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Rumer Willis in Army Wives -- FIRST LOOK!

Rumer Willis in Army Wives -- FIRST LOOK!

Check out this sneak peek at The House Bunny star Rumer Willis‘s guest-starring role in Army Wives.

The 20-year-old actress plays Renee, the wife of a young soldier who was injured in Iraq, befriends Denise (Catherine Bell) and accompanies her to Casino Night on the Post.

Rumer‘s episode of Army Wives airs this Sunday, October 12 @ 10PM ET/PT on Lifetime Television. Watch a preview clip below and there’s a second one inside…

Rumer Willis in Army Wives — FIRST LOOK!

Rumer Willis in Army Wives — CLIP TWO
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Photos: Fred Norris for Lifetime Television
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  • ruby



  • mike


  • ugly!!

    What is up with the shape of her face1>> Poor girl she is one ugly girl. If it was anyone else they would not have a chance in HW but because ofwho her parents are she gets parts. She is downright scary looking- Happy Halloween!!

  • Anonymous

    Poor Rumer, she has that same unfortunate Michelle Obama ugly chin happening.

  • missme

    was she trying to have a southern accent? HmMM?

  • missme

    was she trying to have a southern accent? HmMM?

  • Nick Lachey USA

    I find people’s expectations WAY too high. This is exactly the type of message sent from Hollywood.

  • Bre

    Look at that Jay Leno chin!

  • Chantal

    She looks like she could be Jennifer Aniston’s daugther with Jay Leno! Feel bad for her, not much you can do about a bad chin.

  • yvonne

    love this show. Go Bell!!!!

  • Laila

    She’s a pretty girl but her chin is ridiculous

  • amway

    The highest rated show on Lifetime’s history. This show rocks even Obama and McCain did a campaign on this show.

  • not a fan

    ugly ugly ugly. give it up girl. this is a visual medium

  • yoyo

    they gave her a small part because she is an idiot potato head.

  • craig

    ugly ugly ugly. give it up girl. this is a visual medium——

    i was thinking the same thing, i don’t know that rumer will ever realize she really needs to be BEHIND the camera.

  • nicolletta

    Michael–”I hear his eye is improving.”
    Rumer –”Yes sir, he told me i looked beautiful today.”
    Michael —”Well he can see perfectly then.”

    LMAO!!! Now even the Hollywood writers are being paid off by Bruce & Demi.

  • whatever

    I am sorry but this girl is very ugly. If her mom and dad weren’t in Hollywood she would be a clerk at Walgreen’s.

  • anon

    Ease up guys…she didn’t do half bad. I was impressed considering she is the spawn of celebrity parents. I can name a million “beautiful” actresses who can’t deliver a line to save their plastic surgery. She did pretty good. Give her a break…at least she’s trying.

  • ano

    I think she did really good, actually!

  • Sara

    She has very unfortunate looks just like Jennifer Aniston and Jay Leno.
    May be Demi and Bruce can buy her a talk show.

  • JJ

    Good Lord that “girl” is FUGLY!! Damn she’s ALMOST as bad as Christina Uglyera!!

  • Sweets

    I don’t know about her but I love those Army Wives.


    Mr. Jay Leno looks a little odd in that dress….He needs to stay with solids! ( LOL )

  • Sickitten

    I’m sorry but I didn’t sign up to see her big hulking jaw, did you? You guys are right…behind the camera.

  • Sickitten

    HaHa! Just love the Aniston/Leno comments…you guys rock!

  • des

    ..”she is an idiot potato head.” LOOOOL

    she look like her mother, but her chin

  • Solène

    I really think she’s a beautiful girl. Weird chin, but still beautiful and a good actress. At least she isn’t fake and ordinary like some other actresses.

  • Really See


  • danz

    I think she did a pretty good job. Sarah Jessica Parker had to suffer with people calling her ugly all the time and she still managed to make a great career in front of the camera. I think if Rumer continues to improve on her acting skills, she can do the same.

  • Taren71

    The mean-spirited comments here floor me. Why do some feel the urge to call others “ugly”? Did your parents raise you with absolutely no manners, or did you just turn out to lack any and all sensitivity?
    I don’t care if she is a celebrity- that doesn’t give some of you the right to act like the lowest common denominator when it comes to how to treat other people.
    Who cares about her chin? The girl looks a lot like her mother who is beautiful, and I love “Army Wives” and look forward to giving her ACTING a chance. That is what she should be judged upon- not her chin.

  • Annika

    I think she looks really beautiful here and it looks like she’s doing a great job on this show.

  • dianel

    I’ll watch it

  • Brian Patrick

    he frggin’ head takes up the whole screen. cant she get some kind of surgery on her chin/face to fix that. it is just like a big blob of a face….has her face ever heard of cheekbones?? her nose is messed up too, nostrils waaaaaaaaaay too flared.

  • emma

    i can wear that dress much better than she can.

  • sherry

    I can see Demi Moores mouth movements and eye movements in her. I cannot see why at this point you are calling her ugly because she has definitely finally blossomed. I admit she was very awkward teenager but she is a beautiful young woman.

  • i’m right, sherry is an idiot

    she has definitely finally blossomed.—————
    Blossomed?!! Ya, into a cactus….the girl is ugly, and you are blind as a bat sherry. The girl is butt ugly.

  • southernbell

    The Southern accent was a little far-fetched; however, I actually thought that she did a pretty ood job.

  • deb52

    I can’t believe all the MEAN comments. Rumor is a beautiful young girl, and the thought of her reading all this mean stuff sickens me. I don’t care whose daughter she is, but this stuff would hurt any 20 year old and their parents. She is out there trying to make it in a tough business and I’m sure she has some ins because of her parents, but so what! That is how the world works in all businesses. If her dad was manager of JC Penney, and she got a job there, you folks would be complaining, too! Go for it, Rumer…you did great on Army wives!

  • Isabella

    Wowzer, she is not attractive in the least. sorry deb52, i know it’s not nice at all to be mean, but that girl is one ugly chick trying to make it in a business that is completely looks obsessed–she has no right whatsoever to be there, i don’t care who her parents are. she is going to be judged whether u like it or not. and rumer willis is hardly “beautiful.” U make yourself look very stuuuuuuuupid when witting it.