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Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their twins Vivienne and Knox along with the rest of their family as they arrive back home at the Nice airport in the south of France on Wednesday.

Maddox, 7, Pax, 4 1/2, Shiloh, 2, and Zahara, 3 1/2, all joined their almost-three-month-old twin siblings on the trip back to France.

Just on Tuesday afternoon, Brad and Angie were seen in New Orleans snuggling up together. Looks like there’s still romance after six kids!

10+ pictures inside of Brad and Angelina taking the twins out…

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brad angelina take twins out 01
brad angelina take twins out 02
brad angelina take twins out 03
brad angelina take twins out 04
brad angelina take twins out 05
brad angelina take twins out 06
brad angelina take twins out 07
brad angelina take twins out 08
brad angelina take twins out 09
brad angelina take twins out 10
brad angelina take twins out 11

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  • Prue Halliwell

    # 137 lucy @ 10/08/2008 at 4:18 pm I cant understand why thet tend to Maddox’s hair by coloring it yet they never sort out Zahara’s hair.Its looks likes its nver seen a brush or iron.And yes I agree with you infamous the girls are always dressed like little tomboys.
    Go to TomKat thread, there is a little girl always dressed like a little doll or a princess, ALL THE TIME. Should be enough to make you happy. Angelina nor Brad will never conform to dressing Zee, Shi or Viv like little mannequins.

  • a&a=)

    always in black, always like shit!

  • tabitha

    There are more than 8 when the JP’s travel. Don’t forget the bodyguards to protect the family from loons or potential kidnappers. There is also the domestic help . There sometimes is Holly or other professional employees. There could also be other family members. All these people coulf fill up a small or medium size jet. I certainly think it makes more sense for them to fly privately. They each fly commercial when it is just them.

  • D. kay

    Canadiansuz; Yeah, sure you like them, that’s why you drag up whale sh..t from the bottom of the ocean to ‘examine’ it……….you ‘pretend’ to like them so your posts get read, but in fact you are just another troll who is eaten up with jealousy so when you can’t find fault with them, you create some altruistic issue and play green nazi……….we get you, big time; and yes, Lucy it is the ‘free press’ but we are ‘free’ to move on if something is distastful for us; why would we want the negative energy……just how eco friendly is that brand of pollution? If you have time to snarl at the world, switch gears and go clip your nose hair…..

  • canadiansuz

    Hey D.Kay,

    I said I liked them (good actors, they do good humanitarian work – I have NEVER said anything negative about their children or said crude things about them) but I didn’t say I worshipped them, which is screwed up – and what idiots like you do. And clearly anyone who isn’t on board with that crap is vilified.

    I honestly think you freaks would scare the shit out of the brangelinas.

    Go clip your nose hair? WTF?

  • Phoebe

    hi Canadiansuz!

    don´t worry….its normal on here. if you don´t worship Brangelina then they hate you and call you names. its fanatical behaviour. this is no fansite so everyone is free to write whatever they want.
    i liked your comments. i am a fan of Angelina (not Brad) and Jennifer and i am getting a hard time here too. beeing a fan does not mean to only see the positive side in celebs. Angelina is far from perfect but thats why she is so loved by many. she is a normal person, not better or worse than any of us.
    don´t get me wrong, there are nice people on here, but most are immature and unhappy people, thats why they bash and call names everytime they try to oppose to a post which is not 200% positive. they can´t even write JENNIFER…its too hard for them…LOL
    i guess all we can do is be amused by the immaturity some people here show…i am definetly amused, although sometimes it is shocking.

    (feel free to shred my comments to pieces now guys…..go on.)

    oh and before i forget – they will accuse you of beeing me, because i didn´t attack you. don´t worry thats just another funny habbit of some JJ fans.

    have fun:)

  • gaye

    CLINIQUA @ 10/08/2008 at 2:40 pm

    wow. not a stitch of makeup…she is so lovely.

    Awwwww. Angelina is sooooo gorgeous. It’s so unfair, she just won that whole DNA lottery!
    Photos of her at 16 show an absolutely stunning, heartbreakingly beautiful girl.
    And now at 33, she has only grown even more so.
    How nice that she is also kind and generous with her time and money…

  • FAN

    Jen took a private jet time and time again with her and norman, you never complained.Those trips to Mexico were to roast her Vig and smoke.Angelina takes a jet for work in 5 months and you start caring for the enviroment.Move on.

  • jaime

    marina @ 10/08/2008 at 3:09 pm

    here is another pic of Angie, it is not new, but looks great…

    THANKS marina.
    Sexiness just radiates from Angelina, doesn’t it?
    Whatever she’s got, I’d like it please :-)

  • Catch

    :lol: Brad certainly didn’t look like a happy and loving father in the X17 video. He looks sad in the video.

    There was no saying good bye in that video,and did he spank Maddox around 30 second? He left his family alone without any bodyguard. Those snuggle pics sound just like photo op to me. Certainly he wasn’t happy at all before and after that.

    If he is going to start shooting his film 5 or 6 days later,why not going to Berlin instead of France? Haven’t they rented a big house there? Sounds like a publicity stunt! Angie probably is not going to live in Berlin,they just wanted to show they are there together while they are not actually. It doesn’t make sense at all going to France while you have to be in Berlin afew days later.

  • ebmo

    # 40 what @ 10/08/2008 at 1:58 pm

    The video is pretty funny. at one point it looks like Pax is doing karate
    Thank you for the video!


    Botox-Arquette is on the cover of Marie Claire admitting Botox use, and talks of jen, men and botox…I’m sure Maniston, as usual, is using her mouthpieces to comment on her recent dumping. News to Chin: It’s not called taking the high road – it’s called being a pathetic lame fraidy cat b*tch when you order your friends and lackeys to talk to the rags and diss people. I would have though she’d have learned that by now.

  • ebmo

    # 56 Original jpf @ 10/08/2008 at 2:17 pm I think I’ve finally hit on why Shiloh gets carried by momma. I think she’s a runner, and if you’ve ever had one you know what I’m talking about. They hit the ground on a mission of escape. Soon as their feet hit the floor they’re off without understanding cars coming or other dangers.

    I love how they’re all growing like weeds and I bet they have a blast of a time. Everyone’s got somebody to hang with.


    I know exactly what you mean!

    My second daughter!
    That was when I quit judging people who actually had to get those “wrist leashes”!

  • Mr. Horse

    They’re pimping their kids! Isn’t it obvious! They obviously are. Why else aren’t they wearing disguises or something? It’s because they WANT the paparazzi to photograph them! They’re taking them out so Jolie can promote The Changeling.

    By the way, I made all that crap up. Just trying to understand why this nonsense follows TomKat but not Brangelina.

  • bdj

    Geez the troll is talking to herself. Whine about Whiny chasing Peeboy around the world. I bet her carbon footprint equaled the amount of time she spent on spa treatments. I have to give the troll credit though, she loves her some Whiny.

  • bdj


    Domestic Total as of Oct. 7, 2008: $52,331,984
    Distributor: Focus Features Release Date: September 12, 2008
    Genre: Comedy Running Time: 1 hrs. 37 min.
    MPAA Rating: R Production Budget: $37 million

  • Paige Matthews

    Prue Halliwell @ 10/08/2008 at 4:52 pm
    # 137 lucy @ 10/08/2008 at 4:18 pm I cant understand why thet tend to Maddox’s hair by coloring it yet they never sort out Zahara’s hair.Its looks likes its nver seen a brush or iron.And yes I agree with you infamous the girls are always dressed like little tomboys.
    Go to TomKat thread, there is a little girl always dressed like a little doll or a princess, ALL THE TIME. Should be enough to make you happy. Angelina nor Brad will never conform to dressing Zee, Shi or Viv like little mannequins.
    “conform to dressing Zee, Shi or Viv like little mannequins” ?????

    How about dressing them like nice cute little girls for once instead of rough unkept little boys. Brad and Angie do not even brush their hair. I don’t know where you are from but where I am at people do not dress their kids like they are piss poor when they are not. Always wearing expensive dresses and clothes is ridiculous. But it would be nice if they put nice, pretty, good looking clothes on them at least once in a bluemoon. Those kids have never been seen dressed nice, like Suri Cruise or any other child. The Gap, Childrens Place, is not expensive and they have nice cute stuff, maybe they should shop there and get some cute outfits for the kids instead of dressing them so ragged all the time

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Catch @ 10/08/2008 at 5:10 pm

    I pity your type. You couldn’t see the truth if it came and bit you in the face. Don’t worry, Star, IT, L&S, Ted C. and all the others will make sure you keep your delusions. Of course it’s going on 4 years of of Brad and Angie ‘not happy with each other and on the verge of breaking up again and again and again’. LMAO

  • Dude

    Phoebe, I agree. I am a fan of Angelina (not Brad) and they can’t stand when someone points out the double standards. They think Brad is perfect and has a halo above his head and Angelina is Betty homemaker and she doesn’t care about Acting. GMAB she would call it quits if she just wanted to stay home and pretend to be a 50s housewife for Brad. They act like Angelina is a baby machine for Brad. These women are old fashioned assssssholes.

  • juju

    Catch @ 10/08/2008 at 5:10 pm

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Man you really, really , really need help… You mentally ill.

    Don’t you get tired? You’re spent at least the last 2 years writing the same crap over and over again. Oh, and stop changing you’re stupid name, everyone knows who you are.

  • bdj
    Cute pictures, nutty writeup.

    October 8, 2008
    Brangelina Walks The Walk
    Posted by Jarett Wieselman at 9:22 AM on October 8, 2008

    While many other celebrities find that simply donating cash is enough to assuage their egos, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – two people who don’t know how to do anything halfway – took to the streets of New Orleans yesterday and visited the Lower Ninth Ward Housing Projects. With Pax and Maddox in tow, the world’s most beautiful, benevolent and fertile couple chatted with some locals to find out what is, and more importantly what isn’t, being done.

    Along the way the two gave Life & Style something to put on their cover next week when Brad casually placed his hands on Angelina’s belly. I love that in the tabloid world that simple act is enough to blow out into a six-page cover story screaming, “Pregnant Again?!?”

  • Chany

    I absolutely ADORE this family, God Bless The Jolie-Pitts & It’s Fans!!!

    Thanks Jared for this wonderful spread.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Paige Matthews @ 10/08/2008 at 5:20 pm

    How about not worrying yourself about how THEY dress THEIR children and worry about how YOU dress YOUR children if you have any that is. If not, wait for the day you’re a mother and dress them HOWEVER you damn well please. Brad and Angie dress their children how THEY please and yapping nonstop on a blog about how you don’t like it won’t change a thing. All the yapping for the last few years hasn’t stopped them from fixing Zahara’s hair how they’d like to now, has it?

  • lavagirl


    You seem like a sensible person so I hope that you would see my point of view. I can think of a few reasons why the Jolie-Pitts are using a jet to travel. Besides from the convenience factor (think of the chaos 6 kids all under 7 would make on a commercial flight), to my knowledge it is not yet possible to use any other fuel besides from petroleum to fly a plane. I’m sure the JP’s would be happy to use any alternative that might minimize their carbon footprint. I have seen both Brad and Angie travel in ‘green’ cars before and as already mentioned, they do travel commercial when they travel sans 6 kids.

    You don’t have to a radical to do your bit for the environment, every little helps. Being green is not a clear cut black or white, a lot of the alternatives out there are either at a developmental stage, deemed too expensive to mass produce or simply not feasible to achieve without doing more harm than good. For example, Bio diesel from rapeseed oil would take an enormous amount of land to grow, most of it would probably take over land that is currently being used to grow crops to eat. If most farmers decide to grow bio fuel instead of food then you’re looking at a future with food shortages, people dying because they can’t afford to buy food, deforesting to create more land to farm on, etc.

    Finally, unlike John Travolta who uses his massive jet plane to travel alone from his home in Florida to go to Church of Scientology in LA, the JP’s are actually using their jet only when necessary ie. work related or just because it is more practical for their expanding family. Think of it a jet pooling as supposed to car pooling. You know it make sense.

  • richard p
  • juju

    You = you’re

  • bdj

    I did not realize that so many (a few nutcases) live their lives through celebrity children, what they wear, how they wear their hair, what designer clothes they wear. No wonder these Rags are obsessed with little children and put them on best dress lists. Children should be allowed to be children and not fashion plates for the few. It is not all about toddlers beauty pageants at the Mall or keeping up with the rich and famous.

  • angel

    poor lonely trolls,i really feel sorry for them,tody has being a rough day for them

  • Prue Halliwell

    Mr and Mrs Smith:

    Thank you for responding to Paige Matthews. I don’t have any little girls, but even if I did I wouldn’t dress them in girly-girly clothes while playing, only when they are going to church, or a party, or eat out — which, by the way, none of the JP girls are going to (at least none that we have seen). Meanwhile, TomKat gets too much grief for dressing up Suri in designer dresses all the time. Armchair critics are never happy. Go figure.

  • agros


  • shiri

    Little blond beauty Shiloh has a strong personality : )
    Last March in NO Shi run from the store and the nanny had to hold her.
    On the Bonpoint store in Cannes daddy had to hold her because she not want holdding mommy’s hand.
    Last pics of them walking in NO, there is a video on youtube, you can hear Shi’s voice. It’s soo adorable : ) Shi talks and pointing to the papz.
    Now in this new pics Shiloh is giving Angelina a lot of work : ) looks like she doesn’t want to go : )

    Angelina said about Shi:
    “I think i’m recognize some of myself in that one. She ‘s going to be a little bit of trouble”

    And looks like Shi is starting soon : )

  • JM

    I see the dlisted freakzoids are back again talking and agreeing with themselves, lol, oh by the way i have to get my maniston comment in, lol,she really should lay off the ciggies, girlfriend is looking rough. I see the name changing troll is back lecturing once again, just a hint hon find a job or hobby or both,lol

  • ebmo

    71 canadiansuz @ 10/08/2008 at 2:43 pm
    What is your point?

    You come to an angelina Jolie fan blog and you are Surprised? Shocked? Appalled that people like the Jolie-Pitts?

    Most of us have followed them since before their romance started.
    Most of us are well aware of the actual facts.

    He was HONEST with Jennifer Aniston by her own admission, by her friends’ admission.

    Brad simply did not wait the amount of time SHE wanted him to before he moved on with his life.

    Oh, and by the way, My ex-husband was having an affair when I was six months pregnant with my youngest.

    He did not have the courtesy or respect to tell me. I found out on my own. I threw him out.

    I don’t want to go into the gory details, but I will say, I wish he HAD told me he was attracted to someone else BEFORE I got pregnant with our third, since it was a planned pregnancy.

    Furthermore. I packed up and moved on with my life. I didn’t ask the world to hold my hand, and pity me, through my divorce and for years and years after.

    I cannot speak for everyone else, but when I see X I see someone who has unfailingly used her divorce to garner sympathy and headlines she would not otherwise get.

    Halle Berry got dumped, Mary Louise Parker got dumped, Uma Thurman got dumped, Elizabeth Hurly got dumped, Reese Witherspoon got dumped. Julia Roberts got dumped.

    Not one of these ladies is constantly in the press with the headlines of “revenge” “she is getting over _____”, “she is not over ________”,
    She is secretly meeting _____”, “the ex-wife of ________” “She is desperately calling_____”, Will ______ ever find true love?”

    JA could put a stop to this. It is the way she has conducted her self that makes me view her this way.

    Marriages end. It is always sad. I do not dislike her because her marriage broke up, I dislike her because she does not have enough self-respect to get on with her life when she can get more attention for being the ex-wife of Brad Pitt!

  • Wow Leroy

    Why even talk to these haters we know they are jealous.And no Brad is not going back to assniston.You can’t reason with fools.They keep wishing ,because no man wants, someone who sticks butte in air,and keeps legs wide open to camera.So sick.

  • ISA

    jared; what about gorgeous JUDE LAW?
    I miss his harry chest :)

  • JM

    Embo maniston will always play the aggrieved x, its in her makeup,lol

  • the real lou

    WTH is wrong with the trolls/haters today?Anyone with 2 braincells can see these kids have on PJ’s from a all night flight.So why are you judging them?Does it make you feel better to slam childern?If so,that’s says a hell of alot about your life in general.

    #161 Catch @ 10/08/2008 at 5:10 pm …What a liar.I watch the video and you are full of crap.Lying is like breathing to you trolls/haters.

    BDJ,thanks for the articles!!!

  • .

    They are so beautiful family. Shi is adorble is pax and z. Mad is walking by his now grown up self. lol . I can’t wait them to show as the twins. I am sure they are getting big now.

  • malibu

    Normal??? Normal????

    Brad and Angelina are delusional to think that they lead normal lives, and you are all too stupid to believe them….Normal does not include jetting around in a private plane, living in a $20M mansion in the south of france, nannies taking care of you, cooks making your meals, not going to school (for the older ones), and only playing with your siblings. The family has no friends….they only socialize with each other. They lead a sad life…not a normal life!

  • xaye

    Looks like Shiloh growing taller…she is almost the same height as Pax! This cute girl going to be taller than her adopted siblings.

  • JM

    Gee someone sounds jealous and hyporcritical with a name like malibu,lol

  • Wow Leroy

    malibu=Jealous Hags,so comical.

  • jaime

    canadiansuz @ 10/08/2008 at 4:48 pm

    I get your environmentalism vs jet usage criticism of Angelina & Brad.

    But this applies to almost ALL corporate executives-celebrities-politicians-mil/billionaires who endorse the green cause and yet fly private whenever they can.

    I submit to you -
    Exhibit A: Al Gore, THE godfather of the environmentalism cause, who flies around in private jets, specifically Steve Jobs’ G4 and any other private jet he can get a free ride from. Sometimes, Al Gore is all by himself (with 2 stews and 2 pilots), and at other times, other free riders.
    Al Gore had to fend off mass criticisms of HIS private plane usage and how truly “green” his current, massive home is.

    Exhibit B: Bill Clinton, he of the Clinton Global Initiative, who free-rides on Steve Jobs’ plane, but MOSTLY on the billionaire Ron Burkle’s plane.
    Oh I forget, on the latter’s plane, there are usually a gaggle of sweet young things, which I guess reduces the carbon footprint given MORE people on the plane, eh?

    Or how about John Travolta? He just flies his plane(s) because he feels like it. How much carbon footprint do you think a 737 – with a LONE pilot and ZERO passengers – makes on the environment? I don’t believe he’s even actively involved in the green cause.

    Or Bono? He is the masthead of so many environmental causes, yet he too, flies around in private jets almost all the time.

    I can give you examples of many corporate execs (CEOs/CFOs) who are not famous but fly by private plane to attend meetings.

    Criticize all you want, but just be open to the possibility that Angelina and Brad may NOT be the most guilty offenders.

  • too lazy to post it

    JP fans- BauerGriffin has very nice pictures of the family arriving in Nice. In one of the pics you can see one of the twin’s face.

  • JM

    Oh thanks jared for the new thread,a few days in france before taking off for berlin.

  • the real lou

    On a serious note,I really wish certain people would stop the back and fourth with the trolls.These people park on the thread to argue,just ignore!

  • dd

    #190 – i think the X is more delusional—all she cares about is herself

    at least the J-Ps are surrounded with each other, and x only herself and the paps

  • Chany

    Thanks for the video of Pax & Maddox, it was too cute.

    They make me tired even looking at them.

    Awesome Family.

  • exhausting

    back and forth

    back and forth

    back and forth

    with the trolls.

  • lavagirl

    malibu, just because the Jolie-Pitts can and do all those things you mentioned does not mean you can dictate to them how to live their lives. What is normal to them might not be normal to you but there’s no need to begrudge them of their entitlement to do whatever they wish with their lives.

    To be honest, your criticisms smacks of jealousy because if you were in the same financial situation as the JP’s bet your bottom dollar that you would fly in jets, live in a mansion and hire nannies too.