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Jamie Lynn Spears Denies Second Pregnancy

Jamie Lynn Spears Denies Second Pregnancy
  • Is Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again?
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  • 300 star Gerard Butler is being investigated for an alleged attack on a photographer, a Los Angeles police spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
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  • elkrjf


  • elkrjf


  • um….

    So Angie got a “mommy tuck” huh? This news coming just days of her being in therapy for body image issues. This woman is a trainwreck, plain and simple. And before Brangelina fans slam me and call me a hater, let me say that there is something wrong with being so obsessed with one’s looks as Angie obviously is. Based on the pics of her, a new belly isn’t all she opted for…..her face looks a bit different too. She used to be so beautiful, now it’s just weird. I hope she gets the helps she obvious needs before it’s too late.

  • Nhungvaasza

    cute cute cute

  • Bailey

    Good for Gerry, they paps need to learn their bounds.

  • Uhum!

    Everyone with a fairly good eye sight can clearly see that Angie’s got a bit of a belly, her dress that she wore at the lates premiere was bulging out and it might have had a corset. You can also see that she’s got a tummy at the latest pics of Brad hugging her from behind. If she had a tuck HER STOMACH WOULD BE FLAT U MORON!
    /Not obsessed, just fair with a good sight and no jealousy.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Good! I don’t even think she’ll want another baby for a few more years cuz she just had Maddie! Whi is adorable btw :)

  • mslewis

    In that dress it is obvious that Angie is wearing Spanx underneath. There is also a pic of Angie the day before at the press conference where she is wearing white pants and a loose blouse. She has an obvious bulging tummy. You can also see her tummy in the NO pictures where she is wearing black pants. If she had a tummy tuck she should sue the surgeon because he did a lousy job!!!

    It’s amazing to me that people actually believe these tabloid lies . . . that she was in “therapy”; that she refused to eat and was “wasting away”; she wouldn’t let Brad touch her; and all the other crap that has been published by these rag mags. Now, because she looks so amazing, the lies have turned to her having plastic surgery to get back into shape. Only ignorant people are those who hate this woman would believe these lies.

  • Zoe

    OMg if it’S true that Jamie Lynn is pregnant again omfg. doesn’T she know how to use a condom?? sry guys but how can someone be like this??? poor Jamie Lynn

  • bailey

    Hey Jared,

    I think you should maybe update that witnesses are now saying gerard was provoked by the photog.

  • http://justjared gossipgirl

    who knows if jamie lynn spears is really pregnant or not, i am sure the truth will come out.

  • britneys lover

    She may aswell just go for it. zoe 101 is gone forever in my eyes….oh how i feel so cheated

  • Tracy

    #12, she should let Zoey 101 go, after all she was the main character and she disgraced her position on the show ,they should cancel it. and she’s not pregnant she said so herself, don’t believe everything you read about. and did anyone catch how her mother was going on about Jamie being chewed up by the press for getting pregnant, while she said every one was supporting Sarah Palin on a similar situation with her daughter. (wake up , mom, Jamie was the one ,pregnant at 15 and in the public eye, Sarah Palin’s daughter is older and Sarah is the one in the public eye ,not her daughter, there is a BIG difference between the two cases, so stop whining Jamie brought it on herself) and she deserved the criticism for her behavior , being a role model for lots of girls, by the show she was on. Sarah is being a strong role model for a mother dealing with these issues, and notice how she handled it with grace and by not whining about it.

  • Tracy

    By the way , Gerard handled that situation,with no patience at all, although the Photog probably had it coming to him, You mess with a Scorpio and they have had to tolerate your irritations for long enough, they will blow up on you like that (Photog you had it coming to you, stay out of people’s private lives) If Gerard had been at a premiere or another public function for his job, then his reaction would have been uncalled for, but when he is about, on the town, enjoying his private life ,you crossed the line, following him like that, GOOD FOR YOU, GERRY, DECK UM GOOD.

  • Diana


  • 300

    Hell yea Gerard. Them paparazzi losers are scum. They dig into yall’s business. He deserved more than what he got I am sure!


    she hot


    jamie fukin coool

  • 100 plus belles femmes du mond

    Too much!!

  • edenfantasys_sex_toys

    I don’t think Jamie-Lynn is “trashy” for getting pregnant at 16, or for choosing to have the baby instead of terminating, any more than I think any of the women here who had sex as teenagers are trashy . But I do think, from what I’ve read, that it is an unintended pregnancy that probably stemmed from a lack of reproductive education.