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Britney Spears Documentary Called "For The Record"

Britney Spears Documentary Called

MTV will air a 90-minute documentary about Britney Spears‘s return to the pop-music spotlight.

“So much has gone on over the last couple of years and there’s a lot that people don’t know about me that I want them to know,” Britney says. “I wanted to make this film because I started to feel like I wasn’t being seen in the light that I wanted to be seen in. This is an opportunity to set the record straight and talk about what I’ve been through and where I’m headed.”

For the Record,” is set to air on November 30 @ 10PM on MTV, two days before her new album Circus is released on December 2 (her 27th birthday).

Check our the preview video below! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britney Spears Documentary — “For The Record”
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    Pretty good!…I hope Britney has a great comeback, and she stays on track this time. Good Luck to her!!

  • [ā˜†I n F a m o u sā˜†]

    ..of course mtv will air a ’90-minute documentary’. that’s why they ‘gave’ her those vma’s (that the entire planet knows she didn’t deserve), so in return they could benefit from her “comeback”.

    so lame.

  • mike

    wow!!! the photo shoots, the video, the dancing all looks amazing.

  • jesssRrzz

    aaaaahhhhh i want to see this already!!!
    im so excited for britneys comeback!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dani

    omg dying….. this looks sooooo good :)

  • t

    wow i can’t wait, when i knew they were filming before i was concerned what the result might be but, based on that preview it looks good

  • charlie

    wow! she looks great! i can’t wait for this special!

  • tia

    omfg i am so excited! lol i feel like its the 90s again! nw all i need is NSYNC and i will be good!

  • dan

    omg shes sooooooo gorgeous
    u rock britney, i love u so much

  • http://justjared lil


    im dead

  • laura

    Im sooooooo excited!!
    i want to watch right freaking NOW!!!
    she looks amazing!!!

  • ashley

    Wow, this looks really good. It’s good to see her being her.

  • queenb

    it feels like year 2000 all over again…I LOVE IT!
    Bitch betta work!!!!!!

  • luke


  • a&a=)

    wow. this is officially her comback and im so glad=)
    i like her like.. ” what the hell was i thinking”?

  • a&a=)

    wow. this is officially her comback and im so glad=)
    i like her like.. ” what the hell was i thinking”?

  • Nick Lachey USA


  • http://n/a Jasmine

    I can’t wait!

  • anon

    Im so excited!!! I think its good shes going on the record and is talking about her previous problems, that way, everyone can get over it and move past it. It looks great and it will boost MTV’s ratings big time!!! Even britney said she didnt feel piece of me was her best work and was suprised it won the awards!

  • aska

    good for her although i think this is all happening too fast. i really hope that she’s truly getting better and that all of this not not just some patched up front.

  • stephanie

    omg im dyinggg
    this looks so effing GOOD

    team britney FOR LIFEEEEEEE

  • grace

    Could this whole thing be more pathetic?????
    I’m sure there are people feeding her lines or holding cue cards for her earth shattering confessions.
    She’s not that smart or deep, people.
    Get a clue.

  • mooo

    ella es la mejor

  • elizabeth


  • hm

    INFAMOUS- your a big fat loser who is on justjared posting comments about every single article.

  • Max



  • Hello_Stranger


    SHE’s BACK !!

  • y

    Yeah, what the hell was the 3 moonmen for? Where have I been? What were they for???

  • Kris

    yeah seriously infamous.
    you’re an idiot.
    get a freaking life and stop hating on people that are not only better, richer, and more successful than you!

    Britney will and always be the pop princess.. She’s gone through a lot and i’m glad that her REAL fans stuck by her.. There were moments where i was like “ohh britney what the hell are you doing” .. but in the end i always supported her! i can’t wait for her to return and make her comeback!

    && if she wasn’t so smart she wouldn’t have gotten all the success that she has today .. It takes a person with brains to stick around in the cut throat industry she’s in .. especially with everything that’s happened to her she could have simply moved back to her hometown settled down and never show her face in LA again.. But she chose to keep going for her fans.. and i admire her for that!

    Britney is back and here to stay! all the haters can just suck it cuz you’re gonna be hearing and seeing more about her even more now!

  • lala

    why are we worshiping these celebrities??? Are we not satisfied with our own lives, that we have to idolize someone we “wish” we could be?? Its just fucking crazy. SHes just a person like everyone else….not fucking better than anyone.

  • !

    to the dumbass above. who the hell said they wish they were britney? we’re just supporting her..

  • yobi

    omgg i’m sooo stoked!

  • maggsie

    Not a fan but I am proud of you Britney.

  • Katie

    britney we love you!!!!

  • anabriana

    OMG!! I’m sooooo excited!
    I love Britney and always have.
    I’m so excited she’s finally sitting down and talking about all the stuff she’s been through in the past 3 years!! Finally!!!!
    I love her and am soooooo stoked for her CAREER comeback!

    Love you brit!

    Go vegan!!!!

  • mari

    OMG!! lol go BRITNEY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tu est la meilleur!! on t’aime et on va t’aimer toujours

  • a102

    Honestly, If I have to hear one more piece of shit like “infamous” slam this beautiful and talented woman I’m going to SCREAM. Britney has had a lot of things happen to her in these past few years and now she’s back on track, MTV did not “give” her those awards, she fucking EARNED them. I’d like to know who deserved those awards more than she did, NOBODY. She’s an industry staple and very few people can compete with her, she’s got the whole package and there is something about her that people can’t get enough of. Brit: Do your thing honey! I wish her nothing but the best and I’m SO EXCITED to see what’s going to come next from her. SHE’S BACK BITCHES, I always knew she would be!! :)

  • Remember The Truth

    When will you ppl learn?
    No matter what hater says what, they will STILL be the first to watch and listen to her stuff.
    VMA’s? Check.
    20/20 tonight? Check.
    X-Factor? Check.
    Good Morning America? Check.
    For The Record? Check.

    They say SHE’S crazy, but really she’s got THEM crazy ;)

  • Portia

    Why does Mtv insist on pimping this hasbeen? Its getting annoying.

  • soph

    agree with # 20. go britney! <3

  • Sare

    I love you Britney Spears!<333

  • Mandy



  • Joe

    I know exactly what happen to her she got addicted to the attention it stared after that Madonna kiss and she still addicted.

  • Joe

    I know exactly what happen to her she got addicted to the attention it stared after that Madonna kiss and she still addicted.

  • Kayla

    Britney looks great! Her turnaround is awesome!! Can’t wait to see this!!! Can’t wait to see her live!!! YES! Go Britney Spears!!!!

  • Maria

    Britney you are not smart !

  • Taylor

    I thought the documentary was reallllly, really good. It really makes you understand a little bit more of why she is the way she is.

    Two thumbs up from me.

  • liz

    if i missed it the first time , when or where can i see it ?