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Zac Efron Covers Entertainment Weekly's Photo Issue

Zac Efron Covers Entertainment Weekly's Photo Issue

Zac Efron has become the face to sell millions of magazines!

The 20-year-old High School Musical star, who turns 21 in ten days, takes the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s very important photo issue.

The mag say the heartthrob “has big plans for his career–right after he stars in our photo portfolio.”

Pick up this issue with many more exclusive pictures of Zac and all of of your favorite celebs–on newsstands tomorrow!

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118 Responses to “Zac Efron Covers Entertainment Weekly's Photo Issue”

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  1. 51
    Mimi! Says:


  2. 52
    marisa Says:

    i love my lil zaccy poo : )

  3. 53
    sarahi Says:

    Please he is WAY hotter than those gossip girl guys

  4. 54
    istar Says:

    ****! he is so hot!!!

  5. 55
    Magie Says:

    Ugh, can you say yummy!! Haha, he is getting so much more handsome and mature these days and I am LOVING it! The hair is definitley a plus and the jacket and skinny tie are always looking good on him! I might have to go out and pick up this issue!!

  6. 56
    Kikigirl101 Says:


  7. 57
    Tiptoes Says:

    He looks so matured. and VABN is back!

  8. 58
    alyssa Says:

    oh lord.

    my jaw litterally dropped when i saw this!

  9. 59
    Cindy Says:


    If I was not Married I would take Zac.

    and I would give him the ride of his life

    if you what I mean.

  10. 60
    Cindy Says:


    If I was not Married I would take Zac.

    and I would give him the ride of his life

    if you know what I mean.

  11. 61
    Cindy Says:


    If I was not Married I would take Zac.

    and I would give him the ride of his life

    if you know what I mean.

  12. 62
    mararchick1 Says:

    #23 – first off i totally disagree with u. and OMG he human can’t u give him a freakin break. u have been moded and dissed multiple times all in the same day. i also agree that if u don’t got anything good to say don’t say anything at all. I REPEAT THE GUY IS HUMAN U CAN’T EXPECT HIM TO BE SUPERMAN AND FLY AROUND GIVING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS FANS A AUTOGRAPH. GIVE HIM A FREAKIN BREAK WILL YA!

    Boy is Fine!

  13. 63
    z+v=zanessa Says:

    OH MY GOD!

    thats all i have to say!

    oh and I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT MAN!!!

  14. 64
    linda Says:

    zac looks amazing
    and i bet a lot of poeple are going to buy the magazine
    i mean with a hottie like that in a cover oh you know its worth it
    he’s worth everything and i’m glad zac has big plans for his career
    that’s good for him

    i read most of the other comments and most of you poeple
    said the most idiotic things about him not signing you an autograph
    i mean seriously guys he has a lot of fans there is no way to keep up with who knows how many fans of his were there and plus they were poeple guiding him along the red carpet so don’t say negative things about him YOU SHOULD CONGRATULATE HIM ABOUT THE COVER OR GIVE HIM TWO THUMBS WAY UP FOR A GOOD JOB OR ATLEAST SAY POSTIVE THINGS ABOUT IT OK and yes zanessa rocks we get it, they get it

    zac’s birthday is in ten days Oct. 18
    so people make sure to send some fan mail to zac and wish him a happy birthday and lets just hope he gets them on time or any
    and on his birthday here in texas they are going to open the new haunted house it’s really huge and its two floors so i’m going to go in a way of celebrating his birthday, i know its corny but i’m fan of his so yeah

  15. 65
    zanessa4ever! Says:


  16. 66
    allie Says:

    omfg he’s hot again. HE LOOKS SEXY AGAIN YAYYYY!

  17. 67
    ljh Says:

    Is it legal to look this HOT???

  18. 68
    ljh Says:

    Is it legal to look this HOT???

  19. 69
    giovanna-BRAZIL Says:


  20. 70
    Kim Says:

    GOSH hes so hot!! <3333
    i love him <3

  21. 71
    Leslie Says:

    Good looking dude!!!!

  22. 72
    fan Says:


  23. 73
    mina Says:

    At the Munich premiere so many people had an amazing experience with Zac. At the London premiere, several people got an autograph and he was perfectly nice. He did not sign as long as he did at other premiers but I don’t see how that is a big deal. He has a history of being one of the nicest people and so gracious to his fans. Even at the Toronto film festival people who weren’t even fans got to meet him and comment on how great he was.

    Just because you didn’t get 5 seconds with him and a signature really doesn’t matter sh*it in your life. Unless he yelled, hit or pushed you away (which didn’t happen), just shut up, grow up and get over it.

    Nobody booed them that I know for a fact , there were thousands of people there, a lot of them got to meet the cast. No one has gotten a big head just because you didn’t get something signed with so many people around.

    If some of you are kids, then maybe your parents should inform you that standing there screaming, holding your things out does not guarantee that you will get an autograph.

  24. 74
    leighton and blake fan Says:

    He is gorgeous.

  25. 75
    ♥zanessa-lova4life♥ Says:

    OMG SO HOT :)
    He’s lookin good…..
    I hope he’s future involves V! ♥
    Love Zanessa ♥
    GO ZAC!

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