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Hayden Christensen is a Healthy Hunk

Hayden Christensen is a Healthy Hunk

Hayden Christensen leaves a Robeks Juice store in Los Angeles after buying a blended-fruit drink and yogurt with granola on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old actor is eating healthy to stay fit for his role in Bone Deep, which he is currently filming. He stars alongside Paul Walker, and the film is scheduled for a January 2010 release.

Last week it was announced that Christensen signed a three picture deal with Screen Gems.

Hayden is a very talented and versatile actor with a proven worldwide box-office history,” Screen Gems president Doug Culpepper said.

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  • abi.


  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    A movie with Paul Walker? No thanks.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    >_> Paul Walker…?

  • Left ARM tattoo

    Hey, Look like HC s ht a Tat on left in arm (innner side)….looks like a maple leaf maybe?
    He s till driving his f+++ckbuddy’s car…………

  • trueish

    AGAIN… a Hayden’s hassle-midget FREE photo opp. – HURRAY & LOL!

  • ana

    Two of the worst actors in the world in one movie. Can’t wait.

  • hope

    Damn he looks so good!

  • selphine

    As if he can’t also afford to rent / buy another Lexus huh!

    And whoa he looks like he already got BATHE – lol!

  • HC


  • question

    Do people in LA eat, or do they just live on frapes and juices?

  • j

    Hayden and Rachel went through break ups and disappointments, they found each other, just the two who are ready to settle down, who do not aim high, they don’t care to be selective with their projects, just would like to make as much money as possible. Neither has much talent, brains or integrity. You girls give them too much credit with your expectations. They just want to make a buck, he is probably a C lister and she is not even that. Leave them be.

  • @j

    That’s their job. If you like it or not… and THATS HOLLYWOOD!
    There are a lot of bad or not so good actors…
    If I would be in the position as Rachel or Hayden I would look for next projects too. Maybe they need more practice & experiences

  • naty

    that’s why he is so skinny

  • j

    They have already worked plenty to show that neither has A-list potential, and I am sure they know that. It is obvious that they try to work whatever they can get for as long as they get some kind of offers. They always get horrible reviews regarding wooden limited range terrible acting. They know what they are doing, making a buck. THAT IS IT, nothing more. Can you imagine Jake Gylenhaal taking Hayden’s parts or Natalie Portman taking Rachel’s. I am telling you, Rachel and Hayden have no choice and in this predicament the two losers found each other.

  • cool breeze

    He have the experience and she don’t.She should have done some movies a long time ago.Instead of waiting around for people to help her out.,No11 and no.12 didn’t she say she didn’t want to get married yet.Rachel does it when she feel like it.Not because she really want s too.He has more talented than she do.As far as having a relationship with her she do not want it with him.He do not need the money he already have some.He does it because that what he like to do.So that prove not her boyfriend and just a friend.And he don’t do it for the media.Like she do.So we all can rule out that the y are not a couple.And always looks no matter what he wearing.Just because rachel have to come out looking good all the time.Paul Walker is good actor and woking with Hayden is a good thing.He need to work with other people that’s how people grow.Don’t see him working just going to the store as always. But its nice to see him again.

  • searlus


    AMEN to that so keep up the good work HC!

  • gilmorie

    He really looks so good when he wants it to be. Just so pissed off when some good looking actors like him tends to de-glamorized themselves. Plus, he’s the one I really visualize as Edward Cullen everytime/when I read (back) the Twilight series…

  • cool breeze

    @#14why you talking about him like that.Jake haven’t did a movie in two years the last one was a flop with his current girl reese Hayden don’t have to prove nothing to nobody.Maybe he took the role for a reason.He probably took to keep rachel off his back.Cause thought she would get another movie with him.But she have get it herself.He already know his plan for success .When he made the two movie deals.She just don’t know where she’s going.But he do look very handsome and hot .

  • Lawrence

    I really can’t believe some of the bs thats comes out peoples mouths, whats even more disturbing is ya’ll probably believe what your saying*lol*. You people are the losers not Hayden.

  • Laurel

    No, I think Hayden has a lot of intelligence, and because of that, I think he has the potential to rise above others as a serious actor. Compare him to some of his peers (Josh Harnett comes to mind) Hayden impresses me because he has good looks and intellect, which is a combination that a lot of great actors have had (e.g Ralph Fiennes, etc) Rachel Bilson might not get the serious drama roles, but I think she has good charisma/presence on screen and I think she is a natural at comedy. I could see her getting Christina Applegate type roles, and that is not seconds, because not all actors are good at comedy.

  • real world

    glad to see him out and even for a little while. Hope he it be success for him.Not that he needs it.He will always be my favorite actor from star wars.And natalie too.Both of them has proven that they can make it in hollywood.Don’t need too much media to do it,Maybe that what he need to do roles like that for a while.Never did like the media part of it. And don’t do for th money he let other people worry about that.Never did have rachel around him ayway too much.Now he can get some peace and quiet without her clinging along, good luck hayden.

  • sidony

    Dear Hayden:
    You can “roam” around in LA these days for as long as that the self-claimed (ex) GFF is now/somewhat “deported” in some far, far, far away land doing whatever-it-is. You’re “coming out” at this point is just so timely & very clever – lol!

  • sanity

    driving her lexus. he looks depressed

  • real world

    @#20 I agree with you nice job!

  • sanity

    wow cant get over how depressed he looks…sort of like a “marriage” face..LOL

    Bet she makes him DO everything because she is a little LA princess.

    Geez Hayden go find someone who will make you happy for Gods sake!!! Im starting to loose some respect for you as im sure other people are.

  • sanity

    she may seem good at comedy because she is a ditz. what ditz isnt funny?

    Hayden is intelligent and can rise above his peers BUT since RB came into the pic he seems diff. and not in a good way. You can tell a lot about a gal by the man she keeps. A woman can make or break a guy.

    I think HC lacks relationship experience. I seen this happen to a guy friend of mine. He was whipped fast and this girl did nothing but drag him down to the gutter.

    Hc there are more women out there wake up!!! there is a BIG world out there not just the movie studio you know?

  • tristgrey

    @ #20

    Agree. RB’s homeliness and miniature frame ( and not to mention crappy acting) just “apt” to play comedy. Or she can even play again some supporting or a wacky sidekick to the real female lead, just like what she did before w/ Mischa Barton who the genuine female lead star in OC.

  • Rah

    Wow. HC is so damn ugly

    He really needs to bathe

    terrible, terrible actor

    the worst male celebrity out there
    if you can even call him a celebrity

  • larkine

    @ #22 – the self-claimed (ex) GFF is now/somewhat “deported” in some far, far, far away land…

    Well “hopefully”, it would take a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long while, till for about hmmm… forever – lol!

  • stacy

    Well, he looks better than he has in awhile. That’s a start. Maybe he needs to work to keep himself healthy. And of course he’ll have to keep up his energy for when Rachel wants to start making accessories, er, I mean, babies.

  • real world

    I guess he thank god that’s she not here@# 25 He haven’t been anything for her lately.But trying to stay away from the media and her.He only there to work not to think about her. I know he’s thinking i be glad when this movie is over ican go home and rest(Canada) He’s the good actor she’s the bad one.He is not hard up for a girl like other guys.rachel is the one hard up for him for the media attention nothing else.If she wouldn’thave met hayden in jumper?where would she be right now.?This is surronding him is for her benfit not his.They only took his picture because they thiought she was going to be with him.Same as when she was in New york.So why didn’t a do a story on her on E! when she was in new york? So they are saying that she not News worthy.You would look depressed too if the camera was in your face too.He’s cute

  • toni

    What a great way to start the day. Hayden, even though he isn’t smiling, at least looks like he’s not half dead and crawled out of the gutter. And as an added bonus Rachel isn’t with him.

    I hope that this movie and 3 picture deal starts his career moving in the right direction. Maybe it will boost his confidence and he will give a great performance.

  • sanity

    he’s whipped by RB….LOL

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    A fruit smoothie and granola he holding looks scrumptious. Too many carbs for me. Hayden may be loading up on carbs b/c he may be bulking up for the movie role sounds more like it.

    He looks a lot better. His arms look good. Sigh….Yes. He is borrowing Rachel’s car again. She is not anywhere in site. My guess. He does not have a car in LA to drive around in and she let’s him borrow it. I mean for a man in love as some of you think. He sure does not look that happy.

    Hopefully, he will find a fit and toned personal trainer lady at the gym! LOL!

  • sanity

    The look on his face looks that of someone who has been married for cant imagine how he would look if they ever did hitch!! wow

    Im sory but when youre in love, you glow. you may not walk around all smiles, but there is a glow that is given off. I havent seen anything but gloomyness on him for a long time now.

    word of advice…”get out! get out now!!” dont waste years of your life miserably. trust me on that one!
    theres millions of fish in the sea

  • Molly

    He’s probably thinking to himself…

    “Man I could really go for an In-N-Out burger right about now. This smoothie is crap.”

    Or maybe he’s thinking…

    “The paps are here taking my picture again. Now it’s going to be posted on the interent and all the vultures are going to rip apart my girl and talk smack about a situation THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I really need an In-N-Out burger.”

    As for his acting, I think he emits real emotion, especially in his eyes. His annunciation is always off a bit, he mumbles too much which is probably why people think he can’t deliver a line. He should probably take some speech lessons to help him annunciate better. Otherwise, like I said, he does a really good job at emitting emotion and is one of the few actors who can actually act, without saying anything.

  • j

    Bad actor dating a bad actress, perfect together in misery.

  • Endoftimes

    Wow, you bashing people need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Are you all perfect in your physical appearance and things you’ve done in your lives?? didn’t think so. leave H & C alone and worry about yourselves, im sure there is plenty of work to be done there.

  • Endoftimes

    and sanity, grow up!! when you are in love you glow for about 5 minutes. ok, maybe 5 days, then reality hits. its not all sunshine and roses forever in a real relationship

  • sanity

    anyone know how long they are filming BD?

  • j

    Can you only imagine how Rachel and Hayden feel when they know that their peers get awards and respect in Hollywood and they get bad reviews that they can’t act and should consider doing other things like quitting acting and selling close.

  • real world

    @#40 Think it ends this week.Now through the Oct 10.@#37 why are so negative about these two.If they dated then its over now,No one is hurt by it things happen like this.Iam sure that he not upset about her.Hecould have rented that car.Why didn’t anyone see him get in it.I are agree with #39,and 36.Should tell rachel there are more fishes in the sea.The # s are very smart people

  • gina

    Paul and Hayden in one movie. Hot.

  • j

    Dear real world, get real, please. Most likely he lives in RB’s house, drives her car, they are together for a long time. She has no looks, no talent, no brains, too stupid for anything, her children will be as dumb as she is and Hayden is with her so that’s is his future by choice, he dumb to me too.

  • real world

    @#41 awards rare not nothing when you don’t enjoy doing it from the heart.Hayden really do enjoy doing it.Not for fame or money.You do not into acting for that reason .Why don’t you it out and seehow it really it.No one has to quit what they love to do,Good or bad they are.Would quit what really love to do? You don’t know how to spell clothes

  • j

    He is in it only for the money. He is criticized by every comic and reviewer. he is not respected in the industry. You can’t possibly love that.

    She has not ability to act, gets constant criticism even more than him and the clothes she sells are copies not her ideas at all.

    She is ridiculously bad and he is bad plus by association with her as well.

  • roadkill

    How does everyone know that that black Lexus is Rachel’s car? How many black Lexus’ are there in LA? They’re as common as dirt. And speaking of dirt, at least he looks like he might be clean in these photos. Amazing how using a razor and getting a haircut can do that for a person. Of course he still looks miserable even under that hat that hides most of his face. Getting so tired of that hat. At least wear another fricking hat instead of the BAPE one all the damn time.

    Screen Gems is cashing in on Hayden’s international SW stardom to sell their lower budget movies, not subsidizing his talent. They’re betting against his talent, that he’ll never use the funding he’s supposed to get for projects he brings to SG. It’s so obvious that this is what’s happening. Jumper 2 will make it to video before FPP puts a film in theaters.

    Go back to Canada, Hayden.

  • get real

    Loves his movies no matter what it is.I always enjoy watching him work.And hope he don’t let things get his head like some people.He always a winner without the awards.He’s not rushing it.

  • get real

    Love everything he’s in no matter what he’s in ,No matter what he’s in.I enjoy watching him work.Don’t need awards he’s already a winner to me.Think his mother feel the same way about him

  • Lin

    Hayden doesn’t need the $ after Star Wars, he has said that, he said he acts because he loves it. He has had a few bad years, although I liked some of his movies and others not. As for Rachel, who knows, certainly we don’t, even though I don’t care for her and think he can do better. Men have a different way of looking at females , they think with their ****’s not necessarily with their brains and guys seem to think she is pretty and sexy.

    Anyway glad to see pics of him and do hope the best to him always.