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Brad Pitt Bikes With Barack Obama

Brad Pitt Bikes With Barack Obama


A solo Brad Pitt throws on a fedora, hops on his bicycle and goes for a ride down the street in New Orleans, Louisiana on Monday.

The 44-year-old actor carried around a sketch notebook with a drawing of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama on the cover. “08″ was also in the corner of Barack‘s picture, obviously signifying the year of Barack‘s presidential race, 2008.

Looks like we now know who Brad is voting for come election time!

Back in August, Angelina Jolie‘s presidential pick was undecided.

10+ pictures inside of Barack biker Brad Pitt

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brad pitt barack obama bike 01
brad pitt barack obama bike 02
brad pitt barack obama bike 03
brad pitt barack obama bike 04
brad pitt barack obama bike 05
brad pitt barack obama bike 06
brad pitt barack obama bike 07
brad pitt barack obama bike 08
brad pitt barack obama bike 09
brad pitt barack obama bike 10

Credit: DS-ISM/LA-Tom; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • andamentothat

    OT alert:

    Johnny Lee Miller is on Ellen.. and he has a bunch of tattoos and is having a baby.. so Ellen gives him a onesie that has fake tatoo sleeves.. too cute and the bib says ” I danced with ellen”..

    also, JLM agreed to show his tattoo to the camera for $1000 to the breast cancer charity.. he showed 6 including one on the tummy that is the letter “m” .. Now we know where Ange got her tattoo mania from..


    # 89 hmmm @ 10/06/2008 at 4:25 pm Notice that Angie never say she likes Obama or thinks Obama is intelligent.

    She knows Joe Biden you idiot (89). Obama picking him, I’m certain impressed her. That aside, I have no doubt AJ knows damn well who she will be voting for. Besides you f*cktards need to wake up – Angelina knows she’s a lightening rod. Her ‘endorsement,’ for Obama for example, wouldn’t do jacksh*t but feed her own ego, and probably mobilize the walmart tabloid ninnies, fanistons and minivans to vote for McCain. THAT is why she won’t be doing it. She’s smart. This is not a egomaniac, nor is this a stupid woman.

    Unlike MOST uneducated tools in Hollywood (see Roseann, see Madonna, see anyone else whom people have strong emotions for one way or the other), she knows ‘endorsing’ is a two way street.

    If she were to say she was voting one way or the other, there would be a massive wave of criticism (see Madonna’s concert footage ‘demonizing’ McCain, that Obama quickly b*tchsmacked her about – and essentially said, shut your fool asss up Madge!). Angelina chooses to stay neutral in the press, and yet says very important things – re listening to candidates, deciding what issues are important to you, unifying the country, etc.)

    SOME people are just too damn stupid to even read thru the lines, and see what she’s doing. HELLO??? She is aware of the power of celebrity, she is more than aware of her own power and how some view her (Angelina spoke of media ‘attacking’ her two years ago — she’s not fooled by the media attention that says popularity equates to people loving you and following you into the fire…that exists for no one…hell look at Oprah’s backlash!)…AJ is also aware of, and savvy about the polictical climate – when she talks, people will listen – and not always in a good way. (See her comments on her children that have been twisted and exploited and shamefully made hurtful.)

    She doesn’t owe anyone a gd thing about her vote. It speaks to her power as a public figure that people are desperate to know, and ‘make her talk.’ Why do some people confuse philanthropy, and charitable activisim with campaign stumping?? People admiring Angelina’s bravery, her travels for the UN, her lobbying to get bills passed for refugees and refugee minors – her philanthropy…are one thing, but coming out and saying, ‘Hey dumb Americans, you need to vote this way, because I the great Angelina is voting this way,’ is NOT HER STYLE. She doesn’t play that.

    That’s why that arrogant conceited stupid asss Leo D. ‘Don’t Vote,’ video is being universally panned by teh entire political spectrum – you have all these idiots…that the public KNOWS are idiots….condescending to other Americans on voting…when you know gd well, the bottled tap water spokesperson, chain-smoking cancer telethon participant, Maniston missed more than her share of elections and just recently called the Presidential election a ‘catfight.’ Yet you’re going to come at me with your sarcasm and cheese, and dumb A & B list celeb roundup ‘lecture.’

    Give me a break – I’m a Democrat and that sh*t horrified me.

    Brad and Angelina would have swallowed broken glass before they did some sh*t like that. LOLOL

  • http://neleh Neleh

    Hey Senior the video does work on my post#68.
    I came back & checked it .
    Watch when you have time *its cute um I hope.

    Jill gotcha, okey. You may not even be surprised*sigh*haha.

    I Respect Brad ..JPs Respect Brad..he has a right 2 vote 4 who he wants. His decision*his choice.
    Hey Briseis.How are you. Nelah

    Benjamin Franklin:
    There never was a good war or a bad peace.

    Helen Keller:
    I do not want the peace that passeth understanding.
    I want the understanding which bringeth peace.

    Thomas a Kempis:
    First keep the peace within yourself,
    then you can also bring peace to others.

    Indira Gandhi:
    You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.

    The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.
    William James

    ‘It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honour him for what he is. Hermann Hesse

  • jessica

    tabitha @ 10/06/2008 at 4:53 pm

    Angelina is staying nuetral to the press. Personally , I think since was asked about Mc Cain she said made a point of saying she is still undecided and decided to say nice things about Biden. When she was asked by a reporter a few months ago that assummed she was a democrat, she said she was an independent and she had not made up her mind . She also commented when asked about Clint ’s political views. I don’t remember the exact phrase, but she did infer that she more similar views with Clint than not.

    Angelina has alluded that her and Brad do differ on some things politically. I think Brad is definately a devout liberal. I think Angelina is more to the center than Brad. I hope we never find out who she votes for. I think because of her UN and charity work that is best. I also do believe that she has influenced Brad because he is not openly supporting candidates like he once did. He is far more subtle.

    I could care less who the both vote for. It won’t change my respect for them and my vote for Mc Cain.

  • http://neleh Neleh

    Hey Senior the video does work on my post#68.
    I came back & checked it .
    Watch when you have time *its cute um I hope.

    Jill gotcha, okey. You may not even be surprised*sigh*haha.

    Okey my post went on Mod I see*Idk why. I just email Jared 2 release it. So I want repeat it. I think it has 2 do with my W ar quotes..Bbl Nelah

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    looking good mr pitt. love you. good that he is there to check on MIR’s project.

    Are the whole family there? i hope we will get picture of them there like last year,if they are there.

    waving to fans.

  • jessica

    Brad was very openly supporting John Kerry and John Kerry lost. Celebrity endorsements only backfire.

  • cook

    …plenty of celebrities supported bill clinton…could be could be not…we’ll see…

  • brad Fan

    Sweet. I enjoyed all the premiere pictures and first hand accounts.
    Brad looks great but that sticker of Barack is not cute.
    OT Sarah Palin is doing a good job of ensuring that Barack Obama will be elected. When he gets elected, the American public will have trash talking Sarah Palin to thank for.

  • cookie monster

    These photos are pretty funny because hes trying to make sure he holds the book so the cameras can catch the Obama pic. It is a photo-op. like most of Pitts paparazzi photos this is a photo-op set up by Brad and the paparazzi. Now that it\’s obvious that Obama is ahead in the polls Brad comes out with obvious support for Obama. too funny.

  • Ligaya

    @ Last one @ 10/06/2008 at 3:44 pm: Thanks, I’ll check the last thread. I’m not a regular visitor to JJ and I stopped reading the threads after the first couple of times I did (allergic to trolls), and I don’t remember ever posting on JJ , so I probably missed something. Actually, I’m only reading today because someone on Pittwatch posted that some Changeling premiere eyewitness stories were posted here.

    @ And thanks to the one who posted the link to chictoday. Very interesting article – about 1/3 to ½ of that wasn’t reported in anything I read from my Yahoo/Google alerts, about 1/3 was more or less the same with some details different, and the rest the same.

    I think Angelina was undeclared, not undecided. She’s being publicly neutral, like the UN and Bono. IMO, not being partisan in this election is a choice she has the right to make. It’s also very wise because I think she’ll be more effective with her advocacy work. One of the earliest things I read about Angelina was how respected she was on Capitol Hill – not only for her knowledge and experience, but also for being non-partisan. And Angelina was also right to ask both candidates for their positions on the issues most important to her. For one thing, neither had said anything about those issues. For another, it’s not wise to assume things – especially of politicians running for President of the U.S. Celebrity endorsements are a tricky thing, they can work against as well as for a candidate, e.g. Susan Sarandon (who I think is wonderful). And a study said over 70% of voters said celebrity endorsements wouldn’t have any effect on their vote.

  • please

    Uh, fool 112 – Obama has BEEN ahead in the polls, and like we’ve already said – Brad actually said he was voting for Obama months ago. So I guess, there goes your theory….Jennifer and/or Jennifer’s butt wipers.

  • Yeah!!!

    ~~New Angie Thread~~

  • ana

    new photos angie and the kids in`NOLA

  • shiloh is mama’s twin now
  • jessica

    It is funny that Dems so trust the poll number. Bush was way behind John Kerry from the polls, but Bush won the election.

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    i think he had an appointment at resturant with someone,probably he was bringing the book for him. the pics i posted show he went to a resturant in NOLA.

  • Republican from CA

    Oh Brad….. you are becoming too liberal for my taste.
    I will still be a fan … until someone hotter than you comes along.

  • attn

    NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Hehe, awesome

  • ed

    Angelina Jolie’s “undecided” quote was misinterpreted. She was asked the question of her support in April. When she replied she was “undecided” and needed to see where the canidates stood on world issues, she was talking about Obama and Hillary Clinton, not Obama and McCain. She has never been conservative.

    Btw, anyone who thinks Obama is a “terrorist” is ignorant. If he isn’t your candidate, that’s fine but C’mon!!

  • me

    It seems most americans preferes Barack Obama… and me too.

  • Marieme

    His sexiness cannot be contained. Could Angelina be any luckier?! :D

    I do feel sad he cannot even ride his bike a few blocks without being harrassed. As much as I love seeing them all I’d be willing to go without some Pitt/Jolie pics if it allowed them some more privacy.

  • wow

    Brad is hot in dress shirt & pants on bikes!



  • palvasha

    obama is related to bush


    Does anyone know the brand of brad’s glasses? he has been seen wearing this ones a lot lately!



  • metro

    if Brad is a distant cousin & has oh so much $ – then why doesn’t he help out his VERY poor family?

    Barack Obama’s youngest half brother has been living in a shanty town on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.
    “I live like a recluse, no-one knows I exist,” said George, who has the same father as the Illinois senator.

    better yet, why doesn’t big O help out? for every pack of smokes he buys, he could throw some George’s way.

    yeah, i know stupid -

  • LJ

    Is the black car behind this dufus his security detail? If not, one would think he would be afraid he’d get hit by a car. It has got to be security. He’s so special–you’d think he is the president. Glad to know this numb nuts dope is voting for Obama. Now I’m definately not voting for him!!!

  • eddie jones

    from the jets to bicycles, I guess it all evens out in the end doesn’t it? :)

  • http://Gpost Team Lara Croft

    of course he is voting obama! brad pitt is a longtime die hard democrat. get a clue. and like he is dumb and not know carrying a binder with obama’s name and picture and 08 on it would not be caught by paps. seriously, this man has been a celeb for decades. he knows the deal – he is voting for obama. case closed. and i love you brad!

  • fresh


  • Jenny

    Wait until his taxes go up ! Obama beieves in redistribution of wealth. He believes those that work hard should share THEIR money with the lazy people who don’t. And those lazy people want Obama because of this !! Hand outs for the lazy ones !
    I wonder if Brad knows he can voluntarly donate more money on his tax returns ? That should be every individuals CHOICE. Not be made to hand THEIR money over because some idiot president thinks they should.

  • Honey
  • http:/loigirl lori

    yeah barack and brad: the two hottest cousins ever! obama 08!

  • diana

    Love Brad and Barack!



  • LYB

    this doesn’t surprise me, Brad helped John Kerry to campaign four years ago.. btw brad always looks so hot~

  • Angies hanging tats

    brad dresses so nice compared to his poor kids

  • SERA

    I am so proud to be a Jolie Pitt fan. They are good , caring parents and a loving couple. I wish them all the best. Obama, Obama , Obama… Our next President.

  • Angies hanging tats

    these two couldnt wait to get out and get pictured it has been so long … you know they came back to get pics taken … jens ben in the mags way too much. poor media freaks

  • Nicole

    I love you <3 <3 Brad….. <3 <3
    You hunk of a spunk you… :) :) :) :)

  • boo(real)

    Brad is hot and sexy!!! you can just tell his abs are hard and toned!! yeah he is giving Angie a workout!!!! Brad can vote for whoever he wants.. this is still America!!

  • lylian

    Obama is the real deal @ 10/06/2008 at 3:02 pm

    Brad has attended several Obama fund raisers. He and Angie supports Obama.

    Not true. Brad has never openly come out in support of Obama. No doubt very mindful of his and Angelina’s humanitarian work.

    Angelina has just said that she is UNDECIDED as yet, though she liked Joe Biden’s views during the VP debate.

    Much as I would like Obama/Biden to win the ticket, I don’t think it is right to put words and actions into the mouth of others and create a fiction on something as important as this.

  • simpleman

    Angelina today is different from Angelina years way back. She is very intelligent woman. She knows it’s best for her humanitarian work, if she doesn’t say who she is supporting in public. She today lives above a bunch of stupid movie stars in Hollywood, their brains as small as peanuts, but they have very big stinking mouths. It doesn’t matter whoever Angelina votes for in this election, It’s her choice and her reason. The key I’m trying to say is using your brain when you go to vote and don’t be stupid like many movie stars in Hollywood.

  • Rach

    Yes Brad! I knew you would make the right decision! OBAMA all the way!

  • brad’s hanging Jowls

    Breaking NEWS

    I just read that Brad is undergoing surgery to nip and tuck his GIANT Jowls. As a lover of OBAMA he is really embarrassed about his resemblance to MCcain.

  • lylian

    Jenny @ 10/06/2008 at 7:19 pm

    Wait until his taxes go up ! Obama beieves in redistribution of wealth. He believes those that work hard should share THEIR money with the lazy people who don’t. And those lazy people want Obama because of this !! Hand outs for the lazy ones !
    I wonder if Brad knows he can voluntarly donate more money on his tax returns ? That should be every individuals CHOICE. Not be made to hand THEIR money over because some idiot president thinks they should.


    Jenny your sort of lazy ignorance is terrifying.

    Obama will raise taxes for those earning more than 250K per annum but will reduce taxes for those earning less than that.

    So, are you saying that those earning less than 250K per annum are lazy? Less than 5% of the American working population earn more than 250K per annum. So 95% of the American population is lazy?

    What about the secretaries and back room staff who didn’t get those fat bonusses but will end up being unemployed because of the economic crisis? Have they been lazy? What about the hard working builder who will be out of a job now for the next 3 years until the housing slack gets taken up? Was he lazy?

    It’s the middle class that do all the heavy lifting in the American economy. The median income in America is approximately 50K. They are the ones who go to work each day, put their children in day care, come home and cook and clean. Don’t they deserve a tax break?

    And lets not talk about health care. obama is going to be able to make sure more American’s get healthcare. mccain wants to give tax credits so more americans can buy healthcare whilst taking away the tax deductions from companies. But what if you don’t earn enough to get all the tax credits? Then what??What if you are out of a job and won’t pay taxes this year or next year? Then what is the use of a tax credit?

    You don’t have to believe me about tax breaks. Here is a link to an independant study group:

    From the bipartisan

    The two candidates’ tax plans would have sharply different distributional effects.

    Senator McCain’s tax cuts would primarily benefit those with very high incomes, almost all of whom would receive large tax cuts that would, on average, raise their after-tax incomes by more than twice the average for all households. Many fewer households at the bottom of the income distribution would get tax cuts and those tax cuts would be small as a share of after-tax income.

    In marked contrast, Senator Obama offers much larger tax breaks to low- and middle-income taxpayers and would increase taxes on high-income taxpayers. The largest tax cuts, as a share of income, would go to those at the bottom of the income distribution, while taxpayers with the highest income would see their taxes rise significantly.

    The impact of the tax code on economic activity under each candidate’s policies would differ in several important ways.

    Under Senator McCain’s proposed policies, the top marginal rates (35 percent on individual income and 25 percent on corporate income) would be significantly lower than under Senator Obama’s plan (39.6 and 35 percent, respectively). McCain’s reduced individual and corporate rates could improve economic efficiency and increase domestic investment, but the larger future deficits would reduce and might completely negate any positive effect.

    In contrast, Senator Obama’s proposed new tax credits could encourage desirable behavior, particularly if the childless EITC and payroll tax rebate encourage additional labor supply among childless low-income individuals. However, he would also direct new subsidies at an already favored group-seniors -and an already favored activity-homeownership-which could probably be better directed elsewhere.

  • mlk