Billy Ray Cyrus to Justin Gaston: You're My Mini-Me!

Billy Ray Cyrus to Justin Gaston: You're My Mini-Me!

Miley Cyrus was one lucky girl on Sunday night when her rumored 20-year-old beau Justin Gaston took to the stage and sang to her during her Sweet 16 bash at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

“He’s here,” Miley said of Justin. “He’s celebrating with the rest of my friends, so that’ll be very nice.”

Even Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, approves of Justin!

“He actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was 20 years old and I was living and searching for the dream,” Billy Ray told Access Hollywood. “He’s got a great heart and soul, and a lot of determination. I think that’s the true measure of a man, is when you measure his heart.”

10+ pictures inside of Justin Gaston singing to Miley Cyrus

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  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    The way they look like each other is kind of freaky.

  • Sarah

    wtf A 20 year old guys does not need to be dating a 15 year old. Her parents are so stupid.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    He looks older than 20. Like in he’s 30s when hes up on the stage with Billy Ray! MILEY GET URSELF A GUY UR AGE!!!

  • mileyfan!!!

    OMG2nd comment?
    I love this one haha!

  • tori232

    whatever………………JUSTIN is freakin HOTTTTTT


    GO miley!!!!

  • Daniel mmmmm.

    miley and justin make a cute couple
    he looks like a cool person

  • ahhhhh

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him !!!!!!!!!

  • brandi

    wow. is he really 20?? jeez louise, he is way too old in my opinion.

  • brandi

    wow. a 20 year old? jeez louise, he is way too old in my opinion.

  • Kalilah

    Miley didn’t look like she enjoyed that part at all xD
    She was awkward and stiff the entire time.

  • Ha!

    I am grossed out a) by the age difference and b) by the fact that he reminds daddy of himself. Yuck.

  • Helena

    Billy Ray plays a left hand guitar? So do I!

  • http://- lol

    Ha! #11, I agree!! ew

  • the real jc.

    Good heart or not. He’s still 20 and she’s 16. Guy’s that are 20 have one thing on their mind ALL the time and we all know what that is. I wouldn’t want my 16 year old going out with a 20 year old. Although it’s only 4 years difference, there is a huge gap between 16 and 20. HUUGGGEEEE.

  • boogie

    What’s the matter with her parents? !

    They have their heads screwed on wrong.

  • lulii

    OMG! i thougth brani was miley dress as HannahMontana

  • nhoho

    look STOP to say shit of Miley’s parents. They are adults, they have a head BETTER THAN ALL HERE and if they approve the guy, they approve! you just don’t wanna see Miley dating a 20yearold so u keep saying her parents are stupid when they are SO MUCH MORE MATURE than you, so hey you are a kid, I’m sorry if that is not what u wanted to hear but Miley is dating him, HAHA

  • sillynohoho

    #17 nhoho

    grow up! YOu sound exactly like a teenager. How would you know about adults? You’re either a very young teenager or pretty stupid.

  • newport beach, 92660

    #5 – AGREEED! : D

    and OF COURSE ; he has an amazing bod , he’s a freakin UNDERWEAR model.. umm yum ? ? ?

    even though he’s 20… i’ll still take him and he’s gorgeous body…. ; hottie with a body!

    but i still don’t understand why miley’s parents would let her date that hottness! doesn’t make sense

    whateever ; he’s too hot for her… agreeed ?

  • statutory

    #14…she is still 15…she won’t be 16 until November. It doesn’t matter if he’s hot or not…it’s still wrong morally and legally. I just can’t imagine my 15 year old daughter dating a 20 year old. Something is so wrong with her parents. I call them pimps and Miley is their property to sell as they please. It’s just disgusting.

  • Shai

    What whack job parents. I believe this is all a publicity stunt. Miley is already on her way to being a $lut used to reel in money. How pathetic can a dad be. Miley is the next Britney & Jamie Spears.

  • mileyfan4eva

    NILEYY 4 EVAA!!!!

  • anna

    I agree with the person who said Niley 4EVAA!! we all know who miley really likes.

  • Brittany

    okay heres what i have to one would care if it is joe and Demi and there is just as much age difference there and no one complains about them…and about a year ago when people wanted jiley they thought it was soo cute joe and justin are basicly the same age so are demi and miley and no one would complain if there was a jemi..and who she dates is her opinion to me age is just a number by brother is 18 and hes dating a 15 year old and they are happy…age is just a number people

  • eira

    shes so,so screwed.

  • qwerty

    yeah… whatever… to be honeset, I’ve decided to stop caring they can do whatever they want that minor and adult ;(

  • boogie

    #24- no, age is not just a number in that age group.

    Are you 14 or 15?

    whatever…you certainly sound very young.

  • janna

    hey sillynohoho, shut up cuz you’re a piece of shit okay!? And statutory, the reason you can’t imagine your daughter dating a 20-year-old is cuz you’re daughter would be in the sack with him right away and you know it!! And Shai, you’re obviously ignorant in everything in the world. Miley is sweet and innocent, her parents are good, and if you can’t understand that then you’re an asswipe.

  • jannatheho

    janna # 28.

    sounds like a 14-16 year old girl who is on her way to being a s l u t.

  • jannatheho

    janna # 28.

    sounds like a 14-16 year old girl who is on her way to being a s l u t.

  • Gossipgrrl

    I guess it’s ok that the ‘rents are all approving, but looks like Miley is a bit naive about relationships and daddy may need to stop stroking his ego to make sure Justin ain’t strokin’ his daughter..

  • Sandi


    pity you! Hopefully you don’t actually follow your immature ideas …not all girls are like you or Miley. If you continue to think that w ay….you are in a heap of trouble young lady.

    In any case, you are very possibly a young teenager…and have a ways to go before you start thinking like an adult…..( a smart adult)

  • NAT

    I’m sorry, but age TRUELY IS just a number.

    A 15 year old guy can be a lot more of an A-hole, than a 20 year old gentleman, which is what Justin seems like.
    Besides, he wears a purity ring, meaning, they share the same values.

  • Juliaa

    so mais MILEY & NICK ♥

  • Juliaa



  • Jill

    33 (Nat)

    huh? sounds like a teen! (thinking like a teenager of course)

    your so incorrect honey. A 15 year old girl and a 20 year old man…….?? Regardless if he/she is “mature”.
    Purity ring or good “values” does not matter.

    But- hey……I could care less and Miley is not the only teen that will get herself in trouble. That’s the problem with so many American teens.

  • lilly

    ok first of all, miley stop dressing like you’re 18. and you’re 16th birthday isn’t for another month and a half. spoiled much?

    and second of all, why would you be dating a 20 year old? isn’t that like illegal? and that’s so gross that her father would approve. that’s a terrible message that he’s sending.

  • Thaís

    I’m not a big fan of Miley but come on, is her life…
    You’re jealous…

    He’s hot, she’s cute, SO???

  • melanie

    okay, it’s almost less than a five year age difference because she’s going to be 16 soon and he just turn 20 recently i think. how far apart are you and your boyfriend? oh i mean your parents because you little kiddies are probably ugly jealous bitches who can’t get dates, so yeah.
    Miley your awesome! love him, he’s sooo cute!

  • Yow

    This is gross, I agree. He gives me the creeps…he is not cute. Something fishy going on here. Her parents should be ashamed. She is too young for a boyfriend period, that is what’s wrong with these kids. She is ugly anyway, and no talent. I refuse to let my 10 and 6 year old watch this trash on TV. We need better role models, what is this little girl telling all these little tiny girls that watch her????

  • mz Sass

    I don’t think it’s illegal for them to date, they can’t have sex. I can’t see a hansome 20 yr old guy “waiting” for a almost 16 yr old girl.
    I think this guy is trying to further his career.

    I hope that despite her pathetic parents Miley will not end up like Spears and Lohan. Like her or loathe her she has charisma.

  • bella

    agree with comment #11.

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Hey Whores I’m Back & Shut The Fuck Up Bitches Its Obvious This Guys Too Old for Her, Yeaa We got it The 1st Time K? But Leave her Alone, Its Her Life so why the Fuck You Getting Involved in it? Fucking low Life Sluts. :P
    Ps- That Boy is Fugly as Hell! Miley You can do better :)
    Peace Out beeches! ;]

  • boogie

    If Miley’s parents are truely allowing their 15 year old daughter to date a 20 year old man…….shame on them!

    A 15 year old girl is too young to single date period.

  • ash

    ok first of all i totally agree with # 37, miley does not act her age, doesn’t dress age, isn’t making friends with people her age and again now having a boyfriend WAY too old for her age. YES PEOPLE, AGE DOES MATTER, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?!!
    being with someone way older than you means they’ll want you to do stuff that is appropriate for their age and we all know what that is. Didn’t you see how when she was with Mandy, how she would dress to go out? i’m not trying to be mean but she looked in her 30s to me. she’s going to be 16, so what? she’s still not fully an adult yet and she’s not even 16 yet, i agree, spoiled much?
    and you people are all like he’s hot he’s hot, the hell he’s hot and how are miley’s hormones are going to react to this? i hope she’s not the next jamie lynn, we dont need rolemodels of kid’s tv shows setting out bad examples like that

  • Jason

    ok, miley is hot, ok that ain’t gonna change.
    as a guy i could say justin is good-looking….

    but one things for sure.

    -Age DOES matter when you’re that old ! ! –

    Ok, maybe not when one is 30 and ones 25, but that’s different, they would both b adults..

    In this situation it’s different.
    I like miley ALOT ok, so u may think im saying this just coz i dont want her to b dating justin and dating me instead..

    But seriously, in the bigger picture, im gonna have to say that this would probably b the first incident of making miley the next lindsay.

    Thats my IMO, but thats just how i c it happening in the future.
    But have all you guys forgotten?….

    She’s a female teenage celeb, none of their relationships are serious?!?!
    Ok she won’t be with justin for long….
    Or maybe she will? so what, as an extreme admirer of miley, even I can say that if she’s happy, I’m happy and i won’t try stop her.
    She has just as much right as anyone else ranting and raving on the internet.
    It’s part of human rights, and as a human ur not respecting her rights..

    But to sum things up IMO wise.
    BOTH sides of each argument is true in this situation.

    -Age DOES matter in this situation
    -But she should b able to date whoever she wants as long as she’s happy.

    -This, IMO, is the start of her downfall
    -But we have no right to judge her, no1 would if she wasn’t a celeb..

    Ok coz how are her decisions gonna get any better if us as the fans, keep judging her so negatively?
    I for one, if i read all of your messages, would get very selfconscious, especially being a teenager..

    Have some consideration people.
    Try b in her shoes ae?
    For Once…

    (sorry for the long message, thanks to those who read it.. I just really had to share my opinion)

    Keep the gossip coming bout miley, I love to hear bout her.

  • leesauer

    brandi and justin is better than miley and justin :L just paedophilia

  • juicylui

    I think that if Miley loves Justin doesn’t matter the age but anyway I prefer nick (L)

  • leftykc

    Hey! I got a great idea, they could have a baby boy and call it” Hillbilly Ray Jr , shucks, why they could even have it grow a baby mullet , yee-haw how ’bout that ya’ll .. ha ha.. ..sing akey break heart to miley while its still in the womb,, Hillbilly Ray could sell the baby pictures to People Mag for 5 Million.. wow .. Either Disney or Daddy, you always make money off Miley Cyru$..

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Damm Bitches, Get a Fucking life & stop Fucking Trying 2 Change Someone Elses, Dumb Whores!

    ps- hate you all! xDDDD