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Matt Damon Celebrates Miami Triathlon

Matt Damon Celebrates Miami Triathlon

After completing the Miami Triathalon on Sunday, Matt Damon has a celebratory dinner with family at a restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Accompanying the 38-year-old Bourne actor was wife Luciana and their two daughters, Isabella, 2, and newborn Gia, 7 weeks.

“‘My brother talked me into [running the marathon],” Matt told the Miami Herald.

Matt, who finished his 6.2-mile leg in 59 minutes and 54 seconds, ran in a team that included his stepfather Jay Jones and family friend Barry Hetherington.

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  • klumsen


  • klumsen


  • heidi


  • Daniel Kemp

    I didn’t know he had two daughters. Cool.

  • cc

    What a precious little girl! Sweet little face!

  • Bre

    Ran 6.2 miles in under an hour? Very impressive Matt!

  • dee

    Omg his daughter is adorable!!!!!
    Perfect mix of both her gorgeous parents.

  • Shaniqua

    His finish time was NOT impressive. It’s just okay.

  • Women for Obama

    Matt’s little girl is so pretty.

  • viva la vida

    Good to see Matt and Lucy, it’s been a while. Beautiful family and little Isabella gets prettier and cuter every time I see her, doesn’t she?

  • bridget

    Isabella is GORGEOUS!! I love this family..

  • me

    That little girl is soooooooo cute!

  • Love Matt

    Thank you, Jared! :D So awesome to see pics of Matt again.


  • Samantha

    Matt has THREE daughters! Get it right! His wife has a daughter from a previous relationship. Don’t leave her out of the picture!

  • Shammy

    The Damon familia is a glorious sight to see. Congrats to Matty on the Triathlon and for the new little beauty added to this lovely couple. All the best to them and look forward to upcoming films with Matty.

    Send Benny boy my love!


  • joyy

    i luv Matt Damon
    nd Isabella is so pretty
    its matt’s b-day in todays..oct. 8
    nd coincidentally its mine too =]

  • joyy

    two days**

  • Adoring Fan

    Another one of my favorite families. Love Love love them. Matt is the greatest actor, father, husband and all around super guy. To know him is to love him. Isabella is sooo adorable. Lucy is looking good too. Congrats to this awesome family. Only thing missing is Alexis.

  • Sarah

    Yes, they are such wonderful parents to HIS kids. Too bad they disposed of Lucy’s OTHER daughter a long time ago. She does not live with them – she lives with her father. She is NOT part of the Damon family. She does not travel with them; she doesn’t go to restaurants with them; she doesn’t go to the park with them; she is abandoned by her mother for months at a time because Lucy would rather hang out with celebs on movie sets than care for her own, much too inconvenient child. WONDERFUL parents!

  • amanda

    dear sarah you are an idiot. He just took Alex to see the Jonas bros. last month, so please sit down or go away. love me.

  • mslewis

    Alex is shown in pictures with Matt and Lucy all the time. Perhaps for this particular outing, Alex was with her father for the weekend.

    Unless you know these people personally, which I doubt, please don’t start rumors. It’s wrong to say hurtful things about people you don’t know.

  • Brie

    This little girl is really cute. Violet is not so cute.

  • troj

    Cute family

  • Indonesian Girl

    Isabella is soooooo beautiful…
    I want to see little Gia!
    where’s Alexia???

  • Adoring Fan

    Dear Brie # 22 Don’t start none and it won’t be none. Try to use your head for something besides a hat rack. Violet and Isabella are both cute. By the way, make an appointment to get your eyes tested.

  • bel

    Isabella is different
    but it is beautiful!
    congratulations on your blog!

  • jenny

    That little girl is sooooo cute!

  • ugh

    Palin loves Damon. Yuck!

  • Terumi

    Isabella is so cute! I wonder if they have released pictures of their new daughter or if they are not planning to…well im sure she’s adorable too!

  • Jane

    Matt never releases pictures of his children, and keeps them well hidden. Isabella’s only been photographed twice by the paparazzi this year. (Compare that with Violet, who’s pictured almost every day.)

  • riley

    happy birthday matt damon! :D

  • Shammy

    Happy, Happy, Birthday Matty! Wishing you a startastic day with lots of candles, cake, and gifts from your dolls.

    Benny boy and Matty need to have some boys fun soon.

  • ella


  • mira

    dear ella u need to wear real thick glasses cute alexia come on the girl doesn’t smile at all and she is very dark and ugly.i have seen alot of dark latin girls but this ne is the ugliest ever.however,isabella is very cute.and by the way,matt has only two daughters.alexia is not his daughter.he didn’t sign up to have her or adopt her when he married her bad golddiger is very generous of him to take that sad child to see the jonas brothers.dear matt,u could have done alot better than luciana.sorry

  • THE TRUTH!!!

    It’s so sad how people talk out of there a$$ when really you have no clue what goes on with The Damons or The Barrosos. How cruel can you be to say that a little girl is ugly. There is no such thing! Then to say Matt didn’t sign up to have her…that doesn’t even make sense!! If Matt did or didn’t want to adopt Alexia how do you know????HUH??!! Did Matt himself tell YOU?! NOOOOO so then shut up cause it’s a huge ugly lie!!!
    She is actually extremely blessed cause she has TWO dads and TWO moms that love her very much. Jealously is a disease so we all hope you get well SOON! Alexia has been to more places then you’ll ever be or can even spell. For those that keep calling her biological father Carlos get it right it’s ARBY and he’s NOT black!! Matt is her step-dad and loves her very much. What makes any of you any better then Lucy?? Nothing!!! She was at the right place at the right time and Matt fell for her. It’s just not YOU so you have to hate on her. Go head cause your not even a fraction close to her lifestyle.

  • mira

    lucy’s lifestyle?her life style is wandering around matt’s movie sets and having more kids.not that kids are bad or anything,but if she is really an aspiring designer as they say,she would get off her fat ass to do sth with her life instead of leaving her -then -5 year old daughter with -god only knows who- and hang out with george clooney and brad pitt in europe.may be i never met matt or his wife but i know that a good mother doesn’t leave her daughter since october 2003 to april 2004 alone in the US so she can hang out with her new rich boyfriend and his celebrity friends in prague and paris and london.and even though i am not rich or living in a 10 million house,i know that i have a much better life filled with work and persepiration .and when i become somebody important ,it will be because of my work not because of my rich husband.

  • the truth!!!

    That’s TRUE but I could care less if she does or doesn’t get off her lazy fat ass to do something or become someone. She will just live off his money for the rest of her life. I just care about when ppl talk about Alexia and call her names. She’s only a kid and she had no control of what her mom did. But now things are diffrent since they did buy a mansion for 10 million here in Miami and she has four parents that love her. When ppl say that a 10 yr old girl is ugly thats just heartless!!

  • mira

    i agree with you.i am sory i called her ugly.she is just a kid and i never meant to be mean.i guess i was just mad ar her mom and i forgot that she has nothing to do with what her mom did.i was blinded by anger and maybe she is not the most beautiful kid in the world but she doesn’t deserve being called ugly.and when i said that she never smiles i meant that she is probably really opened up my the way is arbelio married?coz you keep saying that she has four parents.

  • the truth

    Yes, Arby is married. They have been together for over 4 yrs and have a baby girl too. All four of them do get along and makes things soooo much easier mainly for Alexia.

  • the truth

    oh and she’s way hotter then lucy and younger!! lol
    Likes to work and great mother.

  • data

    funny what’s controlled on her and what’s not or what’s intentionally put on here. do you really think we are that gullible? Sorry bad parenting in a nut shell. Those poor girls when they get older. I feel sorry for them. Who cares about Matt and his wife named Lucy. Horrible parents. Its funny watching Matt back peddling now! The guy’s clueless. What a massive dissapointment! He nor she obviously have any future thought on how that video could impact them! Lame-

  • Golfer234

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  • Golfer234

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