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Britney Spears Enters The Wasteland

Britney Spears Enters The Wasteland

Britney Spears goes out shopping at Wasteland on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon.

While being driven by her bodyguard, Britney got into a minor fender bender with the paparazzi as she headed to Wasteland to do some shopping.

Prosecutors had offered the 26-year-old pop princess a one-year probation and $150 fine if she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving without a license, but her lawyer Michael Flanagan rejected the plea and said that Britney was being unfairly targeted because she’s a celebrity. Britney‘s trial is set for October 15.

10+ more pics inside of Britney Spears entering the Wasteland…

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britney spears wasteland 01
britney spears wasteland 02
britney spears wasteland 03
britney spears wasteland 04
britney spears wasteland 05
britney spears wasteland 06
britney spears wasteland 07
britney spears wasteland 08
britney spears wasteland 09
britney spears wasteland 10
britney spears wasteland 11
britney spears wasteland 12
britney spears wasteland 13

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  • Nhungvaasza

    sHE’S very cool !!!

  • bleeio

    She looks better. :D

  • Daniel Kemp

    One year probation for a fender bender? I don’t get it.


    I hope she wastes all that money she never deserved… Look at her face!!! She is always sad and with a shit expression. Not hot, I think she is a cold person.


    Britney is looking slimmer and beautifull. Her hair looks clean and her sense of style has changed form those horrible wigs and hotpants to a simple top and jeans. She looks great, i hope she keeps up this image coz its for her own good. xoxo

  • KIdding

    she looks O.K.but…how old is she?


  • Cara

    She looks out of it, medicated in these pics. She has that blank look in her eyes at times. Not every day, but she still has it at times. Take it from me, my sis-in-law is bipolar and she’s like this, some days super-smiley and happy, but some days, just in her own head, blank and has that unfocused look in her eyes, it’s like that being BP, up/down and it can change from day to day or even minute to minute. Sadly, Britney will never be 100%

  • nanci Black

    Looks beyond her 26 yrs I agree with #6. more of 35 or more

  • amy

    Come on cara take your stupid tale out of here and tell it to your children. We all know she is a drug addict.

  • oh baby,baby

    she is getting there,not there yet she is a bit scary

  • Me

    Jared, why don’t you post the pics of her laughing with here assistant and trying on glasses. You can check them out on

  • Me

    Jared, why don’t you post the pics of her laughing with here assistant and trying on glasses. You can check them out on

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks so thin and pretty

  • superficial

    why do u support a prostitute like britney????

  • irene

    I believe everything from the papz, they are capable to get in her way just to try to get her in a crisis and get more photos and publicity. hey harass her and I believe that she is sttill in a fragile state.

  • kit

    And the fake process slowly ebbs away.

    She begins to look dirty again, transparent shirt, red bra showing again. Greasy skin, last nights eye makeup.

    Kentwood Trash. A make-over only lasts about 6 hours.

  • jughed

    lookin’ good bitchney – excuse me – “britney” :)

    i have to say, britney is probably one of the few celebrities who doesn’t look like she’s been under the knife – i.e. had plastic surgery. this makes her seem more real to me, unlike, say, cristina arugelarra

    hopefully her new album won’t suck as bad as her last one!

    who am i kidding? i don’t even listen to her music :D

  • anon

    Jughead is right, I think britney is one of thos people who hasnt gone under the knife! look at pics of her from 99, and her features nose, eyes, ect. look the same. her breasts may have changed because she had two children and you can tell SHE DID NOT HAVE IMPLANTS and christina DOES HAVE IMPLANTS! shes just hanging out and having a good time shopping! she doesnt need to look perfect for that! I can we please stop with the “her eyes are dead”! They are NOT dead!!! she has like 15 cameras in her face!!! Her eyes do not look dead to me!!! I admitt I think she could use a little more time to get it together, we have to give her credit for trying!! Trying for those little boys whom she loves so much <333 a year ago she was a wreck and people were guessing when she would committ suicide, now she has it together and the media is giving her props for it, maybe you guys should too.

  • **#*kate

    Her sister is preggers again !?!?!?

  • Jbo

    What a suitable place for her to shop… Wasteland!

    I’m trying SO hard not to judge her or make fun of her anymore, but she makes it so easy sometimes.

    I don’t wish her harm, but seriously don’t understand what people see in her. She’s an average looking girl w/fake hair, nails, boobs, tan, teeth. Anyone could look good w/money – why is SHE so special???

  • anon

    her boobs are real. she did not have implants. never did. anyone who saw her after she had kids knows that. shes special because shes talented. shes not a beauty queen, shes a pop superstar. she may not have the voice that mariah does, but she is one hell of a performer! she has tons of fans, myself being one of them. where have you been these past ten yrs??? anyone whos anyone knows why shes famous and why shes infamous. As we have noticed, the spotlight is shinning on her career again. good for her =)

  • sasha

    She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    and #kate, NO. jamie lynn is not pregnant again. never believe the national enquier. jamie lynn’s rep specifly said “jamie lynn is NOT pregnant” so theres your answer.

  • michelle depp

    To all of you little tenny boppers…notice how unattractive Brit is on the streets & then how pretty she looks in her music videos…..this is called PHOTOSHOPPING; CAMERA ANGLES, AND LIGHTING!! This girl would not get too many second glances if she was a normal everyday girl that you encountered in the real world.

  • anon

    michelle depp. britney is not unattractive. you cannot photoshop a music video!!!!! Its called EFFORT! It takes EFFORT to look good. Britney did not put in a lot of EFFORT here. At the Vma’s someone put EFFORT into it. Britney does not look BAD, she looks AVERAGE. and I am a teenie bopper that knows more about pop culture then many of you so I dont think you should be telling ME about photoshopping and camera angles! YOU CAN NOT FING PHOTOSHOP AND ENTIRE MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Britney is a beautiful young (26) woman, who a year ago was running around practicly naked in a pink wig!!!! so lets be grateful for what shes giving us today!!!!! and michelle, if she was just a normal person then NONE OF THE CRAZY STUFF WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!! she had issues b/c of the media and b/c shes famous so if she was a normal person, she would get a lot of ppl staring at her b/c she would still look like how she did in 2003! so shut the f*ck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Love her ♥
    People need to stop picking at her. She’s doing great! (By poeple, I mean paparazzi and and stuff)

  • kimmycrackcorn

    Daniel Kemp: One year probation for a fender bender? I don’t get it.

    One year probation for DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE. She got busted because she was in a fender bender.

    Still wearing fake hair. How long does it take for hair to grow out, it’s been over a year, right? She should have long enough hair for a great looking bob by now. That’s what I don’t get.

  • RYAN

    i think she looks gorgeous

    but her eyes look souless and sad in these pictures

    love your britney, your style and face is looking a lot better, keep it up

  • Britney Spears nuevas fotos

    Love Britney Spears

  • Britney Spears

    Love this girl so much!!