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Daniel Craig Pays Tribute To Ian Fleming

Daniel Craig Pays Tribute To Ian Fleming

Daniel Craig continues to sport his arm sling at the “The Story Of James Bond: A Tribute To Ian Fleming” tribute event in London Palladium on Sunday night. (Fleming is creator of the famous fictional secret agent James Bond.)

Girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, who got dolled up in a chic Burberry Prorsum coat, stayed on the 40-year-old British actor’s other arm.

Craig refused to say how he got the three-week-old injury but his spokeswoman revealed the 007 star underwent a shoulder operation several weeks ago.

The Quantum of Solace is the 22nd Bond movie and is due out on Halloween — October 31!

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  • sheep’s wool

    I love Daniel and I cannot wait for Quantum of Solace!!!!

  • crap

    wow they look happy ..not..once again the gf looks like crap.

    cant believe Daniel and Roger only bothered turning up…a fiasco!

    The man looks miserable underneath those eyes.

  • xx

    wow !

    And they say that Angie and Brad are like wax dolls !

  • selective

    i see they chose the only few pics of him slightly smiling and her slightly smiling.

    all the other ones look like they are going to a funeral

  • babydoll.

    i like them together. i dont mind they arent smiling! its a nice change comparing to watching miley cyrus’s teeth all the time which makes me want to pukeeee.

    they seem like a very level-headed couple. although there were comments sime time ago that daniel is girlfriend-battering her a bit. and she is very naive staying with him.

    seems everything is clarified between these two. good!

  • gina

    One of the sexiest actors out there.

  • daniel is beautiful

    I LOVE THIS MAN! Super hot. His eyes, skin, BODY, to die for for :)

  • meal ticket

    he is her free meal ticket, if that’s being naive then there you go. I think she would stay with him if slept with every woman in the UK.

  • Daniel Kemp

    Man I can’t wait for The Quantum of Solace to come out for rental.

  • tigerlily

    Satsuki is a very, very lucky woman!! No wonder we’re all jealous he’s so gorgeous. ; )

    Satsuki looks beautiful in these pics, i love her hair.

  • #

    I agree, and I’ve never believed the head over heels in love baloney. I think she is there for his money and the attention. I don’t understand what he is thinking though. She does look horrendously fugly.

  • $

    I’m sorry what is the beautiful part? I’m not seeing it. Her clothes are awful and she is horsefaced

  • tigerlily

    Oh come on there must be someone out there besides me (and Daniel obviously!!) who doesn’t think Satsuki is ugly???

  • to tigerlilly

    i hear crickets chirping

  • to tigerlilly

    i hear crickets chirping…

  • virginia

    Dan, como sempre lindo, charmoso exuberante e belo . te amo Dan!!!

  • tigerlily

    One thing that always puzzles me is why does Daniel hold Satsuki’s hand behind his back?? It is very sweet and protective but we know they are together so why hide it?? Why not be proud and show it!!

  • fjk

    hot couple!!!

  • fjk

    I think Satsuki Mitchell is GORGEOUS!!!

  • daniel lover

    To tigerlily, as I said before, her hair and makeup are ok this time so she looks good. Daniel looks hot as usual. Don’t know why he does the holding her hand behind his back think. Picture taken from behind them looks like she is holding his butt, then again I would want to as well.

  • mina

    Wow, Satsuki’s coat is amazing! The construction blows my mind. I wonder who made it?

  • daniel lover

    Sorry mean to say thing, not think in # 20.Should proof read before, not after I send it. I do not believe for one minute that Daniel is girl friend battering Sats, as stated in #5. She may be staying because he is her meal ticket, but don’t believe Daniel is like that. But I don’t know him (too bad) so can’t really say. Sure hope not.

  • lou lover

    My prate:

    I agree about the holding hands bit, looks awkward and pulls her down so she stoops a bit. She is taller than Craig in heels. I would tell him to stop that! ;)
    The gf is very nice to look at I think, but would people dislike her still if she wasn’t on Craig’s arm?
    Not that I know much about clobber, but her coat should have been a bit shorter and tighter, but that’s a male point of view :)

    Disappointing that other than Craig and Moore, none of the other Bond’s even bothered to turn up. You would think Brosnan would have gone as it gave him the millions he has now and Connery probably couldnt be bothered flying in from the Bahamas. It’s a shame to feel that some people forget what and who gave them their breaks.
    Dame Judi wasn’t even there. :(

    I think the look on Craig’s face was “F**k this, I could be at home with my feet up watching telly”.

  • OMG

    Thanks Sats for accidently lifting his jacket up so we can see his ass…..


  • OMG

    Also, her coat is amazing, does anyone know where to get one?

    Also, OMG, is Daniel going bald a bit?


  • to #22

    I think #22 you are retracting the fact you implied that Daniel hits Satsuki? Good.

    Just clarifying that on here.

  • KittyDuran

    Oh crap! And I was hoping to get to 600 posts on the other thread!


  • Moore and craig
  • More pics

    Babs looks tired but why does Dan’s gf have to be in EVERYTHING?
    She’s in the Bond 22 On Set book (she was in the CR one too). Since when is she part of the BOND process?

  • More pics

    LOL..Babs is squeezed in beside Dan and Satsuki…LOL..threesome.

    Nearest she’ll ever get I think what with Sats the Bodyguard there. Was she wearing ammunition under that coat? Her coat looks like armour.

  • Status

    All the reports I have read so far have said girlfriend not fiancee..has anyone else noticed that?

    Even on the official Bond program.

  • aska


  • pt

    he looks old, tired, sick and sad…….or even miserable….. sorry for those fans who love daniel, I don´t want to ofend anyone here, I like him too but really the man was not ok…….

  • andamentothat

    sorry DC.. you are not looking very BOND like.. not enough menace and mischief in your eyes..

  • Not good

    i agree with PT and #34

    What happened to that man we saw a few years ago? The fire seems to be out, temporarily I hope!

    Get well soon Daniel!!!

  • Sling

    Gimme me a break…the man has a handicap and also a sling on his other arm, of course he’s not happy.


  • Dick Hertz

    maybe that “injury” was through doing yoga, exercise or even some “how’s your father?”..THAT”S why he’s not talking!

    Maybe Sats pushed him too hard?

  • pt

    the point is that he doesn´t look happy……. he doesn´t smile any more!!! maybe he was with a depression….. he has sad eyes :(

  • daniel lover

    To #26, I never implied that Daniel hit his gf, but #5 said she heard it mentioned. I said I don’t believe that for one minute.

  • $

    Maybe the gf is in EVERY picture because she is too stupid to know that she doesn;t belong but bulldozes her way in front of the camera everytime. She does seem to have little in the way of social graces.

  • to 40

    you’re right about “bulldozing” her way in. you remember all the write ups about daniel’s mother being on the red carpet with him? well, all that was decided without asking satsuki. apparently, there was was a discussion between satsuki and daniel on this. guess who won. she couldn’t even allow daniel’s mom to share in the spotlight

  • KittyDuran

    To 41…

    IIRC only the Telegraph mentioned Daniel’s mum joining him on the red carpet – I don’t remember anywhere else – do you know of any links to other newspapers?

  • KittyDuran

    For all who complain about Sats being there w/Daniel – SHE is his gf (I guess the fiance part is done) – so why wouldn’t she be on the red carpet or at all these events? You can complain about that till you’re blue in the face but that won’t change for now…. On the other hand, their appearance (or lack there of) is fair game IMHO…


    As I mentioned over and over again – I just want them to look good – unfornately both of them haven’t lately… Dan mostly because of the injury (he just looks in pain and sorry) – and Sats problem… who knows? Neither looked like they wanted to be there last night and it showed big time.

  • $

    Yes, but they are there to take the big paycheck. So too bad that they had to go to some event. He could also take a pain pill if needed. Maybe they need to stop being selfcentered

  • KittyDuran

    To $…

    I doubt it’s being self-centered…

    But here’s a thought… maybe they’re trying to be super cool (in a Bond way)…?


  • KittyDuran

    Still trying to figure out Sats shoes. I thought at first they were snakeskin but they seem to have a pasley print to them. Not too sure what to make of the red soles tho’.


  • to Kitty Duran

    let’s just say that some of the people responsible for putting the event together in the first place were VERY SURPRISED that satsuki showed up on the red carpet. they had been told that daniel’s mother would be with him on the red carpet. you can put two and two together.

  • KittyDuran

    To #47…
    Did anyone find out if his Mum was even there – just not on the red carpet?

    So what you are saying or the event sponsors are saying is that Sats being there instead of Mum was a last minute switch with no explanation (if Dan would even give one which he didn’t need too because it was just the red carpet not part of the program)?

  • To Kitty Duran

    The shoes are most like Christian Louboutin – his shoes have red soles. My guess is you would find them in his latest collection.

  • KittyDuran

    To #49:

    I went on Burberry’s website to find the coat but it must either be a older model or specially made because nothing looked similar. I actually got pretty excited when this site mentioned the “Burberry Prorsum coat” because Tiger, Lou and myself have been “obsessed” with finding out what black bag/tote Sats has been carrying lately – maybe she fancies a certain brand but alas I couldn’t find a Burberry bag that even comes close (except for the “Lowery”).