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Nicole Kidman To Be Honored By Shirley MacLaine

Nicole Kidman To Be Honored By Shirley MacLaine

Nicole Kidman shares a laugh with country superstar husband Keith Urban while stopping by a coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this week.

Tonight in Beverly Hills, Nicole will be honored by the legendary Shirley MacLaine at a VIP gala during Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood Tribute.

Seven more “most powerful and celebrated women” in the movie business will also be honored at the event, which will be hosted by Chelsea Handler (host of E!’s celeb-skewering show Chelsea Lately).

10+ pictures inside of Nashville livin’ Nicole Kidman

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  • Daniel Kemp

    How exactly is Nicole Kidman powerful?

  • jules

    Daniel Kemp, maybe because she’s the most famous, and on of the most important, respected and talented actress in the world?
    Because her production company, Blossom Production is with the 20th Century Fox? Because she’s a client of the CAA and she’s a member of the Academy? Because she is the most paid actress (don’t care about Forbes, its list was fake, everybody said that) and her movie has bring to the hollywood majors more than one billion dollar?

  • mimme

    she looks stunning!


    she looks very natural and beautiful!!! i can’t wait to see her tonight!
    she will be splendid!



  • hostas

    That’s right Forbes is just a silly tabloid isn’t it? Oh Kidman’s fans are so blinded. One word for the Oscar – sympathy! Julianne Moore was suppose to win that award that year – hands down! Gee, what happened since she got the Elle photos taken? Where’s all the hair? Where’s the boobs? Where’s the tight face? WTH did these jowls come from? Inquiring minds want to know – why is Kidman so fake?

  • lauren Patterson

    yaaaaaaay BONGO JAVA! that’s right across from Belmont University where the presidential debate is going to be tomorrow :) keith is a regular there!

  • pulso


    I know you very well…You go everywhere to blame a woman you will never meet in your life (if you have a life).

    Get a life, you’re so pathetic!

    And I’m not a Kidman fam

  • Luise

    She looks natural, and she seems very very happy.
    She deserves this life..

    But I want to see more pic of the little Sunday!

  • Ummmm….no

    Sorry Jules…the only thing you got right was:

    “Because her production company, Blossom Production is with the 20th Century Fox? Because she’s a client of the CAA and she’s a member of the Academy?”

    The rest was pure fantasy on your part. they are giving her the award simply because they wanted to. It is good publicity for both her movie ‘Australia’ (Which won’t pull in the bo numbers to justify the large budget yet again. ‘Golden Compass’ ring a bell?) and the Magazine. Don’t count anything more than that.

    Just as Forbes fudges it’s numbers at times, these Magazines do the same to boost their credits. Kidman is far from the most powerful and she is definitely NOT the highest paid and her BO numbers are lower than Beckinsale’s. For your info which if you do a little research (Goldie Hahn has held the rank as most powerful woman in HW for more than 7 yrs and is still counting) and she hasn’t done a movie in years.

    Having said that, I think Kidman looked great on the Mag cover.

  • carlfrommontana

    hostas, first of all: i’m not a kidman fan, at all. but the forbe’s list was really really faked. many other sites were very skeptical about that list.
    they have taken the last three movies for every actor but an actor is not paid the same thing for every movie.
    in kidman’s case, for margot at the wedding she was not paid, so they had some mistakes…

  • sal

    I never understand these workout clothes pics of her at coffee shops w/newspapers…before I work out I don’t want to eat and have coffee or sit around reading the paper, I’ll do those things after in an unsweaty outfit, so neither before or after makes sense….there have been pics of her after and she’s all red and sweaty.

    she looks old and fake. Her husband is kinda cute.

  • timmie

    what a stupid…

    if nicole nicole is not the most powerful actress in hollywood.
    i wonder who is…
    who? winslet? blanchett? portman? moore? jolie?

    come on!
    these kidman haters are sooo boring…

  • Rica

    she’s always covered up outside of a photoshoot. One can only wonder why.

  • hostas

    sorry! I’m the real hostas..
    and I love Nicole Kidman…

    That hostas who writes before it was not me!

  • adam


  • julienne

    good pics of her…

  • kiko

    She looks superb!

    And I love Keith’s jacket

  • andro

    Nicole is so beautiful, and motherhood obviously agrees with her!..She looks happy and healthy and keith looks handsome’

  • hostas

    hostas @ 10/06/2008 at 2:25 pm sorry! I’m the real hostas..
    and I love Nicole Kidman…

    That hostas who writes before it was not me!


    Get a frickin’ life, get your own screen name and fight like someone who has balls – you coward!

  • atry

    Very fresh-faced . Looking forward to seeing them tonight

  • kiko

    Nicole and Keith ara a very normal couple. They live a normal life, and I think it’s incredibly beautiful!
    I think the world is tired of all these fake Hollywood couple like Brangelina or Tomkat.

    Nicole and Keith are genuine and very happy! You can see it in their faces.

    I admire them both. They do very well their works and they will be great parents for Sunday Rose!

  • dena

    Nic and Keith are lookin’ good in Nashville. I love to just see them out amongst regular folks enjoying the fabulous southern fall weather

  • hostas


    The hostas who writes comment # 21 it’s not me!
    Please don’t belive it!!!

    I’m the real hostas!

  • jere

    They are looking wonderful !!Can’t wait for the Elle thing tonight

  • you

    the war of the fakes is started…
    Kiko, I agree with you.

  • the real jc.

    She covers up cause she’s so pale and wants to protect her skin from sun burn i’m guessing. Very pale people burn very easily. She’s smart to do so.
    As for all this hating. Why???? What the hell has she done that warrants such animosity towards her. Relax people. I’m sure even if some of you had met her it was for a split second so in actual fact you didn’t really meet her at all. Certainly not enough time to form such hateful opinions of her.
    Some of you really need to get out more. A lot more. It’s really sad and quite pathetic.

  • faith

    Nashville life is the way to go… It is nice that she is happy with Keith and that
    her life is not a tabloid frenzy anymore..

  • jhdafkj

    She really does look great! Also, she has amazing genes and a great body type.

  • lady

    they seems so happy.
    I am glad 4 her

  • Lenny

    she looks pretty good with no make up! Congrats Nicole!

  • mona

    absolutely stunning. they looks fantastic wow keith i love this man

  • Carlie

    Love Nicole, she is such an amazing gifted actress and a nice woman too! Love Keith look here!

  • eliza

    What a handsome guy. They look very happy together

  • nicole

    WOW! She looks gorgeous i love her .they look adorable together.

  • Zen

    I appreciate they try to make a normal life in Nashville. A pal of my mother saw Nicole and Keith there and she said they are very nice perons and Nicole is very tall but beautiful, just as i imagine….

  • Vania

    love her casual look, altough she should do something to her hair, she would be even more beautiful!

  • Pen

    I’m surprised she is so beautiful with no make up at all, at least in the last pic. Hope tonight a see a brilliant well dressed Nicole!

  • rehan

    they look amazing.

  • Daviii


  • Louise

    Nic deserves this recognition, not only because she is one of the best actress working today, but because she is a great woman, she is always ready to help those who most need! love her!

  • Xena

    Congrats Nicole, love you!

  • rehan

    i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she looks great!!!

    shes sooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without makeup

    owww keith this man is great .I love to see them Together

  • rose

    Wow! They look so good together They look like a happy couple.

  • girl from oz

    They both look so good. This is the best and most natural that I have seen them.

  • Anon

    Now we know why Bella and Connor suddenly had to go to NYC this weekend to be with Tom and Katie: Their real mother was coming to L.A. to visit and Cruise did not want them to see her.

  • thew

    Nic and Keith look so happy!

  • kesington

    Kidman is too cute! but i don’t like Keith…

  • wille

    Congrats Nicole,you really deserve

  • Kat 2

    Daviii, you need a life. Anon, if the kids wanted to see their mother they have mouths. And seeing as how these photos were taken this weekend in Nashville, I would say she was only going to LA for that award thing. Still have no idea why they are honoring her.