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Nikki Blonsky: "Destroyed" After Airport Brawl

Nikki Blonsky:

Nikki Blonsky revealed that the July 30th fight involving the family of Bianca Golden, a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, left her “completely destroyed,” she told People.

star Nikki Blonsky and her father, Carl, were arrested back in July, and then were later released on bail.

Blonsky says that the Bianca and her family became upset and enraged when some passengers were saving seats in the departure area. Bianca then demanded Blonsky not point her finger in her face.

“That’s when she stood up, pulled her arm all the way back and said, ‘F— you, you white b—-.’ And she closed her fist and punched me,” says Blonsky.

Now, Blonsky says she lives “every day in pain,” and that “the hardest part for me is to see my parents walk around in severe upset and sadness,” she says.

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  • Manon

    First ?

  • bella

    For some strange reason, I believe her story over Bianca’s croch kicking story as previously reported.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    I don’t believe a word Bianca says. I saw her on Top Model and she was one ‘B’!! Wouldn’t belive anything coming out of her mouth. She proved a liar on the show and I’m sure she’s doing the same thing now for publicity.

  • Jessica

    Well, I believe Bianca’s story simply because they’re consistent with her mother’s injuries. Her mother had to be AIRLIFTED to a hospital! She has a fractured skull! I seriously doubt Nikki and her family are in as much pain as Bianca’s mother is in. Hopefully justice will be served.

  • Mel

    Both of the stories are a mixture of truth and lies. I don’t believe any of the both of them until the real truth comes out in court and T&C newspapers.

    What I find disgusting is how they’ve both carried their fight to the media with tall stories. No sense of shame.

    Suddenly. you are both concerned about your parents, a pity you didn’t remember that before you started fighting in public.

    They show they are both really ill-mannered girls who don’t know how to conduct themselves in public. What a disgrace!

    Other celebrities are running from publicity and trying to protect their privacy while these two are chasing publicity with both arms, legs and tongues.

    I guess we can now sit back and watch the publicity war. Free entertainment anyone?

  • Julie

    yeah Maria… Bianca’s mother injuries are just for publicity of course !!!!!!!!!!
    she did it to herself or maybe bianca did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nikki is ‘in pain everyday”, the girl is just worried about her career.

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth EEmperor

    What pain is Nikki Blonsky in? Is it actually physical pain or just some mental stuff?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ;i’ve yet to see any bitchassness in nikki so i believe her.

    ..bianca got way to much biish in her system.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Julie: I NEVER said her mother’s injuries were fake. Why don’t you read what I posted before you speak. I said I didn’t believe Bianca! That several people were hurt in this mess is awful.

    And why don’t you believe Nikki is hurting? Her career? What about Bianca’s? I think BOTH girls will suffer, but again, I don’t trust Bianca as I saw what a liar and hateful girl she was on Top Model.

    Mel: I totally agree with you. As the saying goes, “The Truth Will Out”. They should have thought about their parents before acting like a bunch of jerks.

  • Lu

    poor Nikki :(

  • Foxy

    Oh Please Nikki…Stop milking this crap to get another !5 mins. “Everyday in pain” hahaha…grow the hell up, get over it and move on. Theres worst things happening to people everyday.

  • Lu

    I hope Nikki and her family recover from this attack soon :( I can’t imagine how horrible it must be for them

  • Jennifer

    Wow, if you watched the Tyra Show, you could see how big of a liar Bianca really is!!! She couldn’t even look Tyra in the eye and her story makes no sense. Did you catch onto when she said, “her family attacked her mother” when she was kicked in the crotch. ???? Come on, who uses that type of wordage. She gives clues that she is definitly a liar and she was a habitual liar on America’s Next Top Model. Its all a ploy to get back into the spotlight. She was a bitch on ANTP and she tried to manipulate situations so people would feel sorry for her. Talk about a loser drama queen. Poor Nikki!! That girl was a nobody who got a wonderful opportunity to be the star of Hairspray. She worked at Cold Stone and is and still is a down to earth, sweet person. I doubt she did anything wrong. Especially since we know Biancas character to be terrible and Nikki’s to be the complete opposite!!

  • Zanessa fan

    muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito estúpida

    pensa que vai roubar o efron!
    morro de rir com ela.
    idiota, idiota, idiota

  • Kelly

    I’m not a fan of either Nikki or Bianca, but you can’t deny Bianca’s mother’s injuries. I doubt Bianca’s mother fractured her own skull or injured herself so severely that she was in the ICU. Nikki’s family did that. Meanwhile, neither Nikki nor her father even had to stay in the hospital, so they were obviously the more aggressive of the families.

  • Lu

    Bianca is such a liar and a bitch!

  • bubble

    i dont like bianca but her mom’s injuries are quite serious..

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Jennifer. ITA with you! It’s not to say that Bianca’s mother has not suffered, but the truth will come out on who started this mess because I wouldn’t believe Bianca as far as I can throw her.

  • TigerMan

    What if Nikki had stood up, raised her fist, and shouted, “F*** you, you BLACK b****!” What do you think would happen to Nikki’s career then? She’d be categorized as “racist,” and her life would be ruined. Why isn’t Bianca being called racist? Why does she still have a career? Why can blacks dish it out but never take it?

  • kit

    This is an obvious bullsheeeet statement written by her attorney. It will be used later in court for the related lawsuit..


  • Maria (Shorty)


  • Maria (Shorty)

    What’s sad is that ‘black & white’ are a part of this at all. What we should be talking about are two women who behaved badly — if stories are true — and should be held accountable for their misbehaviour. ME? I still don’t believe a word Bianca says. She’s a proven liar — and it’s on tape!

    Dissing someone’s size is just plain immature. You know who you are!

  • Jennifer

    Exactly Tiger Man!!! This world is too damn liberal. Give me give me give me give me.. say whatever the heck I want and not be accountable for it. Its a double standard!!!

  • nonfan

    Bianca also claimed Nikki used racist words on her.

    I agree with Mel. They are birds of the same feather. Both are telling half-truths and lies and both are using the media to fight dirty.

    A woman’s skull was fractured and she was airlifted to hospital because Nikki’s family beat her up, Nikki and her dad were charged (her father has a severe charge) = Nikki’s family was violent and aggressive.

    Fight in the airport was witnessed involving Bianca’s family. Bianca was charged = Bianca’s family was aggressive.

    Every other thing = opinions and conjecture.

    Nobody can convince me that anyone of them is better than the other. they are both guilty and should just disappear till they appear in court.

  • Molly

    I don’t know who either of these girls are so I don’t have a preconceived impression of either of them. I will say this though, Nicky and her dad were the ones arrested, was anyone else arrested? Was anyone from Bianca’s family arrested? Also, from what I’ve read, Bianca’s family became upset with some people who were saving seats, was it Nicky’s family that was saving the seats? If not, then why did Nicky’s family get involved in the first place. She should have stayed out of it and let the authorities take charge. It sounds like her family got involved in a situation they should not have and they ultimately were the one who got arrested. Sounds like both families have some serious anger management issues.

    Like I said I don’t know who either of them are so I can’t comment on who the liar is here. But it’s unfortunate and it sounds like they both share the blame.

  • Lauren

    Move on loser.

  • Ameey

    Pshh i believe Nikki, Bianca obvs is a bitch and you can tell it for when she was on next top model.
    But Nikki could of atleast said ‘no comment its all in the past’.

    I think theres an ounce of truth and lies in both there stories.

  • Lu

    I agree #21… Bianca is racist and sizist

  • Jess

    All im saying is how can bianca’s mom be so “supposedly” injured when in the TMZ video after the right happened she is sitting in chair looking fine. I think its a ploy from the Goldens to get $ from the Blonsky’s.

  • nonfan

    Now that Molly mentioned it, this quote doesn,t add up.

    Blonsky says that the Bianca and her family became upset and enraged when some passengers were saving seats in the departure area. Bianca then demanded Blonsky not point her finger in her face.

    Was Nikki just randomly pointing her finger and it landed towards Bianca?

    What’s the link between ‘some passengers’ and the Blonskys. Did Bianca get upset with other passengers but decided to attack Nikki who was standing idly by?

    obviously, there are so many gaps and lies, same with Bianca’s story.

    They are just washing their dirty linen in public and exposing their real characters to the public.

    Of course the fact that their entire families were involved show that these are family traits.

  • Lanie

    I’m interested to read the whole article. But I will say, after seeing the video right after the fight happened, I stand behind Nikki. The truth will come out in court as it should and justice will be served.

  • meh

    don’t believe Bianca’s story…. don’t believe Nikki’s either… believe the unbiased witness in the video who clearly saw that Bianca started it and is the attacker!!!!!

  • jlkom

    I dont care for either one of them and definitely wasnt a fan of Bianca’s when she was on ANTM but I believe her story more than Nicky’s. The reason I tend to believe Bianca’s story is because of her mother’s injuries and the fact that when this initially happened there were witnesses at the airpport who basically corroborated Bianca’s story and this is why Nicky and her father were both arrested and why he had the more serious charges filed against him because of HIS actions towards Bianca’s mother.

  • jlkom

    Tiger Man, you’re a pathetic and racist individual. From what I’ve read on other sites, Nikki’s family also used racists slurs when referring to Bianca and her mother. You asked why does Bianca still have a career…what are you talking about…WHAT CAREER DOES BIANCA HAVE?!? I haven’t seen her on anything since she left ANTM…so please keep your little racists rants to yourself


    Blonsky’s father is going to jail if anything happens..How can all those
    people at the airport not notice the fight.. Since everything is on cell
    phone camera’s these days.. And because Bianca is a nobody that
    makes it easier… than why was Blonsky’s dad in prison ..??

  • Regina


    if the witness was not biased and can prove what she saw, why didn’t she step out when she saw Nikki and her father arrested and Bianca left to go scotfree.

    means she can’t back up her statement. she’s happy to talk to tmz but not Turks police. unbiased my a**

  • Tricia

    You can’t fake injuries to get airlifted to a hospital, idiot! How does someone fake a fractured skull?!?! How does someone fake a condition severe enough to go to the ICU?

    I *hated* Bianca on ANTM, but it’s obvious that the Blonskys brutally beat Bianca’s mother. Beat Bianca if she deserves it, but there’s *nothing* her mother could have done to deserve serious injuries!!!

  • Lu

    #40 the witness had a plane to catch…

    it’s not her job to talk to the police… and maybe she is one of the MANY official witnesses the Blonsky’s lawyer has

  • um

    fyi Bianca wasn’t scotfree, she was also charged!!! a lot of people are forgetting that little factoid

    i feel bad for Nikki… she didn’t do anything wrong and everyone’s blaming her just because she doesn’t look like a model. All you superficial, shallow haters!

  • gina

    She seems like such a complete sweetheart. This is one big mess.

  • The truth will come out at trial, and this heffer and trailer-trash daddy can enjoy prison… something tells me they won’t do so well in a TC prison…

  • Regina

    I’ve never heard people were arrested for not looking like models.

    Anybody that was arrested and charged and facing trial has enough evidence against them or charges would be dropped if enough witnesses came to say otherwise.

    I’m not supporting either. imo, both are wrong and classless.

    You people should stop making it like Nikki is innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. Both were charged but she was arrested, Bianca was not and witnesses were there.

    Bianca being a bitch doesn’t make Nikki innocent. She was in a fight that gave someone serious injuries, she did something very wrong.

  • pete

    Fat cow…I don’t believe her story.
    Fat girl should lose all that weight.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Tricia. There are a great many people who FAKE injuries. My niece is a nurse and had a woman airlifted to the hospital she works at with ‘back injuries’. The woman had no such thing! She complained at accident sight that she could not move, so she was airlifed to nearest hospital. Turns out the woman had her license taken away and she was trying to claim it was the other driver’s fault.

    This is NOT to say that Bianca’s mother is not injured. I just feel that someone is playing games here and it’s not Nikki. Bianca’s mother could have fallen down in the fight and hurt herself without anyone really touching her.

  • JJ


  • um

    I didn’t mean that the police are being sizist and prejudiced… I mean the general public… not even giving Nikki a chance…

  • um

    Nikki is not a slob! in all her pictures she is very neat and pretty!

    I agree Maria…. and Bianca’s mom was walking around & fine in the video

  • omgbbq

    cops never discriminate against a person’s looks??
    bet they do it all the time. everybody does.

    it’s a sad time in this world where anyone who looks “imperfect” gets treated unfairly and no one cares

  • omgbbq

    my heart goes out to all of Bianca’s victims

  • Come on, Maria (shorty)

    What are you, the Blonsky publicist? Of course anyone can say they were injured, but, just like what your sister saw, it was discovered that the woman was FAKING.

    How could Bianca’s mother have FAKED a skull fracture? How could Bianca’s mother have made it all the way to the ICU (and stayed there for several days)???

    Face facts or shut up.