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Halle Berry is "Working" on Having More Kids

Halle Berry is
  • Halle Berry and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry are “working” on having more kids.
  • David Duchovy is out in the wild.
  • Charlize Theron might lose $20 million in watch lawsuit.
  • Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson stop for candy.
  • Aubrey O’Day hugs her pet pooch.
  • Is Jessica Simpson engaged to Tony Romo?
  • There’s more Halloween in Hollywood.
  • Tina Fey‘s first two Sarah Palin sketches this season drew 5 million Web views within the first 48 hours, according to SNL. In other Fey news, the 30 Rock star has landed a book deal reportedly worth $6 million.
  • Late Show executives and John McCain reps are negotiating an appearance on David Letterman‘s show sometime around the final presidential debate on Oct. 15, sources tell The Post.
  • Madonna, whose Sticky & Sweet tour stopped at Madison Square Garden last night for the first of several shows, has already raked in $120 million from this, her seventh world tour
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  • brenda

    Damn! Did Halle forget her girdle!???

  • mike

    She’s gorgeous!

  • kristi

    kinda looks like they already are

  • HalleGabriel

    Such an enchanting couple.

  • Oh Please

    Oh please…Halle’s not pregnant again…post baby fat she hasnt’ lost. Don’t buy the crap on US…until it’s confirmed I won’t buy her having another kid yet with her arranged sperm donor who only appears when she need him to show, when he wants to show up, when he needs money etc.

    How would he know if Nahla’s almost walking, he’s never or hardly around?

    Also, if they’re so in love in their committed relationship/arrangement, why does he have his belongings at the Coldwater Self Storage?

    Guess, we’ll find out if she delays Frankie and Alice which she is ‘supposed’ to start in a few weeks finishing up in December–guess those interested in this will have to do the waiting game. Not me have better things to do.

  • Bennetton

    These two are so smoking together. I hope Halle’s dream of more babies comes through.

  • Go Giants

    I agree they look like they already are there.She should. She has had the career. Got the Emmy.Got the Oscar. She is 42, in Hollyweird age for a woman that is 62. You cannot kiss or live for an Emmy or Oscar. You cannot watch them grow or have a life with them. The media, public and face time on screen as an actress ends too. Move on to real life and value that. This man seems to be private.It is called being private so being out with her is out enough.he works. He does not nor does she need to expolit their private lives. Be real. Learn .

  • http://Gpost Team Lara Croft

    you all only WISH you looked like Halle. This woman is perfection. Put up your pic in a bikini next to hers in a bikini and see how you compare. If this woman walked into your office or your party – you know she would be the hottest thing there. YOU WISH your ass was as cute as hers. This body is perfection. GIMME A BREAK. The woman posting and saying she is not that hot are deep in envy. Hang your head in envy and pig out on your Haagen Dazs and shut up. You can’t look like this woman. No way, no how. Halle has a PERFECT body. PERFECT. Gorgeous woman. Any person who says otherwise knows they would get laughed at. You wish you looked like her. You wish. In YOUR dreams.

  • Zoe Moon

    #5 – Obviously, you do not know anything about that man to make those kinds of assumptions. He has his own money. He is a model and he owns his own business. He is a restaurateur in New York to be more precise. If I remember correctly it is a Cuban inspired restaurant. He is a private person. So what if you do not see him out and about. He has his own life.

    People who are hiding behind their computers bad mouthing others are pathetic. You can hide, but you can still prove you are ignorant. We do not have to see your face.

  • dee

    Good luck to Halle and Gabriel. I read Gabriel is 1 out of 9 kids. And Halle has an older sister. So I can understand why they would want a little sister or brother for Nahla. They look so happy and I wish the best for their family. BTW They have got to be the pretties family in hollywood.

  • purlease!


    You sound like a jilted lover or something. How would you know where he keeps his belongings at the Coldwater Self Storage? Did he make you pack them up and take them there? Or did you follow him there once he told you he has Halle and your lousy services are no longer needed?

    I’m with #9 on this one. It’s easy for people to spew all kinds of ignorant nonsense behind a computer screen. I betmoney you couldn’t hold a candle to Ms. Berry.

  • jazzie

    Good luck to them, but I hope they will get married before any more children. They might not think it’s necessary, but the children will. If they love each other, why not marry? I know she’s had bad luck with her previous marriges, but she didn’t have kids with them nor the commitment she obviously has with Gabriel.

  • mac

    It’s so funny,Halle was attacking angelina and brad for their adopted kids and now it’s looks like the old granny want to copy theme having more kids..but how she’s 42 she’ll certainly adopt like theme , so before starting your jealous bitchness about other people halle think twice.

  • OhPlease reply

    No I am female who likes to poke fun of you jokers on Just Jared. While I really do wish the best of luck on having more kids.

    Aubry’s restaurant closed in February. Known fact. Jared even had a piece on it. Check the archives.

    Halle and Gabe were at Coldwater Self Storage–several blogs and sites posted it over the weekend. Check Google for articles on Halle’s new Coty scent.

    Just regurgitating what’s on the internet. BTW both of you might think twice about judging people with your false claims. Looks like you’re the ones who hide behind your computers. LMAOROTF

  • purlease!

    Whatever # 14. No false claims here, just judging you like you’re judging them. Doesn’t feel good, does it?

    You calling him a sperm donor and insinuating that he doesn’t participate in the life of his child, just red carpet events because that’s all you see presented in magazines, is ignorant. If they had every moment of their lives played out in the media, then you’ll be on here complaining that they are media whores. There’s just no pleasing you, huh?

  • purlease!

    BTW, how are you making fun of us “jokers on Just Jared” by talking bad about them? Not buying it. Hater.

  • SSdd-ignore the haters!

    SSDD…what’s with all the hate from always the same people, no offense? Like I have said before, why pay any attention to the haters, maybe if we ignore them they’ll go away, what a concept????

  • becky

    oh please #5 you seem to be on ever website that has a article on halle berry and gabriel. are you obsessed with there relationship, are you a jilted ex lover of gabriels whats really your problem you know so much about them do you find the time to work or use the bathroom you seem crazy no wonder she hires bodyguards for people like you get a life worry about your relationship if you have one or maybe you think gabriel yours something is wrong with you maybe your filled with jealousy your crazy

  • dummy


  • Still ssdd?

    SSDD…still giving the haters power…ignore them. How do you know they’re on the same sites unless you go to them…no offense don’t become like them. I have better things to do than to go to other sites on the web. But to each his own.

  • SSdd-ignore the haters! again

    SSDD…still giving the haters power? Just plain ignore them like #17 said. How do you know they’re on the same sites unless you go to them…no offense don’t become like them. I have better things to do than to go to other sites on the web. But to each his own.

  • peace

    #14 Get a Life

  • good luck

    Good luck to them, hope it happens for them if that’s what they both really want. It takes more for goals to manifest than just putting it out there which I hope he’s not doing. Besides the obvious, for it to happen, it also takes one backing up their words with the appropriate action from all around…i.e. being around more, actually helping out more with Nahla (which he may already do), following through on what he says i.e. if he says he’s going to take her and the baby to Greece than do it, etc. Not just talk about it.

    Still could happen, hope he he’s not spouting off words or repeating what Halle wants him to say or he thinks what people want him to say regardless if they actually may be trying to have more kids which I am sure they are since Halle/they have said it before.

    Yep#14/5 does need to get a life. What’s up w/ your obsession w/the storage thing? Of course, he’s committed ya dumby!

  • Yazzza

    Sorry, but I hate the fact the she was preggers by that rat looking man. I mean, he is not attractive to me. Maybe, tho, he treats her better then the @$$holes who used and abused her. From the looks of it he might be THE ONE for Halle. I want her to be happy cause she definitely deserve it. The black guys she was with really treated her bad. And its sad you have to cross the color line to find happiness. So I wish her the best.

  • thanks for the update Gabe!

    Thanks for the update Gabe. Nothing wrong with you sharing your private life with us, hope it does happen, even if it’s funny coming from a guy who hates talking to the media and the pappis being oh so private, oh well. Wish you both well. Let’s hope you’ll actually be able to back it up by actually being there or around more than you have been over the last 7-8 months.

    Great there will be more photos of the baby watch as the pappis following them constantly, them/Halle complain to the press, the weekly,daily updates of the baby watch, her going on Oprah again etc.

    Nothing wrong with sharing your plans with us. But you and Halle need to work more on keeping your private life private. The blogs/press will still print engagement/marriage plans every time Halle’s wearing the ring, they’ll still hound you on other matters, still print conflicting reports on Halle’s career plans,etc.

    Not being mean here, have better things to do than get caught up again with the baby plans/watch-great for those who do, have fun!

  • Publicity stunt for HALLE?

    Possible publicity stunt for Halle’s new fragrance line, HALLE which she said is her 2nd baby…guess Gabby didn’t hear that part of it since he hasn’t been around much over the last 7-8 months.

    What was all the arguing about the storage shed stuff, who cares if Aubry has anything in storage or where he does? Really!

  • love the pix

    Love the pix….so what happens to that movie Frankie and Alice Halle was supposed to be making soon? Isn’t her parfume line supposed to coming out in March w/her making store appearances, can see her trapsing across the US and the globe at 6-7 months pregnant to promote it, nice going Einstein!