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Demi Lovato: Happy Birthday, Miley!

Demi Lovato: Happy Birthday, Miley!

Demi Lovato shows her support for her friend Miley Cyrus by going to her Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration held at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., on Sunday.

The 16-year-old Camp Rock star has a new TV show called Sonny With a Chance, and is set to air in February or March 2009. The show is a “fish-out-of-water” comedy in which she plays a Wisconsin teen who moves to L.A. when she’s cast in her favorite sketch comedy show for kids and tweens.

Last week, it was reported that Lovato‘s solo recording debut album, Don’t Forget, debuted at # 2 on the Billboard Top 200, selling 88,973 units.

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  • haha

    Haha. In your face media!!

    if she hated Miley, she wouldnt be there.

    Cute. Looks like a lot of fun.

  • sandra

    demi is awesome!
    but i dont like the dress..

  • Elsie chami

    she looks good!!!!! and yes she’s here to prove that there isn’t a feud between her and miley!!!!

  • rawya

    demi looks nice but the dress isn’t nice

  • stacy

    She looks sooooooooo pretty! and i want the same hair :D

    YAYYYYY MILEY AND DEMI <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Guste

    awwww. she’s cute! i think she’s better than selena.
    at least demi’s not too cocky to show up.
    she’s great and doesn’t feel like she’s higher than anyone.
    i’m happy about her being #2 @ Billboard. “Don’t Forget” is SOOOO worth that!
    love that girl!

  • J4d3y

    I luv Demi She Rocks!!

    But I thought she nd Miley werent friends

    Well They must b

  • sassy girl

    has any1 realised that demi doesn’t seem to hang out with sel as much?? i mean no youtube vids with both of them in aaaaaaageeeess!!! but i luuuurrrrvvvveee her hair…so fabbity fab!!!! not so sure bout the dress….

  • nikki

    love demi.
    hate her outfit.
    and no, she doesn’t have to like miley to be there. it gives her good publicity.

  • omgsh

    I think Demi isn’t pretty but she’s very kind ! I like Demi but I hate Selena. Selena has no talent ! ! Demi and Miley have talent, but Miley is better because Miley is prettier and can act very well ! So I like Demi, love Miley and hate Selena.

  • mary

    I WANT HER HAIR TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!! her haircut is awesome and it’s soo shiny :D demi looks awesome ,the dress look so good on her , and Don’t forget is THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE BY DISNEY !!!!!

  • Milo


  • ann

    Love her and Selena! Demi’s dress is unique and cool.

  • bella

    this girl looks much older than 16.

  • chloe

    wtf why did she go???? thats weird. especially since selena wasnt even on the guest list.

  • kan

    At first I thought she was already 19 or 20, but not 16.

    Anyway, she looks good there.

    But it’s for publicity. I don’t think she’s friends with her.

  • haha

    wtf why did she go???? thats weird. especially since selena wasnt even on the guest list.

    She cant go because Selena didn’t go?? That’s so stupid. They arent attached.
    Good publicity. Plus a fun party. Why not go? I would.

  • haha

    I’m not saying she LOVES miley, but she most certainly doesnt hate her. Like she said herself, they are on ok terms, they just arent good friends. They barely know each other well enough to even make judgements.

    People think everyone who works on disney has to be bff. I dont see why. Miley has her friends and Demi has her friends. It’s how it’s always been. They didnt even grow up together.

  • mary


  • Rita

    I want her hair!

    I’m not too crazy about the outfit, but I think she looks cute overall.

  • amy

    its weird that she went, only because she has told popstar numerous times that her and mley arent friends and dont even know eachother. i doubt i would go to someones party who i wasnt even friends with. its annoying that they feel the need to make it look like they are best friends now cuz of all the negative publicity. i hate fakeness. wotevs. demi looks great! way better than miley did.

  • nobodyponesnobody

    i love her dress. . . xDDD

  • Name

    wtf why did she go???? thats weird. especially since selena wasnt even on the guest list.
    Well I guess Demi can do whatever she wants, but if the most popular girl in my school threw a party and my BFF wasn’t invited, then I wouldn’t go ’cause if someone has a problem with my best friend then I have a problem with them. but then again, it wouldn’t be a party at disneyland and I wouldn’t get publicity for it.

    anyway, I like demi… but that dress looks like part of my old school uniform

  • shandi

    she looks cute


    i thought demi hates miley

  • http://justjared shamilah

    I LUV DEMI!!!!
    SHE ROX=) such a pretty girl

  • loving it

    it’s not that she wanted to go or not she had to go, because disney made her go for publicity. anyway i love miley and i like demi too selena not so much, but i would totaly love to see a demi- miley friendship though.

  • Chloe

    Personally, I don’t think Demi would just go to Miley’s party for publicity, you all might have to accept the fact that POSSIBLY Demi and Miley are starting to become friends.

    Personally, I’m glad- I love Both DEMI and MILEY.

    I’m glad she showed up, it was a mature thing to do, and hey it just makes the media look bad, because their always saying demi and miley are feuding.

  • Wilmar

    SassyGirl, just because nothing is going on in online world doesn’t mean that nothing is going on in real life. Demi and Selena don’t need to put up a video to prove they’re still hanging out. Plus, if they’re not hanging out much anymore, it’s because they’re busy moving forward with their career. If their friendship is as strong as the media puts it, then it doesn’t matter. We’ll probably see another SelGomez or therealdemilovato video up sometime soon, whenever things are quiet in the acting/singing/dancing front.

  • anna

    AWESOME!! I love Demi and Miley getting along! They are my faves.

  • fjk

    TO HER FRIEND?, MILEY & DEMI HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN FRIENDS. Miley is just trying to steal Demi away from Selena, & Demi sucks for going

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    That’s sweet of Demi ♥
    U ROCK!

  • kristan

    like this actually says they’re friends.
    i’m sure they are codial to each other, but i’m also sure that demi won’t be someone miley calls when she has a problem.

    this was most likely something disney planned for demi to attend, not something demi was invited to.

  • lindsey

    she admitted to the media that she doesn’t even know MILEY that well. she can’t hate her anyway.

    she looks really pretty!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    hahahahaha!!!! demi rocks!! she’s at the party of a lifetime when selena gomez is out having ice cream with her mom!!! ahahaha hate selena!! LOVE DEMI AND MILEY!!!

  • vanessa

    demi is GOREGOUES!
    her outfit is very sophisticated, the whole tights and closed toes ankle boots is very trendy right dont BAsh on her outfit you losers!
    the ones who say
    her outfit is ugly are STUPID when it comes to fashion

    anyways i love herrr, she has such a powerful singing voice!

    who cares if shes friends with miley hoe bag cyrus or not.

  • Martha

    loves demi!!!!
    hate miley.


  • kay

    I think the outfit would’ve been perfect without the tights but i still love Demi!

  • Krissy

    love her!!! she looks beautiful as always (L)
    hate miley!!!

    and fyi- demi doesn’t think there is a feud.
    she clearly said, how she doesn’t care, that miley trashed her on yutube.
    yet, that’s why she’s there.
    she’s a good person & a good friend =]
    good move demi (L)
    showing there’s no naughty but niceee to getting along.

    yet miley doesn’t see that.
    she’s a total bitch, by getting everything she wants.
    sure it’s her b-dayy and all..but like..she was a fuckin horror, to Sel.
    Like you can sooo tell- she thinks there is a feud, with sel stealing nick, wich isn’t true..cuz like..sel’s getting to know him. And once your with the tend to have time, to get to know everything.
    Same with other disney channel stars. their all being friendly, and getting to know each other. Also, you tend to run into the same it’ makes sense.

    miley is jus being a whiny little jealous fag.
    she should get lost:) cuz the whole world doesn’t revolve around her
    freakin hold a grudge i tell you!!

    maybe there starting to be friends..and all they want is peace.
    who knows. Demi did say, she doesn’t know her personally…and never met..but things can change :) very nice of her to do that. cuz…i wouldn’t want sumone hating on me..for no reason.
    but if it was sumone like miley…they can fuck off! like all those bitches, you deal at skool * rolls eyes*
    love lovelove love her album too <3333
    better than cynus’s anyway – 2 million or thous. copies :D

    happy happy – fuckin- slut b-day miley!!!

  • Krissy

    # 31- i think your right.
    miley is just being a jealous fag.
    but it could be possible- she’s jealous of both of them..and planning another…hate feud against Sel. wich is really low.

    besides- don’t blame demi, for not having sel there.
    obviously, demi would want sel everywhere with her.
    but since the queen of bitches..wants her party to be perfect, w/o ppl she hates..demi has no control.
    if demi’s invited…then she has to go.
    she’s not a mean person or rude by any chance.

    Poor sel tho:(
    ice cream wit her mom?
    i feel bad, that her bff is out having fun, wit the one person, who hates her..wen she didn’t do anything wrong.
    you can soo tell- she was trying to forget it all.

  • HI loves :)

    Demi lovato
    Is so talented and beautiful
    You have to give her props
    She has such a good album
    And is better than any other disney star because she went through real life.
    Love ya Demi!!!!!!
    So what maybe she wanted to go
    it doesnt mean selena wasnt invited


    OMG DEMI LOOKS EFFIN AWESOME HERE!! I LIK THE DRESS TO ITS KUTE!! THINK SHE LOOKED BETTER DEN MILEY HAHA LOL, LOVE HER!! a hell yea work it demi that album is effin awesome best one that came out on disney so far, well next to jbros!!


    OMG DEMI LOOKS EFFIN AWESOME HERE!! I LIK THE DRESS TO ITS KUTE!! THINK SHE LOOKED BETTER DEN MILEY HAHA LOL, LOVE HER!! a hell yea work it demi that album is effin awesome best one that came out on disney so far, well next to jbros!!


    OMG DEMI LOOKS EFFIN AWESOME HERE!! I LIK THE DRESS TO ITS KUTE!! THINK SHE LOOKED BETTER DEN MILEY HAHA LOL, LOVE HER!! a hell yea work it demi that album is effin awesome best one that came out on disney so far, well next to jbros!!

  • lean fan

    im surprized that she went after what miley and mandy did…
    but good for her forgive and forget right??

  • leighton and blake fan

    Demi’s hair looks amazing.That was nice of her to go to Miley’s party

  • anabelle

    B-E-A-UTIFUL Demi looks gorgeous

    Demi is nooot hatter and either is Selena or Miley they’re good friends
    they don’t let silly things come over them
    the three of them are just doing what they love
    they are not competing over anything

  • keke

    i luv demi lovato (No-HOMO)
    and da dress mad cute go demi

  • keke

    i luv demi lovato (No-HOMO)
    and da dress mad cute go demi

  • Kaila

    demi ROCKS! but could have picked a better dress.