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Hilary Duff Releases "That's So Gay" PSA

Hilary Duff Releases

Hilary Duff loves the gays!

The Duffster, 21, has teamed up with The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to create a campaign in which the term “that’s so gay” is used casually in an effort to help teens recognize that their anti-LGBT language is harmful. Watch the video below!

Comedian Wanda Sykes also has a PSA coming out soon about this.

For more info on this cause, visit

Hilary Duff – “That’s So Gay” PSA
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  • Antonella

    She’s so cute :) i love her

  • sarah


  • Christine

    I’m offended by people who are trying to censor my right to free speech! That being said, I think this video is so gay! If that offends you it’s because you’re weak and stupid. Next thing you know people are going to say, “that’s so retarded” is offensive to mentally challenged individuals. People need to grow up and get a life and quit trying to find something to complain about.

  • : _ !

    I stopped calling stuff gay and retarded and replaced it with cheap, because it is offensive. thats cheap!

  • Rayt

    WTF. People can use the word gay however they want, seriously.. whaty the heck is this!? These celebs are just running out of worthwhile charities to make PSAs about and make us all feel inferior and shit – so theyre resorting to this? I hate PSAs, this one is the worst yet. I can say gay however I want to say gay – and I AM gay.

  • Helena

    Haha, that advert is hilarious. I really hate that term. I hope people realise that it is an offensive comment.

  • Rachel

    Dude, ok
    Let me just say this
    Hilary duff, reguardless of what shes trying to do, is a HORRIBLE actress. I’ve never acted, never been in movies or shows and could do a heck of lot better job then this
    SHE SUX!!

  • Regina

    “WTF. People can use the word gay however they want, seriously.. whaty the heck is this!? These celebs are just running out of worthwhile charities to make PSAs about and make us all feel inferior and **** – so theyre resorting to this? I hate PSAs, this one is the worst yet. I can say gay however I want to say gay – and I AM gay.”

    You’re an idiot. Just because you’re gay and you’re have come out (well have you?) doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive for others (some who haven’t even come out, easily offended or are confused). You don’t represent every gay person. People DO get offended sometimes.

  • anna

    hilary.. this is kinda silly

  • sarah

    i think this is a great cause but a bad psa. she isnt being very effective.
    and “thats so retarded” IS offensive to mentally challenged people. Think about where the use of it comes from. When something is stupid or lacks thought. Marginalizing other groups is not cool and just shows how ignorant you are.

  • Lauren

    That’s incredibly stupid and a waste of money. There – is that better than saying it’s so gay?

  • Rayt

    Regina – I don’t give a crap. If someone gets offended by misuse of a WORD that is their problem. Go cry about something worthwhile.. like people dying and whatever. Gay used to mean happy also, it’s a word that has evolved and I dont think people think to offend gay people when saying “that’s gay”. It is freedom of speech and we don’t need celebs telling us what not to say. If you find it offensive.. whatever.. take it up with whoever says it to you. But celebs making commercials like this just seems pretentious and annoying.

  • t

    You people scare me, if that’s how you feel I guess it’s ok to say nigger too.

  • t

    You people scare me, if that’s how you feel I guess it’s ok to say too.

  • Rayt

    THAT word has a very detailed and upsetting background to it. Gay does not.

  • Antonella

    STFU, people. Who cares about the message!?
    It’s all about how pretty does Hil look at the video.


  • Natx3′

    Wow this is offense.
    Plus its freedom of speech, and i dont think they can make half the teenage population stop saying it because us teens are stubborn especially when it comes to something dumb like this.

  • jasmine

    how the hell is this silly it’s wrong and people do it for purpose reasons and they need to stop it’s offensive!

  • Bleh

    I totally agree with : _ !
    because it’s bull$h*t when people use “retard” as another word for stupid because it’s NOT! Just like gay or “faggot” isn’t another word for stupid. It’s offensive and hurtful.

  • pdb

    This video is pure faggotry.

  • shell

    I wouldn’t be pissed if people would say that’s so straight….so what’s the difference? Because they are the minority? I wanna know really what is the difference? If this phrase offends you GROW UP. If you’re gay and if offends you…why is it a big deal? No one that says it means oh only gay people do that so that’s so gay.

  • shell

    Oh not to mention this world has become to ‘politically’ correct….before you know it we won’t be able to say anything at all.

  • lore

    love her :)

  • UM

    Hillary Duff and her career are so gay.


  • Jackson

    It was wonderful and I agree with the message. The amount of times teenagers use that on a daily basis is terrible, and extremely offensive. Those who said they can say whatever they want, f*** you. It’s called respect.

  • Alex

    I LOVE U HILARY!!!! Your so amazing and caring

  • josh

    no one is saying that you’re not allowed to say the word; she’s trying to bring awareness to how it makes some people feel. you’re free to make up your own mind as whether it’s use is an important enough part of your lexicon.

    just as you’ve the right to say whatever you’d like, she and anyone who overhears your conversation has the right to respond. everyone on both sides can calm down.

  • jordan

    lame video. it will backfire. (obviously by the comments here alone it already has.) too much hypocrisy about it.

  • qwerty

    Look, they are not in any way trying to censor your right to free speach. Trust me, my course study right now is solely focused around the First Amendment. Read The Sledding Hill by Chris Crutcher. It deals directly with censorship and the First Amendment. All that Hilary is suggesting is that she not say “That is so gay.” Really, by saying she cannot say that, YOU are violating HER freedom to speech and expression. I think that it was wonderful of Hilary Duff to step out and say that. It takes real gutts to make that move, especially when the right move isn’t popular. You know that saying, “The popular route isn’t always right, but the right route isn’t always popular?.” You go Hilary!

  • kat

    you people are ignorant if you don’t think using the word gay is offensive. just because you don’t have feelings, doesn’t mean other people don’t. our world is only getting worse because of people like you. hilary is trying to make a difference. power to hilary!

  • waterhouse

    that´s so gay…

  • cheninator

    oh for f*ck sake, people that are seeing “thats so gay” is an okay thing to say, are just rude. its no wonder teenagers and kids these days think being gay is a bad thing, since everyone uses the word gay as a negative thing. plus the fact people use words like gay and retarded as bad things, is disgusting. personally i gert offended by people saying stuff like “thats so gay” what bullsh*t, people could simply say stupid or bad, rather than gay.

  • starzsixty9

    As many of you have commented you believe the word ”gay” should be able to be used freely and its not a big deal. Well how would you guys feel if I started to use ni**er in my common language.. That’s fu*king ni**er of you. It would NOT be tolerated.. So what’s so bad about causing awareness??
    And granted we have freedom but is it ok when your talking down on other people? Being gay is still not completely ‘ok’ and many people have to deal with crap from people. I think its a great thing she’s doing. Whether you like her as a person or not who cares… look at the message she’s conveying. Maybe when you guys frow the fu*k up you’ll realize that this harmless word does hurt some people.. What makes it so different from other racial slurs and words we assign to people?

  • BG

    this video is so gay and retarded.

    Seriously, people, why get so offended over something? The more meaning we give to a word or phrase, the more power it has. Thus, there is no reason for why we should have to censor ourselves when using slang such as “retarded” or “gay.” It’s like giving power to the word “bitch.” Some are still offended by that word, & that’s so senseless. So rather than be offended by the word witch with a capital “B” I use it and it means absolutely nothing harmful to me and others who know me. Same goes for gay and retarded, in my opinion. Just my two cents.

  • jasmine

    people can be so stupid here’s a celebrity fighting for something she believes in a good charity and people are criticizing for her but then praise reality stars for doing dumb shit on tv come people REALITY CHECK she’s doing a good deed!

  • John

    This is completely sweet of her as usual very nice message and I hope people can understand what a great cause this is!

  • Lucy

    this is so cute and so damn funny Hilary you’re hilarious my fav part your wearing a skirt as a shirt lol

  • somebody ;D

    okay let me say



  • Linda

    aw she’s adorable and she looks great love her outfit and of course an important message well delivered!

  • Missy

    people you guys are reading this way to much it’s a charity good for her most celebrities/people don’t give 2 shits and she is taking her time and fighting what she believes it’s wrong you don’t have to agree but you don’t have to say it’s stupid when it’s not!

  • marisa

    ugh god, i’m so sick of people complaining and saying u shouldnt say that’s so gay. who gives a hoot? freedom of speech. u act like we killed someone. i dont hate gay people but i think its ok to say that something is so gay. it doesnt even relate to gay people. when people say thats so gay, its refer to something stupid, which kind of made another definition for it.
    gay can refer to gay people, being happy, or stupid things.

    GET OVER IT. we have bigger problems to solve in this world right now.

  • steve

    Stop people! She is just trying to chance our mind. Shut Up…Idiots.

  • Lover


  • Maddie

    at least she’s trying to make a difference unlike many celebrities. i know its offensive, but sometimes it just slips out =/

  • nikki

    I love this psa. i am known around my school as a total gay rights activist and whenever anyone uses gay as a synonym for stupid or bad i always correct them and remind them what exactly they are saying and how hurtful/offensive it is. people need to be more aware. and good job hilary duff for helping the cause.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Love that picture ♥
    About the whole gay thing….i dont really care!

  • Leigh

    I can see how this could be offensive but in reality, you could say that a lot of things offend people, “That’s so gay” is just one of them, why make a big deal of it? What’s the difference between saying that or “That’s so straight?” or “That’s so stupid?” or “That’s so girly”. In all of them you could be “offending” straight, stupid or girly people. AND, gay meant happy.

  • hmm

    No one is trying to take away your right of “freedom of speech”. People are just trying to educate your obviously ignorant asses. They have the right to freedom of speech just as much as you do. The difference? They are trying to educate. You are just being a close minded asshole.

  • hmm

    For anyone who thinks “that’s so gay” is unoffensive.

    What if I walked up to your mother and said “you’re such a cunt”. So, it’s true? So what? Freedom of speech just as you say, right? It still doesn’t make it “okay”. What if I used the word “cracker” to talk about something I didn’t like? Would white people be offended? Hell yes we would. Stop being such hypocrites. Try using your intelligence, even if it’s very little.