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Gerard Butler is Cinerama Sexy

Gerard Butler is Cinerama Sexy

Gerard Butler suits up for the premiere of his new Warner Brothers Pictures movie, Rocknrolla, at the Cinerama Dome on Monday in Los Angeles.

Joining the 38-year-old Scottish stud on the red carpt was producer Joel Silver, costar Idris Elba and the always gorgeous Thandie Newton.

RocknRolla, which is directed by Mr. Madonna (Guy Ritchie), opens in theaters everywhere on Halloween. For a new interview with Ritchie talk about Gerry‘s cult of women and Thandie and Gerry‘s brief sex scene, visit

35+ pictures inside of Cinerama sexy Gerard Butler

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gerard butler cinerama dome 01
gerard butler cinerama dome 02
gerard butler cinerama dome 03
gerard butler cinerama dome 04
gerard butler cinerama dome 05
gerard butler cinerama dome 06
gerard butler cinerama dome 07
gerard butler cinerama dome 08
gerard butler cinerama dome 09
gerard butler cinerama dome 10
gerard butler cinerama dome 11
gerard butler cinerama dome 12
gerard butler cinerama dome 13
gerard butler cinerama dome 14
gerard butler cinerama dome 15
gerard butler cinerama dome 16
gerard butler cinerama dome 17
gerard butler cinerama dome 18
gerard butler cinerama dome 19
gerard butler cinerama dome 20
gerard butler cinerama dome 21
gerard butler cinerama dome 22
gerard butler cinerama dome 23
gerard butler cinerama dome 24
gerard butler cinerama dome 25
gerard butler cinerama dome 26
gerard butler cinerama dome 27
gerard butler cinerama dome 28
gerard butler cinerama dome 29
gerard butler cinerama dome 30
gerard butler cinerama dome 31
gerard butler cinerama dome 32
gerard butler cinerama dome 33
gerard butler cinerama dome 34
gerard butler cinerama dome 35

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Jewel Samad/AFP
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64 Responses to “Gerard Butler is Cinerama Sexy”

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  1. 1
    gerry boy Says:

    why can i not resist the temptation to say first!

  2. 2
    Stellartes Says:

    Skinny Thandie gets to smooch the stud….lucky her….but she would look better a bit more plump…she’s got the skeleton look going on…maybe for Halloween I wonder.

  3. 3
    ali Says:

    jealous of Thandie right about now

  4. 4
    Daniel Kemp Says:

    He was great in 300, but that was about it.

  5. 5
    Jules Says:

    He is so darn HOT!! LOVE him..

  6. 6
    Eva Says:

    Wow, he does look so sexy and cool. A man in my own taste.

  7. 7
    nyob Says:

    he looks good – cleans up nice

  8. 8
    Anon Says:

    This movie looks hilarious! Gerard Butler is really hot. Didn’t realize he was so hot. He reminds me of that guy on Lost, but much hotter.

  9. 9
    crazy4Gerard Says:

    There really is no words to describe how hot this man is…!!!

  10. 10
    motorcycle Says:

    He looks better from a distance and not close up.

  11. 11
    tEDIOUS Says:

    He is getting to be so tedious.

    I can’t stand these anorexic hollywood women.

    You know he is gay by the kiss. She is married and married women in Hollywood only get cozy on the red carpet like that with with the gay guys to show how pro-gay and not afraid of aids they are.

    Gerard Butler is the new Rupert Everett. The hunky gay guy.

  12. 12
    Tintangel Says:

    I think the kiss is sweet. I think Thandie is making amends for refusing to kiss Gerard during the filming of RnR. Which was understandable , given his throat infection.

  13. 13
    Sunset Lee Says:

    He s Badass!

  14. 14
    Just me Says:

    #11 oh please. Do NOT judge him by one picture of a kiss. Also remember that their whole love scene had to be revamped due to his illness. I think it was a token kiss for the crowds because of it. TEDIOUS is the last word most would think of when describing GB.

    Everyone that I know that has seen him and have talked to him say the same thing, pictures don’t do him justice. He pulls you in and is so funny and charming . . . a great guy. I think I will go with those that have actually met him.

  15. 15
    t. Says:

    He was great in Dear Frankie too, not just 300.

  16. 16
    Apg Says:

    #12, I think you may be a bit jealous. He doesn’t have to be gay. maybe he just didnt want to kiss her in particular at the moment. Maybe her husband was nearby. get a grip. such garbage

  17. 17
    shy girl Says:

    He looks so ADORABLE.

    I love the specks of grey in his hair very SEXY! and I can’t believe how fast his hair grew!

    Looking good Mr. Butler.

  18. 18
    James Mason Fan Says:

    Is he really gay? I was reading one of those trash magazines at the supermarket the other day, and it said he was dating Jennifer Aniston. I guess that’s a complete fabrication!

  19. 19
    Grace Says:

    Just to have a few hours with Gerard. He would certainly end up with a smile on his face. What a handsome man.

  20. 20
    tEDIOUS Says:

    There is no evidence that he is straight.

    And tell me this. Why doesn’t he want kids?

  21. 21
    tEDIOUS Says:

    Furthermore…I dont get why you Gerry fans, have made him into some kind of hero straight out of a romance novel.

    I have never ever ever seen Mr. Nice Guy Gerry with ANY nice or DECENT women. He just makes a BIG SHOW for the paps with the trash hanging outside the nightclubs. He can’t seem to resist the Paps! Surprised he is not eating lunch at the Ivy every day.

    Who has Mr. Butler been with? There are a lot of decent and stunningly beautiful quality women out there who must meet his very high standards…

    Who has he been with?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Makes you think eh?

  22. 22
    anon Says:

    It is “just you” because everyone I know who has seen him in person has said he looks much better on film. In person he looks like he’s ten years older.

    He really can’t keep his hands off the married Thandie in these photos, can he? He probably took the role just to get to do a love scene with her, then he must have been pissed when he got sick and she wouldn’t kiss him.

    She is beautiful, but is a bit on the skinny side. However, that is how he likes his women. He only dates biracial models who aren’t famous, which is probably why you don’t hear anything about who he’s really dating. When you hear he’s dating Diaz or Aniston, it’s an obvious fabrication for PR.

    RocknRolla isn’t a good movie. It’s a shame that it’s not, but it has only one mild chuckle in the whole film. The rest is very predictable and seems to be trying too hard to be funny, cool and clever. It doesn’t manage to pull it off like Snatch did.

    BTW, did you hear his nasty snippy comment on The Tonight Show about how when women have children they’re not attractive anymore? That Scottish dog needs a muzzle.

  23. 23
    Debra77 Says:

    He is very sexy in a rugged way. I did like 300 but there really was not a lot of “acting” in that role. I would love to see him in something more substantial. I did like him in Tomb Raider with Angelina. I wish they had let the love scene go a little longer before she cut him off. He and Hillary Swank had no chemistry. And I love her as an Actress. I am going to go to Blockbusters and see what I can find to rent. I want to see him in some other roles. Maybe he could do some roles in line with what Daniel Craig is doing. They both are Tomb Raider alums..

  24. 24
    namenotrequired Says:

    You’re all nuts. I don’t know where you people get your info or why you get all happy about making things up about celebs but its wrong. Why does there have to “evidence” that he’s either gay or straight & just what is it that would satisfy you? What law says he has to live out his personal life in front of the cameras? The truth is: Butler dated a friend of mine yrs ago when he was making the tv mini series “Attila” (which stunk, btw). She is white, not bi-racial – so there goes that rumor. He wasn’t famous and had no reason to “hide” anything. At the time she told me he was totally a ladies man, he just liked women of all kinds, all sizes & colors, it didn’t matter to him as long as they were women. He has dated a number of women, the last steady gf he had was Bianca Christian a B-level model he dated a couple of yrs ago, not great looking, but whatever. They dated for almost a yr. I also know a friend of his family (who happens to be gay) from Glasgow who says Butler is a couple of yrs older than he says he is & and that he is not gay. In case you missed it: that’s a gay guy saying Butler is not gay.

  25. 25
    boo(real) Says:

    fanistons say brad looks old??? brad is six years older than this dude and this dude looks older than brad!!!!!

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