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Suri Cruise is Hair Clip Cute

Suri Cruise is Hair Clip Cute

Little Suri Cruise closes her eyes really tightly and digs her face into her blanket as mom Katie Holmes carries her out of their New York City apartment and into their waiting SUV on Thursday afternoon.

Katie loves New York and considers it ‘her cit’,” a source tells Now. “Despite [husband Tom Cruise]‘s firm belief that they should be in LA as that’s where the movie industry is, Katie‘s enjoyed being with the grittier, more down-to-earth young actors she’s met in New York.It’s even transforming the way she dresses – she’s beginning to unveil more fashionable outfits whenever she’s out on her own. Compared to New York, she finds LA fake and unpleasant.”

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Credit: Spaghetti; Photos: INFdaily
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  • KKK

    Enough with these boring posts….

  • UM



  • Neek

    I like her dot blouse.
    Poor Suri… looks like the flash bulbs are bothering her eyes.

  • ae

    This kid has real issues. It’s not the paps fault. They’re doing their job. It’s the parents fault for not parenting and protecting her. She exhibits sign of autism. No other celb children does what Suri does. Cover her ears and closes her eyes to that extent. As a mtter of fact I have not seen any other celeb child do this. Katie and Tom are not good parents for subjecting their child to this .

  • ae

    This kid has real issues. It’s not the paps fault. They’re doing their job. It’s the parents fault for not parenting and protecting her. She exhibits sign of autism. No other celb children does what Suri does. Cover her ears and closes her eyes to that extent. As a mtter of fact I have not seen any other celeb child do this. Katie and Tom are not good parents for subjecting their child to this .

  • bethany

    aww suri is soooo cute :):)

  • Tilda

    Kate seems like a good mom however, she needs to reassure Suri when in public that it’s ok. The girl is terrified and it shows. It’s her mom’s job to show her that it’s gonna be ok. She needs to reassure that girl. She can’t escape the attention but she can help Suri cope with it and from the looks of it, not quite sure if she is.

  • wtf

    Poor thing! The papz need to leave them alone! Nobody’s intressed to see a baby scared :@

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    “hair clip cute”?!?

    worst headlines on the net.


  • gina

    That poor little girl. She hates the attention.

  • ana

    awww poor suri. love katie’s outfit.

  • orka

    Camera flashes don’t bother the eyes during the daytime so she’s not doing that because of the flashes.

  • jenn

    i really feel sorry for suri and i agree with #4
    i never saw this poor little kid playign with others.
    mommy and daddy are never there for her.
    all they do is care about the movies,fame,etc.
    and katie instead of laughin she should protect her baby

  • dido

    cute baby

  • Neek

    Well ae if Suri had autism that would not be her parents fault either. If she never took her little girl out in public people would be saying… actually they did say how horrible they were for hiding her & never letting her out. Katie cant win… people attack her no matter what she does & we cant judge her as a parent we truely dont know how she/they are as parents… we just shouldnt judge. This board is full of such hate… it would be nice to hear some nicer things every once in a while…even criticism can said nicer.

  • newport beach, 92660


    California is THEE best place in the WORLD ? !

    actually , New York is really nice , but would you rather live somewhere where the seasons NEVER change ??

    we got more bounce in california ! ( L )

  • pingy_ponga

    Not the first time Suri does that. Even covering her ears shes done it a couple of times. One thing i dont understand, Katie and Tom see that, why dont they protect her more from that?

  • ella

    lovely girls …. more pls

  • isabella

    uh, it’s not the pap’s fault? OF COURSE IT’S THEIR FAULT. their job is degrading and disgusting, and it’s wrong of them to shout and flash their cameras at an innocent little girl. are tom and katie supposed to keep their daughter locked up inside the house all the time just because the paparazzi are outside? they’re taking her out, letting her experience new york, and WITH THEM, keep in mind .. i rarely see that child with a non-parent or a nanny ..

    what would you have tom and katie do, huh? they can’t lock up suri. but the papparazi need some boundaries. to people like that, however, there is no line they won’t cross, not even when an innocent little girl like suri is involved.

  • meg

    I heart this family! Katie looks so chic and Suri is the most gorgeous one in Hollywood!

  • nora

    shame on the trolls……beware of God’s wrath

  • Adelle

    fake and unpleasant? well at least Katie’s smiling and she and Suri def coordinate

  • Jess

    Feel sorry for Suri. I think her parents need to figure out a way to cover her eyes…or even put their hand over her face to protect her. She obviously doesn’t like the cameras/noise.

  • anonymous

    blame the paps blah blah blah but people keep watching Tom,Suri and Katie and are worst than the paparazzis too.
    If you hate the paps then dont visit JJ and other gossip sites anymore.


  • star

    I admire TomKat so much and cant stop looking at Suri
    & their family albums. Awwwwwww

  • Nicole

    Yeah Katie, keep smiling, don’t cover her ears, don’t cuddle her, just keep smiling. Great job there.

  • regina

    How come the poor kid is always wearing a summer dress and the mother all covered up in sweaters and scarves!!!?????????????
    Something´s wrong…

  • Sweets

    Those paps should be ashamed of theirselves.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Wow. She’s such a cute (even when she cries).

  • kay

    i was in that crowd this afternoon. the paps weren’t shouting and the flashes are not bright in daytime….at least the ny paps aren’t aggressive like the LA ones and will keep a somewhat respectable distance from people…

    oh and for the record i’m not a pap myself. the sidewalk was just stopped due to the crowd waiting for katie. and when they first walked out suri was fine, she just leaned into her mom when she saw all the people…

  • rainy

    Cant get enough of them


    1) The Cruises have easily rented an apartment with a private indoor garage and the child would NEVER have had to snapped during the stay in NYC. There is also a never used back door to the building. The same goes for the daily Katie pics, they could have been avoided.
    There are no pictures of othere celeb children leaving home everyday for a reason. They leave in cars that are housed in garages or inside private entrances. You will NEVER see this happen to Sunday Rose, and when Nicole was in charge it never happened to Bella and Connor.

    2) The child is hiding her eyes because over 25 adults are shouting at her:” Suri, look over here, no, over here!”

    Children at that age hide their eyes when they don’t want to be seen. It’s normal, as in, “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me”. It is not a sign of autism. It is a sign of fear and/or rebellion.

  • qwerty

    Poor kid, she is always like that. I feel bad for her, being obviously a shy person and being forced to live this high end lifestyle.

  • eel

    She’s crying. When you screw up your face like that and put your head down, you’re about to cry. She’s crying.

  • Mr. Horse

    It’s not the paparazzi’s fault for bothering this little girl, #4? They’re just doing their job? They shouldn’t be taking pics of minors anyway!

    How is Holmes not parenting or protecting her? They’re not subjecting her to anything. They don’t FIND the paparazzi and take their daughter to them.

    She’s not autistic.

    I think you’re right, #12.

    How are her parents never there for her, #13??? Wait. There for WHAT exactly?

    Protect her how? I keep hearing the word protect but what do you even mean by that.

    Right, #15. If it’s not one thing it’s something else.

    I ask again, what do you mean by protect, #17? Activate an anti-paparazzi force field around her?

    You’d just say she was disfigured or TomKat was choking her, #23.

    Suri Cruise can cover her own ears and Holmes can’t cover her eyes or ears and still carry her at the same time, #26. If she paused to cuddle her, you’d just say she was mugging for the cameras.

    You may be right, #30. Suri Cruise doesn’t look like she’s very upset. She’s just closing her eyes.

    There are plenty of pics of celebrity kids and their parents ordinarily walking down regular sidewalks like TomKat and their daughter, #32. (Pics of their adopted kids are nowhere near as profitable as Suri Cruise’s.)

    You are right that she’s not autistic.

  • pr person

    “They’re not subjecting her to anything.” OF COURSE they are subjecting her. They subject her to the paps, everytime that they choose not to use the back exit, or the underground parking, or the other stealth ways (Crazy knows them all) to avoid the paps.

    “They don’t FIND the paparazzi and take their daughter to them.” Idiot! They don’t have to “FIND” the paparazzi… they are hanging out at their front door! They know this! They KNOW that when they go out the front entrance they are going to have their pictures taken.

    Please continue to share more of your pretend wisdom with us… it is highly amusing.

  • andie

    God bless them

    God Bless them

    you too


  • manette

    Suri will be beautiful like her mom

  • s

    I love NY too but stay in L.A.,Katie. Plssssss

  • jedis

    So many adore them and I dont blame the people and media.
    I love them too….

  • whatever

    Katie is a selfish pig. She loves New York even though her poor kid is tramatized by it.

  • kristan

    poor suri
    it must really suck to grow up like that & not know what ist like to live without that crap

  • anon

    Poor Suri…I bet she’d like nothing more than a little peace. Those damn paps with their flashing bulbs and hollering at her all the time. Poor thing! And if she does have autism, the sad fact of the matter is she’ll NEVER see treatment…you can thank Tom for that and his damn Scientology. So, let’s hope she doesn’t have autism, because she’ll only get worse if she doesn’t get help.

  • Rodi

    Katie, you are an ugly woman with ugly fat legs who does not give a crap about your kid. Suri looks really miserable in front of the cameras, and ugly woman you do not care as long as you can use the child as an excuse to get your picture taken. You and Tom are disgusting to use this kid just to get your photo taken…

  • bess

    Thanks JJ for the Katie Suri treasures!


    I’m pulling a ” MR.HORSE “, HERE…..To the beach poster, I have NEVER been to California OR New York, ( would love to ), but the ” changes of the seasons “, are beautiful….I live in Tennessee, and there is nothing like the Great Smokey Mountains in the snow, OR the fall ( leaves changing ), and in the spring and summer, when tourists visit Gatlinburg and Dollywood…..I can’t imagine living permanently in a place where it stays the same, but I would love to visit…….TO THE POSTERS CONCERNED ABOUT SURI’S FACE BEING HIDDEN……I believe she just gets tired of the constant hoards of people around her everytime she steps outside…….AND, where do people get ” she’s autistic ” ?…….Katie remarked once that she was a ” non-stop chatter box “, at home…..Suri does NOT resemble an Autistic child from what we can see, and I don’t think any of us have ever met her, to make that call……..My nephew who is 2 and a half has a mild form of autisim and he is the complete opposite of Suri, and is VERY difficult to take outside in public……Even having a mild form according to the Dr., he is a handful to take into restaurants and stores….Obviously, Suri is NOT………..AND ” RODI “, Katie is far from ugly !!!….And, I don’t think they use little Suri as any ” photo opportunity “….The Cruises can and get this all on their own, without Suri present…..I believe they try to keep her life as normal as possible, by NOT hiding her out, and using back door’s everywhere and trying to teach her that they can use front doors and go anywhere they want….Paparazzi included !!!!…Maybe it is a good thing, because she will adjust quicker to her ” Not so Normal Life “…..and learn to cope!

  • Kasey

    I agree, it’s not the parents fault that paps are taking their pictures and screaming at them, however it is the parents fault for not acknowledging their child’s feelings. I mean, how many celebrities do you know that smiles, waves, poses for the cameras like these two, all the while neglecting their child’s discomfort. Can they tell that the girl is obviously upset? It’s all so weird.

  • pimping

    Talk about pimping out your kid-these 2 are ridiculous!! Every single day there they are with that strange looking child. I’m sorry but don’t one of them ever stay home with her. Every fuck*ing day!!! Sorry JJ just love your site but this kid is overkill. It would be different if she were cute- but with shrimp boy needs to come out of the closet daddy and robot wish I could have a thought of my own mommy this child does not have a chance!

  • irene

    So love them but its time the photogs even the people leave
    them alone

  • Mr. Horse

    What stealth ways are there to walk across the sidewalk like a normal person, #36?

    They’re famous and therefor are photographed in public. Simple as that.

    Stop with this secret garages and tunnel crap. This isn’t a James Bond movie.

    Go away and get a life, PR Person. Why keep coming here if you hate them so much?

    I’m pretty sure Suri Cruise isn’t traumatized by a city, #41. Watch who you call a selfish pig.

    She’s not autistic, #43. So don’t worry about it.

    They obviously notice, #47. But what would be the point in getting angry and shouting? There’s nothing they can do but continue moving away from the paparazzi (they never pose with their kid around) and keep her calm.

    She’s not strange looking, #49.

    They’re famous and expectedly photographed. Whenever she is home or carefully hidden away, you just start saying that they’re torturing her or doing some other freaky Scientology ritual.