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Sadie Sandler Strolls Sunset

Sadie Sandler Strolls Sunset

Adam Sandler carries his 2-year-old daughter Sadie along Sunset Boulevard on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Also along for the stroll was Adam‘s wife Jacqueline Sandler, who is expecting their second “chickadee” this fall.

“Hopefully everything’s safe with her,” Adam has said. “Not born yet, so we’re just praying everything comes out okay.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK Adam Sandler should name his second daughter?

10+ pictures inside of Sande Sandler‘s Saturday stroll…

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sadie sandler sunset 02
sadie sandler sunset 03
sadie sandler sunset 04
sadie sandler sunset 05
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  • sarah

    i<3adam, but his daughter looks like ass

  • Rayt

    She’s a cutie! I think she’ll grow into a beauty

  • Liana

    She is definitely her fathers daughter.

  • ellie

    she lookds so much like adam!

    it would be funny if the second came out looking totally like the mum


  • pottotie

    not trying to be mean or anything,but that baby is kinda ugly…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    poor kid.

  • leave the child alone


    think again assholes – you are so unfair and unkind to be rude about a child’s appearance.

    if you would not say it to her face then do not say it here – you gutless imbeciles.

  • Helena

    Such a cutie!

  • Super_bitch

    I hope she grows up to have one of those really exotic faces that people can’t help but look at and then she lands herself a huge modelling contract!!! If not….well lets just say nothing has stopped Rumer Willis from whoring herself off in the name of fame!!!

  • Puce

    er, do they at least do her hair before they get out of the house ? Poor kid, at least they should “present” her well (cute dresses or pants, stuff like that ) when they go outside.

    Doesn’t she look a little bit like Liv Tyler ?

  • Laurel

    I hope she gets her father’s sense of humour.

  • ellie

    shes looks just like her dad. i hope shes as funny!!!

  • me…

    Some people on here are so hartless. She is cute and will grow up to be beautiful some day. She is 2!! She is not meant to be a slut at this age. Have you no shame???!!!

  • ella

    Shes only 2!
    She’ll probably grow up to be prettier than Suri.

  • Saywhat?


  • caroline.

    OMG, she’s so cute!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ;oh yeah… ‘that’ will probably grow to be prettier than – suri cruise. LOL uh huh! sure……

    ..and she’ll also be the worlds most famous super model.

  • sammantha

    #10 your right! She does look like liv tyler!

  • b chick

    poor girl.. :(

  • sinara

    haha ^ funny comments….but yeah the kid def. looks like a dude

  • Angela

    Well, she is cuter than Tori Spelling as a baby and Tori hasnt done so badly.

    I think she is cute! Picture her with her hair pulled back or with two little braided pig tails. I believe her hair throws us off a little.

  • Angela

    Oh and a girlie matching pants set with little white tennis shoes would improve her as well.

    So, take Sade’s hair and put it on Suri Cruise. Then take Suri’s hair and put it on Sade. BIG Difference.

  • April

    aww, don’t be so mean. sometimes cute kids get fugly when they grow up. You never know, she might grow into her looks and turn out really pretty :)

  • lene

    FUCKING ASSHOLES! I wanna hunt you guys down and kick you ass! NO CHILD IS UGLY!
    Sadie is beautiful! She looks like her daddy! and what a beautiful name.

  • Anastacia

    I’m sorry to say, but that’s a really ugly baby girl…

  • LT

    couldn’t they at least comb the child’s hair?
    they could also choose cuter outfits for her!

  • lette

    and people have the NERVE to talk about zahara’s hair

  • lette

    and people have the NERVE to talk about zahara’s hair

  • yaysadie

    she looks like nick jonas

  • not nice

    Look at celeb pics of when they were babies – a lot of them are not as “beautiful” as they are today and some children celebs that were cute when young are not so “beautiful” now that they are all grown up. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no one knows from a couple of photos what this little toddler really looks like. All children are cute and beautiful.

  • emily

    god, she’s two years old!!
    we shouldn’t be concerned with how pretty she’s is or is going to be,
    it must be tough growing up wuith paparazzi following your parents everywhere.
    we should be wishing her a good, happy, healthy life.

  • t.

    i agree with you puce if they just i dont know combed her hair and stuck her in a dress she would look more like a girl
    she looks like a boy because she looks SOOOOO much like adam
    so they need to girl her up

  • WawaLisa

    Celebrity offspring have more to live up to than the average child, especially when they have attractive parents. The public expects them to be beautiful — like they can control it. Alexa Joel, who would be considered lovely had she been born to anyone other than Christie Brinkley is a great example.

    Adam is not a beautiful or even good looking man. What he is is famous and rich. Chances are his kids will take after him. Sadie will most likely be average in her looks but she will be rich. But she will have enough money to work what she’s got. She will wear designer clothes, have locks flattened to perfection by a top hair stylist & a designer nose on her 16th birthday & we will see her all over the tabloids by the time she is 18.

  • Larice

    Poor kid, she is unfortunately looking.

  • Me

    I agree, the kid is ugly, but you all must forget that she does have disabilities and is not the “average” or “smart” child. He has spoken before about her and that she does have some mental defects – she is very slow and has a mild form of mental retardation. I don’t know anybody who’s mentally not all there be a knockout – give the kid a break… her life is going to be hard enough as it is without everybody judging her by her looks.

  • James Mason Fan

    #35 that’s sad to hear, didn’t know that about the child. #33, gotta disagree with you. I always thought Adam Sandler was attractive in his own way, and certainly nothing less than ‘average’.

  • teardrops on my guitar

    what a fugly kid

  • ugh

    How many models are here? I’m tired to read stupid comments. She’s a normal child. Suri. Ugh! She’s only a trophy for Cruise. Is she his daughter? Why Kidman have had a baby with Urban if she can’t have babies?

  • cjean

    It’s a sad world when children are expected to compete as “beauties” for the first place slot as celebrity children. This little sweetie has a large face for a child with very normal features. For those of you that it matters to, she has every opportunity to grow into a beauty. I know plenty of “pretty pretty” children who grew to be quite ordinary, but plain and ordinary children who grew to be “super model” beauties. You never can tell. To look at a child and say what a cutie, is one thing. But to actually judge and base their life “oh, she’ll be a fashion icon, or she’ll be beautiful” is quite another. What does it matter? She may grow to champion world peace, or discover a cure for cancer, or have the soothing clear voice of a nightengale….. or simply be a human being with a huge heart and clear thought…… but what is important? That you think she’s ugly. Says more about your heart than that sweet child.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • TK

    #35/Me – You don’t know what he ll you’re talking about, There is absolutely nothing mentally wrong with Sadie. I don’t know if you are misinformed or just trying be a jerk!

  • Lori

    I am willing to bet Sadie is going to grow up to be gorgeous. 9 times out of 10 that is what happens. Someone mentioned Rumer Willis earlier. Well, if you looks back at pictures and that movie she was in with Demi, you’ll see that she was a very pretty child. While I am the rare exception that doesn’t find her ugly, she is no beauty either.

  • lfew

    she looks just like her daddy, i’ll bet she’s a funny one.

  • Lana

    Her lips, the curve of her nose and her eyebrows will make her look beautiful later. You’ll see it, she’s gonna be a really pretty.

  • Jessica

    Lily-Rose Depp wasn’t the cutest baby in the world and if you see her now, she’s extremely gorgeous. I think the same will happen to Sadie.

  • nicolem

    Sadie’s cute, she just looks very tired.

  • bella

    Hopefully she will grow into her looks :(

  • z

    a child only parents could find cute

  • yoyo


  • sherry

    she looks like a total daddy’s girl…what a cutie!!