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Orlando Bloom's Mojo is Working Again

Orlando Bloom's Mojo is Working Again

Orlando Bloom walks out of a West Hollywood studio carrying the monthly UK music magazine Mojo on Thursday.

The 31-year-old British actor read up on the cover story: “THE CLASH: 1982. Combat Rock was being recorded and The Clash were playing their biggest ever gigs supporting The Who on their arena tour, but the cracks were starting to show. Mojo talks to the survivors and discovers the internal conflicts that were slowly pulling the band apart.”

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Photos: ODuran/Fame Pictures
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  • lol

    My God. the man has bigger boobs than some women I know. Wonder if he takes estrogen?

  • @4

    He’s always had nice pecs. Even back when he was Legolas. Those quiver straps outlined then perfectly. ;)

    I think that he looks gorgeous!
    So glad that the curls have come back.

  • @4

    He’s always had nice pecs. Even when he was Legolas. Those quiver straps outlined them perectly. ;)

    I think that he looks gorgeous.

  • Doh!

    Sorry for the double post.

  • britneys lover

    corrr check out his conceiled buns

  • Lori

    He has good taste in bands. I love the Clash.

  • huh

    I would say it was good pecs but he doesn’t work out. or at least from the recent naked pics of him he doesn’t, so I got to go with man boobs

  • Helena

    I own that magazine. lol.

  • sharon

    so good looking no take that back so hot!!!

  • @10

    Nah, his tummy is flat again. It’s good pecs.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    love him he looks great

  • http://justjared love him

    he seems relaxed and really hooooooooooooot hope for a new movie soon

  • Veronica

    Has anyone seen the pic of him at the airport? he’s looking fit :D very flat tummy, which is HARD to keep so good work orli!!!!!!!!!
    he’s getting a nice figure again ^o^ that must be tough, working out is tirering lolol

  • sigh

    What a beautiful man.
    inside and out.

  • cara

    He is excited about a new project. He tends to fix his attention on one thing at a time, and once something has him hooked he tends to forget about other things, women, etc.

    Miranda has been a diversion, one that didn’t mean much, except some publicity, and an opportunity not to look like such a player. Do you really think either of them stays celebate during the weeks they are apart? He is just not that into her, and she is having difficutly believing it.

  • red robin

    Oh thanks for the explanation we’d literally lost without you.
    You has been a diversion as well according to what you yourself stated so how does it feel to be only a phoney call for him? Hurts so much?

  • gee

    I didn’t know it had been broke. I hear it is bad for guys if their mojo breaks, and I want to know how Jared knows that he has it working again.

  • Joachim

    I want those sneakers! but their eshop is not up yet

  • @19

    No the original “cara” never said she was having a relationship with him. Some other person came on later and made a joke of it.
    I don’t think this person is real or even the same “cara” from before so it’s no matter.

    Regardless it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that these two do everything for the press. The ‘relationship’ is as real as Pam Anderson’s tata’s. If these two a++wipes are still having sex it must not be very good because they look miserable as he11.

    Must be hard for a girl that makes her whole existence being a sex object when she can’t make a guy like her for anything else once that fades.

  • red robin

    Aw I get it now there’s an original cara and a fake cara LOOOOOOOL As there are original fans and delphi loons.
    Too pathetic to be true.

  • @red robin

    lmao who are YOU calling loons? You are hardly sane yourself! Yeah the delphi girls can be a bit OTT at times, sure , who cant- you for example are also- I mean you posting on that METRO site was pathetically childish- the day you have to lie is the day things are bad, and I do know it was you.. My cousin works on the metro website and told me the IP- as did someone on here- do the words- “Matched” and “it “mean anything to you?

    So get off your high horse -his WHOLE freaky fandom are nuts, the shippers who go on as if its the romance of the century, the haters who think he hates her- and you who has to make sightings up to wind people up and to make them seem like they are together when there are no paps. i FIND THAT SADDER THAN THE SHIPPERS AND HATERS!!!

    As for me,I comment on a few celebrities on here, I find this Bloom stuff really fun and I WAS big fan, now I just ogle him- like most pretty people they are empty headed and should be seen and not heard.

  • about red robin

    This is the idiot who came on with the faux insider info about him “being on the other side of the world looking different” and then an hour later someone found the flickr pic(that red had obviously seen)- too funny that was. Red robin you should change your name to RED NOBIN.

  • red robin

    bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah seriously this is beyond words.
    Conspiracy theories have fucked up your little brain, don’t worry I have a cousins who works on a psychiatric hospital I’m sure he’ll greet you enthusiastically.

  • why??? MIlly

    Before finished Pirate movies Orlando already told will have 2 years break ( still not enough 2 years), but I think he’s back to work now, because he left the message in ka-bloom.

  • Crazy4u

    I love you Orlando!!!
    I am very crazy about you!!!
    See you soon!

  • Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom is amazing, I love all his films.