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Halle Berry - "Esquire" November 2008

Halle Berry -

Halle Berry has been dubbed the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in the November 2008 issue of Esquire.

The mag’s inside photo spread features Halle looking sexy, modeling tank tops with Esquire covers printed on the front.

“I don’t know exactly what it means, but being 42 and having just had a baby, I think I’ll take it,” says Halle, who gave birth to daughter Nahla six months ago. “Sexiness is a state of mind – a comfortable state of being. It’s about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments… I share this title with every woman, because every woman is a nominee for it at any moment.”

Read the feature WRITTEN by Halle Berry herself at Apparently she’s a forearm girl!

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry in Esquire

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Photos: Cliff Watts for Esquire
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  • Jenny

    uhh i havent seen the pics for halley berry’s daughter yet i hav to see it

  • downgrade

    Media whore, this is where she is good at, whoring herself. That’s where her place is,she should also do some porn covers if that could help her career..,she is getting so low to sell hersefl im wondering what she will do next .

  • newport beach, 92660

    she looks pretty gorg , but its not fair . . . didn’t she like give birth ?


    my step mom gave birth to my step twins 8 years ago ; and she’s STILL a fattie who never get up from her lazy asss to do anything.

    lucky Halle , and her boyfriend (or husband? : | ) is veeery niiice! : D

  • mclovin

    Damn!! Halle’s rocking those tshirts! She’s so hot!

    Sarah Palin an MILF? Compared to Halle, Hell NO!

  • http://belinda belinda

    everything from her complexion to her arms, to her tummy to her everything is perfect. gosh, lucky girl!

  • sgs

    Hey seems like granma is trying too hard to look young, she is so ridiclous,sorry halle but you’re 42 now, you could even get naked on the cover and play a streaper you’ll not change the fact that you’re old, and that’s your time is counting in hollywood, you’re not helping and doing your career a favor like this,that looks like a smell of Demi Moore at her 40′s with her movie streaptease at a that age these kind of old grannies are ready for anything and go crasy for the attention to look young. Pathetic .

  • aeon


  • Women for Obama

    I wonder why women take photos like that. It is so shallow.

  • whatever

    I think that is a good choice. Everyone sells themsevles out for in Hollywood.

  • mccain smells

    She looks very good for a 40 year old. Lots of men will get bonners for sure.

  • dwayne

    Fake boobs, Fake nose….what else ? surgery egerie…sorry but im into the natural type of beauty i perfer the natural beauties , not the fake xxx look .

  • Buffed

    She is a Yoga fanatic and works out constantly. It’s a good idea, particularly when you’re past 40.

  • tj

    The pictures looked painted wow that’s what i call photoshopped to death.

  • xx

    I think Halle is and has always been extremely beautifull with a banging body BUT, she never evoques for me ‘super S EX’., you know the kinda vibes that gives you a heart attack and chills everytime you see her. It’s like Charlize, they are damn fine but the ‘hot’ thing they are not.

    I don’t know, i think that Robin Givens was insanly hot but less beautiful. At some point Elizabeth Hurley, Monica belluci, Sade were hot….I don’t know something with the body movements, a feline grace, the stare, the voice or a combination of all of that and much more…

    Now one very, very hot mama with a banging body and some hotness vibes is : STACY DASH !!!

  • bitchetta

    Halle sure hasn’t gotten her figure back since she gave birth……she still looks fat……is that why she kept that t-shirt on cause her midriff is still fucked up…….with all that money, girl, go get a trainer and tone up that mid-section. Still fat.

  • gina
  • that’s low

    Im sure your littel daughter will be proud of you halle , proud seeing her mama pictured legs opened, what an example, show some self estime geez you are 42 and had a baby, what would you do next for attention to sell yourself ,where will be the limit ? whoring your daughter with you maybe ?

  • dee

    Halle is fab at 42. And I love the way she looks now. She is sexier and happier being over 40 and a mom. Halle you go girl!

  • levis

    Does she have a movie to sell at least ?in other words is she doing her actress-job ? or she did it just to sell her body and private life ?

  • dkdk

    i love Halle i think she’s hot but most of all i like her personality.

  • dkdk

    i love Halle i think she’s hot but most of all i like her personality.

  • kaylee

    I LOVE IT!!! Hate all you want to TROLLS! Halle is sexy and beautiful. GET OVER IT!

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap

    she’s hot!

  • lakers

    That reminds me of charlize theron’s 2007 esquire sexiest woman alive pics whene she was wearing a top as well , i like them both.

  • MarieMJS

    She looks awesome, and has a fantastic body… You can criticize all you want but she’s gorgeous, too bad she isn’t such a great actress :)

  • dkdk

    Stop hating bitches, Halle is just being herself.

  • dkdk

    why assume that its white girls that are hating? wtf, im not black & i’ve been saying how i like Halle. Whoever said that it’s the white women who are hating on Halle is a very stupid person.

  • mike

    love her!

  • Jada

    Halle looks great for 42! And I am black but I don’t think all white women are hating on Halle. There’s pessamistic people in each race. But I do think Halle looks nice.

  • jo78

    @# 19 levis

    Does she have a movie to sell at least ?in other words is she doing her actress-job ? or she did it just to sell her body and private life ?

    NO, she is just doing her slutty-media hoe -job ,she need this to live,and then she got the nerve to talk about the “privacy” lol .

    dkdk/ what i don’t like the most is her fake personality, her fake hypocrite personality of media slut,all what she is doing now is selling her private life but then she screams about her private life???.and don’t get me started with her freak disorder personality issues, and the way she treat badly her assistants .

  • Erin

    Wonder how much her people paid for her to get this title. She is hardly the sexiest! No, I’m not white either. There are far sexier black women (Nicole Ari-Parker, Kerry Washington, Nia long, Gabrielle Union etc.) that’s for sure!

  • Maria

    she looks awesome well deserving of the title :D

  • Tisha

    Halle is a very beautiful woman, beautiful skin and nice personality but sexiness I think is when a woman without showing you any skin, looks at you or touches you and you just overwhelming yearn for her. If a look or touch from a woman can do that, then that’s sexy. Few woman in hollywood ooz sexiness.

  • Yazza

    Halle is ONE OF the most beautiful women alive. Not THE MOST beautiful. I’m not haten but there are OTHER beautiful black women in hollywood besides Halle. I am so sick of these stupid white magazines crissening HALLE allllllll the time. Again, I am not haten. I am a fan of Halle’s but this is ridiculous. I think thy do this because she is half white. And that’s STUPID. Soooo many BEAUTIFUL BLACK women in hollywood don’t get recognized and its not fair. Thank God for black publication like Smooth mag, Black Men mag, Ebony, Jet, and so many others who give us the beauty of ALLL shades of black women. I am so glad these magazines are MORE versitile.

  • wtf

    What the hell?

    There are sexier women than her.

    And her arms are fat.

  • Kimberly

    Halle looks amazing. She’s 42 and just had a baby, she’s fabulous. Love her!

  • Go Halle!

    Halle Berry’s skin looks so golden and creamy — like those divine Dove chocolates. I am so happy because she is so happy, and the ugly jealous people can’t do anything to ruin her happiness. I am more fond of Halle now than I ever was in the years past when she was still dating and marrying those bozos. Her good fortune was destined because she’s such a good, decent gal. She’s beautiful inside and outside. Love her.

  • http://belinda belinda

    halle looks better than most women do at 19, 25, 30, 40, or 50. goddess. losers who can’t see it are bitter. hot hot hot hot hot woman. she could take your man anytime anywhere.

  • Halle’s t & a….

    Halle pimping herself again as she always does like all of the t & a pictures from most of her career.

  • Kali C

    Go Halle! She looks amazing.

  • Esquire URLs
  • Esquire URLs….ooops
  • loloa

    wow, im shocked at all the hate. i really am wow.

    yes why do female A stars pose for these silly mags. i dunno the same reason the beauty market is a billion dollar industry. why dont u question yourself next time u buy mascara why are u really buying it. to approve/enchance your appearance to look more appealing shesshh get over it

    she is not killing a baby lamb. some people are never satisfied

    i am not t halle fan so much, but sheshh i think she looks good at 42. 40s not even old *im 24 she puts to bed those claims that having a baby after your “clock stops ticking” bs * esp if you can afford the proper health care.

    that you can be healthy and fit past ur 20s. she looks great regadless of photoshop and all

    start congratulating and things make actually change in the entertainment industry.

  • bella

    I wish I had her figure. . . she is so pretty :(

  • imboredwiththis

    I am white and she is a beautiful woman….and PEOPLE 42 is not old….Jeeez

  • angela

    She’s beautiful. There are many girls who are going to say something mean just because it’ll make them feel better.


    The real Halle Berry has a flat chest and big nose. Always putting the fakes on display for the world to see. Its boring. Maxim is a joke.

  • go

    Halle Berry, Charlize Theron these are the true beauties. Unfortunately people today talk as if “hot” means Meagan Foxx, Jessica Biel or Simpson. They look cheapy and tacky to me. Halle, Charlize, Catharine Zeta-Jones are a throwback to Dorothy Dandridge, Kim Novak, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner. Too bad people don’t appreciate this and think you have to look like a slut to be hot. What about classy beauties?

  • Jure

    TO poster # 6: This is 21 st century. 42 and already consider grandma?! Look at her?! I bet you must be pissed off because even in your 20′s you will never look as good as she looks in her 40′s. So many jelaous girls here…..Let the women get photographed! Even these shirts suit her because she has great body. Get a life people. Envy makes you even more uglier…..She has beauty, handsome man, baby, job…let her be happy.

  • lia

    i taught it was leona lewis for a few seconds