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Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their twins Vivienne and Knox along with the rest of their family as they arrive back home at the Nice airport in the south of France on Wednesday.

Maddox, 7, Pax, 4 1/2, Shiloh, 2, and Zahara, 3 1/2, all joined their almost-three-month-old twin siblings on the trip back to France.

Just on Tuesday afternoon, Brad and Angie were seen in New Orleans snuggling up together. Looks like there’s still romance after six kids!

10+ pictures inside of Brad and Angelina taking the twins out…

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brad angelina take twins out 01
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  • bdj
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    This week: Who’s stepping out in style?
    October 8

    Slide into some premiere shoes

    Fashion Forward: Jolie puts major pep in her step

    Flash of gold: Angelina Jolie saves the surprise for the back of her Sergio Rossi heels at The Changeling premiere.

  • FYI

    When is the preview of W magazine? almost all magazines have their previews for this month up

  • FYI

    I’ll answer my own question, anne hathaway’s preview was online on sep 10, so maybe just maybe the preview of angie will be up this friday.

  • Jill

    Original jpf @ 10/08/2008 at 3:34 pm

    That video is a riot. Little Pax cracks me up. Love the way he teases Madd and then runs and hides behind Mommy!

  • Jill

    canadiansuz @ 10/08/2008 at 4:13 pm

    You know what? You’ve been b*tching and moaning all day long. This is a fan site. If you don’t like these people, get the hell off the thread. It ain’t rocket science.

  • dancer

    Brad\’s hanging Jowls @ 10/08/2008 at 7:24 pm

    I’m sorry you are unable to get a decent job and have to push and take drugs since you were obviously too stupid to graduate from grade school.

  • Jill

    lucy @ 10/08/2008 at 4:18 pm
    they never sort out Zahara’s hair.Its looks likes its nver seen a brush or iron

    I bet you buy Dixie Peach by the case. Z’s hair is fine as it is and Angie has sense enough not to mess with it. Just worry about that over-processed zip-bang fried mess on top of your own head and leave Z’s hair alone.

  • bdj

    Changeling @ 10/08/2008 at 7:42 pm
    You certainly are concerned about the Oscars(Ritzy). AJ is not defined by a statue that she already has. Whiny, on the other hand, will not get one in this lifetime(maybe the Lifetime Channel award for movie of the weak.) Buzz or no buzz, I am looking forward to seeing changeling.


    Thanks for the pictures and Videos. Wow this has been a great week for seeing the Jolie Pitts. Now they are back in Europe I guess we will not see them so much.

    Anyway B&A have two spirited kids in Pax and Shiloh and two laid back kids in Maddox and Zahara. I bet they are fun as Angelina described them.

  • ebmo

    # 254 Changeling @ 10/08/2008 at 7:52 pm
    You are giggling because 7 people on blogs wrote negative things?
    7 PEOPLE? Out of the whopping 12 that reviewed it?

    Anyone can be a member of Rotten Tomatoes, anyone can join.


  • bdj

    The Cox -Arquettes(s) have reached a crisis. There is a third person involved (and no it is not Whiny). David(the sap) is stepping out with a mystery woman. So say that investigators “martial affairs”(think John Edwards) magazine, the National Enquirer. Hey just surfing the blogs.

  • marina
  • marina
  • ebmo


    265 bdj @ 10/08/2008 at 8:09 pm The Cox -Arquettes(s) have reached a crisis. There is a third person involved (and no it is not Whiny). David(the sap) is stepping out with a mystery woman. So say that investigators “martial affairs”(think John Edwards) magazine, the National Enquirer. Hey just surfing the blogs.
    oooooo I wonder what they did to fall under the NE gun?

    I posted this for PT but did you read this:

    I cracked right up at the first paragraph.

  • bdj

    OT: profile of Natalie Portman, one young actress that I like, humanitarian work. Entire article at link.

    Actress is force for change, empowering women

    Ask Natalie Portman about her love life, and she’ll shut you down. But mention microfinance, and she’ll gab for hours.
    “People care so much more about who I’m dating,” says Portman, who has starred in films from The Other Boleyn Girl to Stars Wars. “We have such an unwarranted spotlight on us.”

    Diverting attention toward a cause “as opposed to talking about fashion,” she says, “is a nice way to dissipate this over interest in people who aren’t that interesting.”

    Much like Angelina Jolie and Bono, who set the celebrity gold standard on international philanthropy, Portman wants to draw attention to issues that aren’t particularly sexy. Neither FINCA’s mission nor its work is easily explainable. Talk to Portman for five minutes, and you realize that the Oscar-nominated actress knows of what she speaks. Portman, who serves as FINCA’s ambassador of hope, reels off statistics and name-checks specific programs.

  • toy1

    Rica….are you adding another chapter anytime soon? Love your stuff…

  • irma

    Thanks for the good pictures & videos for a few days, we’ve been spoiled, they are back in Europe & that means we won’t be seeing them as often as we’ve seen them in NY & NO. They need their privacy back.
    Pax is into action, you can tell how he taunted his brother & Mad is like teasing him. Oh my gosh, Shi is really so tall & so cute with that blonde hair. Z is still the boss. LOL. The twins, I would love to see them again. I can’t wait to get hold of W Magazine.
    Waving to all the fans. God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

  • ebmo
  • Orchid

    61 canadiansuz @ 10/08/2008 at 2:24 pm
    I don’t care for Tom Cruise, but nothing he says or does bothers me. The Jolie-Pitts are not the only people who travel a lot and how they travel is nobody’s business. How they raise their kids is also none of anybody’s business. Finally, stop living in the past.

  • eddie jones

    jetting isn’t very environmentally friendly, i wish they would be more concerned about the environment rather then focusing only on the photo shoots. Maybe live in smaller homes also, these huge mansions they have aren’t really good for the current world we live in, perhaps they could lead by example by having the rich live like the poor instead of trying to make the middle class live like the third world.

  • hottest couple ever

    OMG! Shiloh is nearly as tall as Z. These kids are really growing.
    Love the Jolie-Pitts!

  • JM

    Thanks bdj, they all have angie on their list for a oscar nom, where is ole changleing now,lol


    The depth perception is not being taken into account in those pics, Shiloh is considerably shorter than Pax and Zee, she’s just closer to the camera lens, so it only appears that she’s as tall – she is not. Zee is also shorter than Pax, are people forgetting we just saw them on the streets of NOLA?

  • dits

    eddie jones @ 10/08/2008 at 8:36 pm
    did you go to your idol thread also? Because she only uses private planes when she travels and she doesn’t even have a family, oh wait… she has two dogs…

  • cristine

    i’m always overjoyed seeing this beautiful happy family. thanks jared you made my day! i really love the jolie-pitts!

  • soopx1

    #268 ebmo That is so cute.

  • sonia

    hello fans , this family is in a class all by themselves, hahahaha!!! boy, i had a good laugh the last 10 Min’s, reading how jealous the trolls are. it’s funny, the stupid things they point out, they make up lies, talking about what kind/color of socks etc., if it wasn’t so funny, it would be sick, and if they can’t find something wrong, they make up lies, so so sad, and brad and Angie is just living their wonderful lives.

  • irma

    I’m glad they are back in France where they can rest before Brad starts filming IB in Berlin.
    Hello to Neleh,senior,vicki,anoble,MF,guli,anustin,the real tita,passing through,bdj,cliniqua,Felinelilly,Dina#1,angel,Bailey,justme,alia,saraicita,andromeda,alexanderina & to all on board. Goodnight. BBL. God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

  • aNN

    #270 Eddie Jones – how do you expect people to travels transatlantic and with a family of EIGHT – even if they flew commercial, people would still accuse them of not being environmentally friendly.
    IF they were focusing only on photo shoots/ops- wouldn’t the children be all dressed up and acting like stepford children? The home they are living in is not a new modern home but a home that’s been built years ago and homes in Europe are grand – just get over yourself. Take a look at the mansions that are being built right here in American – how aren’t they good for the current world? Do your own part in your daily life to help the environment – conserve water, recycle, ride a bike. I doubt you do anything worth mentioning.

  • Jill

    eddie jones @ 10/08/2008 at 8:36 pm
    jetting isn’t very environmentally friendly

    LOL, tell that to John Travolta. He’s a licensed jet pilot and has his own private jet which he flies himself from his own private runway right at the front door of his house. Us common folks have cars parked outside our houses, Travolta has a jet plane parked outside his house. Architectural Digest had a feature on the house with the plane parked on the runway outside a few years ago.

    (OTOH you could make a case that he’s helping the environment by parking his private jet right outside his front door since he doesn’t have to pollute the air by driving to the airport.)

  • .

    I was just looking Angie’s former pics wearing jeans. I think Angie looks more youthfull and beautiful in Jeans . I think it will be nice if she wears Jeans sometimes. The same thing can be said for brad. I like this photo of him.

  • lylian

    OMG!! Look at Zahara’s LEGS will ya!!!!
    They look absolutely normal!!! How did that happen?? Remember about a year ago when sooo many wise guys thought that Brad and angelina should put calipers or clips or what other stuff on Zahara’s legs to straighten them out and they were BAD parents not to do it?

    Loookkkeeee here. Her legs looking quite normal now!!

  • bostine

    handful there…….but at least they are 2gether as a family!

  • boo(real)

    Know when a man is in love?? He can’t be without his woman, Brad is sooo in love with Angie its insane!!

  • lylian

    Had a look at x17 video and enjoyed the little skirmishes between Maddox and Pax They bring back happy memories.

    Read some comments bemoaning how the girls aren’t wearing pretty dresses. :roll:

    REally, you’d think these same losies should focus on much more important things like how Maddox was using the umbrella like a weapon, completely oblivious to the number of eyes he could poke out. So strange that these losies didn’t come out screaming that umbrellas should NEVER EVER be held by a child under the age of 15. :lol: :roll:

  • irma

    The pictures of the Jolie-Pitt’s always make my day .
    Goodnight. God bless.

  • ebmo

    285 lylian @ 10/08/2008 at 9:44 pm Had a look at x17 video and enjoyed the little skirmishes between Maddox and Pax They bring back happy memories.

    Read some comments bemoaning how the girls aren’t wearing pretty dresses.

    REally, you’d think these same losies should focus on much more important things like how Maddox was using the umbrella like a weapon, completely oblivious to the number of eyes he could poke out. So strange that these losies didn’t come out screaming that umbrellas should NEVER EVER be held by a child under the age of 15.

    I read some of those comments!

    Ridiculous for anyone who grew up with brothers and sisters!

  • nieah

    Love this family. Think is so cute and normal to see the boys play around. I just love seeing Brad and Angie hanging out with the people of the Lower 9th. The family they are visiting is so lucky! They even got pics with Angie and Pax; and with Brad.

  • Orchid

    173 Mr and Mrs Smith @ 10/08/2008 at 5:28 pm Paige Matthews @ 10/08/2008 at 5:20 pm

    How about not worrying yourself about how THEY dress THEIR children and worry about how YOU dress YOUR children if you have any that is. If not, wait for the day you’re a mother and dress them HOWEVER you damn well please. Brad and Angie dress their children how THEY please…….
    Perfect post! ITA!

  • http://google gena

    Angie likes black.
    The kids are dressed fine.
    Brad did not look mad in the N.O. video.
    Brad is not going back to X.
    Brad and Angie plus 6 are fine and a happy family. (period)

  • mary a

    i love how canadian suz is getting hated on. people need to actually read what she was pointing out and get over themselves. really cause i’ve been coming on just jared for a long time but i’ve only just started posting and my comments were similar to hers. we’re not crazy. we may not be the norm and worship the ground these people walk on but here’s the deal. i love aj, and i love bp, and i think janiston is okay. i don’t hate any of them. whatever went down was unfortunate, but it happend. it’s life get over it. i think the other canadian chick was pointing out how janiston gets so many haters…what the hell has she done to you, personally for you to hate her. granted i’m not the biggest friends fan, vince vaughn, john mayer, brad pitt fan but really what has this lady ever done to get all this hate. is it because she’s so fake and is a part of the barren womb club. is it because she got married to the golden boy himself. really. i don’t get it. if you’re going to tell canadian suz to move on then maybe ya’ll should also move on from your haterade.

    and about the carbon footprint comment, about the jet sailing private plane-ing jolie pits who are huge proponents of logged air miles, i made a comment in this thread
    about how everyone should give back like how the j-p’s are doing, and that i wish they would sell one of their properties to fund their make it right initiative, and some dude made some auspicious comment about my intentions. like f. get the _ _ _ _ over it. they give back. i give back. i hope EVERYONE CAN GIVE THE F BACK! WE ALL LIVE IN THE WORLD TOGETHER SO ATLEAST TRY TO MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE. and i pointed out earlier that i wasn’t preaching religion, because i’m not affiliated with anything. does canadian suz need to get the haterade from people because she’s commenting/maybe criticizing/but most likely asking about how the j-p’s are offsetting their global living lifestyle/carbon footprint. if you don’t care about the world you live in then fine…but if someone is making an observation…even if she doesn’t PERSONALLY know them and may not know the answer, don’t judge her, and friggen try to hate on her. we love the j-p’s just like a lot of people. they do lots of good. they are recognized for their good. it’s okay. if they’re not buying carbon credits/working with environmental organization to try and offset their lifestyle then i wish/hope that they can, because they can afford it. even if they couldn’t everyone should atleast do what they can to make the world a better place to live. fcuk.

  • SERA

    Thanks JJ for all the photos. If all the haters would just open their eyes they would see that this is a loving family that just happens to be gorgeous and rich. I just look at the photos now and don’t read the comments. They haters just try to bring JP fnas down with their words. The pictures do not lie. Love the Jolie Pitts and they love each other.

  • http://google gena

    Love @ 10/08/2008 at 3:00 pm “They’re not very eco-friendly people flying in and out to places with their private jets.”


    Well what hit the nerve, Love? Was it the oh so cute cheetos errand, was it Mad and Pax checking out the playground, was it Umbrella gate, was it Ange and Brad snuggling, was it the changeling premiere and the lovely reviews, or was it the pajama clad kids disembarking?

    Surely something transpired eco-gate.. and its not their flight back to Europe. Did you have the same concern about the HSM crew flying in private jets to promote their movie? or Tom Cruise jetting back and forth to be with Katie? or Tom’s kids who flew to Nashville to see Sunday rose? or Salma Hayek’s flights to Paris? or Al Gore’s flight everywhere (he hasnt flown commercial in years) or John McCain and Obama and Hillary’s campaign travel..
    Oprah flies to LA on her private jet to get her eyebrows arched!

  • an oldie

    mary a @ 10/08/2008 at 10:06 pm

    Hey, mary a, have you ever asked the haters on JJ (Hanging tats per example) what have Brad and Angelina done to them to trigger so much hate? Hypocrite.

  • boo(real)

    Don’t just comment on one celebrity family when they ALL should give a damn about the environment as should you and me as well. Unfortunately, the JP’s get the focus. I understand the bitter hags have to have something, someone, to rag on. What is their life if not to blame others for their sorry lot in life?

  • not again

    Stop engaging the trolls. JP’s did not commit any crime, ignore the trolls, they will leave.

  • ebmo

    # 291 mary a @ 10/08/2008 at 10:06 pm
    I cannot speak for anyone else, so I will just speak for myself:

    Before you begin your next sanctimonious lecture, please take a pause and remember that you do not know me, and you have absolutely know idea of what I, or any other person on this blog does “to give back” and “to make the world a better place”.

    Take your advice to us:


  • mary a

    i think eddie jones understands what people like me are saying. just because they fly private and frequently, and have big houses that doesn’t mean that diminishes our love for the j-p’s and their awesome kids. naw. and also about the oprah thing…i’m not an oprah lover but i atleast aknowledge her positive contributions. if there was an oprah thread i would be there commenting about how great oprah is for actually getting somewhere in life, but that if she is not being environmentally conscious then she can start anytime and be a part of the great movement and be a leader. it’s the same thing.

    also the comment about how we don’t know how to live green ourselves, and are passing on judgement…I UNDERSTAND HATERS ARE STUPID. BUT DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT FANS OF THE J-P’S ARE BRINGING UP THE POINT ABOUT THEIR JETTISON WAYS BECAUSE WE OURSELVES DON’T LIVE GREEN AND BECAUSE WE’RE SIMPLY TRYING TO BE HATERS OURSELVES OR POINT OUT A FLAW IN THEIR PERFECTION. naw. don’t give me any more credit that i don’t deserve. i’m not that smart, or palin dumb. fcuk.

  • gnosis

    lovely sights!

  • Orchid

    183 ebmo @ 10/08/2008 at 5:43 pm 71 canadiansuz @ 10/08/2008 at 2:43 pm
    What is your point?

    You come to an angelina Jolie fan blog and you are Surprised? Shocked? Appalled that people like the Jolie-Pitts?

    Most of us have followed them since before their romance started.
    Most of us are well aware of the actual facts.

    He was HONEST with Jennifer Aniston by her own admission, by her friends’ admission.

    Brad simply did not wait the amount of time SHE wanted him to before he moved on with his life.

    Oh, and by the way, My ex-husband was having an affair when I was six months pregnant with my youngest.

    He did not have the courtesy or respect to tell me. I found out on my own. I threw him out.

    I don’t want to go into the gory details, but I will say, I wish he HAD told me he was attracted to someone else BEFORE I got pregnant with our third, since it was a planned pregnancy.

    Furthermore. I packed up and moved on with my life. I didn’t ask the world to hold my hand, and pity me, through my divorce and for years and years after.

    I cannot speak for everyone else, but when I see X I see someone who has unfailingly used her divorce to garner sympathy and headlines she would not otherwise get.

    Halle Berry got dumped, Mary Louise Parker got dumped, Uma Thurman got dumped, Elizabeth Hurly got dumped, Reese Witherspoon got dumped. Julia Roberts got dumped……..
    Don’t forget Nicole Kidman! She got dumped too, and look how she handled it.