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Zac Efron Covers Entertainment Weekly's Photo Issue

Zac Efron Covers Entertainment Weekly's Photo Issue

Zac Efron has become the face to sell millions of magazines!

The 20-year-old High School Musical star, who turns 21 in ten days, takes the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s very important photo issue.

The mag say the heartthrob “has big plans for his career–right after he stars in our photo portfolio.”

Pick up this issue with many more exclusive pictures of Zac and all of of your favorite celebs–on newsstands tomorrow!

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118 Responses to “Zac Efron Covers Entertainment Weekly's Photo Issue”

  1. 1
    jo Says:

    ill admit he’s a pretty boy but i don’t get all the hype on him

  2. 2
    Laila!! Says:

    OMJ he is too hot for this world,
    I can’t believe he is gonna be 21 in 10 days.
    Love him! <3

  3. 3
    jojojo Says:

    love him
    looks lush
    love him!!!!!

  4. 4
    Kay Says:

    I LOVE ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. best weekly magazine out there. good to see they know how to pick a cover boy!

  5. 5
    rosielee9 Says:

    Have to say Zac looks reall good in black and white, and what evr his plans areI hope he has sucess.

  6. 6
    bettybaby Says:

    so freaking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can anyone explain to me how to post a pic link, b/c when ever include one in my post, the comment doesn’t go through???????

  7. 7
    Juli Says:

    I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Him………………….. He’s SOOOOOO HOT………………. I think that he’s one of the HSM Actors that going to get more jobs …………….. he have to much talent he’s a such good actor and he’s soooooo Hot………….

  8. 8
    fabp Says:

    Huge sign that he’s going from teen to grown-up – by the mags he’s venturing into – fab!

  9. 9
    lore Says:

    HOT HOT HOT, i love him :)

  10. 10
    steph Says:

    hes the most gorgeous thing ive ever seen.

  11. 11
    HRG Says:

    sex god

  12. 12
    zanessa rox Says:

    wow..seriously hot!! does ny1 no wen d hsm 3 promotional tour is over?! and is london there last place??!!

  13. 13
    zv Says:

    OMG i love him he is sooooooooo HOT!!!
    the HSM3 premier in london was awesome they all looked so good especially zav and ness they were adorable!!!!

    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    zv Says:

    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15
    zv Says:

    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HSM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    heidi Says:

    love zac, vanessa, zanessa and hsm
    and he is HOT

  17. 17
    smdwh2 Says:

    love him

  18. 18
    Lisa Says:


  19. 19
    Lisa Says:


  20. 20

    he looks soooo hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21
    t. Says:

    I don’t care about whats-his-face but am not liking the cover snippet that says Michael Cera may quit acting. That would be very uncool. He’s wonderful on-screen.

  22. 22
    suzy Says:

  23. 23
    Kate Says:

    hes so hot and i love him but he really doesnt spend time with his fans like at the hsm3 uk preimere i was there and he signed like 2 autographs i think they’ve gotten too big headed and we’ve all made it out like its something its not. eveyone was booing them when they went in, he liked signed two autographs and that was it, he looked like he wasn’t even enjoying it and didnt want to be there he really dissapointed me and wen he was on gmtv he seemed like he didnt enjoy it he should be at least grateful now don’t get me wrong hesthe reason why i went but he was just boring and stayed mostly at the press. he should be thanking us, we’re the ones who has made him this big and rich . :(

  24. 24
    Malia Says:

    As usual, he looks like Zac–GREAT!!

    For those of you who don’t get the hype, go find all his interviews from way back in 2005, watch The Derby Stallion and Miracle Run. Read what producers and directors say about how down-to-earth, focused, dedicated and committed he is.

    Plus, he never says anything bad about others–even the ones who put him down. As Jesse McCartney said, “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

  25. 25
    Kate Says:

    reply to me about what you think !

  26. 26
    abbie Says:


  27. 27
    Dude Says:

    Not as hot as Chase Crawford or Penn Badgley on Gossip Girl…..

  28. 28
    Kenny Says:

    OMG here it is Britney´s Womanizer video

  29. 29
    Malia Says:

    #23, on various Zac fan sites, there are completely different stories from fans who got autographs and spoke of how nice and friendly he is. Also stories from fans who nearly got crushed and didn’t get an autograph, but still they didn’t have anything bad to say about Zac. In such a crowd, I’m sure there were thousands of kids who didn’t get autographs. That is NOT Zac’s fault.

    I realized you’ve posted your comment on every Zac/Vanessa thread since the London premier. We get it. You’re upset because you didn’t get his autograph. So, you want us all to hate Zac for that.

    If you were indeed there, did you notice how his PR persons guided him along the red carpet, urging him along? She didn’t allow him to linger long in any one spot.

    Also, on GMT, Zac said he was sorry that everyone at the premier didn’t get an autograph.

    Maybe you should take a clue from Zac–if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.

  30. 30
    Kate Says:

    #29 the gmtv interview was before the premiere so how could he say sorry? did you even watch it and its the 1st comment i’ve posted on the site

  31. 31
    marisol Says:


  32. 32
    ashley Says:

    He should stick with manly, NO MORE MAKE-UP HONEY!

  33. 33
    Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    HOLY FREAKIN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE”S SEXY!!!

  34. 34
    zoe! Says:

    1st page!!!!!! im totally gonna buy that mag!! love him! and vanessa too!

  35. 35
    ashlee Says:

    say goodbye disney and hello acting world. can’t wait to see him in 17 again and maow. hope his next movie is a drama/thriller. go zac.

  36. 36
    poppy Says:

    He looks amazing wow, so grown up and just wow. So proud of him, and he’s only going to continue to grow and get better, he simply shines, a truly amazing guy.

    Kate, we understand where you are coming from, but he did appear to be distant and a bit under the weather, I’m sure if he could spend all of his time at the premiere signing he would have, despite not being his usual self. We all know, and from the many encounters people have had with him that he is a cool and down to earth guy, don’t let what happened yesterday get to you, it looks as if he was just having a bad day, and we’re all allowed them. Also, from what I have read, his publicist Gina was moving him on too quickly, she is quite fierce let me tell you, perhaps he would have signed more if he could.

  37. 37
    jjaqueline Says:

    #23– I am not sure how to respond to your remarks. There could be a myriad of reasons for why Zac didn’t (or couldn’t) sign a lot of autographs. Maybe he was told to “keep moving” by his handlers, maybe he was advised that he needed to hurry in order not to be late inside, maybe he was overwhelmed by the crowd and a little skiddish. I saw some video of the crowd and it seemed that the “police or authorities” were having great difficulty controlling them. All that needed to happen was for the crowd of screaming fans to break past the barriers and start mobbing the “stars” – what a horrible and terrifying sight that would have been.

    I do think they all look tired and completely drained. It must be difficult to put in the limelight and then be scrutinzed by everyone on the planet – how miserable – you are basically in a no win situation – someone will find fault with something. AND, then to be told what they can or cannot say as well as having the same questions asked over and over again. Surely these young adults can be trusted to say the correct thing – after all Disney has worked with them for years.

    Bottom Line – these are all good people that have done a great job promoting HSM and have made a ton of money for Disney – let’s cut them some slack and realize that “yes” we can indeed admire them, but we don’t own them. They really deserve our respect thus far, and unless they completely stray off their game, my guess is that they will continue to “WOW” us!

  38. 38
    shannon Says:

    he looks great in that magazine it’s good that he;s going for an older look becasue it fits him!

  39. 39
    ZANESSA #1 FAN Says:

    #23 STOP LYING!!!
    I was there too!!!
    and he and vanessa gave me an autograph and they were just fine!!
    they are soooooo nice with every fan!!! you guys have to see it!!!
    they are the sweetest people!!
    and vanessa is even prettier in person and zac is hotter!!!
    and stop saying stupid things because NOBODY was booing them!!!
    everybody was cheering!!!!
    maybe you’re just mad because he didn’t give you an autograph, but you have to know that is NOT his fault!!
    didn’t you see all those people guiding them??
    anyways HSM3 is gonna rock!!!
    ZAC ROCKS!!!

  40. 40
    sam Says:

    SO. DAMN. HOT.

  41. 41
    Trina Says:

    He looks good on that cover. The grown up Zac Efron.

  42. 42
    gina Says:

    Very nice cover.

  43. 43
    kan Says:

    PHOTOS and ZAC EFRON – well, you could never go wrong with that.

    I would love to see his other photos inside that issue. BTW, he looks thin on that photo.

    OT: I hope Michael Cera won’t quit acting. He’s always a delight to see onscreen.

  44. 44
    OH SNAP Says:

    that’s soo GAY!

  45. 45
    Shonathan Hilton Says:

    I want a piece of that hotness!

    yum! lol

    so sexy!

  46. 46
    auaa Says:

    Aww yay, hot cover. He’s a sweetheart & talented, love him.

  47. 47
    Blue-eyed girl96 Says:

    I love him!!! He’s sooooooo HOTT!!!!! Ahhhh….. He’s cuter than jb!

    Viva la Zanessa!

  48. 48
    a&a=) Says:

    woow so hot!

  49. 49
    Jane Says:

    he looks amazing, hope there are more stunning pics inside, also it would be great to hear what he plans to do next, I hope it says something new!

  50. 50
    vanessahudgensdivine Says:

    he’s SOOOOOO hot!!
    the best :’ )
    lucky vanessa (L
    p.s: I love justjared :D

  51. 51
    Mimi! Says:


  52. 52
    marisa Says:

    i love my lil zaccy poo : )

  53. 53
    sarahi Says:

    Please he is WAY hotter than those gossip girl guys

  54. 54
    istar Says:

    ****! he is so hot!!!

  55. 55
    Magie Says:

    Ugh, can you say yummy!! Haha, he is getting so much more handsome and mature these days and I am LOVING it! The hair is definitley a plus and the jacket and skinny tie are always looking good on him! I might have to go out and pick up this issue!!

  56. 56
    Kikigirl101 Says:


  57. 57
    Tiptoes Says:

    He looks so matured. and VABN is back!

  58. 58
    alyssa Says:

    oh lord.

    my jaw litterally dropped when i saw this!

  59. 59
    Cindy Says:


    If I was not Married I would take Zac.

    and I would give him the ride of his life

    if you what I mean.

  60. 60
    Cindy Says:


    If I was not Married I would take Zac.

    and I would give him the ride of his life

    if you know what I mean.

  61. 61
    Cindy Says:


    If I was not Married I would take Zac.

    and I would give him the ride of his life

    if you know what I mean.

  62. 62
    mararchick1 Says:

    #23 – first off i totally disagree with u. and OMG he human can’t u give him a freakin break. u have been moded and dissed multiple times all in the same day. i also agree that if u don’t got anything good to say don’t say anything at all. I REPEAT THE GUY IS HUMAN U CAN’T EXPECT HIM TO BE SUPERMAN AND FLY AROUND GIVING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS FANS A AUTOGRAPH. GIVE HIM A FREAKIN BREAK WILL YA!

    Boy is Fine!

  63. 63
    z+v=zanessa Says:

    OH MY GOD!

    thats all i have to say!

    oh and I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT MAN!!!

  64. 64
    linda Says:

    zac looks amazing
    and i bet a lot of poeple are going to buy the magazine
    i mean with a hottie like that in a cover oh you know its worth it
    he’s worth everything and i’m glad zac has big plans for his career
    that’s good for him

    i read most of the other comments and most of you poeple
    said the most idiotic things about him not signing you an autograph
    i mean seriously guys he has a lot of fans there is no way to keep up with who knows how many fans of his were there and plus they were poeple guiding him along the red carpet so don’t say negative things about him YOU SHOULD CONGRATULATE HIM ABOUT THE COVER OR GIVE HIM TWO THUMBS WAY UP FOR A GOOD JOB OR ATLEAST SAY POSTIVE THINGS ABOUT IT OK and yes zanessa rocks we get it, they get it

    zac’s birthday is in ten days Oct. 18
    so people make sure to send some fan mail to zac and wish him a happy birthday and lets just hope he gets them on time or any
    and on his birthday here in texas they are going to open the new haunted house it’s really huge and its two floors so i’m going to go in a way of celebrating his birthday, i know its corny but i’m fan of his so yeah

  65. 65
    zanessa4ever! Says:


  66. 66
    allie Says:

    omfg he’s hot again. HE LOOKS SEXY AGAIN YAYYYY!

  67. 67
    ljh Says:

    Is it legal to look this HOT???

  68. 68
    ljh Says:

    Is it legal to look this HOT???

  69. 69
    giovanna-BRAZIL Says:


  70. 70
    Kim Says:

    GOSH hes so hot!! <3333
    i love him <3

  71. 71
    Leslie Says:

    Good looking dude!!!!

  72. 72
    fan Says:


  73. 73
    mina Says:

    At the Munich premiere so many people had an amazing experience with Zac. At the London premiere, several people got an autograph and he was perfectly nice. He did not sign as long as he did at other premiers but I don’t see how that is a big deal. He has a history of being one of the nicest people and so gracious to his fans. Even at the Toronto film festival people who weren’t even fans got to meet him and comment on how great he was.

    Just because you didn’t get 5 seconds with him and a signature really doesn’t matter sh*it in your life. Unless he yelled, hit or pushed you away (which didn’t happen), just shut up, grow up and get over it.

    Nobody booed them that I know for a fact , there were thousands of people there, a lot of them got to meet the cast. No one has gotten a big head just because you didn’t get something signed with so many people around.

    If some of you are kids, then maybe your parents should inform you that standing there screaming, holding your things out does not guarantee that you will get an autograph.

  74. 74
    leighton and blake fan Says:

    He is gorgeous.

  75. 75
    ♥zanessa-lova4life♥ Says:

    OMG SO HOT :)
    He’s lookin good…..
    I hope he’s future involves V! ♥
    Love Zanessa ♥
    GO ZAC!

  76. 76
    ashley Says:

    i think vanessa is pregnant

  77. 77
    annie Says:

    ZACHARY IS THE HOTTEST GUY ON THE WHOLE FREAKING EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and zanessa rocks my world!!

  78. 78
    lara Says:

    Kate, I too am from the UK and went to the premiere. I totally agree with you. He seemed very unfriendly and in a hurry to leave the fans and do a photo shoot. He appeared grumpy and not very happy. I was so disappointed and felt like he was too big for his britches while ignoring the people who supported him.

  79. 79
    dede Says:

    ashley (#76) stop posting that on every zanessa thread!!! is annoying!!
    V is NOT pregnant!!! GOSH!!!
    if every rumor that she’s pregnant was true she would have 100 kids by now.
    so stop waisting your time!!!


  80. 80
    iona Says:

    He is a hottie! So nice to see him solo without that albatross Vanessa hanging all over him.

  81. 81
    dede Says:

    fu*k you!!!
    zac is awesome!!
    he gave me an autograph!! on my arm!!!! i am NEVER washing it again!!
    and vanessa too, she is the sweetest girl ever!!
    love her and zac!!!

  82. 82
    mimi Says:

    How cute is he!!!!! He gets more gorgeous each time I see him. The more mature look serves him well. I think he and Vanessa are done.

  83. 83
    uh Says:

    Really mimi, how about u look at this.

    Why don’t you go keep dreaming.

  84. 84
    lolol Says:

    You London morons are so damn sensitive. How about you stop using the 10 secs you had to make such vast judgments and assumptions and get over yourselves.

    He was lovely to us fans in Munich.

  85. 85
    ej Says:

    his piercing blue eyes is SO HOTT!!!!!

    Vanessa is so lucky!

    And he’s lucky too have Nessa too!?

  86. 86
    kelly martineau Says:

    That one pitchure zac is saying in vanessa hear i want to kiss you right know infrom of everyone.

  87. 87
    kelly martineau Says:

    That one pitchure of zac is whispering into vanessa ear i want to kiss you right hear and know infront of everyone.

  88. 88
    vannie Says:

    love zanessa

  89. 89
    gil Says:


  90. 90
    kITTY kAT* Says:

    sighhh hes gorgeous….
    but am i the only person who thinks he needs a haircut? or atleast to not use as much hair gel?? or… somethinggg

  91. 91
    POP86 Says:

    Zac is sooo hot as he gets older. I can’t wait for US promotional tour.

  92. 92
    POP86 Says:

    #53-I totally agree with you.
    #59-#61-I’m not married and I would do the same.(have to keep clean for the tweens)
    #90-I like Zac with long hair. Vanessa can play with it.

  93. 93
    go sox!!! Says:

    Great cover……… that is a man, ready to take on the world!! Buh-bye, teens and Disney!!! He’s ready for bigger and better things!!

  94. 94
    Karen Says:

    He is one charismatic young man. It’s hard not to look at him.

  95. 95
    babyG Says:

    boy, oh, boy… Zac is so HAWT!!!

  96. 96
    Lucy Says:

    Oh my Efron, someone is looking hotter than ever!! Bring on the other pictures, and of course the article. Can’t wait to hear what he says about other projects, and of course that Uni rumour. So proud of him. You go Zac!!!!

  97. 97
    ashley Says:

    hey jared, someone used my computer and has been posting evrywhere that vanessa is pregnant. NOT ME, and to zac. vanessa and all fans, sorry about that. i wish them nothing but the best. Love them Both!!

  98. 98
    V-fan-forever Says:

    hot hot hot

  99. 99
    V-loyalist Says:

    Nice to see Zac on the covers again. He’s soooo looking awesome here!

    I love the fact that he and Vanessa are very in demand in some of the major magazines, how cool was that!! Power couple indeed!

  100. 100
    Nyna Says:

    Geez he’s hot! He changed a lot from hsm 1 to hsm3! Really amazing!

  101. 101
    Amber Morales Says:

    ZaC iisz dHe sexiiesttt mann aliivee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WhO everr dOnt thiinkk sO Or dOnt liike hiim cOUldd SMD!!!! Ya all r jUsz haterszz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bUt yeaaa he iisz #1 n wiill alwaysz be #1!!!!!!!!!
    Ily ZaC alwaysz n 4ever!!!!!

  102. 102
    Amber Morales Says:

    ZaC efrOn iisz dHe sexiiestt mann aliivee!!!!!!! N whO ever thiinksz dey hatee hiim COUldd SMD!!! Ya all r jUsz hatersz!!!!!!!!!
    bUt anywaysz yeaa ZaC iisz #1 n wiill alwaysz be #1!!!!!!
    Ily ZaC!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
    My aiim iisz ZaCa11miinesz Or amberandzachary sO hiit mHe Up wen everr!!!

  103. 103
    angelika in poland Says:

    POLAND Nowy Sącz

  104. 104
    tinA Says:

    yeah he is pretty boy and vanessa is pretty girl but i think girls are too much into zac and jonas brothers ok zac is really hot but trio of jonas hmm i dont think so there is million hotter guys than them an they cant sing that good live come on they are way to overrated

  105. 105
    MeyaRose Says:

    Forget Zac, I wanna see the new Twilight stuff!

  106. 106
    Amelia25 Says:

    He loosks spectacular, cause he always enjoy his work! Beautiful

  107. 107
    whazahhhH!! Says:

    thats so gay!

  108. 108
    Cullenvamp 113 Says:

    I’m over the HSM3 stuff. He’s not that great looking and it’s time for it to end. I’d rather see Rob and Kristen on the cover again!

  109. 109

    oh God mine zac is so beautiful ay not enserio that it master my heart I am his yet fan I number one!
    others are peeled. :D:D:D:D:D :D I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ZACHARY DAVID ALEXANDER EFRON BASKETT ! (l) , :| |-) :) :D ;)

  110. 110
    Rae Says:

    Zac is a gorgeous, talented guy, and for all the haters:
    He is done with HSM. He will move on with it and will get somewhere in life because he is only in Disney for the HSM, which he auditioned for when he was 16 or 17. And you may say he is mean because he never usually takes time to sigh autographs or pose in pics for long, but the publicity and the media is getting to his head, and Vanessa’s as well, so sometimes when he stays too long, the paps tend to rant out personal, and uncomfortable questions.

  111. 111
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    T-T-T-TWILIGHT!!!! ♥♥

    ( I’m not kidding , on the magazine it says “The cast of Twilight” )


    robert pattinson

    aaaah and the NEW trailer came out ! ! ! ! eeeek , i love the BOOKS !


    anyhooo , ZAC :

    daaaayuuuumm , thaat booy looks

    FIIIINNNNEEE! ♥♥ ( L ) ; )

  112. 112
    Racerchick94 Says:

    zacs so hot but come on wheres the pic with his shirt off .. come on

  113. 113
    ZanessaFan Says:

    I love this boy! He looks pretty damn hott in black n white!

  114. 114
    er Says:

    i love him………..

  115. 115
    jillian Says:

    OMG HES SO HOT I LOVE HIM <3333333

  116. 116
    Sky Says:

    EWH. he looks like a girl blah. I Like cats

  117. 117
    the real sky Says:

    zac efron is hot.

    jillian ur a dork.

  118. 118
    claudine Says:


    watch him in action, his charisma boosts him up the scale 100%, it’s amazing. watch him in 17 again! all i have to say is, the hype is there for a reason :P

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