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Suri Cruise Skips to My Lou

Suri Cruise Skips to My Lou

Suri Cruise skips her heart out while holding her mother, Katie Holmes‘s hand, in the East Village in New York City on Wednesday.

Also pictured below is Katie Holmes (in PRPS “Dart” skinny bleached jeans) arriving at both her Manhattan residence as well as the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre to perform in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons on Wednesday as well.

Looks like the headscarf and the plaid are still mainstays in Katie‘s wardrobe!

15+ pictures of Suri Cruise skipping to her Lou…

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suri cruise skips to my lou 01
suri cruise skips to my lou 02
suri cruise skips to my lou 03
suri cruise skips to my lou 04
suri cruise skips to my lou 05
suri cruise skips to my lou 06
suri cruise skips to my lou 07
suri cruise skips to my lou 08
suri cruise skips to my lou 09
suri cruise skips to my lou 10
suri cruise skips to my lou 11
suri cruise skips to my lou 12
suri cruise skips to my lou 13
suri cruise skips to my lou 14
suri cruise skips to my lou 15

Credit: Mario Magnani, Doug Meszler/Patricia Schlein; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, WENN
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  • katie n

    ahh! for all those people who were crying about Suri being unhappy, traumatised…like any other child this one has her moods. So heart warming to see a cute child happy and smiley.

  • Hello jello

    ohhh she is so flipping cute!!! she is such a doll…what a cutie!!! tom and katie should be proud of themselves for creating such a adorable girl!!!

  • g!rocks

    suri is sooo cute & happy in this pic ! good for her !

  • ko

    oh my god, so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David


  • ko

    i know why they usually wont let suri walk……she doesn’t walk. she skips. such a cutie pie

  • SO Sweet

    This is the cutest picture I have seen of her (I don’t mean that in a bad way) She just always looks like she is sick of the paps which I don’t blame. This is way too adorable.

  • Sara

    She is adorable. Too bad Katie and Tom has to live through little Suri life. Sweet litlle child is liked more than her parents.

  • Chloe

    Suri and Katie look so happy and content in these photos. I hope that big body guard can keep the paps at bay , because its so good to see them having fun and smiling. :)

  • nina

    She is adorable.

  • nicolem

    She is so cute. She’s always dressed up.

  • m

    She is so adorable!!!!!! I want to put her in my pocket.

  • liv

    #1, you are right!

    these pictures are too cute, i can’t take it!! hahaha!!

    she has her moods and if you watch videos of her in TMZ and, she has videos of her saying hi to the paps and waving.

    she’s so cut!! i love suri!!

  • lisa

    This is the second photo opt that ive taken notice, Why does katie not dress suri according to the weather? I live on the east coast further south and its 72 and chilly, I can imagine that its slightly cooler in NY. That little blanket is not enough to keep her warm, she needs a little jacket or at least long sleeves.

  • Trix

    Suri is sooo cute

  • Ally

    OMG!!! THATS ADORIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWW

  • cc

    I love the pic of Suri looking up at Katie…such a precious mother/daughter moment….

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    Suri looks cute, Katie still looks like a guy.

  • mom

    She really loves New York huh? Suri seems so much happier in that city than in LA.

  • dancer

    Finally a picture of Suri smiling. You go baby girl. BUT WHAT THE HELL is Katie wearing? Oh my god she looks awful.

  • Julia

    she always looks so happy, despite the fact that she is raised with those strange scientology rules and stuff.

    really pretty little girl.

  • nancI BlacK

    Son Cute !!!!! But is was chilly today.

  • boogie

    Suri is adorable!

    Poor Kate…..needs fashion lessons on what type of shoe to wear with her “outfits”. I am getting heartburn looking at the pictures with her in jeans and those shiny 6″ heels and scarf. Shoes are way to dressy.

  • Karena

    Gosh, Suri is so adorable. What lovely pics of her and her mom. :)

    She looks soo happy!

  • Mr. Horse

    And epopel STILL say she never walks (as if that could ever be reasonable complaint if it was true at all…)

  • nancI BlacK

    Suri Is Beauitful too Look at . Her face is Lovely , Tom & Katie are Meant To Be and they are one great family

  • Sophia

    She is happy because she gets to walk/skip.

  • gina

    She is adorable. A mini Dorothy.

  • Angela

    I think she was trying to hurry so she could get inside and get warm :). Seriously though… still no sweater, no leggings, short sleeve shirt.

    Also, it seems to me that when Suri is looking up she seems almost surprised to see her mommy smiling.

  • Mr. Horse

    Sorry. I meant PEOPLE.

  • frannie

    Suri is so cute and the spitting image of her daddy!

  • Mr. Horse

    No she doesn’t, #14. It was in the upper-sixties today in NY. Check the weather bureau if you don’t believe me. Let the PARENTS decide what the child does or doesn’t need.

    What Scientology rules, #21? Don’t believe everything you read.

    Don’t play mind reader, #29. You sound ridiculous making up guesses why she’s…’hurrying’?

    There was no need for such heavy attire today.

    And yet people still think Chris Klein is the father, #31. Idiots.

  • boogie

    Katie looked like she was carrying Suri’s purple sweater/jacket.

    She did not look cold at all and if she were- she would have asked for her jacket. geez!

  • Z

    Can I win Suri instead of Katie’s ugly sweater?!?

  • Lemon

    Suri is the cutest little girl but I wish she wasn’t dressed like it was summer. For Katie – that scarf is completely ridiculous and those skinny jeans need to go. They are so unflattering.

  • Susan

    Adorable! :)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`this kid is so fcuking cute.

    ;she has no celeb equal.

  • Mimosa

    some people really over react
    i live and work in new york and i can safely tell you that if you were born and bred here…. 72 degrees is balmy, like it was today (hence suri enjoying herself). no need for a coat for us in this weather at least. maybe the further south or out west you live, the more you feel it but for again, this is NOTHING. stop over reacting. people are wearing long sleaves and such because many places switch on and off with the AC and heat depending on what time of the day it is. Night time is also pretty chilly. Might as well be prepared. And there you have it. Relax people.

  • sibi


  • tanya

    I love Katie and Suri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ???

    cankle chic! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chessa

    Im in 7th heaven with all this amazing touching pics
    of Suri and Katie.Awwwww

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`it’s funny how people who don’t; live in ny are talking about the weather and what should be worn here.

  • jade

    Love these pictures of Suri. She is a darling girl.

  • 2008

    I wonna squeeze little Suri. So precious and she thinks she is going to work like mommy too. Katie looks chic btw.

  • ???

    cankle country muslim joy for everyone!!!

  • pr person

    Refreshing to see a happy, smiling, skipping, Suri… Adorable.

    “What Scientology rules, #21? Don’t believe everything you read.” No, don’t believe anything you read that Horsey writes, ’cause he doesn’t do his research and isn’t very knowledgeable. Pretends that he is… but we all know better.

  • Mimosa

    InFamous – i love you, that was great.. Totally agreed by the way!
    Apparently we should be wearing coats in this weather because some tourist from the south or california finds it a little too cold. Maybe they should get a load of our winters ?

  • Sweets

    Adorable kid, precious, now we know why she is always carried because she is a runner. She is always well dressed unlike some of the other celebs kids. She’s a cutie pie.

  • Mr. Horse

    You don’t know a thing about me, #47. And I must be very knowledgable since I’m always right.