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Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa Jet Off

Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa Jet Off

Lisa Bonet and actor boyfriend Jason Momoa catch a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Bonet, 40, is best known for portraying the character of Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show and its spinoff A Different World. At 20, she eloped with singer Lenny Kravitz in Las Vegas but eventually divorced in 1993. They have a 19-year-old daughter, Zoe.

Momoa, 29, is best known for his roles on Baywatch and Stargate Atlantis. He and Lisa are the proud parents of daughter Lola Iolani Momoa, 14 months.

10+ pictures inside of Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa jetting off…

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Credit: MO; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Helena

    She’s beautiful and I remember her from The Cosby Show and High Fidelity!

  • Naima

    Jason is sooo gorgeous, Lisa still looks like herself, cute, petite and very much a hippie.

  • Daniel Kemp

    Wow, a 29 year old dude and a 40 year old woman. That’s cool.

  • PardyHardy

    She’s also currently pregnant…I think.

  • Nikki g.

    i have always LOVED LISA!!! she just seems like the coolest chick.
    i still have a the vibe magazine article about her from 10 years ago… HOT.
    Jason’s not bad looking either :0.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • aurora

    HE’S HOT!!!!!!!

  • Melody

    thanks so much for posting pictures of them !!!
    I’ve never seen any “candid” picture of them, and there are barely any red carpet pictures of them since they don’t seem to do this sort of thing much
    so thanks a lot !

    and Jason looks so cute with the short hair, although he also looked really hot with the dreads
    I still can’t believe they’re havinghim wear a wig on Stargate Atlantis, at times it looks a tiny bit ridiculous…

  • ICK

    Leaving a Different World was the worst decision of her life.

    She is about to be 41….

    She has been a skank for 20+ years.

    Not really interested in seeing her..

  • sfsfsd

    he’s hot, she looks old

  • Regina

    She looks old? I’d like to see you look like her at 40!

  • adelaiderocks

    Jason’s an ***hole for cheating on Simmone. They were engaged and all of a sudden he’s having a baby with.. well.. THAT! How stupid can anyone be?

  • zena

    This is insane; I just started watching Stargate Atlantis last night and I was very impressed with how good of an actor Jason Momoa was. And now I find him on JJ the very next day. Funny how things happen sometimes…

  • Nora

    She does look older than 40! But it could be because she is so skeletal in the face.

  • Suzanne

    Wow, it’s like she never heard of foundation or cover- up before.

  • KeKe

    JARED, PLEASE continue posting MORE pictures of this couple!!!!!

    Jason is SOOOO HOTT!!!!!


  • whatever

    She is looking old and worn. He will be off with a 22 year old in no time.

  • xx

    whatever @ 10/06/2008 at 4:29 pm She is looking old and worn. He will be off with a 22 year old in no time.

    He will run away with Zoe who is about to turn 20 very soon. Lisa will turn 41 in a month !

    She looks worn out because she has been smoking and neglecting herself since she hooked up with Lenny Kravitz when he was still ‘Romeo Blue’.

    Lenny got his sh*t back and though he is 3 years older, he looks younger. Lisa has been looking trashy for the last 15 years ! She has that dirty look on her, the one she has adopted since her first raunchy role with Mickey Rourke. Her career never rebound from that nasty role !

  • marcella

    i liked him better with jade mckinon

  • Zoe Moon

    Thank you, Jared!

  • Dakotamoon

    Co-sign 99% with #18 – (xx @ 10/06/2008 at 4:39 pm )

    I really liked her in Enemy of the State with Will Smith =1% :)

  • jade

    I like Jason. I first seen him in the T.V. movie,”Tempted”,with Virginia
    Madsen. It was a great movie.

  • becca

    he looks GREAT with short hair…

  • Rose

    Stop hating on them. Jealousy is so alive.

  • dee

    I love them together. Both are hippies and I love it.

  • jen

    i love jason !he is so hoT!
    jared, please continue posting picturesof jason

  • dee

    also where ever Johnny Depp shops, I think Jason and Lisa goes there to get their clothes.

  • ej

    OMG! My favorite show (stargate atlantis) actor in my favorite gossip website!!!
    You ROCK JJ!!!!

    Thanks! Jason Momoa rocks! =D

  • mclovin

    I watched a movie called Angel Heart about 2 weeks ago and Lisa Bonet was in it. I never knew who she was.

    This movie was done when she was young. Man was she hot!! She got it on with Mickey Rourke who looked like he needed a bath. Dude was greasy. Good movie with a shocking ending.

  • Hippie chic,NOT!

    She looks old and worn. that hippie look of the late 60′s, early 70′s really does not work for her. Lisa has been bat shit crazy since the Cosby show. She really thumbed her nose up at Bill and did that nasty Angel Heart.It ws a big scandal. I thought LennyKravitz, one of my favs ,was the nutso one bringing her down, but Lenny got it together a long time ago, like the mid 90′s.
    This Jason guy is hot. A nobdy, but a hot nobody. Who is he? Should we know him? From what? Baywatch is ancient history. Why her? A baby with a his old lady. Hmmm, his career might take off like Lenny Kravtiz’s.

  • mz Sass

    I had no idea these 2 are together. He’s much more gorgeous with the dreads. I started watching Stargate Atlantis recently because of him.

  • dmd

    hot couple

  • silentsophi

    Not the m ost flattering pic of Lisa but she is still beautiful and her man is gorgeous!

  • theoriginalb*otch

    wow, lisa lookin’ a little rough around the edges. and pleez tell me, why the h*ll would these 2 come layered in all those dayumed clothes knowing full well they were going through airport security? LOL. they look like they smell of b.o. and patchulli.

  • Lori

    I was shocked when I saw that she would be costarring in a new ABC show. I forgot the name, but it looks interesting and seems to have a good cast.

  • sucker

    HOT!!!!! Who’s the beard?

  • rhoniluv

    ALL’S IS GOTS TO SAYS IS….Motha must have a Vah-Jah-Jah that taste likes peaches and has that Matrix-Neo-The One glow, glowing from it, cause her face is definitely cracked and on the ground. I’m not hatin’ tho’. I ‘m joining her coven next week so I can learn how to entrance young hot unsuspecting studs like Jason, (heard he was engaged and in a like 5 yr relationship when Lisa swept down on him with her broom).

  • nabs

    shes pregnant ..thats why she looks tired and worn

  • sandie

    He is so hot! I remember him in the Johnson family vacation movie, yummy!

  • bitchetta

    This bitch looks nasty, old and burned out……………black trailer trash.

  • Lover

    She is expecting again. He could do so much better, and his last gf was YOUNGER than lisa. I don’t see him leaving her for Zoe, he likes them old. And worn out from the looks of her.

  • Uma Sultani007

    He is smoking HOT! She is old and dirty looking!

  • stop hatin

    whatever, Lisa is still cute…and she looks so tiny beside him.. i think they’re very cute together..

  • Lover

    Of course she looks tiny, he is 6 “5.
    She is hiding her baby bump behind all of the dark clothes, no way will he stay with her when she is in her early 50′s and he wont even be 40 yet. Wonder if she let the doctor give her daughter her childhood shots??

  • Tracey Feczko

    Lisa saw Angel Heart the other nite, you still got it girl, Any new projects??Kudos on your new baby!! and the the guy in your lifetoo, A fellow scorpian(nov.8th, for me) hey should be r year!!

  • hawaiiantida

    Jason is way too hot to be with Lisa aka “Lilakoi moon” Bonet! Why the hell’d she change her name anyways? I dont think he’ll be leaving Lisa for her daughter Zoe, he apparently likes older women cuz the chick he was with before Lisa (apparently cheated on her to be with Lisa) was older then him too.. not by as much only i think about 5 years or so. —- Jason is sooo hot! —

  • duna

    one question: what was jason thinking???

  • collette darcy

    OHHHH MY GOD how lucky is this woman?? she first bagged the sexiest man alive in Lenny Kravit…. now the Sexiest Man on the planet. Jason Momoa ..and has had his children at 41, hes 12 years her junior…. please send me back in my next life as Lisa Bonnet… how stylish ……how sexy…. how unique and thats something guys and dolls that most of us only dream offfff…….

  • http://celebuz m1onica

    he looks like a child molestor and you guy are saying tht she looks dirty i dont know what pic your looking at but he looks just a dirty

  • lemming

    i dont know, the idea that jason is out with a crazy like lisa just breakes my heart