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Ashley Tisdale - "Seventeen" November 2008

Ashley Tisdale -

Ashley Tisdale gives her HSM confessions in the November 2008 issue of Seventeen — friendship, drama, and falling in love!

The 23-year-old High School Musical 3: Senior Year star opens up about her first kiss, if she’s ever hooked up with Zac Efron and her last year as a Wildcat.

On her Disney next door neighbors: “All the Disney Channel stars live right in the same neighborhood. I live on the same street as Hilary Duff and Miley [Cyrus] – and the Jonas Brothers live down the block, and then Vanessa and Zac live right there too. It’s so funny – it’s like this whole little Disney community.”

On the kinds of guys she likes to date: “I’m always surrounded by good-looking guys, like Zac Efron. So I have to be with someone who’s not going to get jealous about any of that, or when I’m kissing somebody in a scene.”

On her costar and pal Zac Efron: “He’s so funny, and you can just chill and hang out with him. We met years ago through a mutual friend, so we were friends for a long time before HSM.”

For more Ashley Tisdale, visit This issue hits newsstands Tuesday, Oct. 14th.

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  • girlleader1

    OMG!! she looks soo pretty!!!
    her and zac belong together!!!
    i luv her soo much!!!

  • janet

    She looks sooo pretty!
    I love what’s she’s wearing in the cover! :D

  • mel

    She should stop talking ’bout Zac!! Zac is happy with Vanessa!!! Zanessa rocks! <333

  • Rusi

    Always Beautiful
    so cute

  • angelika in poland

    POLAND Nowy Sącz
    ASHLEY TISDALE very like;];*****

  • eeennnaaa

    wouldn’t it be fun to live on that street?!?

  • whitney

    that’s so funny all the Disney people are neighbors! =)

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    Vanessa better watch out or Ashley will be taking Zac back to her bedroom.

  • kan

    Is it in Toluca Lake? Or Burbank?

    Or those two are the same place? I’m not from the US so, no idea.

    She looks pretty in the cover.
    Zac is really a headliner.

  • suzy

    want to see more pics.

  • Nyna

    She looks sooo pretty!
    And I really want to live in this neighborhood!


    Pretty? Are you kidding me?? She’s butt ugly come on…

  • ashleytisdaleloverturkey

    She looks so pretty :))
    İ love Ashley so much =))

  • http://justjared shamilah

    aww ashley
    she rox!!!!!!!! pwetty than vanessa
    zac & ashley=LOVE zashley’s ute , h8 zanessa

  • disgus…..

    On her Disney next door neighbors: “All the Disney Channel stars live right in the same neighborhood. I live on the same street as Hilary Duff and Miley [Cyrus] – and the Jonas Brothers live down the block, and then Vanessa and Zac live right there too. It’s so funny – it’s like this whole little Disney community.”

    Holy shit…. I read that and I need to puke! OMG Happy Disney family !!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Kay

    WHY IS SHE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT ZAC? ashley seems like that ugly unpopular girl in high school who was always trying to hang with the cool kids.. by talking herself up.. bragging about her “friendship” with the most popular guy in school (Zac) JUST SHUP UP UGMO

    i apologize for being so rude but it needed to be said.

  • lucia angelica nomberto torres

    She looks so much pretty, I can’t describe how pretty she looks.
    She is awesome, I would like to be a neighbor, xoxo
    I love her
    She is the BEST!!!

  • grape

    oh gosh!
    i love her
    pretty as usual
    i hate vanessa!

  • Kay

    ps. she has a WONKY eye and a messed up CROOKED mouth. the nose wasn’t the problem.

  • thetruththetruth

    i think she got a lil crush on zac..i mean damn she talk about zac efron more than vanessa do

  • Lucy

    wow she looks so pretty. it would be so cool to live near everyone who you worked with :)



  • Lovesimpsonsis

    To #9!

    They live in Toluca Lake. It is near Universal Studios:)

  • Lucy

    thetruththetruth – vanessa and zac arent very public about their realationship, so thats why vanessa and zac dont talk about it that much. Ash and Zac are just mates good ones.And who doesnt have a lil crush on zac!?!?!

  • viki_vikito

    ooo come on stop talking about zac he is dating with vanessa

  • http://bla tinA

    she looks so cute here but her new hair is to dark and i dont like it and zanessa is very pretty and happy so in your dreams there is zashley and why is the zanessa so long cause they are in love they keep it private but so private,i just saw proof they are so in love the scene of troyella kissing in hsm3 huh it s very cute but they kissed and vanessa tried to move head but zac was like i want more and then they continued love it they are cute and good so leave it there ashley has her boyfriend and they are happy

  • Gabriela from brazil !

    She’s so pretty !!!

    I love her,soo much ♥

  • sabrina

    i like her.. shes a good actress but i dont think shes that pretty

  • sabrina

    i like her.. shes a good actress but i dont think shes that pretty

  • omgsh

    wow very interesting !

  • JB

    none of the people here are REAL ashley fans .. because they keep saying that they want zashley together when ashley is happy with Jared .. if you really are fans you’d be happy whichever Ashley chooses to be her BF

  • caz

    jeeeez she looks gorgeous.

    Zac’s like her best friend of course she’s gonna talk about him, relaaax guys it’s not like shes saying she wants to bed the guy, shes not even saying she likes him like that she’s bein completely respectful. Leave her alone, she’s a good girl we need more celebs like her.

  • Bea

    she’s usually pretty but there’s something wrong with that picture .. i think its her mouth she looks very sweet and innocent in that pic i wish she’d do more photoshoots with more mature magazines (because she is 23) like Vanessa .. I think vanessa is more mature than her and she’s almost 4 years older than her….

  • Anna

    she looks adorable ;]

  • Trix

    she didnt say anything about the hideous nose job???????? she looks like death!

  • Nonfan

    At least she got a cover. She looks pretty.

    Truth is that Zac is the ‘it’ boy now in hollywood. His name sells draws attention.

    I’m sure Ashley was told that she needed to talk about Zac so the mag would sell. That’s showbiz.

    In Nikki’s interview as well, she was told to talk about Zac as well, though she went over the board.

    His co-star, Lesley Mann, while promoting another movie unrelated to Zac had to mention him and kissing him Seventeen again

    Even JMac while promoting his album in Europe, two of his interviews were all about his friendship with Zac because that will draw in viewers.

    Vanessa is blatantly refusing because she has a personal stake in it, their relationship, and I guess she knows how he feels about it.
    I gotta give her kudos for not succumbing to the pressure, fans and media alike.

    This might be why Zac has been looking so tired and weary. He is just being used by everybody and anybody to sell anything sellable.
    Disney, his co-stars, his friends, even the remotest connection with him is now news.

    It’s interesting that lots of his friends knew him before he became popular but only started mentioning him in interviews or emphasizing those friendships after he became popular.

    Just makes you wonder how close the friendships were before his fame.

  • http://justjared jemma

    she is so pretty and she is popular and i like her alot . love ashleyy and zacc

  • nadine

    I hate Asahley!!! she’s sooo horrible!!

  • Emily

    pretty cover! and that’s funny about the disney street haha.

  • edner

    ashley i love you…

    are you the more beautiful

    ashley the best

  • http://naimotin monay

    ashley you always look nice!!!! love you

  • http://naimotin monay

    ashley you look sou nice in this megazine i love you!!!!

  • katie90

    I agree with you Nonfan,even if I’m a big fan of Zac and Vanessa. She’s the only one who doesn’t wear out his name because they really care about each other and she respects him and his privacy a lot..I think Zac’s so tired of all this media attention but he’ll be fine,he’s strong and he has real people to love in his life.
    About Ashley…I think u guys are a little paranoid..She has Jared and this article..when she mentions she needs someone to understand all that is clearly about him so she’s talking about Jared,not her love interest. She’s Vanessa best friend..Why you always have to say she has a crush on Zac? I don’t understand..I’m not an Ashley fan but I don’t think she’s a the end,everybody can say what they want but Zac and Vanessa are happily together and that’s all that matters.

  • teteu

    she are so amazing, love her!

  • someone from brazil

    This is so wrong, if you don’t like ashley, don’t talk about u_u’
    Ashley Diva!
    I love her and a hate vanessa, but I don’t talk this way about her.
    respect is good and everyone likes.
    povo fofoqueiro e idiotas, além de serem mais feios que seilá o que, adels bando de burros com falta do que fazer :*

  • zanessalover

    omg she dream i looooooove zanessa together and i hate ashley why she wanna take zac frome her bf vanessa zanessa 4 ever u hear me ash go to hell and did u break up with jeard?? and u old women for zac
    ur his grandmother i hope zanessa get marry i hate u soo much

  • zanessalover

    omg !!!!!!!!!!!! she dreaming plzzzzzz goo to hell why u take zac frome ur bf vanessa ????????????

  • heidi

    i didnt like the cover, sorry

  • sabrina

    this looks like an old photo – with her old pre-surgery nose

  • ashley suck my pussy today

    she so ugly wat the hell the she want fromzac anyways man ii hater her ii lloove vanessa hudgens …..