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Diddy: John McCain Scares Me More Than Sarah Palin

Diddy: John McCain Scares Me More Than Sarah Palin

Last week, Diddy hid under his bed sheets because he was scared of Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Now he’s back to say that her running mate, John McCain, scares him even more than Palin. In his latest video blog, Diddy reacts to a clip of the latest presidential debate where McCain refers to his opponent, Democrat Barack Obama, as “that one”.

Diddy rants, “This is 2008, not 1962. He referred to a grown man, as ‘that one’. [Barack is] a man that has worked hard, done the impossible and has fought for every amount of respect he deserves. If you disagree with somebody or not, you are trying to be the President of the US and you’re referring to another man as ‘that one’… That’s not right, man. That one?”

Watch the video clip below!

Diddy: John McCain Scares Me More Than Sarah Palin
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  • Katie

    He’s stupid!

  • ugh

    ugh i hate mccain, go diddy!!!!

  • hostas

    Who gives a crap what Diddy thinks – he’s an idiot!

  • erin

    He should be scared by obama the terrorist who has no experience. Now thats scary.

  • erin

    He should be scared of obama the terrorist who has no experience. Now that is scary.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    diddy, he scares me too.

  • haley

    This man is so ignorant. Plus I really can’t take seriously someone who believed there were no black people in Alaska.

  • haley

    whoops, forgot that**

  • mark

    I wonder if diddy ever graduated from high school. I doubt it. He is just another in a long line of Hollywood’s uninformed, uneducated high school drop outs who think WE are too dumb to make up our minds on who to vote for. The more they come out with this crap the more I can’t wait to run to the polls and vote for John McCain.

  • dani

    He’s starting to become really annoying. Remember his whole vote or die campaign, where no one voted? Well guess what? No one died either haahh

  • lilly

    Diddy scares me more than John McCain and Sarah Palin…

  • katie

    oh my gosh like diddy knows sh*t about politics a worldly matters…..he just concerned about his privite jet and bitching out danity cane (even tho aubry o’day deserves 100% of it)….i can’t watch his show any more b/c he’s such a D*CK

  • andy

    Diddy is only voting for nobama because he is black. He is a racist.

  • Foxy

    What really scares me is Sarah Palin’s annoying a$$ voice. ya betcha!! Somebody shut that squacking duck up please. What’s even more scary is 4 more years of “misunderestimated, we’re not in a recession, we’re in a SLOWDOWN Republicanism”. It’s sad that this is suppose to be one the greatest country on earth, yet owes China over $400B–now that sh!t is scary. This country’s economy is in the sh!tter. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!. And what’s even more scary is God forbid Macain is elected and something happens to him…that idiot dont know her hole from her a$$ VP will be the president…NOW THAT IS SOME SCARY SH!T

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    lmbaooo @ ‘that one’.

    ..`god help me!

  • Rose

    Diddy-Please go away. You do more harm to the Democratic Party than good. You and your idiotic celebrity friends cost John Kerry the last election and now you are doing your best to cost Obama this one. I’m voting for John McCain but still have to laugh at these dopey celebrities who are so self absorbed that they mistakenly think the US Voters actually care what they think.

  • mary

    DIDDY scares me!
    phony greedy showoff scum
    uneducated twit.

  • Kris

    to all you mccain geniuses out there. we’ll be laughing at you when you get owned on election day. have fun!

  • Macbrown9

    I’m so glad we’re taking political advice from a rapper

  • Joe shcmo

    OBAMA”s connection to US Terrorist William Ayres.
    Besides, Rev. Wright..this Obama is shady.
    Don’t believe the “change”
    vote for achievement & experience.
    cliffnote: McCain is NOT Bush.

  • Rach

    He’s right though. McCain and Palin suck! I know America will do the right thing and vote Democrat this time. I have faith in them!

  • Joe shcmo

    Kris…God help us if Obama is elected.


    your taxes will skyrocket & pay for more bums to chill

  • orka


  • Carol

    Diddy should shut the f up.

    when he graduates from a good college..maybe I’ll listen
    to his opinion. LOL moron

    unfortunately a lot of voter fraud will be discovered
    because of ACORN.
    These actors & rappers should shut up.
    The more they spew, the more I love the opposite.

  • April

    What an idiot. You know what really scares me, idiots like this man called p diddy running around blabbing whatever idiot crap comes into their mind. Here is basically how I decide how to vote come voting time. I watch t.v. and whoever the celebrities are telling us to vote for I do the opposite. That way I know I am voting for the right person to do the job. All you so called celebrities need to go back and do whatever it is that you are getting paid ungodly amounts of money to do and just shut-up.

  • Rach

    Haha McCain hilarious in the speech. He’s really no match for Obama. It’s so funny to watch.

  • Carol
  • Melanie

    Right Diddy, you should talk about grown men behaving like them. You, the same guy who threw a party where you required women to wax and shave their legs to enter. Your opinion totally matters….

  • lisa

    Was that English he was speaking?

  • andy

    Foxy – You are very stupid. Yo mamma bama is going to tax the crap out of us. He will KILL what is left of this horrible economy. And you can thank Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for this financial mess. Maybe President Bush should have acted quicker, but Brarney Frank and Chris Dodd actually PROFITTED from this mess. You don’t hear anything from them and they are being investigated for their actions or lack of actions due to this crisis. YOU need to get the facts!

  • Ha!

    What scares me is that someone out there might actually make a decision about who they’ll vote for based on some stupid sh*t like this put out by a self-nicknaming media wh*re. Diddy, you take yourself WAY too seriously – you aren’t as interesting or as important as you would like to believe.

  • rick

    I wonder what closet Reverend Wrong, Father Fagler and Bill Airhead are hiding in these days. It is nice to see that they let America-hater Michelle out for a couple of days. Where was Michelle on 9 -11 memorial ceremony nobama was there by himself . She couldn’t bring herself to go.

  • sue

    If you vote for nobama you deserve what you get. When taxes go up and you can’t afford your house and bills. Who will you blame then?

  • WTF

    Seriously- what is wrong with these celebrities that think anyone gives a rats ass what they think?!! They scare me when THEY share their thoughts

  • Jennifer

    Diddy really needs to keep is mouth shut. NO one cares what the hell he has to say.

  • shell

    Kris, number 18…that may be so but the rest of us republicans/conservatives will be the ones laughing when Obama can’t do half the shit he promises…and when he raises taxes on the middle class I’ll be there to tell ya I told ya so.

  • sillyme

    Sounds like Diddy is a racist for me, and when he says McCain “scares” him, that’s some kind of code word for whitey. I’m more afraid of Barack Obama than I am of McCain. And, I’m black so it has nothing to do with his race. Barack Obama will say and do and promise anything to anyone to win the election.

  • shell

    Fuck Obama even voted for the continuation of killing babies in the third trimester…when they pull the baby out and it’s still ALIVE guess what Obama…Your Massiah….wants the docter to murder the kid.

  • shell


  • Hannah

    I’m not a fan of McCain myself, but it’s obvious Diddy has a major chip on his shoulder. While I agree that McCain referring to Obama as “that one” wasn’t nice, it’s apparent Diddy is attempting to make this a racial issue as evidenced by his reference to 1962.

  • Hannah

    I’m not a fan of McCain myself, but it’s obvious Diddy has a major chip on his shoulder. While I agree that McCain referring to Obama as “that one” wasn’t nice, it’s apparent Diddy is attempting to make this a racial issue as evidenced by his reference to 1962.

  • lorenawoods

    for the love of God people, who friggin cares what diddy thinks??? and for that matter, anyone in hollywood???? its not like they live real lives anyways.

  • Rdjay

    Why are so many republicans afraid of black men… Obama and Diddy? And why is it wrong for Hollywood to have a voice in politics? You guys slay me. You let Sean Combs get you all hot and bothered. He is an entertainer and he has entertained the “heck” out of me… You guys crack me up. Diddy you got them scared. They can’t stand the idea of a black man with power.


  • Ha!

    Rdjay – way to follow his lead and twist something into something that is racial when that is far from what is true. YOU scare me.

  • UM


  • lorenawoods

    what makes you think that rebublicans are afraid of black men??? are you just that effin stupid???? are you black??? bet so, and thats all you know. that you’re black, and because you are, we are afraid of you???? just can’t get over it, can you, that nobody gives a rat’s ass what color you, diddy, or bo is??? typical.

  • Belinda Masters

    why is this man so confused? why does he think anyone cares what he thinks? he is a trashy thug. his opinion means nothing. the only thing anyone should be scared about is barack obama and his radical left-wing agenda. Diddy is not a smart or educated person, clearly. if he loved this country at all, he would read up on all of barack’s shady associations and decide that McCain is our man. Diddy wants obama to win because obama is black, end of story. isn’t that why most people want him to win? surely you don’t believe it’s because of his “accomplishments” do you?
    what a joke.

  • sue

    Rdjay – I would hardly call Diddy an entertainer. He dosn’t entertain me. He is uneducated and uninformed high school dropout – I don’t listen to dummies. Nobama is going to raise taxes on everyone. We will have to ask the government if if is ok to take a crap.

  • You/Me

    I don’t understand why these celebrities think that their insults (both of the average american and the candidates)…their threats, their opinions, their sarcasm, their “eduction” yeah right…or their “humor”…..why they think these things are going to sway Americans to vote for who they support. I mean, seriously, all these celebrity Obama supporters are people who tend to exhibit extremely bad judgement…and we are supposed to be influenced by them?? OOOHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA …..LMAO……I don’t f*cking think so :-) McCain/Palin 2008

  • http://http//whatwehaveseen.blogspotclom FromMyEyesToYours

    Barack Obama is not a terrorist. Never has been, Never will be. Why do people rely on Slander and how does this help our nation’s problems?