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Howard Stern Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Howard Stern Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Here’s the first photo from Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky‘s wedding from last Friday at Manhattan’s Le Cirque restaurant.

The celebrity guest list included Barbara Walters, Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee, Joan Rivers, John Stamos, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman and Kelly Ripa, whose husband, Mark Consuelos officiated the ceremony.

According to People and Us Weekly, Stamos joined the band on stage and played the drums, Kimmel read a poem and Dixie Chick Natalie Maines sang a tune written for the occasion and Billy Joel gave a surprise performance of “You’re My Home.”

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Photos: Donna Newman
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    The bride looks beautiful…And what a sexy dress, being all cut out in the back and sides…I’m sure Howard LOVED that…I wish them well.

  • loyal

    I am sorry but he is a gross, unfunny pig of a man. That girl has either rocks in her head or dollar signs in her eyes.

  • boogie

    #2- you are probably right- she for sure has rocks in her head as well as dollar signs!

    He is one jerk! ughhhhhhhh

  • gina

    Wish the both of them all the best.

  • Victoria

    Oh My God- her dress! I didn’t know Frederick’s of Hollywood had a bridal line.

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    Howard Stern is one lucky dude. Beth Ostrosky is one very hot lady.

  • wtf

    That is a trashy dress.

  • Sarah


  • erika

    How perfect …. a whore wedding dress.

  • Jessika

    I am sorry but I absolutely love that dress… I want to see the whole thing!!! You haters are just jealous because they wouldn’t look an ounce as good in the dress as Beth does!!! But I do have to agree she must have some other motive for marriage besides just love because Howard is rude and gross!!!!

  • Jen

    I agree with the rocks in her head comment based on the dress she’s wearing. My goodness, that thing is hideous!! If she had any decent friends they would’ve prevented her from wearing that thing.

    I really does look like something a person would buy at Fredricks – and just think, she probably spent a fortune on it!

  • Artie’sliver

    #2, you are probably a right wing republican housewife that gets mad when anyone makes a joke that isn’t Disney rated. Congrats to the King of All Media

  • Fla fla flo-hi

    Bababooey, he’s Tatatoothy

  • betty


  • stefanie

    Ugh, don’t like the dress, sorry.
    But she looks lovely.

  • Mamasarah

    Jessika, I would look fantastic in that dress. But I wouldn’t wear it, because I am not a WHORE. That is all.

  • Captain obvious 22

    The man looks like Big Bird…just not yellow. But there is a very long line of ugly dudes with lots of $$$ who’ve scored hot chicks – it all started with Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova – heck I think they’re even still together. Somehow I doubt this one is gonna make it that long.

  • Julien

    That dress is stunning…but I can’t believe she’s marrying him!!!

  • Ha!

    Um, these two have already been together for 8 years people.

  • Yay!

    Congratulations to them both. This relationship is tried and true. I love Howard Stern for doing the lady right. He is very different from who he “appears” to be. He is a family-oriented kind of guy and a one-woman man. I’m sure that they are very, very happy.

    Beth is a great person. She loves animals and has done so much to raise awareness about animal abuse, pet adoptions, etc. God bless them.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Oh for goodness sake, they got married in a resturant NOT in a church. If she was wearing this in a church, then maybe, but she’s not. Can’t stand Howard Stern, but come one now, let’s be real here.

    If I had her body, I’d be wearing something ‘rockin’ myself.

  • Lemon

    I’ve always loved Howard…they genuinely look happy. It makes me smile!


    that dress is so …ugh. Who gets married lookin like you belong on the corner?

  • Nina

    That dress is trashy and cheap and not at all befitting a wedding. Much less your OWN wedding. But hey, it’s appropriate for people like that, I suppose. It’s not like Howard Stern pretends to be a posh dude or anything.

  • nina

    Wow…what some dumb broads will do for money.

  • Jolene

    That dress was custom designed by Georgina Chapman for Marchesa and Beth helped to design it.

  • Jolene

    That dress was custom designed by Georgina Chapman for Marchesa and Beth helped to design it. It must have cost a small fortune.

  • Jolene

    (Sorry for the double post).

  • Yuddha Jonas

    she looks like jessica simpson!

  • Josh

    If you idiots actually knew anything about the couple before judging, you would know that this “wedding” was more of a dinner party/celebration for them and their close friends. And the real wedding is private for the family. This is probably why shes is not wearing a wedding gown, and more of a casual dress. Get the facts before your retards judge.

  • josh

    If you idiots knew anything about the couple before you decided to judge, you would know that this “wedding” was actually a party/celebration with their close friends, and that the real wedding is private for the family. This is why Beth is wearing a casual dress rather than a gown. Get the facts before you retards judge.

  • Lala

    Who’s high pitch?

  • bella

    beautiful picture, really bad dress.



  • mlk

    What else would you wear to marry someone like Howard Stern?

  • HowardRulz

    To all you haters: blphhh! Howard is a very talented, funny, generous and genuine person. I would bet that most of the negative comments are from jerks that have never heard him except for short exerpts from his show.

    And to the jeallous fatsos; Beth looks awesome in that dress. Of course it doesn’t come in a size 20 so most of you couldn’t fit in one.

  • Jure


  • MiHay

    Way to go on looking like a 2 dollar whore on your wedding day.

  • Anonypus

    They both look fantastic. I’m a female stern fan from ages back. It requires a sense of humor and an understanding of parody, as well as a healthy disrespect for political correctness. I love Stern, I think Beth is incredible, and I wish them nothing but the best.

    For all the snarks? Go back to fapping to desperate housewives 9000 times and wishing you looked that good in a dress. Lolcows.

  • angel

    I think that Beth looks amazing. I really think people do not get the Howard Stern show. These two love each other. You can hear it in their voices, see it in their eyes. She also has her own money. I love the Howard Stern show. To each their own. He is a good father, friend, & husband once again. Oh & he has awesome parents. To judge someone that does a show that you know nothing about cracks me up. I wish them all the happiness in the world. I will miss the show when he decides to retire…..Who cares if they have money. He is more like you & I than you would ever know…

  • Kate

    Howard acts a lot more disgusting than he really is. I understand how Allison could have gotten jealous and fed up after years of his antics, but he loved her very much and was always very faithful.

    I’m sure he will be the same towards Beth if she can put up with his shananigans.

    Although he’s not attractive, he’s incredibly smart and witty so maybe that’s enough for her. It was good enough for Allison before he had money and she too is a beautiful woman.

  • Jeff the Drunk’s arm

    Howard is actually one of the smartest, funniest, most introspective and most “in touch” men in the media, not just in radio; he does terrific interviews, getting people to open up and tell the whole truth.

    Yes, he does have strippers and prostitutes on his show, but he has sports figures, big movie stars, great musicians, politicians, and comedians on as well. He surrounds himself with talented artists [Robin, Artie, Fred, etc...] and admin staff and treats everyone the way you would want a boss to treat you (OK, minus the Baba-booey treatment…).

    Cut him some slack. He truly loves Beth O and she loves him. We should all have such a love in our own lives.

  • robin

    Beth and Howard are very much in love and he’s a great guy. Anyone who thinks that he isn’t doesn’t listen to his show or has only heard excerpts. She’s as lucky to have him as he is to have her. As someone wrote previously, the dress was worn for a celebration of the marriage publicly and you would all love to be able to wear it. Good luck to them!

  • Lisa

    People – no one KNOWS either of them. They are famous people. You can’t say ‘Howard is awful’ or ‘Howard is great’ NO ONE KNOWS THEM! I listen to the show and he contradicts himself on some things, and stays true on others. Who knows? I think it’s funny that anyone feels they ‘know’ a celebrity. It’s all just in your head, and your perception. I have a feeling most celebs would disappoint on a huge level. They can’t live up (or down) to the hype.

    Whether or not you like Beth’s dress – I’m pretty sure she’d rather be enjoying her luxurious honeymoon right now, even if she’s being talked about, than on this website commenting. I think we ALL wish we had something better to do…………..

  • clarkie

    I too have been a huge fan of both Howard and Beth for years, but I’m just baffled by this dress.
    After hearing her talk about it on the air over the past few months I guess I expected something more ….she’ll always be gorgeous, but I wonder if she’ll ever look back and regret the choice she made on this.
    Either way, I think they’re both fantastic and are made for each other, I guess I just had my hopes up too high on the dress front. It just comes across as very tacky – not her style at all.

  • Julie

    Anyone who actually listens to Howard would wish the 2 the best. I used to “hate” him. Then 10 years ago in college, I got a summer job driving tractor for 10 hours a day. Howard made the first 5 enjoyable and….*****SURPRISE******….yes, he has porn stars on once and a while, but how many of your husbands out there have looked at porn once in their life? Probably more have than haven’t. BUT the point is howard’s show is 10% strippers and shock factor and 90% humor, real, balanced, informative dicussions of current events and different perspectives. An anthropological look at our culture. I challenge all of you haters to listen for 2 weeks and not be converted. The revolution is here.

  • sternfan

    Do any of you idiots even listen to the show. Howard is the most honest person in the world and the only reason people hate him is because he says what everyone else wants to and people hate him for it.

    Grow up. Howard is the Man!!!

  • cathy crabbe

    I love Howard and I know that he will be very happy with his lovely bride. I only wish I could wear a dress like that. They had their wedding which is what we all should do, and not pushed to do a conventional wedding that makes other people happy. Congratulations and long life!

  • http://none cathy crabbe

    I love Howard and know he and his lovely bride will be very happy. i wish I could wear a dress like that! They had their wedding not the coventional wedding we are all forced to have. Congratulations!

  • http://none Buster7

    Hey now!!! 10,000 days of happiness to you and Beth. Don’t listen to the haters…they’re just jealous. You looked beautiful, Beth…you, too Howard. Enjoy your transformation–from single schmuck to committed partner.