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Suri Cruise Shows Off Artwork

Suri Cruise Shows Off Artwork

Suri Cruise gets her creative juices flowing and shows off her very own creation from art class as she’s carried into her apartment by mother Katie Holmes in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

Looks like an apple to me!

Later in the evening, papa Tom Cruise was seen outside his downtown Manhattan apartment holding Suri‘s stuffed animals (rabbit and giraffe) in one hand and holding Suri‘s hand with the other.

Suri is wearing Bonpoint‘s Ballerina Shoes in silver.

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127 Responses to “Suri Cruise Shows Off Artwork”

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  1. 1
    mike Says:

    awww she’s cute!

  2. 2
    D. kay Says:

    put that kid in some normal play clothes and quit parading her around………..let her play in some mud and have some fun. Talk about wh………ring a kid.

  3. 3
    1st Says:


  4. 4
    erica Says:

    mom and baby are sooo adorable

    so what if they dress Suri like a princess because she is one and I used to dress like this too when I was a baby

  5. 5
    anon Says:


  6. 6
    lee Says:

    again, look at what everyone else is wearing=jeans, jackets,socks etc. Suri is in a sundress and nothing on her legs. these parents are morons.

  7. 7
    90210 Says:

    most beautiful baby in Hollywood

  8. 8
    FREAKS Says:

    Bodyguard is wearing a leather coat, Katie in (too tight) leather pants…..and Suri is wearing a sleeveless summer dress day and Night….and it’s 56 degrees in NYC

  9. 9
    b chick Says:

    cutie pie.
    the cutest baby from hollywood

    very artistic work btw. :)

  10. 10
    lolololol Says:

    actually its called normal. Many kids hate their shoes,socks,sweaters,blankets and they take them off.

    Oh wait why preach to hateful morons aka no lives and just look and look and look at Tom,Katie,Suri and their family all day and all night long.

  11. 11
    boogie Says:

    what’s wrong with a dress? She’s a GIRL.

    my granddaughter is 7 and has always wore a dress….she is more comfortable in them and that is her choice. She gets too hot in pants and does not like clingy stuff.

    If she wants to play in the mud- I ‘m sure she will let them know.

  12. 12
    XENU.NET Says:

    Katie is busy adjusting the blanket in the SUV to hide the diaper.

  13. 13
    anonymous Says:


    MCPALIN 2008

  14. 14
    yvonne Says:

    best and most
    admirable family
    in Hollywood

  15. 15
    dollar Says:

    yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Nick Lachey USA Says:

    Wow. Cute

  17. 17
    chessa Says:


  18. 18
    Angela Says:

    Boogie… you say if the 2 year old wants to wear a summer dress with no leggings, no jacket and if she wants to run barefoot let her?

    Ohhhhhkayyyyyyyyy…. Just wait 10 years when she is used to determining her fate. I think Drew Barrymore might be a great example of just that.

    As a parent… when it is weather that requires you as a grown up to wear warm clothes then that is what the child needs as well. If you pack up all the summer clothes then the child has NO choice but to select a warmer outfit. Also, leggings are pretty tough for the toddler to strip out of..

    Just is beyond my imagination that a parent, any parent let’s their two year old tell them what she will or wont do… JUST LAZY parenting. The easiest thing to do is let the 2 year old do what she wants. The hardest thing is to actually apply parenting skills.

  19. 19
    tom c Says:

    The bodyguards are wearing jackets and everyone in the background are wearing sweaters, blazers, etc. Night time in NYC is chilly and Suri’s sleeveless again! It’s called try-being-a-parent and not letting a 2 yr old run the show.

  20. 20
    :+ Says:

    absolutely adorable

  21. 21
    pr person Says:

    Oh for eff’s sake….. It isn’t the fact that she is wearing a dress… the problem is that she is wearing a sleeveless summer dress, with NO COAT!! Look at everyone else in the pictures! Everyone else has a coat on. Her father, Crazy, has on a long sleeved shirt. Her mother has some sort of sweater on… yet the child does not.

    The parents are such freaks! And it isn’t called “normal”. If a parent firmly states that the child must wear a jacket/sweater/coat etc because it is cold outside and that it won’t come off.. then it won’t come off. These parents are free to do whatever they want to with their child, however quit making lame excuses for poor parenting.

  22. 22
    how so Says:

    yvonne @ 10/07/2008 at 10:55 pm
    best and most
    admirable family
    in Hollywood

    explain why this is

  23. 23
    Dancer Says:

    So IS THERE A CAR SEAT in that SUV?

  24. 24
    defap Says:

    Couldn’t resist little Suri. She is looking very brave now. :)
    the best family I know in Hollywood.

  25. 25
    mel Says:

    best parents in Hollywood and they should adopt the miserable
    kids like the ones here in JJ’ s site.

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