same things about Kate or other girls either so bite my tighter then Orlando’s white butt.

    I will state my opinions in whatever manner I feel like it and I could care less what your response is.

  • red robin

    # Yep

    These people didn’t realize yet that with all their hate and harshness have ruined the whole fanbase. I know that many people have given up on him because they didn’t take anymore shit from a bunch of grown women who acts as brainless teenagers.
    See? They are proud to be haters no matter if this hate affect other people in the worse way.

  • @red

    you idiot. People didn’t leave Orly’s fanbase because of other posters. That’s stupid.
    Most just stick to their own boards.
    If people don’t like Jared or Delphi then stay the phuckk away. Would that make people leave? please. You’re the one that sounds like a silly teenager.
    Putting the blame on a few posters at a couple of boards that they don’t have to visit unless they want to makes you look like idiot. It really doesn’t matter since you gave yourself away as an idiot a long time ago on here.

  • http://justjared bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    the sad think is this idiots say they are his fans and yet they insult him with words i can’t repeat if they don’t like him anymore just say it don’t say you are his fans while insulting him his family his girlfriend ect that is why you are called haters you bash and bash two strangers that have done nothing to you and yet you say you are orlando’s fans pleasssssssssssssse it makes me sick

  • #eri

    Now why would you keep going to a place or reading things that make you sick?
    I’m not a doctor or anything but I would advice you to stay away if you are getting ill. I accept pay-pal for my online advice.

    You don’t know who is a fan and who isn’t. You don’t know who knows miss dingho and who doesn’t. You can assume anything you want so bug off.

  • http://justjared hahahaha

    i wish pictures of orlando and miranda show up soon the pain the pictures cause the idiots at delphi is funny to me they take it to personally

  • lol

    I really like it when the blue person shows up. I wonder if she speaks as she writes. Everything coming out in one long rush of words with no pauses or periods. I mean my God blue person there is such a thing as using proper grammar, you might try it, It certainly would help you sound more intelligent, as it is I just can’t take you seriously.

    As far as Delphi, it reminds me of people throwing stones at others, because some mob mentality decieded they were evil. If you read there you will see people who still hope he will build a career, but are not blindly in love with everything he does. But when mobs take control rational thinking goes out the window. Probably how lynchings and stonings took place. That is one thing I hate about the Internet it allows one to hate indiscriminately, when the truth is we are all just people with opinions. I don’t hate anyone whose comments I read, first of all I don’t know them well enough to expend so much energy hating them, and second of all they are just people like me, perhaps with differing opinions, but still just people with kids, and spouses, and friends, and interests, and lives. Too bad we can’t see beyond that and actually see human beings behind each post instead of someone to hate.

  • jujubee


    Well said. I may not agree with someone, but the word “hate” is not in my vocabulary. The posters at delphi are more rational and real than most sites. They generally wish OB well and hope for his career to pick up and they don’t see that happening with this zero of a panty model dragging him down. It isn’t hate, but it isn’t blind worship either.

  • whathaveigotinto?

    Finding this forum is scaring me away from Orlando fans, if not Orlando. Posters like #40 are the reason people might leave the fandom: foul-mouthed bullies who think that they should be allowed to verbally abuse anyone they like, generally behaving like spoiled 5 year olds from hell.
    In case you haven’t noticed, in real life people can’t say every nasty thing they feel. Eventually they get a lawsuit or punch in the face. If you don’t believe me, march up to some stranger and talk to them the way that you talk to other posters here.

  • @48

    I would suggest you visit other forums where people treat each other with respect. You are right, here in this type of setting, where one is not face to face with another one might say anything they want without fear of consequences. People should not treat others in such a manner even if it is the Internet. While others describe posters at Delphi as haters, it actually is a pretty civilized forum. When people disagree they will say so, but they bend over backward to make sure that the persons they disagree with do not take it personally. All in all it is probably one of the most sane forums I have visited. Of course it has a bad reputation here, but one should read and evaluate before beliveing what others say.

  • http://justjared please

    why you people from delphi feel the need to be here praising that place? in that place they call miranda with names i can’t repeat without any reason but the worse think they name call her all family and you call that place RATIONAL? to me they are people who just hate a person they don’t know and are mean to her without any reason at all . And before you say that i shouldn’t read it well i could give you people the same advice STOP READING ABOUT MIRANDA STOP BEING ON EVERY THREAD ABOUT HER IGNORE HER IF YOU HATE HER SO MUCH IT IS THAT SIMPLE