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Katie Holmes Singing & Dancing -- VIDEO PREVIEW

Katie Holmes Singing & Dancing -- VIDEO PREVIEW

Check out this E! sneak peek video clip of Katie Holmes‘s upcoming guest-starring role in ABC’s fanciful drama, Eli Stone. (For the steamy pics, click here.)

This episode airs on ABC on Oct. 21. Watch the preview vid below!

“She does a song-and-dance number that is the best one we’ve ever done,” costar Matt Letscher has said. “We’ve done tons of [musical numbers], and she was just phenomenal.”

You can also watch a second preview clip of a more casual Katie here.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s singing and dancing — YAY or NAY?????

Katie Holmes Singing & Dancing — VIDEO PREVIEW
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  • Tara

    shes so sweet. but, i can’t take her seriously with that hair. makes me laugh before i even listen.

  • mary


  • Tara

    ok i watched it and i really can’t take this seriously…..i mean it’s katie holmes. she’s not supposed to be all foxy.

  • [ infamous ]

    That looks TERRIBLE. She needs to grow her hair back out because she looks so much older with that short bob.

  • Chloe

    I watched both clips , and aside from her hair , I liked it. I think it will be a fun show to watch.

  • irie


  • Zoe

    That’s really, really horrible. The whole performance is bad. She just doesn’t come across as sexy and it looks like she’s lip sinking the song. If that is her voice it sucks too.

  • Jennifer W.

    katie is amazing and always works hard and she is great and everything she does. Katie is my idol and ive always looked up to her

  • rii

    yea that is hair is SO distracting

  • rii

    yeah that hair is SO distracting

  • Billy

    Is that a girl? That isn’t right? It looks like a transvestite to me. And he’s obviously lip sink’n.

  • Halli

    Very Broadway, not bad at all. But nothing to write home about.

  • Yahoo


    Of course it’s a guy. Tom’s gay you know.

  • Sweets

    I thought she was great.

  • cult tickets for sale

    what is she doing? is she struggling to have a bowel movement?
    that’s not what I call singing. it looks horrible.

  • wtf

    this must be a real turn on to tc….it looks like a transvestite stuck in a cult dungeon.

  • chloe

    is that really her voice??

  • fakename

    How come the neighborhood dogs are howling after I played that clip?
    Ah, so that’s what happens when people kiss up to Tom Cruise.

  • Halli

    “this must be a real turn on to tc….it looks like a transvestite stuck in a cult dungeon”


  • gina

    Her hair ruins her. Her voice is horrible.

  • ha ha ha

    PLEASE don’t tell me this is Katie singing? Not only is she a pathetic “actress”, she can’t sing, can’t dance….

    WTF is the problem with people like this? If I looked, sounded, or danced like her, I’d be in hiding.

    Obviously, she takes herself seriously while everyone else laughs at her.

    Her family needs to LEVEL with her.

    I’m embarrassed for her….even if it is a sitcom….she’s pathetic.

  • she looks like Tim curry

    She actually looks like Tim Curry’s character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • Nanci Black

    Really Neat !! JJ must have a contract with the Cruises. To have so much information…. daily Up dates ,Photos . U guys are right on the Mission .

  • she looks like Tim curry

    Dr. Frank-N_Furter was Tim Curry’s character. Katie looks exactly like his character, a transvestite.

  • geniass

    Wow what a voice!


    I can’t believe that this clip is actually going to be aired. Oh well, you can bet your bottom dollar that the ratings for this show will bottom out after this episode. WTF were they thinking putting KH on there. Suicide?

    People don’t want to watch some bimbo that tries to baby talk when they sing. Nor do people want to see some airhead that looks like a klutz when she dances.

    Katie is a desperado. She’ll do anything for a job. That’s why she’s not respected in Hwood or NY. Respect comes from being selective with the roles you play. Anybody can flash their tits or sing like a bimbo or wiggle their hips.

    She made the biggest fool of herself ever on this show.

  • Angela

    As witnessed by her excruciating “musical” numbers on Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes cannot–I repeat–cannot sing. For the life of me, I still can’t understand why and how singing got thrown into the Joey Potter storyline, and am further mystified as to why she is “singing” in Eli Stone?

    This performance looks as though she’s trying to channel Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart (as portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger, respectively) at once, and failing miserably. She has as much sultriness and sensuality as a child playing dress up.

  • weiner woman

    Did anybody notice a bulge in her crotch? Either she’s a transvestite or she left the turkey baster in her drawers. lmao

  • Meeeeeee

    Whooooo that sound horrible. Then she was doing the shoulder thing all off beat. Her legs are nice though.

  • boogie

    uh- ughh….I will have to say that she does not look natural- her movements are too strained and shaky and she really looks like she is lip synching.

    It really turned me off.

    I don’t think that type of entertaiment is Katie.

  • i will never understand

    maybe because it’s Katie Holmes

  • tom c

    What the producers need to realize is that Katie doesn’t have many fans. In fact, many don’t like her. Bad move for the show.

  • Katie should read JJ

    Katie needs to spend some time reading the comments here on Just Jared.

    Constructive criticism never hurt anyone. Besides, if her family and Tom and her so called BFF aren’t going to tell her how she’s making a fool of herself, they could at least tell her she needs to start reading the blogs

    I know she might be hurt initially but it’s better that she realizes she’s a joke now, rather than later.

    Poor girl!

  • aiai

    must see for me

  • rj

    She is hot!

  • Her voice

    Katie’s voice is like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.

  • ………

    Bring on this eppy now Im so excited

  • gop


  • 911

    2008 is like the beginning of Katie Holmes. Thanks JJ and ABC its a nice treat to see the sexy side of Katie.

  • bella

    OMG . . .that was really bad

  • delia

    wooooo hooooo you are the man JJ

  • &

    I can see the Emmys and Oscar for
    this lady

  • iron chef

    I had no idea she can sing. She’s an all around talent.

  • lurker


  • peanut

    My dog started howling when he heard her singing. LOL!

  • chessa

    yeah Tom c she has no fans but you are devoted to her everyday and didnt you know All My Sons beat Harry Potter’s play? Go Katie!

  • fact

    I dont like the show much but
    Im tuning in for her

  • manette

    Katie has it all and trolls need the happy pills again because their only talent is to bash and be miserable!!!!!!!!!!



  • altos

    She dances so good and can sing so well. Cool.