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Jennifer Lopez: Scientology School For The Twins!

Jennifer Lopez: Scientology School For The Twins!

Jennifer Lopez is chiffon chic in Dolce & Gabbana at ELLE Magazine’s 15th Annual “Women in Hollywood” Tribute held at The Four Seasons on Monday in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old mom recently opened up about sending her 7-month-old fraternal twins, Max and Emme, to Scientology school someday.

When asked if she’d consider schooling her son and daughter in a Scientology school, Jennifer said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind,” she told The Daily Beast. “Not at all. Because I know that the technologies that they have are very helpful…It’s all about communication. That’s the thing I really don’t like about talking about this. I do know so many great people who do do it, who choose it as a lifestyle and really follow it and it is their religion…I just wish that people wouldn’t judge it without knowing what it is.”

To read more on Jennifer talking about mommy blues, breastfeeding and her “nervous breakdown”, visit

Pictured below: Jennifer‘s actress pal and fellow Scientologist Leah Remini.

WOULD YOU SEND your kids to Scientology school???

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  • Stella

    oh great…another one bites the dust.

  • Izzy


  • jacqueline

    heck no

  • lindsay

    darn i really liked her.

  • boogie

    ugh. This is one celebrity that I do not respect or care for.

    Maybe by the time her twins are school aged- she will have grown a better brain.

  • Jill

    WOULD YOU SEND your kids to Scientology school???

    Hell no.

  • ELZA

    ooh please Daily Beast ?! bunch of crap.

  • sara

    of course she says she wouldn’t mind she has a bunch of celebrity friends who are scientologist , saying no would be dissing them.

  • jetson

    She looks so fuckuble

  • Jim

    that title is misleading when asked if she’s a scientologist in the interview she says: No !!

  • ExFan

    What can we expect from (another) a high school drop-out from the Bronx? bet Tommy boy didn’t tell about the little aliens and the bosy thetans.

    She knows nothing about any educational methods, only the one Tom Cruise told her about. Try the Montesorri Method, Jenny from the Block.

    She is a twit and I will now NEVER buy another movie ticket or record.

    Later Bimbo!

  • marie

    HELL NO. haha

    i read about it and that religion just doesnt make sense like at all. and this is coming from a very religiously open minded person.

  • Halli

    Its up to her what she wants to teach her children. But Scientology is a bats-hit crazy pseudo-religion. There are countries in Europe that classify it as a cult and not a legitimate religion or church.

  • Gossipgrrl

    that’s because she can’t hear their silent screams of protest.
    Look at what these scientologist creeps have done to poor Suri:—-dlisted



    I love your site, I visit it everyday. However there is a lack of “GREEK” Information. Greek is a wonderful show on ABCFAMILY and it rarely gets any exposure. It’s a new kind of Animal House, with Fraternity Rivals and Beer Pong and who dosen’t love that? However, the show is overshadowed by Gossip Girl and 90210 and I think your blog can help. There is a terrific cast involved in the show, including Kelsey Grammer’s daughter. I would love to see more info on the cast and filming pictures and such. We get overloaded on Gossip Girl and 90210 junk, that I would love to see a more grown up show, for college age students, to get a little recognition. It is terrific. Just a suggestion, you’ll be loved for it…

    Love Ya, Keep Up The Great Work….


    You know she is absolutely right about people judging scientology without even knowing wat it was about first. I admit i was just like all of you, criticizing it and people who were apart of it. I didn’t want to be like that without actually knowing what it was all about so out of curiosity i checked it out online. I have to say i was very surprised by what i saw. There really is nothing i can say bad about it. I would actually call it more of a community to be part of more than a religion because any one can be part of it. It’s not like you have to drop all your other religious beliefs to be part of it. I’m actually willing to try it. Just all i’m saying is don’t judge things until you know what it’s all about.

  • boogie

    # 16- you might want to read more information……there are two sides to it.

    here is one I found:

  • frank

    just another thing to add to my list of not liking this person

  • yuck

    another useless broad.

  • Diana is a Scientologist #16

    What part of Scientology did you fin so nice?

    The part where after spending over 300k you make it to the top level to realize that the “religion” made up by a bad science fiction novelist is based on an intergalactic warlord named XENU who packed the masses of the galaxies around Earth’s volcanoes and blew them up with Hydrogen bombs dropped from DC-10s and that their spirits or “body thetans” cover all Earthling bodies even today and the ONLY way to free yourself from these “negative body thetan” is to join the cult of Sciento9logy and give them almost all of your money and disown every one you know, including family, who doesn’t also believe in the warlord Xenu?

    Or, don’t they teach this to the lower level worker bee Scientologists.

    Do yourself a favor, escape your handlers, use the computer at a library, search XENU.NET. Read every word of every link, it will take a few hours.

    Then run like hell!

  • Amanda

    #16, I’ve read about it. And I believe none of the bullshit that comes out of it. We didn’t come from aliens. Or we weren’t born without souls just for the aliens to take over our bodies. I believe in other life forms, yes but I do not believe that our souls are that of aliens. It’s a bunch of crap.

  • Amanda

    # 20, you know on South Park they explained it just like that? That show is dumb but they explained it just like that. And the leaders or whatever were so upset about it. You have to pay such an outrageous amount of money just to find out a bunch of CRAP.
    This ‘ religion ‘ is a waste of time, a big fat fucking scam. And whoever wastes their time spending insane amounts of money for something bogus such as this, needs to see a shrink.

  • Zulu

    she is looking good :)~

  • no no no

    holy shit…. JLO is a stupid media wh+re!
    Marc Anthony has nothing to say hm? all the jlo’s-cruise-holmes sects are freaking me aaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

    poor kids!

  • Zulu

    I want 2take her to Hawaii and lay’r

  • boo

    You have to remember that J-wash-up loves power. Sending your children to scientology school will give them a leg up in the entertainment business cuz they will be around the children of powerful people.
    Jlo only deals with people that take her somewhere in life (Diddy for career/ music, Ben for films, Marc for the latinos.) so this should be no surprise.
    I would never send my kids to a scientology school cuz it’s still a school in America. I want my kids to be truly multi-lingual (like my family) & cultured with the ability to understand people from all over the world and that cannot happen at the elementary level in the USA.

  • Mihay

    Oh great, ruining 2 more lives. Poor babies!

  • Mihay

    Oh great! Ruin a couple more lives why don’t you, Jennifer. She must not want much for her kids if she wants them to be part of that cult.

  • zoe

    she looks good. love the chiffon dress. she looks good for her age. the title is misleading. but i still think sending kids to scientology school is creepy. more and more celebrities are becoming scientologist…great

  • can’t argue with success

    Yes, follow that cult, because Leah R. had so much luck with her overweight, bottle drinking, bed wetting , still in diapers daughter. Suri Cruise is right behind her, with no socks and shoes and coat. She probably still drinks the barley water, but now they hide it.

  • cain

    I used to think she’s super smart…but I admit now, I was terribly wrong.

  • idiot

    Did anyone really expect any more from this bimbo?

    Two more lives that never had a chance.

  • Julien

    I really hope this is a joke!!!

  • Sarah

    What does she mean when she says “I know that the technologies that they have are very helpful…It’s all about communication.” ? Does anyone know?

  • He

    I find it very funny though that ppl
    Are quick to judge a belief system
    That doesn’t bother you at all
    Yet you have to quickly assume it’s
    Crap because you are so convinced
    In whatever you believe in is absolute
    There’s enough room for all beliefs
    And Im sure the higher being can
    Handle all situations.

  • andamentothat

    Why JLo.. why? Is it because you are thinking of landing a film role with Will Smith or Tom Cruise.. Its not worth it. Does Marc know about this stupid talk of yours? Seriously, what technologies do they have that other private schools dont – is it communicating with the other galaxies what you seek for your children?

    Pls dont let Posh be next on this bandwagon.. I really think she has more guts than this BS.. Beckham, not so much.

  • Maria (Shorty)


    This arse of a woman HAD to say ‘Yes’, ’cause she’s friends with Tiny Tom and his Robot wife. She’s such an idiot! All she had to say was, “Next Question”. NEVER liked and now I CAN’T STAND THE SIGHT OF HER!!

  • He

    wow such hate
    It hurts
    I see a LOT of reaction
    And they call this a cult LOL
    I want to say it soooo bad!!!!!!!
    (yosimity Sam yelling)

  • emma

    #16 is probably a scientologist puppet from their secret agency the OSA posting misleading propaganda. $cienology is a cult of greed and you have to be a moron to think study tech is anything but a tool to indoctrinate children in to the cult.

    Read about it at:

    Get the details yourself and make up your own mind. You wouldn’t want your kids to learn this stuff, believe me.

  • boogie

    To Sarah- What does she mean when she says “I know that the technologies that they have are very helpful…It’s all about communication.” ? Does anyone know?

    she probably does NOT know what she is talking about. Just rambling on like the bimbo she is.

  • irene

    It’s great that she’s not the only Latina in HW, nor the most talented, as a Latina myself I’m ashamed that she will turn into a poster celeb child for latino Scientocult…

  • Joe American

    It’s okay for a Scientologist to lie about not being a Scientologist, as long as it KSW’s or “Keeps Scientology Working”.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Did she say, “It’s all about communication”? HOW ABOUT BRAIN WASHING!!! That’s more like it!! I could just slap PDiddy for messing with this chick and putting her ‘out there’.

  • lorenawoods

    now why do you suppose she just went and killed her own career??? what a fool. seeya j.lo, have a nice journey

  • Mr. Horse

    Lopez’s father was a Scientologist pre-Cruise, #11.

    It’s also that you won’t see another movie of hers because of her religious beliefs. She’s not even a Scientologist and hasn’t put her kids in a Scientology school.

    Greek is one of my favorite shows, #15! Max and Casey 4EVA!

  • Helena

    Jared, way to misinterpret what she said!

  • may

    She said what??I can´t believe it.Jennifer,what happened to you??????How can you say “”"” I do know so many great people who do do it, who choose it as a lifestyle and really follow it and it is their religion”"”"”?It´s a sect,come on!! I´ve often defended her,but I can´t say anything positive about that

  • http://msn Roy

    Because several children who’ve gone to Sciengology schools ended up on the National Honor Role, and as most kids leaving public school can’t spell honor role, I’d have to say “Yes I would.”

  • defap

    I am really sick of those media people. They can be so arrogant and stupid. Example? How could the evilest person in the world make to the top in German without the sick media’s enormous help? Those people have some education and skills and think they are so much more intelligent than others. In fact they are not any wiser than others. Refreshing history is good. History is the best guide. Go to see “Valkyrie”


    HEY ” MARIA ” ( SHORTY ), AND ” BOOGIE “..AGREE WITH YOU.!!!…What a sorry human Jennifer has turned out to be….The Church of the Science Fiction will LOVE draining her bank account dry!!!…..” new technologies ” ?….WHAT???…. beaming people up?….transporting others into another dimension?…..WHAT an idiot statement!!!!….Maybe the twins will be as normal as Leah’s kids, when they join the ” barley water club”….She can get ” two for one”, gallons for the babies, and if she runs out, they will ” beam over some more”…WOW !!!…NOW, I’M interested!!!!….( just kidding of course )! AND TO ” ROY “, You would send your precious children to the Science Fiction Cult Order, just because they can buy their way into a National Honor Society????….With fake grades?….Hundreds of children make the Honor Roll without attending this Barley Club….You may need to go back with your children, and spell ” roll “, right….NOT ‘ ROLE “….unless the FICTION CLUB spells it this way, which would not surprise me….