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Daniel Craig is Plastic Surgery Positive

Daniel Craig is Plastic Surgery Positive

Daniel Craig leaves his London home on Thursday still wearing his arm sling. His girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, who toted around a Prada shopping bag, left seconds after him.

The 40-year-old British actor will makes his first appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Friday, Oct. 17 . The Quantum of Solace is the 22nd Bond movie and is due out on Halloween – October 31!

Craig recently revealed he had plastic surgery after a June accident on the set of the new James Bond film, where he severed his fingertip and had eight stitches on his face after being accidentally kicked by one of his costars.

“[It was] a stupid inconvenience”, he told Elle. “They gave me an excellent plastic surgeon!”

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  • daok

    I’m want to see the new bond movie

  • lover

    he’s hooot

  • sheep’s wool

    OMFG!! I love this man!!! Halloween can’t get here fast enough!!

  • tigerlily

    All Daniel threads start of like this then the Satsuki bashing starts!! lol!! ; )

  • tigerlily

    Closely followed by the Tiger bashing!! ; )

  • Luli

    Oh I hope he gets well soon
    He’s a very good actor, altough I’m not interested in the Bond movies

  • gina

    He is still wearing that?! What in the world did he do?

  • Mrs_007_2008

    Poor baby!! Hope he is all recovered for the long run of promotion that he has in front of him!! I can’t wait to see the movie and I reckon its gonna be just as good, even better than Casino Royale!! Think Satsuki looks gorgeous here!!!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    I can’t wait for the next bond movie =]

  • nobody

    Who is that bag lady following him around…(and spending HIS money at Prada.)

  • KittyDuran

    Looks like Dan is eating some sort of energy or snack bar. Poor Sats has a real grimace on her face – that Prada bag must be heavy!


  • KittyDuran

    Tho’ I kinda what to know what’s in the bag…. a return? Lunch? Dirty laundry?

    Can’t tell if it’s a paper, plastic or cloth bag either?


  • KittyDuran

    Actually, I think I’ll give ole Sats a break here… she’s only in 1 pic, covered pretty much head to toe in black, and there is no real fashion faux pas being committed. :)

    It’s not the red carpet – so smiling both by her and Daniel is not required – not that they try anyway lately.

  • KittyDuran

    And darn it! Can’t see her purse! The straps look about the same as the other black bag.

  • KittyDuran

    Wait! I do see a fashion faux pas… maybe… no bra under a clingy jersey turtleneck. Even though she’s not large she needs some support – her boobs are old for someone her age – they sag like mine…


  • to Kittyduran

    Has she had her hair cut?

    She looks like she needs some Botox as well. He looks tired and ill, i hope he makes it through the QoS circuit.

    I think that was a present for someone.. the prada thing

  • to Kittyduran

    is she wearing her ring or not?

    maybe the prada thing was a gift for his Mum?

  • sling

    Are those car keys? He drives with a sling?

  • wrinkly

    its amazing how different a women can look like..she looks so much better with make up on…..her lines on her face are hidden…boy she’s wrinkly

  • scowl

    it always looks like he never wants to be seen with her he cant wait to get away..she’s always scowling isnt she?

  • KittyDuran

    #16 – can’t teel by the pic – she could just have it back in a bun.
    #17 – can’t see the ring because of the angle of her left hand (holding the Prada bag). I’m sure it’s still there – why would it disappear after a few days?

  • KittyDuran

    #18 – if his car was made in Britain the driver side is on the right and the manual controls on are the left – so he wouldn’t have to use his right arm except to sort of steer.


  • sling

    I can see she can carry a Prada bag but not his brown one in the broken bond thread…way to go Sats…
    I was reading the other thread about Sats being “the one”..Heike was “the one” as well and the poster is right..nothing is for sure until they are married, which they are not. He even talked about Heike in interviews but not as much as Sats, although I think that is to make her happy and secure…no wonder the man looks seems like hard work.

  • to Kittyduran

    she doesnt always wear “the ring”..I have seen a few pics of her without it…
    yes, he wouldnt have to change gear unless he has an automatic..can she drive I wonder? She isnt a British citizen so I wouldnt think so.

  • PR

    She is being referred to now as his partner or gf…not fiancee…I think this is a PR move. (another one because of the hype and attention surrounding his “wedding”).

  • pap

    if you look into his glasses, you cant see the photog,,must of been long lens

  • pap

    is that his bike? lol

  • the enigma of Sats
  • just saying

    He’s definitely the sexiest man alive.

  • to just saying

    You think he’ll win that in People this year? I do.

  • rubbish

    talk about the press getting things wrong.

    he didn’t have any plastic sugery, just a good dr to stitch him up without leaving a scar.
    unusual to see a retraction in a paper…just shows you, people close to these people do take note.

  • KittyDuran

    Thanks #28 for the link. Very nice and thoughtful article!


  • the enigma of Sats

    To #32:

    Your welcome!

    What a few people forget maybe is that Sats is an ordinary girl in a crazy world, she does her best I think.

    She is human like the rest of us and that maybe is what Daniel finds the most attractive quality about her.

    Beauty comes in many guises and forms, not all physical, sometimes it’s just a split second moment in time or an action.

  • Perfume
  • sags

    Looks like her usual fugly self with a B*tchy look on her face

  • to sags

    Why are some people totally believing that this woman is a b*tch or has a b*tchy nature?

    Surely he wouldnt stay with her if she was or has?

  • wtf?

    Is this the same man as in CR and layer cake???

    I cant believe happened to him?

  • wtf?

    the gf looks way older than her age, she doesnt look the same as when she first met him either.

    the jet set life must take its toll.

  • Crisis – stop press

    Never mind those two, what about this crisis?

  • Crisis – stop press

    How will kids grow up strong like Daniel?

  • pics
  • scar face

    Craig hopes his portrayal has brought some depth to Ian Fleming’s famous spy.

    “I think James Bond has changed. He’s not a shallow brute,” Craig said. “I wanted some fallibility. It’s no good if Bond is a cocktail-swigging sexist pig with no interior struggle. Bond is often p—–d off or upset, and I wanted to bring that out.”

  • Defiance
  • KittyDuran

    New interview from the Telegraph UK:

    Sats is mentioned in at the beginning as “my girlfriend” and as a paragraph on the 3rd page…with the occupation as a film producer.

    “It is not clear how his girlfriend, an American film producer called Satsuki Mitchell, fits into this schedule and I have been warned not to ask him about his love life, which he considers strictly off-limits. Reportedly, they met on the set of The Jacket in 2005 and have been together ever since. Judging from his use of ‘we’ in reference to trips to Japan, Oregon, New York and London, the couple spend plenty of suitcase and hotel time together. There are rumours of imminent marriage, but Craig says only that he is looking forward to their next road trip together.”

  • to kitty duran

    thanks for that.

    I dont think he would mention her as fiancee anyway..i think they will go on a long holiday after Bond…maybe marriage then? Not marriage in a Bond year..too much attention.

    is sounds like pretty much the same schedule as he had with CR..the Moscow thing is for the Omega I think…remember the pic of him and sats in the red dress in the palace?

  • to kitty duran

    i wonder if we’ll see pics of him and sats walking around Moscow again?

  • Sats fam in japan?

    those must be the trips they took otgethr at some point, their road trips after all they drove up to Oregon….they must have flown to Japan for pleasure maybe to meet some of her family?

  • thats a hoot

    Overload of interviews, pictures and premieres..I dont think I can stand it.

  • Dan In Moscow

    From this site

    Press showing of Qos footage is sceduled on 12th Oct at the Oktyabr cinema.

    The people expected on the 13th Oct press conference are Daniel, Mark, Olga and Barbara.
    The press conference is scheduled on 13th at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
    The full film (a press showing I suppose) is planned to be shown after the 23th Oct.

  • anne

    personally i cant wait until oct 31, or actually a few days after. because that’s when i’m going to down load QOS on to dvd. for some reason they’ve decided to have the film open on november 14 here in the states..silly people that they are. like they honestly think that people wont download before then. i can bet that the film will be most downloaded film on the web.
    i just read the article in the telegraph uk. it sounds like daniel really likes it here in the states. i wonder if he and satsuki are going to move here. well, really why not. she’s american and her family is here. besides i get the sense from the article that when daniel’s working he lives in london or where ever. but when he finishes working and gets a vacation they come here because this is where he feels most comfortable. flying time between england and the states is not that long. his daughter is old enough that she can come and visit her father when ever.