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Britney Spears is a Sassy Secretary

Britney Spears is a Sassy Secretary

Check out this new still of Britney Spears as a sassy secretary from her much-anticipated “Womanizer” music video, which was shot on September 24 and 25 in Los Angeles.

Brit‘s “Womanizer” music video will officially premiere worldwide THIS Friday, Oct. 10 during 20/20 @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

If you haven’t already, check out Brit‘s other looks from Monday’s “Womanizer” Music Video Preview — blonde sex kitten and vampy waitress!

Sooooooooo excited!

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  • Loola


  • christine

    people get waaay too hyped up over this girl

  • newport beach, 92660

    I love this SONG!!!!

    Go BRIT! ♥

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    Not as hot as I would imagine her to be.

  • Peyton

    the reason people get so hyped up about this girl, is because she is a HELL of a singer. . . and she is amazing in videos!

    YAAAY BRITNEY!!!!! ( L )

  • boo

    what comeback??? she was like gone for less than a year.

  • Peter


  • Katie

    good for her, i like her song wonanizer!

  • Katie

    good for her! I like the song wonanizer!

  • Katie

    good for her! I like the song wonanizer!

  • wtf

    Idiot. So r u Jared.

    Do u lick a55holes as well?

  • laura

    I LOVE HER!!!
    shes unique!!
    beautiful girl,

  • Madeline

    Why is it always the white trash version of a secretary, or a waitress, etc?

    Look at her, legs spread, tacky clothing.

    Is she so country she really believes that by adding glassses to trampy clothing, she looks smart? I bet the answer is yes.

    The damn trashy hick will never get it!

  • Madeline

    Laura #12

    Brit is NOT unique, Kentwood and all those nasty little town in north LA or MS are filled with short, chunky, bleached , underessed, little sluts chomping on gum, ciggie in the other hand, lol.

    Brit is just white trash with money.

  • sasha

    I want to see it now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nico

    Madeleine #14 Laura didn’t mean that kind of unique so think before talking. Why is it always the thaashy version of the waitress, secretary, etc? Well, obvioulsy you don’t know men and our fantasies and why it always work.

    boo… what come back? Her come back as the super star amnd singer performer she always was. I don’t know if you remember but everything got an end after the release of her Greatest Hits cd. Since then everything went downhill. Now, it’s her time to get everything back as it was before.

  • Emily

    the whole adding glasses to make someone a secretary is kinda overplayed and old, but it doesn’t really bother me….i’m not a big fan of the song, but britney looks better than she has in a looooong time!

  • Closer

    I don’t think anyone with even a REMOTE sense of good taste find Sh&t Smears attractive. She needs to return to the trailer park…now. No one with intelligence takes her seriously. She’s best known for being CRAZY and exposing her NASTY v&g&na.

  • Megan fox rocks

    i can’t wait for this clip

  • Anono

    She’s not a good singer at all, sounds almost like she inhaled a vat of helium when she sings, but must admit her songs are always catchy for the beats. But this video, boring. As mentioned, the secretary with the serious glasses, overdone. She seems to have run out of original video ideas.

  • anon

    why are you people so mean? she looks gorgeous!! Shes had struggles and delt with them in strange ways but she got threw it!! You are not her and you dont really know what the hell went on! she neved lived in a trailor and Kentwood is just a sweet small town (I live in new orleans) and theres practicily a parade everytime she comes to town!! I still dont understand why you cant let the past be the past and let her move forward. And for those who say she looks slutty. you obviously do not know how a guy is turned on! and for her legs being open (in the pic) she looks like shes in the middle of a dance move!! give me a break!!! she has an amazing life left. Womanizer is #1 on itunes after only 24 hrs.! thats impressive!

  • Cynthia


  • Ted

    i smell alota jealousy…go ahead brit..ur the pop queen

  • Amanda

    I can’t wait to see the video!
    Congrats on the itunes number 1 Britney!

  • ssmith

    Good singer? Can you really hear a voice instead of background synthetic garbage? Let’s face it, anyone can sell a record if the producers are good…… They can make Howard Crow croak a new tune. Britney’s so called voice cannot stand up to real musical talent, Celine, Whitney, Christina, etc. She CANNOT sing! The industry took a fruitcake and gave her millions…… Why?

  • roslina

    Brit is the real survivor and one hell of a singer.This year will be her 10th year as a singer, she is the only singer who still stick to her type of songs, her dance and her type of singer. No matter how, she is the real singer. Even Christina still can’t overtake Britney’s superstardom. At least Xtina is the closest, and now she too struggling. She has lower quality voice compared to Xtina but she produces nicer songs, made people happy listen to it and entertain. This is what an entertainer suppose to be, make us happy listen to their music. I can still listes to her stronger, hit me baby one more time, opps i did it again, toxic and many more……. i really salute this girl… U GO BRIT.. I wish you well and I supported you all the way……

  • dildos

    I don’t like Brit’s style in womanizer at all… As for Christina- believe me that she’s much better than Britney, she’ a true DIVA!