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Brad Pitt Bikes With Barack Obama

Brad Pitt Bikes With Barack Obama


A solo Brad Pitt throws on a fedora, hops on his bicycle and goes for a ride down the street in New Orleans, Louisiana on Monday.

The 44-year-old actor carried around a sketch notebook with a drawing of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama on the cover. “08″ was also in the corner of Barack‘s picture, obviously signifying the year of Barack‘s presidential race, 2008.

Looks like we now know who Brad is voting for come election time!

Back in August, Angelina Jolie‘s presidential pick was undecided.

10+ pictures inside of Barack biker Brad Pitt

Just Jared on Facebook
brad pitt barack obama bike 01
brad pitt barack obama bike 02
brad pitt barack obama bike 03
brad pitt barack obama bike 04
brad pitt barack obama bike 05
brad pitt barack obama bike 06
brad pitt barack obama bike 07
brad pitt barack obama bike 08
brad pitt barack obama bike 09
brad pitt barack obama bike 10

Credit: DS-ISM/LA-Tom; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • please

    That Brad carries a pics of Barrack does not mean he’s voting for him. He might be reading up on him.

  • Gwen

    He’s my man!

  • gina

    Brad is also related to him somehow I’ve heard.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Brad Pitt is a smart man. :-)

  • mayday

    Brad do your research on this terrorist Obama!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    is time like this where I wish I was still living in NOLA :D

  • charll


  • please

    Brad’s probably checking on the Make it Right Project. Good for him.

  • well……….

    I agree with please. It could have been a leaflet that was handed to him and he rode by. I have gotten a couple from both sides

  • Fingerhut


    He considers it exactly into the camera … Brad thinks that all people are stupid and do not remember.

  • mary

    Brad is readsiing up on both..besides..
    you can vote different in one household.

  • a realist

    YES, Brad supports Obama, he stated this a long time ago.

    We love you Brad, you are a smart voter.


  • well……….

    *as he rode by.

  • andamentothat

    so the family is in NO? well make it right, Brad.. we are counting on u! Perhaps we will get a chance to see the family before they all return to Berlin.

  • lurker

    Why is this news? He said it months ago.

  • a realist

    # 11
    mary @ 10/06/2008 at 2:51 pm

    Brad is readsiing up on both..besides..
    you can vote different in one household
    Don’t be silly, it is less than a month before the election. Brad knows who is supports, and it is Obama. Brad has been at fund raisers for Obama many times.

  • Daniel Kemp

    I’m surprised Brad is able to bike around like that without being stopped every 5 seconds for an autograph.

  • lurker

    You know, once again – I have to wonder at this. Now, instead of Changeling, and the premiere we can get endless political discussions about what candidate the family is voting for. Stupid.

  • mary A

    they’re 7th/ 9th cousins. that’s pretty neat. anyways i love that he has a sketchbook!!!!!!!

    i have many but none of mine have obamarama on it, and i’m not famous. didn’t obama make an appreance at fashion week in eruo…i think i saw that on either this site, or style.

    thanks jared!

  • hottest couple ever

    I like him even more now. Go Brad!

  • AndrĂ³meda

    Hi everybody. Hope all of you are having a nice monday.
    Thanks for the new thread JJ.
    I wonder if all the family is there too?.

  • Obama is the real deal

    Brad has attended several Obama fund raisers. He and Angie supports Obama.

  • Shar

    Looking good, and with the economy on a downward slope, i’ll be joining the likes of Brad and other bike riders. Plus that’s 1 good way to stay in shape.

  • xx

    Brad likes his cousin, even though they are far, far cousins

  • guli

    Thanks Jared !!!!

    LLM, MF, Sara many thanks for the wonderful videos :-)

    Anustin–hiya lovely lady… I’ll give you a ring soon.

  • love him even more now

    Brad Pitt for OBAMA! Yeah!!!

  • mary A

    i meant didn’t a designer have an obama shirt/dress at fashion week. you know the world may be going down but really all i have is awesome sites like this with cool pix.

  • originaltruth

    Welcome back, guli. Hope you are feeling better.

  • mary


    I like both Obama & Mc Cain

  • alekziel

    Its family after all :) He looks hot in black and white. Love you Brad.

  • the real jc.

    Has anyone else noticed he’s quite good looking or am I alone?
    KIDDING. He’s fucking hot. Wolf whistles for Bradley. YYYYAAAAYYYY.

  • Dude

    Angelina says she’s still undecided but she liked how well Biden did in the debate. she didn’t say anything about the doofus sarah palin .

  • please

    People let them be in New Orleans, that’s what they said. It is peaceful.


    Angelina Jolie at a press conference for “Changeling” at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel –

  • diane

    ahhh nice to see him..looking good brad!


    JJ -

    Angelina Jolie at a press conference for “Changeling” at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel –

  • Tilda

    Brad’s looking mighty fine. Looks like he got some sleep. He looks so fresh. No matter what people think, they are so low key, you see them alot when they have press to do for movies, other than that, they just keep it on the down low.

  • Laurel

    I don’t think it was a leaflet he was handed… it looks like it was stuck on there. That is even more unsubtle than if he’d directly told a reporter he would be voting for Obama! Didn’t realise Pitt was into flirting with the photographers like this. It’s a bit like a few weeks back when Halle Berry had that personality disorders book on display.

  • well……….

    Obama is the real deal @ 10/06/2008 at 3:02 pm Brad has attended several Obama fund raisers. He and Angie supports Obama.


  • kathy

    I love him even more…i didn’t think that was possible



    Check out Angelina Jolie at a press conference for “Changeling” at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

  • Ligaya

    Are you sure Brad declared for Obama and attended fundraisers for him? I’m 99% likely to vote for Obama, but I subscribe to Yahoo and Google alerts and I didn’t read anything like that. Sometimes we don’t read things carefullu or headlines/articles are misleading.

  • Dude

    Brad has wanted to stump a little more publicly for the Democratic leader but his hopes were quickly dashed this time last year as the campaign felt Brad’s headline-making presence would be more of a liability than an asset.

    Nonetheless, Brad continues to quietly support Barack. His distant cousin. In more ways than one.

  • mary

    well…you are wrong!

  • lisa

    Does that mean the Jolie-Pitts have slipped out of NY and into New Orleans????

  • Passing Through

    Damn! I knew I should have said it last night when I was thinking it! I thought they’d head to NOLA for a few days before heading back to Germany. It was a German paper that said filming starting today, but the Variety has always said Oct 13th.

  • hmmm

    oh, no, Brad, no Obama. Obama is a terrorist. Angie never say she likes Obama.

  • well……….

    Dude @ 10/06/2008 at 3:18 pm

    That was a tabliod story. Brad has never publicly stated were he stands. Obama in responsej to the story which spread like wild fire through the interenet said they have never spoken to Brad but would gladly accept any help offered. Yes indeed they asked Obama himself about a tabloid story.

  • Passing Through

    BTW – Did I miss the, “Why isn’t he wearing a helmet?! That’s a bad influence on his kids!” troll post yet? Please tell me I did….

  • Jessica

    He proudly supported Kerry in ’04, I’m not surprised by this.