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Tom Cruise Helps Falling Photographer

Tom Cruise Helps Falling Photographer

Tom Cruise smiles with wife Katie Holmes after he helps out a falling photographer while walking to dinner in the West Village, New York City on Sunday.

Katie, 29, was seen earlier in the day taking 2-year-old daughter, Suri, to Alice’s Tea Cup in New York City for brunch. It’s one of the Cruise family’s favorite restaurants!

She also broke out a fashionable white head scarf on Sunday afternoon.

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93 Responses to “Tom Cruise Helps Falling Photographer”

  1. 1
    mar Says:

    ok. No matter what anyone says about Tom Cruise, he is ALWAYS a gentleman. Others could and would have stepped right over this photographer, simply because of who they are and the job they have. But leave it to Tom to give him a helping hand. NICE Tom. Very nice.

  2. 2
    jane doe Says:

    aww so nice

  3. 3
    :S Says:

    that was really nice and I really hate tom

  4. 4
    stepho Says:

    ughhh OMG
    jared please stop posting stories about these two and that kid of theirs
    they are soooo annoying and ughh poor katie and suri.
    tom just needs to relax and stop controlling katie.
    im pretty sure she’s capable of doing things on her own

    so please, jared, really think about what im telling.
    just stop with these stories….TRUSTTT you’re doing everyone a favor.

  5. 5
    cruisefan Says:

    hahahahaa poor paparazi

  6. 6
    Courrrrrrt Says:

    aww what a nice geasture…but hes still kinda creepy and verry weird with all that scientology crap stufff.

  7. 7
    kat Says:

    Keep the pics coming Jared.We love the picture of Tom and KAtie and their family. Tom is always a gentleman. They look happy together.

  8. 8
    kat Says:

    I think it’s good for a couple that has kids, to go on little dates together.

  9. 9
    anne Says:

    He looks very young in these pictures. Katie looks happy.

  10. 10
    nice.. Says:

    I agree with #1 he always seems to be very well mannered. Even tho I’m sure photogs are quite the intrusion on his and his family’s life and make things unpleasant at times, rather then laugh or keep walking he helped him up. Very classy Mr. Cruise, very classy :)

  11. 11
    xyz Says:

    it’s nice of him to help out the papz. i like seeing them with big smile! keatie looks good.

  12. 12
    katkat Says:

    Katie looks so pretty in these pictures. And Tom is always looking hot! :)

  13. 13
    gina Says:

    He is looking great. We do have our complete report for the day on the lives of Katie and Tom.

  14. 14
    Mr. Horse Says:

    I bet critics will soon start saying he orchestrated that accident for PR

  15. 15
    as usual Says:

    Katie must get extra pay to always make sure that when she’s by TOm’s side she smiles extra wide. Could there be a more fake couple than these two? And it’s clear her parents HATE him, as he always makes himself scarce when they’re around.

  16. 16
    liv Says:

    yeah. he is always classy. remember when he was squirted with water in europe? he didnt pounce on the idiot but he reprimanded him like a parent. he’s always composed and well-mannered.

  17. 17
    ella Says:

    lololol Im sorry I cant help but laugh at the paparazzis

  18. 18
    ....... Says:

    Awwww Katie is smiling. Both look hot.

  19. 19
    aw Says:


  20. 20
    jedis Says:

    Tom looks so young while Katie is so adorable. Tom is the good guy in this biz.

  21. 21
    gina Says:

    Of course he helped the pap photographer. He probably called them in the first place.

    I bet Katie gets paid double time when she cracks a smile. The woman truly works hard for her money.

  22. 22
    jim Says:


  23. 23
    lurker Says:

    That’s Tom always the true Samaritan.

  24. 24
    sniff Says:

    Tom and Katie looks so in love and happy. Tom has a beautiful tribute for his good longtime friend Paul Newman in People magazine.

  25. 25
    ruby Says:

    Thanks jj

  26. 26
    sdfgsdfg Says:

    agreed, #1

  27. 27
    peace Says:

    Tom is aging hotly and

  28. 28
    twin Says:

    Tom Cruise for President. Katie Holmes would make a wonderful First Lady……:)

  29. 29
    hms Says:

    way kewl

  30. 30
    katie n Says:

    wow! Tom Cruise is still very good looking when he has a genuine smile on his face. In fact, both look very good in these photos. He may have helped the pap but it made both of them have a good laugh making them glow.

  31. 31
    katie n Says:

    Now it is making me laugh even though the poor dude is kind of old and just trying to make a buck.

  32. 32
    Three Points Says:

    A gentleman doesn’t leave his wife for Penelope Cruz when she is pregnant and NOT rush to the hospital when she miscarries.

    Katie is an idiot wearing those satin shorts in 56 degree weather

    Jared is on the Cruise payroll, “She also broke out a fashionable white head scarf on Sunday afternoon”

  33. 33
    James Mason Fan Says:

    Well, normally I despise Cruise, but he can have a reprieve for today. This made me smile.

  34. 34
    candy Says:

    I always liked Tom.He is a great actor and deserved an Oscar,he played great roles.Everybody is free to choose their religion,and Tom is being punished for it.

  35. 35
    James Mason Fan Says:

    @ Mr. Horse #14

    Actually, I was just about to suggest that in my comment, but I decided it might be overstepping the line in terms of cynicism, even for me.

  36. 36
    almamater Says:

    Great guy to all and hasnt changed. We love you,Tom.

    I recall him scolding paparazzis years back and ordering them to

    get down to avoid injuring themselves.

  37. 37
    LOl Says:

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith can wipe the floor with Mr. Cruise and Mrs. K. HOMELY who is fucki*g annoying.

  38. 38
    Fug Shoes Says:

    WTF is on her pigeon toed fett now? Ugh!

    TC has his lifts on, freaks!

  39. 39
    Valerie Dune Says:

    I really don’t like the shorts with tights look. A ton of girls have been doing that here in Australia for about 2 years now, and I always thought it looked a bit off…just very trendoid and slightly tacky, even on the prettiest girl. It’s kind of disconcerting to see it on Katie Holmes. Didn’t she attend New York fashion week? I wonder what her mentor Victoria Beckham thinks of her fashion sense now?

  40. 40
    flygirl Says:

    Look up sexy in the dictionary and it has the face of TOMKAT.They give marriage and family a good name too.

  41. 41
    penny Says:

    Three Points,

    So Nicole Kidman told you why Tom Cruise left her? Or Tom told you? Sheesh.

    If Jared is on payroll, then the rest of these online stuff must be on Brangelina’s payroll too. If you don’t like TomKat or whoever it is that you despise, don’t look at the pictures.


  42. 42
    penny Says:

    Three Points,

    So Nicole Kidman told you why Tom Cruise left her? Or Tom told you? Sheesh.

    If Jared is on payroll, then the rest of these online stuff must be on Brangelina’s payroll too. If you don’t like TomKat or whoever it is that you despise, don’t look at the pictures.


  43. 43
    Ameey Says:

    That was well sweet, but i hate how everyones going on about his scientology thing.
    When theres all these religions out there and people believe in different things so why cant he. You dont see him going ‘Gods not real’ and all this but then theres people going ‘Scientology is a load of bull’ and hate him for it.

    Personally I think they look like a nice family, plus noone has the right to go ‘save Katie’ its her choice.

  44. 44
    Seriously Jared?!?!?! Says:

    What is this?!?!?! The ALL TOMKAT, ALL THE TIME CHANNEL?!?!?!

    Seriously Jared! ENOUGH!! That’s 3 times in one day that we have been treated to pictures of Tomkat. Could you be any further up their A$$!?!??!

    First we get to see Katie out to eat in the morning, then Katie walking to work in the afternoon, then the two of them having dinner at night.

    How much do they pay you for this crap? Its obnoxious!

    So Tom did what any other human being on the planet would do. He helped someone up when they fell right in front of him. WOW! Tom is human. So the hell what!

    I’m done. I’m not visiting this site anymore. I’m sick of you ignoring other celebrities to kiss Tomkat’s A$$. UGH!

  45. 45
    REEVEN Says:


  46. 46
    Nanci BLACK Says:

    Tomkat Love !! So Savavayyyy ! Love you Tom

  47. 47
    Nanci BLACK Says:

    Tomkat Love !! So Savavayyyy ! Love you Tom

  48. 48
    bad parents Says:

    Well, well….if it isn’t Aunt Jemima and Liberace…LMAO!

  49. 49
    ellie Says:

    Tom your a real gentleman always has been and always will be you a super STAR!!!!

  50. 50
    zoe Says:

    pix 4 is kinda strange. anyhow, i really find tom creepy normally. but its a nice gesture which he did towards the paps. its nice to see them smiling too. katie looks pretty and classy here i think!

  51. 51
    bella Says:

    Tom is annoying, but I agree with comment #2

  52. 52
    how sweet Says:

    It’s like stopping at the scene of a car crash, because as a Scientologist, only he can help. Didn’t the other man helping get that memo?

  53. 53
    sacha Says:

    No 4: Please stop posting your stupid comments. You don’t represent everyone. And don’t hate them because they are beautiful, talented, rich, and happy and you’re not. Try to get out in the world and maybe you’ll feel better. You too numbers 21 and 22.

  54. 54
    anne Says:

    Elle est magnifique !

    I suppose just jared talk a lot about her because she’s is living in New York and there are much of photographers in this town …

  55. 55
    Jeanette Says:

    Thank you Jared, for the lovely pics. Keep surfing your site to look for these photos and those who complain, must be doing the same thing, so why don’t they just NOT check out this site. What is the matter with them? Don’t they know they have a choice on what to read?

    love your site and photos of Tom and his family!!!

  56. 56
    Karena Says:

    They’re so adorable. Yay Cruises!

  57. 57
    the incredible edward! Says:

    Nice of him to help the man, he looks quite old too…

    How I wish it was Katie ending up on her flat a ss!

  58. 58
    Mimi Says:

    I think its so sad the way Tom Cruise is ageing , he used to be so hot. Now he dresses so ugly i don´t know what happened to him. He eis still good looking but looks like a geek. And yes he has always been a gentlemean, nobody can take that away fom him. But if you compare him with other guy celebrities who have been “sex symbols” , he is in a realy bad place.
    Katie used to be soo pretty, very fresh and young. Instead of her giving him youth, he has made her look his age.

  59. 59
    lurkersville Says:

    These two look really good in NYC and seem to get more respect here.

  60. 60
    Laurel Says:

    Mimi, I guess mid 40′s is when your hearthrob status starts to wane. Brad Pitt is only a year younger than Tom, and he is starting to show his age too. It will be interesting to see who will take the place of these mega-stars. I don’t know if either of them will age as well George Clooney. He’s been lucky enough to still get romantic leads into 50′s.

  61. 61
    dianel Says:

    What a nice guy Tom is

  62. 62
    Jeanette Says:

    What happened to my comment?

  63. 63
    oark Says:

    Re:gentleman doesn’t leave his wife for Penelope Cruz when she is pregnant and NOT rush to the hospital when she miscarries.


  64. 64
    Mr. Horse Says:

    Can you even prove that they’re being insincere, #15?

    The Holmes’ like him and both familiies have spent time together.

    No one knows why Cruise and Kidman broke up and how do you know what Cruise didn’t or didn’t do when is wife miscarried, #32?

    Let Holmes’ worry about the weather.

    People aren’t on Cruise’s payroll just because they say nice things about him.

    Thank you for showing so much restraint, #35.

    He posts these because they’re so popular, #44.

    Clooney is only a year older than Cruise actually, #60.

  65. 65
    Cruise family circus Says:

    OMG! Tom helped someone up!! He’s soooooo special.

    For a moment, one can almost forgot this jerk is a leader of a dangerous cult.

  66. 66
    sniffles Says:

    Wow, they actually look happy in these pictures. That’s so nice to see. Katie looks radiant, it’s nice to see her actually smile. I’m hoping that she is going to grow her hair out, the woman has beautiful hair when it’s long and natural.

  67. 67
    eliza Says:

    They look good together. They’ll be happy as long as Tom stays in control. If Katie starts asserting her independence and begins to outshine him as an actor, that’s when the troubles will begin. He’ll throw her away just like he did Nicole and start all over again with another.

  68. 68
    defap Says:

    love Tom and Katie.

  69. 69
    tessla Says:

    Gosh, Katie Holmes is physically bigger than her husband, yuck……I guess someone falling made her smile. You know. Tom, according to his relegion he is the only one that can help these people, he is here on earth to “save” these poor souls even from falling.

  70. 70
    youwillmissme Says:

    Tom Cruise is the greatest celebrity out there! Katie looks great and happy whenever she’s with him. God bless you and your beautiful family Tom.

  71. 71
    m Says:

    He is a gentleman! They look happy together. Sweet couple.

  72. 72
    Laurel Says:

    @ Mr. Horse. My bad! I was totally off the mark on Clooney’s age. I think I thought he was older because everyone always goes on about how great he looks for his age. There goes that argument then…

  73. 73
    Laurel Says:

    Jared, come on! No sense of humour? You know my “Zeus and Athena” Brangelina analogy was spot on!

  74. 74
    delurking Says:

    They have it all but most of all have bighearted and wonderful souls.

  75. 75
    cc Says:

    I think the thing looked staged…he’s all PR. He’s a creepy control freak who would pay a pap (or have one of his Scientology followers dress up as pap) to fall and need assistance so that he could look like a great guy. He doesn’t make any move in public that isn’t staged. The squirt gun thing, however, looked impromptu and was hilarious.

  76. 76
    Sarah Says:

    It was great, wasn’t it? I enjoyed that even more than Bill Gates getting the custard tart in the face.

  77. 77
    pawpaw Says:

    Tom looks hot and Katie looks sweet.

  78. 78
    Eliza Says:

    Oh. My. God. Lets give Tom Cruise a medal. He did what any other human being on the planet would do and helped someone who tripped and fell on the street. Isn’t he a saint!

    Would you people all get over yourselves!! He probably tripped the guy in the first place!! Just remember, according to Cruise “scientologists are the only ones who can help” so he’s just doing his religious job for the day. None of this takes away the fact that he’s a pompous, arrogant, egotistical little twit who went on national TV to slate women with PPD as well as the entire mental health profession by calling Psychiatry a “Nazi science”. This is also the same guy that put out a raving diatribe last January about how fantastic all Scientologists are and said that “SP’s (anyone who is not a Scientologist) should be relegated to the history books”.

    Please spare me any more Tom Cruise is a nice guy crap. There’s nothing nice about a guy that supports a dangerous and damaging cult.

  79. 79
    Tom is a Maniac Says:

    Did everyone hear what the great Lauren Bacall said about Tom?

    This comes from an interview in Elle about Nicole Kidman. This month’s edition.

    “Tom had taken off for Penelope Cruz or some g—–n thing — one of his more ridiculous moves, Tom Cruise is a maniac. I can’t understand the way he conducts his life.”

    Lauren Bacall

    Just goes to show ya what a REAL HOLLYWOOD ICON thinks of Tom Cruise. LOLOLOLOLOL!

    I couldn’t agree with her more. You go Ms Bacall!

  80. 80
    tracy Says:

    I read it too and i LMAO! Us even has it on their site. Nic was so totally class in the stuff she said but her friends give Tom and ton of shiz. Good for them. She has 2 kids with the guy and is probably being nice so she can actually get to see them every now and again, but her friends dont have to be.

    Cruise is an ****. Always was. Always will be. It’s just that everybody knows it now and no body is afraid to say it. Tom is so OVER. LMAO.

  81. 81

    O.J. Simpson’s bad deeds caught up with him.

    What goes around comes around!!!

  82. 82
    Dieter Says:

    Jared – I very much like the Jeans of Tom. Do you have a clue what he wears. Very simple and stylish. I got such type from last season but now I´m urging to find a similar new one. If you know send me an email !!!

  83. 83
    Debra Says:

    Georgeous Couple!!!

  84. 84
    Lauren's got it right! Says:

    I read that comment by Lauren Bacall as well…. Ms. Hollywood Royalty..Boy, talent like hers and Bogart, Tracey, etc. can’t be found in Hollywood today.

    Lauren is one tough cookie. I love her! Tom must be totally embarrassed to be insulted by true Hollywood royalty.

    Too bad she didn’t comment on Tom’s beard. Wait a minute, I suppose she did. If Tom is a maniac, that doesn’t say much for Katie Homely.

  85. 85
    defap Says:

    I seriously doubt Tom left Nicole for Penelope Cruz.
    1) I don’t think Tom would want to leave a pregnant wife after more than ten years of no biological kid if he thought it was his kid. Tom has always loved kids and he is not the one who would do unfair things to his family. I don’t know everyone who truly knows him personally hates him. Tom acted rather angrily in the divorce.
    2) Jude Law’s ex went on record to defend Sienna Miller. I don’t think she was just weird or crazy. I think she tried to imply that somebody else was responsible for the divorce. There were a lot of rumors on set of “Cold Mountain”. There were people not just Tom that questioned Nicole.
    3) I read a couple of years ago that Nicole considered physical unfaithfulness is less harmful than emotional unfaithfulness.

  86. 86
    2 #85 Says:

    I read a couple of years ago that Nicole considered physical unfaithfulness is less harmful than emotional unfaithfulness.
    I agree with Nicole. If someone is emotionally unfaithful, there is less chance of repairing the relationship.

  87. 87
    defap Says:

    there’re people can’t accept physical unfaithfulness. I don’t blame them.

  88. 88
    joe american Says:

    Was this actually a paparazzi or was it one of the hundreds of private detectives that $scientology employs? Considering some of the dirty deeds those guys do, it would’nt be a big stretch to pull some fake stunt like this.

  89. 89
    palvasha Says:

    she looks more and more like cherie blair

  90. 90
    faithfulness Says:

    #85 I don’t believe being unfaithful…either emotionally or physically.

    HOWEVER, if I was married to Katie I would definitely be physically unfaithful.

    If I was married to Tom I would be emotionally unfaithful.


  91. 91
    Mr. Horse Says:

    He’s not the leader of anything, #65.

    How do you know he doesn’t make any moves in public without being staged, #75?

    He did a bad thing dissing that woman but it was a mistake and he apologized, #78. That Scientology tape was made years ago and was meant to be private.

    No one knows why Kidman and Cruise broke up and their marriage is none of her business, #79. (And most people in Hollywood like Cruise.)

    I really don’t think Cruise to O.J. Simpson is a fair comparison, #81.

    This wasn’t the first time she dissed Cruise, #84. She dissed his acting.

    I think Bacall is just looking for attention slamming. No one else does it.

  92. 92

    What a nice thing to do, even though Tom is not my favorite person….AND, to MR HORSE……I agree with you on the Lauren Bacall remark….She slams alot of people…” Brooks Shields”….Denise Richardson”, and a uncool remark about Angie and Brad and their ” assorted flavor’s of kids”……….I don’t think she cares for anyone right now, but when you slam children, you are NOT cool or classy….Katie looks happy and is smiling for once…She is obviously extremely unhappy when her husband is not around…Maybe they are still as close as ever before, and she can’t stand to be apart from him…..Nothing wrong with that !!!…..But, that horrible scientology conven still is more than I can read about…..By, the way MR. BLACK HORSE WOLF MUMMY CREATURE WHO RESIDES IN THE LAGOON……Sorry, I just love messing with the titles….LOL..No offense!!!!….My friend has been back to the restaurant hoping to see MALIBU PSYCHO MARY, and she has not shown up….The people at the restaurant have not seen or heard from her, and one of the employee’s drove by her ” supposed house she lived in”, and it was closed up….All the blinds were closed in front and back, and the grass needed cutting badly…and her papers have piled up also, but the mail was gone out of the mailbox..( they looked )( LOL )..I think they had an intrique type interest in her also….See you later!!

  93. 93
    Mihay Says:

    Where did he help the photog to? His bed while Katie wept in the next room.

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