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The Gosselins Have Good Housekeeping

The Gosselins Have Good Housekeeping

The Gosselin family, the stars of their own TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, take the November 2008 cover of Good Housekeeping, out Oct. 14.

Their show on TLC revolves around their eight children—fraternal twin girls and sextuplets (three girls and three boys). Pictured L to R, T to B: Leah, Kate, Jon, Hannah, Joel, Mady (twin), Kara (twin), Collin, Alexis and Aaden.

TV viewers enjoyed the fun and chaotic Good Housekeeping cover photo shoot during last night’s (Monday, October 6) episode of J&K+8. The article in Good Housekeeping also features an exclusive excerpt from The Gosselins’ new book, “Multiple Blessings” (cover picture below).

Click inside for quotes from Jon & Kate‘s interview…

During the First Months with Eight Children
KATE: “There were days I just wanted to cover my head with a pillow. But I knew my babies were counting on me, and I had to keep it together. I had to keep it together for Jon, who was falling apart – he’d been laid off when I was pregnant and was applying for every job under the sun.”

The Strain on their Marriage
KATE: “But our marriage is going to go through many more years of fine-tuning. Right now it’s taking a beating, because we have a house full of children. People see us arguing, and they say ‘When will Kate and Jon split up?’ Well, never. He’s the only one who’s been by my side through all of this.”

Life Will Never Be Normal Again
KATE: “People come here and say, ‘I feel like I’m watching your show.’ That’s because this is our show. We will never feel normal again, TV show or not. Does anyone see a family with twins and sextuplets every day? No. It took me until the little kids were almost two to completely accept it.”

Parenting Eight Kids
KATE: “I’m trying to focus on the enjoyable moments, rather than keeping them clean every minute. You have to realize you’re setting the rules for life. With six, we have no room for error.”
KATE: “It’s hard to turn my brain off at night. When I choose Leah to take to the grocery store, and I don’t know when I can tell the rest of them when their chances will be, that’s guilt.”
KATE: “Mady will come in and close the toilet lid and sit there and talk to me while I’m in the shower. I like to hear what they have to say. For me, that’s more like normal parenting.”

When They’re All Grown Up
JON: “I suddenly realized that I’m going to have five son-in-laws.”
KATE: “I have very vivid dreams of our family in the future – a house full of love, laughter, and lots of grandkids to spoil. I’m already worried about that empty-nest syndrome. Just as they came in a big group and overwhelmed us, they will likely leave in a big group, and the quiet will be even more deafening.”

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  • Stella

    i love that family!

  • aurelia

    may God bless this family !!!

  • Sweet

    i love that family too! Thats such a unike situation..I look foardward to the show!

  • WOW!

    I am glad they are here .I am glad all of the children and the mother is well. I am glad the children donot hae any effects from being premeis of multiples like cerebal palsy, low iq, eye and hearing damage,spinal probelms, etc. The list goes on and on. they had twins . Why not count your blessings then and not take any meds to try for another. Most people do not get twins or even one. Mybe just one child. Two is a nice number. When you take meds. etc., to conceive, you run the risk of multiples. I would like to hear from the couples who hve mulitples who have special needs children due to them being multiples.

  • serena

    love them…its such a pleasure to see them on tlc…
    god bless them…

  • lisa

    I love this show, the kids are adorable and jon and kate make it seem so easy when its clearly the most difficult task of life. Its amazing to me how much they grow over the course of the documentery. I look forward to seeing them grow thorugh out the years, hopefully if the show ends, TLC will keep in touch and let us, the viewers see how they have grown!!!!

  • Original jpf

    Love this crew. I saw them on a show and they were a riot and so darn cute!


  • peace

    Nice family, God Bless them and keep them safe.

  • tiffany

    Those kids are so adorable!

  • TLC Viewer

    Kate is a control freak and Maddie is a total brat with some major issues. Jon is cool I wish them the best.

  • jo

    those kids are too adorable! i love watching it everytime i see it on t.v.

  • go sox!!!

    Now THAT is an adorable family!!!!!!!! Love the show; it shows how together they are as parents, how disciplined their household is, and how well adjusted all those beautiful children are!!! THanks Jared!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Kemp

    It’s a fun show to watch. I just don’t want to be the one in that family who has to cook a big thanksgiving dinner for everyone that night.

  • kat

    who would’nt be a control freak if you had 10 kids running around. nothing would get done. i think jon and kate balance each other out. the kids are too cute, but i do agree that Maddie is a little brat

  • sammy ki

    i love this show
    all 8 kids are adorable!!!

  • Georgia Lee

    Kate is a control freak and Maddie is a total brat with some major issues. I think Kate puts her husband down all the time…she has to be the boss. John is very cool, but should stand up to Kate. The little kids are so cute.

  • crabbie
  • jon&katerock

    i love them i watc their show every monday their kids are to cute
    #17 crabbie you need to get a life

  • samantha

    if maddie was my kid I’d beat the fucking shit outta her. she’s such a little cunt.

  • http:/loigirl lori

    ugly kids.

  • trish.

    haha. i love this family.
    they are too adorable.

    my fav lil kid is collin and my fav girl is hannah and kara.
    they all are cute though.

  • Paula

    LOL – the Gosselins have a personal chef that will delivery Thanksgiving dinner PLUS flowers directly to their home. Come on people, you haven’t fallen for the sham that are these 2? They are exploiting their children for total monetary gain. They are this generations Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker – they have no shame. And speaking of shame – shame on Good Housekeeping for contributing to the exploitation of these children.

  • Rebecca

    Does anyone remember the Dionne quints? If not, research them. The Gosselin kids are in for a rough ride if their parents don’t stop pimping them out for money.


    Just seeing how they put this together on last nights Access Hollywood
    The meltdown the kids had.. until a woman started a puppet show for
    the kids..

    They are not money grubbing family.. Just showing what life is like with
    8 kids.. Lets get rid of all reality shows…

    This is about a real family dealing with 8 kids on a daily basis…

  • Mary

    I love that show!!!! Great to see them on a magazine cover

  • Kim

    I watch their show too. Jon just cracks me up , he is is hilarious with his facial expressions :D . Joel looks so mischievous there, I wonder what he is thinking and Hannah’s smile cracks me up LOL

  • Lemon

    Wake up and smell the Juicy Juice, people….this family is a nothing but a scam! I loved this show when it first started but now it’s nothing but product placement and free trips with a free little tummy tuck for Kate and hair plugs for Jon. Do a little internet research!

  • Crystal

    Such a great family and show! Hannah’s face looks weird in the photo though. It doesn’t even look like her.

  • Julie

    I agree; who wouldn’t be a control freek. You would have to be. Obviously, #16 you have no children, or nieces or friends’ children who act like Maddie. I think they are pretty well-adjusted children considering having camera’s at you all the time.

    She and Jon’s relationship works. She may beat him up a little bit, but he takes it great – he’s hilarious – and it works for them.

    I love this family!

  • ME

    But yet many of you think Angelina Jolie is a great, caring and wonderful mom.

    You hypocrites. Angelina DOES have help (nannies, helpers, cooks, chauffers). How many properties???


    And who keep taking ONLY PART of her six children out in public and exposing them to the photogs?

    Who buys clothing at what designer store?

    Kate and Jon at least are married, for the most part taking care of their own, working (and that doesn’t mean the TV show either).

    GROW UP!

  • zahra

    I love this family, people need to stop being so critical.

  • zahra

    I actually a huge fan of Brad and Angelina and I love watching Jon and Kate plus 8. They are both great in my opinion.

  • lanie

    The kids are adorable …

    Ah the naysayers from GWOP. Just because something is regurgitated on the Internet multiple times does not magically make it true. Repitition is not truth. And it seems the anti-Gosselin campaign are taking a bit of a blow with the whole Pennmommy being exposed as a scam. I’m sorry for anybody who believed that tripe.

    Stop hating and just wish the best for the Gosselins. If you don’t like them, tune out.

  • lanie

    Btw, the Pennmommy incident should be a lesson to those who’ll believe anything and everything posted on the Internet.

  • trish.

    how is it for monetary gain?

    They’re showing families that they should respect and value each other. It’s not like the kids are bad and they just let them be bad.

    Kate has to be strict because she has 8 kids. she doesnt have 2 that she can just be like “oh okay, youll do whatever you want” because if she has that attitude…it’ll mess her up in the end.

    maybe they are getting money. BUT, it’s for the better. you dont know where those money are going to..maybe for the 8 kids college fund. you never know.

  • blah

    The TV show pays for mostly everything they have. They are pimping out thier kids. What is so great about that?

  • emmie

    I’m gonna go both sides here~ For one, they are adorable, and a “normal family”: the marriage has issues, the twins definately have thier issues, and the 6 tots have some too. I’ve watched since the tots were babies. That being said, I can’t help but say this family is SPOILED! They get to go places and see things that most american familys can’t…times 10!!! Kate can come off as such a bitchh sometimes, so it’s not suprising at some of these posts. I’m kinda getting sick of seeing them (people mag last week)

  • ugly

    the boys and little girls are cute, but the older girls are downright UGLY! Yuck!

  • trish.

    are you guys morons?

    They pay for that because they want to show PEOPLE who are watching that even though you have 8 LITTLE KIDS you can still do everyday things.

    that’s the whole purpose of the freakin show.

    To show people that even though they didnt ask for 8 kids. that’s what they got. the producers or whoever puts kate and john and the 8 kids into situation FUN OR NOT to show people that it is POSSIBLE.

    who gives a flyin duck if they’re paying for their trips? you arent paying for it. THEY are.

    obviously you people who talk crap about the show arent really watching closely.

    even kate says that.

  • trish.

    if i had 8 kids. i would do the same thing as Kate. and wouldnt care what people say.

    you guys dont know what’s goin on because you arent Kate.
    having 1 kid is heck of a lot of work…8?

    i’m just giving her props for being like that to her kids. Because these kids will grow up and be amazing.

  • guest

    love love love that show!!!

  • lanie

    Actually, some who claim child exploitation watch the show anyway. I once made the mistake of visiting a J & K message board on IMDB, and I noticed there were a good number of naysayers who accuse the Gosselins of child exploitation, but at the same time, those same people continue to watch the show, and it’s simply for the purpose of nitpicking, especially on Kate. It’s complete hypocrisy. I’m not a Kate fan, but spewing some crass words against a family doesn’t really help the children.

    I do feel that the show should end soon (maybe within a couple of years at the most) so that the family does get some form of normalcy (whatever is normal for a family that has twins and sixtuplets). That’s just my opinion, but whatever works for the family is their decision.


    Oh my god best show ever haha.

  • Ashley

    Their show has got to be the best on television! I can watch re-runs multiple times and not get bored. I love Jon & Kate’s relationship and the kids are just precious. I hope they keep the cameras in their lives throughout their childhood so I can see ‘em grow up. :)

  • to 4

    do i detect some jealousy on your part??

  • Ashley

    I also must say, to those of you who seem to be criticizing the family and labeling them as ‘spoiled’ because they get many opportunities to visit places, etc, wow. If anything, I’m happy to see the kids get out there and experience things. Every child should go to Disneyworld, I probably wouldn’t be the same person if I never went!

  • cj

    I agree with #27 used to love the show but Kate should really lighten up on her kids. She is always saying she wants to create memories for her kids, oh and she is but not good ones. As long as there is interest in this family, they will continue to get their free stuff. Wait until you see the house they are having built!

  • cj

    I agree with #27 used to love the show but Kate should really lighten up on her kids. She is always saying she wants to create memories for her kids, oh and she is but not good ones. As long as there is interest in this family, they will continue to get their free stuff. Wait until you see the house they are having built!

  • lanie

    Who cares if they get free stuff? Some people are lucky in life, some aren’t. That’s just life. They happen to be lucky. I’m sure if many of their critics were in their spot, they would dive into the freebies happily. Heck, I envy the Gosselins b/c they get to do and have things for free, and I wish I’d have similar opportunities.

  • Dave

    Why do they look so Chinese? Isn’t their father Chinese?